With Mrs. Cannon’s Help

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“Womp!” was heard as the flying newspaper hit the aluminum screen door.

I trudged along rolling the next newspaper and winged it at old Mr. Smith’s porch. Here it is June. I just had my eighteenth birthday, graduated from high school and still delivered this damn newspaper route. I was accepted into college in the fall but I won’t be able to pay for it with this lousy job. Still no word from the construction company that told me they needed help. And to make the whole situation worse I was still a virgin!

I’d been out on dates and copped a feel a time or two, masturbated daily and sometimes twice but had never gone ‘all the way’. I was constantly fantasizing about this one or that one. Who did I think I was???? Those girls would never give me a second look and if they ever knew I was still a virgin they’d laugh and make fun of me. I was still kicking my ass for not going along with Becky. She told me she would reward me very well if I’d let her wear my letter sweater. DUH well to her as I found later rewarding me well was a sweet roll in the hay. So there you have it, dorky me with a lousy job and no prospect of ever getting laid.

The paper route at least kept gas in my car and that helped me deliver and collect for the paper. Collecting was a major pain, people weren’t home, or they couldn’t pay until they got paid etc, all in all a general pain in the ass. It was always a treat to collect at the Cannon’s house. Mrs. Cannon was the best cook and always had a treat. Her daughter Patty was in my graduating class and a lot of fun to hang out with. She was a few months older than I. There were some sexy fun moments to being a paper boy, like the time Mrs. Beers came to the door in nothing but her husband’s shirt and seeing the Lopez sisters sunbathing in two piece swim suits with their tops off. They of course were lying on their stomachs but I could fantasize.

We were required to have a trained substitute so if we were sick or away on vacation someone was trained to deliver the paper. My sub was Mike who just got on with a ranch and would be leaving. I ran a help wanted add in the paper and the only reply I got was from a seventh grader that lived all the way across town. No way was I going across town to train a kid who probably wouldn’t workout anyway. While collecting at the Cannon’s I mentioned that I needed a substitute to Mr. Cannon and asked if he knew anyone in the neighbor hood that might be interested. He wasn’t sure but would ask around.

To my surprise as I came down the street the next morning delivering papers Patty was waiting for me in front of the Cannon house. She told me her Dad had mentioned that I needed a substitute and she would love to help out. I was very surprised. I told her that I appreciated it but just because we were friends she didn’t have to do that. She insisted and told me the exercise would do her good. She was built like her Mom, medium height, dishwater blond hair, kind of a dumpy figure with large boobs and plump round ass. I agreed and away we went.

It didn’t take Patty long to learn the route. She knew the neighbor hood well and had a good memory. Tomorrow she would deliver the route and I would simply follow to make sure she had it down. After tomorrow if she did well she wouldn’t have to walk with me every morning. I liked her company and made the job go faster.

We met at the drop off station and she loaded the bags with the papers. To no surprise she didn’t miss a delivery and even got finished in an hour and forty minutes, a very good time. As we finished she asked me to come to her house for breakfast. Her Mom was cooking. I didn’t hesitate and look forward to Patty’s Mom’s home cooked breakfast.

We walked in and her Mom was just finishing the eggs and told us to sit down and make ourselves comfortable. The breakfast was delicious and so was the company. The Cannon’s were very common folks, easy to talk to and pleasant to be around. As I finished my breakfast Mrs. Cannon asked when I would be coming to collect. I thought a moment and told her that it would be Wednesday evening. She told me she would have a treat for me. I looked forward to that.

Wednesday evening I knocked on her door. Patty answered escort izmit and welcomed me in. She was dressed like she was going out, a white sheer blouse that I could see her white bra through and black slacks that hugged her plump butt very nicely. She smelled so fresh and clean. Mrs. Cannon walked in the room and she also was dressed nicely in a light blue summer dress, sleeveless allowing a peak at her light blue lacy bra.

“Wow!” I exclaimed. “Are you gals going out? You both look so nice!”

They both smiled and Mrs. Cannon told me that this was part of my treat. I was confused. A treat at the Cannon’s was always cake, cookies or ice cream.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

Mrs. Cannon in a very calm voice explained, “You have been so nice to us, so nice to Patty and befriended her when no one else gave her the time of day. I think you must be very popular in school and probably have dated many girls. I bet they love to be with you and I bet you know how to make love to them.”

I looked at her and then at Patty, “No Mam I’m afraid you have me all wrong. I have dated a few times but I am still a virgin.” I was so embarrassed I blushed and stood before them.

“Oh my, that’s nothing to be embarrassed about so is Patty and I was going to see if you would like to be her first, now you can be each others firsts,” Mrs. Cannon said with a bright smile. “That is if you would like to. Would you?” she asked.

Was this really happening to me? Was I dreaming? “I really like you Patty and have thought of you in ways that excite me, what do you think?” I asked.

“I can’t think of anyone I would rather be with, you are my friend and I have more than friend feelings for you,” Patty explained. “Mom said she would help me so I can please you.”

