Yara’s Adventures Ch. 01

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The following is a work of fantasy. It is not meant to offend. Please let me know if there are any specific details I can add to the character to make her more believable. I would also appreciate hearing about any moments my readings have caused you excitement.

Binding Darkness

Yara arrived on the set of her new job as a production assistant. At eighteen it was her first full time job. She knew the gig was to help make “smut movies.” That’s what her mother would have called them, but the pay was right and it could lead to a future in the filming industry even in legitimate film. Any experience was better than no experience. It wasn’t like she was going to be on camera and then recognized and shamed in public. Also, she thought it would be exciting seeing things. She liked porn and was fascinated by the idea of seeing men and women perform sex acts on each other purely for their job.

Yara was pretty with thick curly brown hair, dark brown eyes, and large natural D cup breasts. She was full body with her hips, waist, and ass being what some would call “thick” but she was by no means fat. Her build was such that she had some love handles, a generous bottom, and full facial cheeks that gave her a very cheerful face when she smiled, which was often. Yara was an optimistic person. She also had a light natural tan from her families’ middle eastern roots that many of her friends envied.

Yara decided she’d focus on a career behind the scenes, get involved in production or maybe even directing. It seemed like a production assistant was the best entry position for that future.

Mr. Roberts, her kind but assertive boss, had made it clear that she was only there to help with the “day to day” activities. Examples that he mentioned included, but weren’t limited, to facilitating behind the scenes activities like picking up clients or props, grabbing lunch or coffee for the crew, or helping the crew relax or stay focused so they could perform on camera.

Yara walked over to greet Mr. Roberts, “Hello, sir. Just checking in. Letting you know I’m ready.” She was nervous and a little embarrassed with how high pitched her voice sounded. She wanted to do a good job and wanted to show her boss he could count on her, but it was difficult to stay cool about it.

Mr. Roberts, an older fit man with gray hair and a mustache, looked up from his schedule as he spoke to some of the camera crew, “Ah, Yara, glad to see you made it. Go clock in and come by. We have a drink order that we’ll need picked up ASAP.”

Yara smiled, “Sure thing Mr. Roberts!”

Yara left to go pick up the drink order from the local coffee shop. She was upbeat the whole drive to and from the shop. This was it, this was her being an adult being part of the work force and it was going to be the start of a great time in her life.

She also couldn’t wait to see the sex show going on around her, “how kinky” she thought wickedly. She’d had a few boyfriends in high school and had sex, but she still felt her experience was pretty tame. A lot of it was due to her strict upbringing, but she was very eager in the hopeful adventure before her. She’d snuck on some adult websites in her day and now soon she may be seeing them going on before her! All she’d told her parents was that it was a company in the entertainment industry.

Yara pulled into the studio’s parking lot, parked the car, and got out to gather the drinks. She was going to do a wonderful job she told herself. She’d do whatever the boss needed so that the show would go off without a hitch.

Yara walked back into the studio, drinks in hand, and took in the scene before her. A cameraman was following Mr. Roberts orders as they positioned the cameras around the performers. The performers were a dark haired Spanish looking woman and a beefy well built tanned white man. Both were clothed in roman togas. “Oh good,” thought Yara, “it’s a history era based film.” She liked her smut with a story and historical themes really worked for her.

Yara set the drinks on the nearby break table. She approached Mr. Roberts as he continued looking over the performers. Yara whispered, “Mr. Roberts, I’m back with the order.”

Mr. Roberts looked back and smiled, “Ah, thank you Yara. We are just about to get started. We’ve been making sure the makeup, costumes, set, and lighting are all ready. Now that you are here we have everything we need.”

Yara was thrilled to hear she was needed on the set and that her boss was happy with her work. She’d started worrying that she may have missed something.

Mr. Roberts spoke to the crew, “Crew, this is Yara the production assistant. Yara, this is the crew. The lovely woman there is Tina, her co-stars are Jake and Tom, and we have our cameraman Clyde. We are going to start with Tina, she’s going to run her lines and then start masturbating. Everyone else, get prepped for your scenes.”

Yara couldn’t believe it was about to start, just like that! She stood in anticipation. Mr. Roberts announced, isveçbahis yeni giriş “3, 2, 1,…Rolling!” and watched as Clyde began filming with the camera as it took in Tina speaking her part. Tina sat in a bed and began slowly disrobing as she began fondling her breasts and placing a finger in between her pussy.

