You and Me (Ne) Pt. 02

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You are relaxing in the pool the first day after we arrive in the Maldives. It is a part of a week-long trip I invited you on to start your summer vacation after my last book made its first big sale. I am just waking up and I walk out to see you in a pair of shorts. I lean down and kiss your forehead.

Me: Why are you so beautiful?

You: Why are you always buttering me up.

I laugh and slide in the pool beside you.

Me: Because you my best friend and I love you.

You: Really and do you eat all your friend’s pussies from the back?

Me: No but you my best friend.

I lean over and give you a soft kiss on the neck.

You: Oh I am so honored to be your beeeeeeeest friend.

You giggle before you turn your head and kiss me. We keep kissing and soon you are in my lap. After our first time, we decided not to stop. Since we live hours away it’s not regular but when we get together the passion comes easy. We break the kiss and you look into my eyes.

You: Why do you look so smug?

Me: I finally got you after how many years? I mean it’s a weird relationship but at the same time, I don’t love you any less.

You: Ugh, tell me about it.

You get out of the pool and grab your towel. You offer me a hand and I climb out behind you. You lead me into the house and I help you out of your bathing suit. You are heading to the shower but I start to kiss your neck.

You: Lol, stop it I need to get this salt off me before it dries my skin.

Me: I’ll get it off you slow way.

I lick your shoulder and you laugh. You slap my head.

You: Stop it nasty. Order food I’ll be out in a bit.

I keep holding you and you look up and kiss me.

Me: Amazon prime izle Better.

I let you go and you go into the bathroom to clean yourself off while I order food.

You finish putting on lotion after your shower and come out in panties and a robe. You find me sitting by the window sipping juice and a spread of food waiting.

You: Dork. Who the fuck going to eat all this?

Me: Lol, you and me duh.

You: You always complaining about not eating as much as you use to.

Me: You except at least two rounds a day. Lol, I gotta keep the energy.

You laugh and sit down.

You: You cheat and use toys when you can’t get it up.

Me: The goal is orgasms. All is fair in love and war.

We eat and talk. By the time we are done, you are wiped. You are taking a nap in the bed when you feel something very nice on your pussy. You open your eyes and find me between your legs. You let out a moan as my tongue works your pussy nice and slow like I am trying to slowly tease out the building orgasm.

You: Fuck, baby I thought I was dreaming…ahhh…faster, please.

I speed up just a little but it is enough to drive you over the edge. You grip my head and push me deeper as you come into my mouth.

You: Ohhhhh fuck.

I keep eating and you laugh and bite your lip.

You: I hate you. Yes, fuck don’t you stop.

I eat you to four more orgasms before you shove me away. Your whole body is shaking and I crawl up and kiss you letting you taste your pussy on my lips.

Me: I was just getting warmer up.

You: Shut up you fucking devil. I was having a good dream and you weren’t in it.

You poke out your tongue blutv izle and I push mine into your mouth. We keep kissing and I slide between your legs. You moan into my mouth when you feel me slide inside you.

Me: Damn you feel amazing.

The sounds of the wave are coming through the window to mix with our moans and grunts of pleasure as our bodies remember each other and our natural rhythm begins to build. After fifteen minutes and several orgasms, we are changing up the tone. I put you on all fours and slide my dick back in slowly. I grip your hips and We resume our pace immediately. I watch as your ass giggles from each impact.

You: You are the absolute worst. Oh shit yes right there. Fuck. Right there!

Your ass jiggles as you cum on my dick once again.

Me: I know mama. You take this dick like a demon.

I keep going until we are both dripping sweat and I am still hard. You are throwing it back with complete abandon and driving yourself to yet more orgasms you pull off after the last one and pound the bed with your fist.

You. Damn it Leek. I can’t lie I love you and the way you fuck me. Fuuuuuuuck my pussy is numb.

I smile and lean in and spread your cheeks. Before you can even say a word my tongue finds your pretty asshole.

You. What…ohhhhhhh my God

I start to eat your ass with just as much enjoyment as I eat your throbbing pussy. I push my tongue past your tight hole and begin to tongue fuck your ass. You grip the sheets as you moan to the unexpected but very welcome pleasure. You don’t notice when I pull out the small bottle of heating lube. I apply some to my fingers and lean back removing my tongue. I replace it with my beIN CONNECT izle finger slowly apply the lube to the outside. It heats up with makes you jump.

You. What the fuck is that?

Me. Heating lube. It makes your hole open and close involuntarily.

You. Damn it, Dork don’t be testing shit on me.

I laugh and slowly push one finger into your spasming asshole. You jump and scream at the sensation. I slowly apply normal lube as I finger fuck you. Soon I have two fingers inside you and I watch as your body accepts them both and listen to your moans of pleasure.

Me: Are you ready Ne?

You take a few moments as you think over the question knowing what I am planning.

You: Be gentle.

I sit up and pull out my fingers to replace them with my now lubed dick. I hold your hips with one hand and my dick with the other. I begin to push and you scream into the pillow as my dick head moves past your outer ring. I feed inch after inch into your tight asshole until I am buried up to the hilt.

Me. You ok boo?

You are still gripping the sheets and moaning as you get used to me inside your ass. I wait still until you manage to give me a thumbs up. You keep your head buried as I slowly begin to fuck your ass. Each stroke makes you moan as you feel each one in your stomach literally. It takes about five minutes for me to find an even pace and when I do I begin to fuck your ass for real. You have your head up now and you are screaming through the whole mind-numbing process. It is driving me wild and I feel my balls tighten.

Me. Oh fuck I am going to…

I let out a roar as I unload deep into your asshole and you cum so hard you fly off my dick. I fall backward out of the bed and hit the floor. We both lay there sweating well fucked heaps. I make it back into the bed and fall face first beside you. I get one arm around you before we are both fast asleep with the cool ocean breeze drifting in through the window.

The end

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32