2199 Pt. 01: Kumi and Shay

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The following is part of an elaborate story series that will explore a vast number of themes in kink. The themes explored in each chapter are highlighted beforehand so you can make your own decision if you would like to continue reading. All characters depicted are fictional and over 18 years of age.

If you enjoyed all or any of it or if you have any feedback, feel free to leave a comment or like.

Themes in this Chapter: Lesbian Sex, Body Worship, Light Watersports


In the year 2199, the world has evolved. Man has invented advanced robotics, medicine and computerized systems to automate nearly every form of industry that was once employed by manual labour. Tasks that once took thousands of people working in concert, now only take a few skilled programmers, orchestrating an ensemble of robots to meticulously carry on their duties without respite. All of the world’s problems have been solved, so as to speak. This leaves the rest of mankind, with all the time on their hands, to focus on just one thing – the purest of human acts; the giving and receiving of pleasure.

Entertainment remains the only sector still largely dominated by human workers. And sex, is the biggest industry of them all. The most distinguished professionals of this industry are known as special courtesans; exceptionally skilled escorts trained in every manner of sexual gratification ever conceived. To become a special courtesan, one must be born with extraordinary natural talent and be willing to put themselves through years of gruelling training. As such, special courtesans are revered as the most distinguished individuals of society, known to enjoy boundless wealth and lavish lifestyles.

One of the most prestigious courting schools in the galaxy is the Bernulhi Academy. As such it is also one of the most selective. To gain admittance, candidates are expected to complete and send in a portfolio describing each of their physical and mental attributes in great detail. The portfolio must be accompanied by an audition tape specially made for the application; a 30-minute video where the candidate must masturbate in front of the camera. During the audition the candidate is not allowed to interact with any other human partner, but aside from that is permitted to use any material, toy or lubricant to pleasure themselves. They are also allowed to be nude, partially clothed or even fully clothed during the act. Orgasm is also not necessary, but self-gratification must be evident in order to achieve a high score i.e. faking it may not grant you very good marks.

Of the millions of applications that come flying in each year, the vast majority of them will get disqualified due to violation of rules for the audition. Of those that remain, the audition tapes are vetted carefully and scored, and only a handful of candidates illegal bahis are selected and invited to the institute for an in-person physical test.


22-year-old Kumi Norada was overjoyed to receive one of the invitations to the institute one Sunday morning. She had never expected to be selected as she never considered herself to be particularly well-endowed. She had perky tits and a somewhat average to thick waste-line. She thought her Japanese heritage must have contributed to her score. Even though her father was of American descent, she still retained some ethnic features from her mother’s side. Despite her low self-esteem, Kumi held an insatiable appetite for sex once aroused, and liked to masturbate regularly. She had only had sex a couple of times, mostly because she did not find herself attracted to most of the boys her age who had very vanilla mindsets.

Kumi arrived at the school early for her physical test. The Bernulhi Academy East Campus was much like a vast Victorian castle, recreated with exquisite attention to detail. Any other day she might have been in awe of her surroundings, but right now was much too nervous. After sitting in the waiting room by herself for nearly 45 minutes she was finally greeted by a faculty member.

“Kumi. My name is Regina Richterson. You can call me ‘Gina’. Nice to meet you. I am a fourth-year student and apprentice of Mistress Arasonnne. Mistress has pre-selected you personally and is eager to meet you. Are you ready to get started?”

Regina was a brunette with matching brown celluloid spectacles, standing only slightly taller than Kumi. She was attractive in her own way, but not quite the stereotypical bombshell that Kumi had come to expect a professional courtesan might look like. She had a matter-of-fact tone to her voice which made her sound somewhat bossy at times.

“Yes, I’m ready,” replied Kumi shyly.

“Follow me.”

Kumi was led along the dark corridors of the mansion.

“You did very well in your audition. Mistress was quite impressed by your restraint from using any external toys and how you managed to use your own saliva as lubricant. Resourcefulness is a big part of courtship”, said Regina.

Kumi was led to a dark square room with a single spot light focused at the centre. There was a small figure at the centre. As they approached, Kumi realized this was a small woman! Covered in head to toe in thick white fluid that slowly dripped from every inch of her body and formed a pool on the floor below. She was kneeling, evidently with her hands tied behind her back and her neck restrained so she was always facing upwards. Her mouth was stretched wide open with a device and her tongue sticking out where more white liquid had collected, and the combination of semen and drool dripped down her chin illegal bahis siteleri onto her cleavage. She had pale skin with red patches where the ropes had left their mark, and blonde hair that appeared nearly white, dyed by mounds of the same liquid that covered her body.

“Meet Shay,” spoke Regina. “She is also one of the candidates testing today.”