Yara was broken from her concentration when she felt a tap on her left shoulder. She looked, there was Jake, or “Buff Jake” as she was starting to think of him standing. He was a beefy well muscled man with a shaved head. He looked like the closest real life version of a professional bodybuilder that she’d ever met. He was dressed in his toga and ready for his scene, or almost ready.

Yara looked at Jake, “Need something?” She instantly felt that sounded rude and back peddled quickly with, “What can I do for you?”

Jake smiled, “You could help me with this.” and he pulled aside his robe to offer her his penis!

Yara looked down at the flaccid monster in shock. She’d never seen a penis so big in person and it wasn’t even erect! “Uh, very nice… but what do you want me to do about it?”

Jake looked at her in confusion, “Ugh, you’re the production assistant aren’t you? I need to be ready for my scene with Tina. Could you give me a hand?”

Yara was stunned, she didn’t realize this may be what Mr. Roberts had meant by helping the crew relax and focus! But it made sense. She could hear Tina moaning in the background as Jake continued to look at her pleadingly.

Yara thought quickly as she looked at the hanging cock before her. Yara was a team player after all and she wasn’t going to be accused of not doing her job or being some dumb kid that didn’t understand what she’d agreed to do. Besides, it wasn’t like anyone beyond the crew would know and it wasn’t like she was a prostitute or something. She was just getting the man ready to do his job.

Yara grew flushed as she considered what she was about to do. She came into this job thinking she may see some sex and suddenly she was about to touch a strangers well endowed cock and in this circle of people… it was not shameful it was her duty!

Yara nodded and got on her knees before Jake. She had to admit she felt pretty intimidated by this big strong man and a bit aroused. Yara took her left hand, laid it on Jake’s hip so that her fingers wrapped around to his ass. She took her right hand and reached for his cock, it was circumcised. She wrapped her right hand around the base of the cock and began to stroke up and down. She could feel herself getting wet fast, “this is hot, best job ever. I’m being paid to play with this white monster cock!”

Jake’s massive cock began to stiffen almost instantly. Yara was amazed how fast and large it was growing in her hand. It had to be nine inches long at least and maybe an inch thick. Her boyfriends in high school had all been average or below average and not even fully aged men. Jake’s cock was something to be reckoned with. She admired the swollen head, the swollen pink glans reminded her of a puffy upside down hand bell.

Jake moaned, “Oh that’s great… Yara… that’s your name right? Oh, keep going but slow down. I can’t cum until it’s time” he panted as he made a visible effort to collect himself. “Oh that’s right” thought Yara, “it’s porn… can’t waste the cum shot off camera.” She knew enough about porn to know semen needed to be captured on screen. It was a hot commodity in this business.

Yara had to admit that she was starting to have a lot of fun and regretted slowing the pace as she stroked Jake’s meat. Part of her wanted to see him shoot off in her hand. To see that bell headed monster shoot jets of cum all over her or would it ooze out on her hand? The thought that she wouldn’t find out irritated her. It felt almost like some other girl was getting the trophy she had earned.

Mr. Roberts yelled from the set, “Ok Jake, you ready?” He took a look over and saw Jake’s throbbing hard-on in Yara’s clenched hand. “Oh, I see that you are! Great job Yar, top marks!” and he winked.

Jake patted Yara on the shoulder, “Thanks, that’s my cue.” He grasped his cock from Yara and walked off towards Tina.

Mr. Roberts had restarted the scene so that Jake made his entrance for the camera. Jake exchanged a few words with Tina, flung his toga down and presented his throbbing cock to Tina. Tina reached for it and began sucking on it. Tina was making a lot of sucking and slurping noises as she did her best to engulf Jake’s pole.

Yara was turned on and wanted to start masturbating badly, but she looked and saw all the other non performers were in control of themselves and resisted the urge.

Yara was still kneeling from where Jake had left her. Her eyes were rooted on the sight of the nearby cock sucking, she was trying to accept how she’d just had that lovely big white cock in her grasp moments ago when she suddenly noticed something out of the corner of her eye. She turned her head slightly to isveçbahis giriş see Tom had taken Jake’s spot standing. He was standing naked in front of her. Tom was white but more tan than Jake. He had long brown hair and had a slender but wiry build and several tattoos running along his body, he looked like he could be in a hard rock group. Tom gestured at his own cock, “Well, my turn. I’m going up next.”