Mrs. Cannon spoke up, “Yes I did, I think it’s important that both of you learn to please each other. Follow me.”

She turned a started walking down the hall. I watched her and then motioned to Patty to follow. Oh my Lord I thought as I watched Mother and Daughter walk into the master bedroom. As I walked in Mrs. Cannon told us to get comfortable as she unbuttoned her dress.

I felt awkward yet excited. I removed my shirt and then my pants. I watched as Mrs. Cannon then Patty undressed to their bras and panties. My excitement was very visible. I could feel both of them looking at me as I looked at them undressing. Mrs. Cannon had her bra off first and didn’t hesitate to remove her panties. Patty seemed a little more cautious and Mrs. Cannon told her it was Ok to go ahead and take everything off. I watched as Patty took her bra off and then I slide my briefs off. My cock was fully erect and pointing out and up. Mrs. Cannon had large sagging breasts. Patty’s breasts weren’t as large and were perky with youth. Their areolas and nipples were almost identical in color; Mrs. Cannon’s nipples were somewhat larger. Mrs. Cannon’s full dark bush was much large than Patty’s and Patty’s lighter in color. Mrs. Cannon’s certainly didn’t match her light colored hair!

Mrs. Cannon told us about foreplay and how it took much more foreplay to get a lady ready for intercourse than it did a man. She told us that there were so many forms of foreplay that no two love making sessions were ever the same. She told us to kiss and see what happened from there.

Patty and I kissed. Her lips were full and very soft. I could feel her breath on my lips. I tried to slide my tongue into her mouth and she backed away. Mrs. Cannon laughed cheerfully and told her daughter that I was trying to intimately kiss her and it was OK.

“Watch this Patty,” she said as she approached me. She placed her lips on mine and gently opened her mouth letting my tongue enter. Her mouth was fresh and her tongue experienced. We kissed for I bet a minute, she then told Patty to try it. This time Patty allowed me to French kiss her. She then placed her tongue into my mouth and I sucked the end of it then swirling mine around hers. We broke the kiss and I kissed her neck then her ear. My hands had found her breasts. They were soft and full fit in my hands well. I was very attracted to her nipples and was surprised when they became hard when touched.

Mrs. Cannon izmit escort approvingly congratulated Patty and complimented me on moving to her breasts. She coached me by fondling her own breasts paying attention to the nipples, pinching them firmly but not to tightly and then twisting them back and forth. She then placed my hands on her large breasts and told me to try it. Like her daughter I could feel her nipples harden as I played with them and her breathing rate increase and small sounds of pleasure came from her.

“Wow,” she exclaimed. “You learn quick, now try that on Patty but when you feel her nipples get aroused kiss and suck them.”

Patty’s nipples responded quickly to my touch so I moved on. I kissed her nipple then sucked it into my mouth. Patty let out a soft moan. I could feel goose bumps on her arms and her butt as I slowly explored her soft skin. I felt Patty’s hand on my cock as I fondled then sucked her breasts. Her touch got an immediate flexing reaction from my hardened cock.

Seeing Patty’s move to my erection Mrs. Cannon stopped my fondling and kissing much to my disappointment, to coach Patty. She explained that my erection was a man’s center of pleasure and it must be respected at all time.

“It must be fondled, stroked and his balls treated gently yet firmly,” she explained as she took my erection in her hands.

She placed one hand at the base of my cock the other cupped my balls. Her touch was heaven to an aching 18 year old! As she stroked up and down my cock she explained to Patty that there were other ways to stimulate a man, oral sex is a sure way to get his attention and keep it. To my surprise as she spoke her head lowered and I felt the lips I was kissing only moments before on the tip of my cock. Her mouth was wet and warm. I felt her tongue swirl around the head then felt her mouth devour my entire length. Her head bobbed up then down. I’d never felt anything like it. She pulled off my cock and an audible pop sounded when my cock left her sucking lips.

“Now it’s your turn Patty,” she insisted.

Patty smiled and lowered her head. Her mouth felt good but nothing like her Mom’s. Mrs. Cannon seeing Patty’s attempt stopped her and coached her to use lots of spit in her mouth and keep it wet to maximize my pleasure and hers. Patty once again started OH how wonderful. I could feel my balls tightening and cum moving up my shaft. Not wanting to cum yet I pulled Patty off my excited cock and explained I was about to cum.

Mrs. Cannon explained to Patty, “Oh that’s natural so you have to pay attention to his every move. Sometime you’ll want to let him cum in your mouth, on your face or your tits. But tonight we’ll hold off and let him control his excitement saving the best for later.”

Whew I was relieved I didn’t want it to be over yet!

“Let’s lay on the bed and all get comfy,” Mrs. Cannon instructed.