Shay’s eyes moved to glance at Kumi. Her body kept still in its frame, but her breasts still heaved as breathing intensified.

As their eyes crossed, Kumi felt a wetness in her own body. The woman tied in front of her was beautiful – being covered in cum only made her more so. All Kumi wanted to do was trade bodies with her.

“As you know courtesans of the Bernulhi Acadamy are expected to be able to pleasure anyone, regardless of sex, and derive pleasure as such.”

Kumi nodded.

“Take off your clothes. Your first task is to clean Shay off completely. But, you must use only your tongue to do so.”

Kumi stripped as fast as she could. It did not take long as she had not even bothered to wear underwear in anticipation of her test, although she had a spare set of clothes handy if she needed it later.

Kumi knelt down with just a few inches between her and Shay. The pungent smell of cum enveloped her. She felt her own pussy start tingling and had to fight hard to resist touching herself right then. Slowly she approached her nervous partner and licked her nose first. Kumi recoiled at first, unable to muster the strength of the taste. Then she noticed the reaction in her partner and in turn felt herself getting aroused as well. She swabbed Shay’s cheeks and then the dimple in her chin and finally her forehead. When her face was all cleaned, Kumi stuck her tongue inside of Shay and started passionately tasting the inside of her mouth, which was still kept wide open by a transparent plastic device.

Several moments passed, and Kumi realized that during their passionate kiss she had accidentally pressed up breasts against Shay’s, and cum from her body now trickled down her own. She held up her right nipple and gave it a lick and then moved on to Shay’s. She went slow, picking up every drop of cum individually from her cleavage. Then when she made it to her nipple she couldn’t help but encircle it with her tongue and suck on it. Shay’s body shivered in response.

At this point Shay’s face and upper body was no longer covered in white goo, but now glistened with fresh saliva. Kumi moved down to her navel where the last little pool of cum had collected and then blew some final kisses around her thighs. Shay’s breathing had intensified considerably and Kumi could tell she was yearning for stimulation and subsequently, release. As did she.

“Don’t forget her back,” Regina mentioned.

Kumi obediently canlı bahis siteleri moved around to face behind Shay. Her tight body was flawless. She wondered how many men had cum into her hair, that was now streaking white liquid down her back. Kumi licked it clean hastily.

“Good.” Regina approached Shay with a knife and cut open the ropes restraining her arms.

“Now you see Shay has worked up quite a sweat pleasuring her guests. She is still quite filthy. I want you, Kumi, to lick her clean. Start with her armpits.”

Shay delicately held open her armpits in response, apparently too intimidated to disobey Regina. Kumi approached her hairless pits and gave it a slight sniff before ravaging away at it with her tongue. At this point she was too horny to stop. Shay moaned in response.

“Now her feet.”

Kumi moved to Shay’s feet and licked it, which tasted salty. Then she stuck her tongue between each pair of toes to clean the crevices individually.

“Good girl. I knew you had potential. Now that Shay is properly clean you’re the one who’s next up for a shower.” She approached Shay to cut the rest of her ropes so she could stand.

Shay stood slowly but thighs and stomach trembled as she did.

“You see, Shay has also been a good girl and passed the second part of her test. As part of the test she drank a gallon of water at the beginning and has avoided releasing her bladder all this time while she pleasured her guests.”

“Shay, please clean your partner with your urine. You have quite well earned a proper release.”

Kumi noticed how uncomfortable Shay was feeling now and approached her body to avoid delaying further and signal that she was ready. Shay, finally with her hands free, gently rested one hand on Kumi’s forehead and hair and touched down on her own pussy with the other.

It started with a few spurts at first and then revved into a steady stream that spat on Kumi’s forehead and flowed down her neck, breasts and her thighs. Kumi closed her eyes. The sensation made Kumi feel an irresistible urge to please herself, and so moved one hand down to her crotch and started fingering herself vigorously, her throbbing wet pussy making slopping sounds to accompany the splashing piss on her face and on the floor. With her other hand Kumi held Shay’s hand which was now pressed against her cheek.

“Oh yea, oh yeaa..” Kumi started moaning, unable to stop herself as their fingers intertwined and Kumi felt truly connected to her partner. It seemed as if Shay was not the only one who had just opened a gate.

Kumi orgasmed mid-piss and subsequently calmed herself down as she graciously accepted the rest of her partner’s juices. When it was all done Kumi licked her lips and some residual piss that had landed on Shay’s thighs. The two then stared lovingly at each other having shared a very tender moment.

“Good. Being a courtesan means being mindful of your partner. This is merely a test, but in the future you must be aware that if your master is present you must not cum without permission.”

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