Yara sighed, “no rest for the wicked it seems.” She reached for Tom’s cock. Tom was uncircumcised which was something new for Yara. She cautiously ringed the extra skin with her fingers and slid it back over Tom’s shaft. Tom sucked in a gasp of air and his cock rose in Yara’s hand. Yara watched mesmerized as she continued to stroke the foreskin back and forth over the glans of Tom’s cock. Tom’s cock took on it’s full form. It was smooth with a curve like a crescent reaching up and was topped by an angry purple head.

Tom began panting and it was clear that he was doing his best to calm himself. He looked down at Yara, “Keep going, it feels fantastic. I’m good about holding off.”

Yara looked up and nodded and then looked back down at the thickly hooded cock before her. She decided to pick up the pace and get a little more aggressive. She tightened her grip on the shaft and throttled it and by extension Tom.

She pumped away at Tom’s cock while using her right hand to lift it slightly so she could inspect his scrotum. Yara made she she looked up and made eye contact with Tom as she worked on him. She made sure he could see her big brown eyes as she looked at him begging for him to cum. She had enough men tell her how sexy her eyes were because she had such an innocent face. She did her best to give Tom that “innocent look” as she tightened and jerked her hand along Tom’s cock in a manner that suggested assertiveness.

Yara took her left hand and gently cradled Tom’s balls, gently rubbing his testicles between her fingers. She kneaded them, working on getting the sperm in his sack circulating all while continuing to pound away at his cock with her other hand while making pleading eye contact. Yara had to admit that part of her wanted to “mess up” and make Tom cum. She knew it would be bad for the production, but she wanted to see if she could do it. She had grown very aroused and it felt as if her pussy was sopping wet.

Mr. Robert’s called for Tom, he was up… in more ways than one. Tom eased on his breathing as Yara regrettably slowed down on his pace. Tom gasped, “Thanks Yar, you’re great. A few more tugs and I’d probably blow all over that pretty face. God it’s sexy.”

Yara gave him one last squeeze, saw a little pre-cum push from his cock, wiped it off with her index finger and said “Thank you, you’re my first uncut cock.” Tom walked off to give Tina her hard work.

Yara looked up and saw that at this point in the film Tina was lying on the bed, her legs propped over Jake’s massive shoulders as he held her by her waist and thrust slowly and deliberately into her. Tina was moaning and running her hands along Jake’s beefy chest as Tom came along from the other side, guided Tina’s head and inserted his bloated cock into her mouth.

Yara noted all eyes were on the performance and slid a finger down to her mound and rubbed it gently along her lips and clit. It felt wonderful, but the inability to really find release was maddening and she backed off knowing that she had to keep it together.

“Yara!” Mr. Roberts shouted, “Come over here, you’re still on the clock.” Mr. Roberts had taken a seat as he continued monitoring the performers and occasionally threw out an order.

Yara crawled on her knees to Mr. Roberts. She felt a little weak in the knees and crawling seemed more efficient than trying to stand up. “Yes? Mr. Roberts? What do you need?”

Mr. Roberts briefly took his eyes off the moaning performers as he looked Yara in the eye. “Yara, you’ve done an amazing job with the talent. Amazing, I love your enthusiasm and attitude.” Yara smiled as he continued praising her. “You’ve shown you know how to handle the performers as needed for the business. This is a stressful environment for everyone involved. It’s especially stressful for the director that has to keep everything moving on schedule.

Yara continued looking Mr. Roberts in the eye… waiting for more explanation. She made sure to use her “innocent and listening” face.

“Yara, I’m going to need you to take some of the edge off for me. I need a clear head so I can do my best. You got it?”

Yara was pretty sure she understood. She nodded, “I think so sir.”

Mr. Roberts smiled as his gaze went back to the filming. “Excellent Yar, I knew I could count on you. Well, go ahead and get it out for me. I have to keep my eyes on the performance, make sure it’s going as planned. You go and keep me grounded so to speak.”

Yara kneeled before Mr. Roberts’ lap. In fact, she noted there was a small yellow dot sticker on the floor in front of isveçbahis güvenilirmi Mr. Roberts. The sticker, whether intended to or not, was a perfect guide for her placement.

