You Way is Best – Isn’t It?

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Preliminary note.

I had been sending short, (site-restricted) chats to this mature and well educated lady for some weeks, but I felt I really wanted to write without limits. So this is for her, but I hope it may please, amuse and arouse my readers.

Darling, I’ve been chatting to you for weeks now, encouraging you to open up to me, to tell me frankly about your sexuality, and yet still you seem shy and reserved.

In my first text, I did ask you “You do masturbate, don’t you?” and in your reply you said that you did, most days.

So then I wrote scenarios which I judged to be libidinous and arousing enough to encourage you, not only to stimulate yourself to orgasm, but to make that climax as intense as I knew how; and possibly to make you come more than once. But you never told me at length or in detail what you did.

It was only when I urged you to tell me how you stimulated yourself, where, and in what positions, that your reply surprised me: “There is only one way, isn’t there?”

You see it suggested that, although you were a mature woman, married, then divorced, your sexual experience was surprisingly limited.

It was like a previous experience where an acquaintance on a committee asked for a lift home, made it plain she was open to an intimate approach, and clearly enjoyed being petted to her climax. Her arousal increased as I talked to her about her responsiveness.

“You are already moist” “Your nipples are so erect” “You’ve gone so wide-legged” “I think you are so close now” “You are having your feelings”.

At this point she jerked and thrust her pelvis up to meet my fingers, and underwent an obvious and powerful climax.

“You’re in orgasm, you gorgeous woman”.

I waited until she had calmed down, just holding her close as I sat beside her in my car.

Then she amazed me (for a married woman in her late 40s, I guessed) by saying,

“What was that word -?organism? that you used just now?”

She was clearly unfamiliar with the word ‘orgasm’; I suppose she only knew ‘coming’ or ‘climaxing’. Her reactions to my talking her through her arousal made me wonder if it was the first time she’d heard sex talk as an aid to pleasure.

I should have asked her about that – yet another missed opportunity to find nişantaşı escort out more about female mysteries.

A previous missed opportunity was when a business contact had cancelled a lunch meeting because she was unwell, In the evening I asked if she’d like me to bring in a dinner from the restaurant we were to have eaten in: she agreed, and gave me her address.

The meal over, she slipped out of her dressing gown and into bed (it was a bedsit) wearing just a skimpy nightie.

“Come and sit on my bed – though I suppose you ought to go soon?”

I could see most of her breasts – and her fingers caressing her nipple!

“If I leave you now, we both know what we shall be doing when we’re alone. Let me pleasure you, just by touching you, as you’re doing now?”

She was willing, and open, and wet with her arousal. Her vulva was small and neat, and I fingered her clitoris to erection, and I thought she was going to come – but:

“It’s not there, on the tip, it’s a little bit lower down, sort of inside, just under my clit”.

Fool that I was. I SHOULD have said;

“You gorgeous girl, show me. Teach me how you do it! Show me how you like to be pleasured and stimulated”.

As it was, I simply bent forward, kissed her sexhairs and tongued her clitoris and labia VERY thoroughly until her orgasm overwhelmed her. As well as the convulsive thrusts of her hips as she came, she showed that she was in orgasm by hissing through her clenched teeth. I took this as a sign that she sometimes needed to come quietly, perhaps when masturbating in a shared bedroom.

I had missed another chance to increase my sexual knowledge at first hand.

So when you, my darling, wrote, “There is only one way, isn’t there”, I knew I had to write and encourage you to explore and experiment. I presume that you habitually lie on your back, legs spread, and use one finger to stroke your hooded clitoris until you come.

I’m guessing from now on, as we’ve never met, so what follows is in the nature of suggested actions you might like to try.

Do you always stroke your clit at the same speed? Using the same pressure? As your pleasure mounts, do you pause to let your feelings subside, before bringing yourself closer to your climax? In particular, şişli escort do you do this just below your ‘point of no return’, when you can feel that your orgasm is about to burst upon you?

In this way, you can prolong the feelings of very high arousal, rather than let your climax end your session straight away.

You need to judge this carefully, as it would be very frustrating to find that your orgasm had really begun, and by stopping, you lost it, or had only a weak sensation.

Alternatively, do you know whether, if you progress directly to your first climax, you can go on to have one, or several, more, until you are sated?

Are your clitoris and labia of a size that would let you use a finger and thumb to work your erect clit and its hood, and to pull out your inner lips? Do you like to pop one or more fingers into your vaginal entrance? Into your moist depths? To massage your G-spot?

Have you found your G-spot, on the front wall of your vagina, before you reach your cervix? Do you find it pleasurable? Do you find it at all? Does this provoke spurts of female ejaculation and an enhanced orgasm?

While you are fingering yourself, do you open and close your legs, raise your knees, clench your buttocks? Do your thighs, or your whole body, tremble through the spasms of your climax?

You could masturbate by crossing your legs while seated, and squeezing your vulva rhythmically. I remember reading of a girl, waiting for a train on a public platform. She had crossed her legs, and was gently swinging her foot as she sat, attracting no attention.

But then she tensed for a few moments, her face flushed, and though she made no sound, it was obvious to an experienced observer that she had orgasmed in a delightful and unobtrusive way. You might like to try this thigh-squeezing method!

I don’t know if you own one or more vibrators or dildos. Having something inside you, stretching your vagina, could add another dimension to your pleasure; and a vibrator with variable speeds could be set to just the level of vibration that works for you, on your clit or all over your vulva and back to your perineum.

Have you tried kneeling while you play? I must say the image of your juices dripping from your erect clitoris as you play kneeling mecidiyeköy escort up is a powerful one.

I imagine you, your head filled with ideas of fulfilled desire, showered and perfumed ready for bed. Already, you feel your moisture forming between your vulval lips, and your nipples are pinkly pert atop your full and lovely breasts. I watch as you recline, your fingers busy stimulating your nipples.

Now you raise your wide-spread knees so I can see, and you can touch, your pouting pussy. A gasp, as your fingers make the first contact with your slippery clit, and you begin the gentle but sure ascent towards your satisfaction,

Your clitoris erects under your touches; the tip peeps from the hood. I can imagine the sensations that thrill through you as arousal starts to claim you.

Impatient for your first climax, your fingers flicker over the tip, and your thighs spread even further. Between your outer labia, I can see your swollen inner lips, deep pink and slippery with your flow.

Your thighs tense and strain, your finger flickers faster over your clitoris, just as my tongue would if we were together.

“I’m getting close”.

“It’s going to happen”.

“I can’t ho.. hold it back”.


“I’m having it …NOW”.




“I can’t stop it”.

Your thighs tremble; your breasts quiver, tingling; and your vaginal muscles throb as your orgasm grips you.

The whole of your lovely body convulses in the helpless throes of your prolonged and powerful climax.

And I am privileged to watch and share in this amazing spectacle of your openly displayed liberated sexuality.

Do you wonder that I desire you, you exquisitely sensual creature?

Here I am suggesting different approaches to the release of your natural female sexual tensions.

I have read of ladies who like to straddle the corner of their washing machine as it throbs through the final wash stages, then shakes vigorously through a long spin. Long enough to bring them off.

Of others who lie on their front and squirm so their clits rub on the folded bedclothes; or pad up their pillows and ride on them to their culminations.

But the naturalness, the sheer naked femaleness of the way you come to such exciting fulfilment, tells me that you have, and can, achieve the heights of sexual pleasure in your own perfect and rewarding way.

Thank you, my darling; just go on and be your natural, sensual, adorable self.

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