We moved to the large king size bed. Patty was on one side of me and Mrs. Cannon on the other side of me. I moved toward Patty and once again started playing with her tits. Immediately I felt them respond. I kissed one then the other. Patty’s breathing increased and she wiggle on the bed. I remembered from an adult magazine I had read how much a woman like her pussy kissed. Being bold I started kissing my way down Patty’s stomach. I could smell her aroma. It was a new smell not unpleasant at all and very exciting to me. I guess instinctively Patty spread her legs.

“Very good,” I heard Mrs. Cannon. “Now let’s stop and talk about what you’re going to do there.”

She lay back and spread her legs. She had Patty and I both move between her legs to where we could clearly see her pussy. She then gave us an anatomy lesson. I was surprised to see that even though she had a large triangle of dark pubic hair the lips of her pussy were smoothly shaven. I could see glistening moisture at her slit. She explained that women had two sets of ‘lips’ she gently touched her outer lips and then opened her lips and showed us the inner lips. We could both see that she was very wet. She told us that during foreplay as the lady gets excited she gets warm and wet. The wetness provided lubrication during intercourse. izmit kendi evi olan escort She looked at me and told me that during oral sex I should kiss and lick the inside of her thighs, her lips and slide my tongue into her slit and find her clitoris or often called ‘clit’.

After saying that she opened her slit and pulled back her inner lips and hood exposing a pea sized bump. “That is the source of a woman’s pleasure and the center of her orgasm,” she told us. “Now try it with me,” she demanded as she pulled my head between her legs.

I could smell her aroma as my face moved closer. The aroma was just like that of Patty’s. My tongue slide up and down her outer lips then her inner, I could taste her wetness. Anxiously I wanted to find her clitoris, I pushed in deeper and swirled my tongue.

She let out a moan and gasped,”Yes that’s it, that’s my clit don’t stop please.” She pulled my head into her and began to shake and moaned loudly,”I’m cumming, ohhhhhhhhh yes.”

She settled down and I felt her body relax. “Whew,” she said. “I guess it’s been awhile, now try that on Patty.”

Patty had trimmed her pubic area just like her Mom. I told her I liked that and she smiled and told me her Mom had given her a hair cut to make things special for me. Patty wasn’t as wet as Mrs. Cannon and I had a difficult time finding her clitoris. I really don’t know if I even found it. Patty didn’t react like her Mom as I explored her inner folds. She did squirm and move her hips to meet my mouth several times.

“Let me help you Dear,” Mrs. Cannon offered and gently moved me out of the way. “Watch,” she said.

She let her mouth fill with saliva then placed her wet mouth on Patty’s pussy. She worked the saliva in and around making Patty’s pussy glisten like hers. She then pulled Patty’s inner lips up and apart exposing her clit.

“There,” she exclaimed and began licking. Patty moaned and pushed her pussy into her Mom’s face.

Very quickly she began shaking and screaming, “YESSSSSSSSSS, Yesssssssssss that feels so good.”

“Now that was an orgasm,” Mrs. Cannon told us. “Now we need to please you,” she told me as she reached for my throbbing hard cock.

She stroked it gently and told Patty to lay back and spread her legs. I moved between her legs and lowered my cock. Mrs. Cannon placed it at Patty’s wet slit, told her to relax and told me to slowly press into Patty’s pussy. As I began to push Mrs. Cannon move the head of my cock up down Patty’s wet pussy. It felt warm and of course very wet. “OK slide in”, she instructed. And I did, first the head disappeared then half of my shaft then finally all seven inches of my cock was in Patty. Patty sighed and smiled. I lowered my head and kissed her lips tasting her mouth, we laid there being one. Patty’s pussy felt silky smooth and very tight. Mrs. Cannon instructed us,” Now start sliding out of Patty but don’t come all the way out before you push back in. Patty as he slides out you pull away and when he starts in you rise up to meet him.” Her instructions were clear and easily followed. We began and after a few movements developed a rhythm.

Patty moaned and shuddered,” I had another orgasm.”

This aroused my already excited cock. I looked over at Mrs. Cannon lying next to us, she had two fingers in her pussy and her other hand busily rubbed her clit. All this stimulation was too much. I started fucking Patty harder and faster. She met me each thrust and very quickly my cock was full of cum.

“I’m ……I’m …..I’m going to cum,” I yelled.

Suddenly Patty arched her back taking all of my cock, her pussy gripping me as she yelled, “Yes, yes I’m cumming.”

My cock exploded in Patty, several long hot squirts filled her virgin pussy. I don’t know how long we kept going but after several more minutes we heard Mrs. Cannon screamed as another orgasm swept through her.

I collapsed on Patty and we rolled on our side. My cock softened and slowly slide out of Patty’s soaked pussy. The three of us lay there panting, sweating and completely satisfied. I kissed Patty passionately and felt her Mom’s lips kiss my neck.

“Now my children that was lesson number one,” Mrs. Cannon said softly.

Three years later and after many more lessons from Mrs. Cannon, Patty and I got married. We still get lessons from Mom on occasion. The lessons today aren’t always Mom teaching us. Patty and I have shown Mom a thing or two as well!

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