I’ve never been with a man his age. He’s probably fifty something. But he is the boss and I suppose one cock is the same as another when you’re jerking it.” Yara unbuckled Mr. Roberts’ belt and began to slide his pants down while the man rose from the seat so she could finish sliding his pants and boxes down to his ankles.

Mr. Roberts was an older man and it was evident by his cock too. The average but formidable manstaff was surrounded by a light amount of gray pubic hair. The cock was circumcised and already hard from the performance taking place just a few feet away. Or maybe it was hard because it knew what it’s master had arranged for it with Yara? Yara began to pump on it, eager to show her boss her skills and her worth. She was, truth be told, a bit pleased to have a chance to work on a cock that wouldn’t go to Tina in a few minutes.

Mr. Roberts grunted and Yara hoped it was from her stroking him. “Tom, try to push more of your cock down Tina’s throat. I want to see your balls tap her nose. Jake, start putting a finger in her asshole.” Yara realized Mr. Roberts seemed to be almost tuning her out and that much of his attention really was on the filming. Yara felt conflicted about that. Part of her liked that she basically had a project all to herself without any attention on her, but she didn’t like being tuned out either. She wanted the master of the cock in her hand to know she was there!

Mr. Roberts, without his attention wavering from the actors, spoke, “Yar, all our dicks are hard but Clyde’s, I think it’s time you showed us those great big tits of yours. Clyde’s a bit of a tit man and I am sure your sexy knockers will wake his cock right up. Why don’t we see if you can pull it off… haha by pulling it off?”

Yara didn’t know what to say. She still didn’t know these people well and she’d never stripped for strangers before but Mr. Roberts was right, she’d seen plenty of her boss and the performers, maybe she should show some skin and be part of the team? Besides… it was just between her coworkers and it would feel better to slip out of her clothes which were starting to feel constrictive and a bit too warm..

“Ok.” Yara replied. She slipped her light sweater off and then reached back to unhook her bra. Her large double D breasts hung loose, free from their prison. Yara’s skin tone was a light tan. Her brown nipples were already engorged and resembled coffee colored gumdrops. Yara’s generous tits, that were usually covered from the sun, were also the shade of coffee but lighter as if mixed with cream. The tits and their paleness had a nice smooth contrast against the rest of her darker skin. It wasn’t the sharp difference she’d seen some tanned white performers have in films where their tan lines stood out alarmingly.

Mr. Roberts had averted his gaze from the performance as he had been watching Yara expose her breasts to him. “Lovely Yar, the girls look wonderful. In fact, I think we may have just found your new work uniform when shooting. How do you like the sound of that?”

Yara was thrown off, she didn’t know if she should act pleased or demeaned. “Ugh, sounds good sir? Could get a little cold though.”

Mr. Roberts snickered, “Don’t worry about it being too cool we’ll find ways to warm you up. Besides, a cool temperature makes the nipples hard. Now… get back to work.” he gestured back to his organ.

Yara moved back into her knelt position before the man and began handling his cock again.

Mr. Roberts looked to Jake, Tom, and Tina. “Ok, Jake and Tom, switch positions. Keep giving more of the same then I want you guys to cum on Tina’s tits.”

Yara looked intently as Mr. Roberts’ cock. This was her job. She wanted to be a good employee and go far with her career. She used her left hand to play with his balls, occasionally switching from cupping them balls to gently grasping and pulling them from the cock. She handled the balls while using her right hand to settle into a steady gentle but firm back and forth motion along the cock’s shaft.

Mr. Roberts looked down at Yara. “Now that’s better. You keep working while I sample some of your tits.” Mr. Roberts cupped them each with his hand as best he could and gently rubbed them.

Yara had started to feel very warm, feeling cold definitely didn’t seem like it would be a problem in her new “uniform.” She felt like the room was on fire, sweat dripped down her chest making her large mammaries slippery. Her pussy was soaked in her juices. Mr. Roberts squeezed one nipple and she felt a rush raise along her spine. She was starting to feel it subside as he tweaked the other nipple a little harder.

All of Yara’s sexual fire was transferred to her hand as she used it to beat at her boss’s raging hard on. She used her hand as the only outlet she had to pump this lust from her. Yara realized that Mr. Roberts wasn’t an actor in the film so he probably didn’t have a cum shot to save for the camera. She ran her hand along his cock with a fury breathing heavily as sweat ran off her chin and down to her massive tan tits. Yara saw pre-cum form at the cock mouth.

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