White Teacher Begins His Journey…

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The last class of the first day of a new school year and all day my students had been checked out. I get missing summer break but it was like pulling teeth to get their attention. At least my boys were in my last class and although they won’t be fully captivated, they will at least pay attention enough. A little bit about me, I’m 6’1, 175lbs and just turned 35 and keep myself in good shape. I’m somewhere between gym rat and what they call dad bod. My ex, Kelly, and I had twins when we were still in high school ourselves. Around the time when they turned 5 I had finished at our local community college and started working at the high school when Kelly said she couldn’t take it any more and walked out on us.

It’s been just the 3 of us for the past 12 years in this quiet little town. I’ve always put my kids first and it paid off as they both were smart and athletic. Troy at 6’0 even had a slimmer build and Jameson at 6’1 clearly spent a bit more time in the gym both took after their mom a bit more in the face and with the bright red hair. As they got older the boys, keep trying to push me out there so I won’t get lonely when they head off to college. I’ve been on dates here and there but nothing too serious especially with the limited dating pool of small towns and besides lately it seemed my sex drive just dropped so it’s not been a priority for me. I attributed it to getting older and soon becoming an “empty nester” until today anyway.

Darius was a new transfer student from New York. He looked like a Greek god as he walked into my class. Standing at about 6’3 with a t-shirt so tight you could see every ripple of his abs, and his jeans were almost as if they were painted onto his high round ass. When he walked into my class room my dick stood at immediate attention like I’d taken Viagra. Every part of me was enraptured by him walking to his seat I couldn’t stop staring. What was wrong with me, I’ve never been into guys before and would never cross the line with a student but there was something about him that got me transfixed. I guess I zoned out because he noticed me staring.

“Mr. Leiter, You okay man? Do I have something on my shirt or something??”

“Oh, ahhh no sorry I was just zoned out thinking about today’s lesson on Evolution. You must be the new student Darius, welcome to Park Woods”

He didn’t seem to buy my flimsy excuse for staring so intently but didn’t push the issue.

“Yeah, thanks Mr. L… Yeah, my dad and I just moved here after mom passed. Hoping to showcase my talents a bit more on the football field with a smaller town.

“Oh, I’m sorry for your loss. My boys are actually on the team too. Troy & Jameson come on over and meet your new team and class mate.”

The boys got up for the back of the class and came over to say hey and they seemed to be hitting it off alright when the bell rang to start class. The class proceeded as planned and after about a minute of trying to hide behind the desk yalova escort my dick finally softened. I only had to stop myself from staring at Darius twice more, but I don’t think anyone noticed. Just as I was thinking I had gotten through it though Darius very clearly caught my eye. In one quick fluid motion he reached down and adjusted himself keeping eye contact the whole time. Like he was putting on a show of adjusting himself for me. I swear I saw him lick his lips as his hand slid down his right leg and moved his dick slightly toward the center. I nearly blew a load right then just from the outline of what could have been a third leg. I could barely understand how he’s able to walk with that thing. I had clearly zoned out again and I think the whole class could tell this time because they started to gossip and lose focus when the bell rang I snapped out of it.

“Okay class for tomorrow I need a 2-page essay on what you know and understand about evolution”

The groans from the class were very audible as they shuffled their way out and Darius seemed to go out of his way to walk as close as possible to my desk on his way out. I caught a whiff of his natural aroma. It wasn’t a cologne but like an intoxicating musk of sweat and pheromones. It took all my will power to not stare after him again.

“Dad, seriously homework on day one you couldn’t ease us back in?”

“Yeah, pops you know T and I have football after school when do you think we’ll have time??”

“Sorry boys, but I know you can handle it after dinner. Speaking of which I’m thinking pizza.”

“Yeah, sounds good we’ll see ya back home in a few hours”

The entire drive home I kept trying not to imagine Darius adjusting himself in class. Repeating the action over and over in my head. Remembering every detail of how the muscles in his arm seemed to pulse as he slid it down and his eyes just pierce through me. Wondering if that was him soft and if it was how could he possibly have enough blood to get it hard. I walked in the door and for the first time in months ran upstairs threw off my clothes and opened my computer. I don’t know what was coming over me but I needed to see more. A quick google search later and I was flooded with pictures of hung young black men.

As I was stroking my shaft, I couldn’t help but think of how small I looked compared to all of these boys. My hand moved up and down my dick and for the first time ai noticed that I was barely longer than the palm of my hand. I’d always thought I was average but staring at the black me in these pictures I realized how wrong I was. I tried to watch a few scenes with black men fucking women and kept getting soft. So, I just dove deeper and deeper into the search, I found more ways to find what I wanted, what I needed. Certain terms like “BBCfag”, “ItsGonnaHurt”, “White fag submits” were key to seeing all these white men who all appeared to be hung like me sucking and getting fucked by these monster yalova escort bayan cocks. I had completely lost track of time in my rabbit hole of black cock…

“Hey dad what time is the pizza getting here? J and I invited that new kid Darius to work on our papers together I hope that’s cool”

Fuck, fuck fuck! Darius here, fuck. I didn’t have time to finish I quickly cleared the browser history in case the boys needed my computer and threw on some sweats and a t-shirt. Trying desperately to hide my unspent hardon praying no one would notice the small wet spot that had formed where my cock had started to ooze precum as I walked back downstairs to greet them.

“Sorry boys, lost track of time. I hadn’t ordered yet. Jameson go ahead and order it whatever the 3 of you want, the more the merrier.”

“Thanks Mr. L, we really worked up an appetite at practice, and my dad is working the late shift.”

Seeing Darius again sweaty still from practice and in my own house no less there was no way my dick was going down anytime soon and now I couldn’t even finish jerking it off for some relief. I could feel it straining against my briefs and even feel it pulse out another dab of precum. Turning away from the 3 boys. “You boys go get started on your essays in the kitchen I’ll run to the garage and grab you some sodas.”

“Hold up Mr. L I’ll give ya a hand.”

“Thanks Darius” Fuck! He followed me out to the garage and it seemed like just a step too closely. I could feel his hot breath on the back of my neck. Which made the hair on my neck stand up and goosebumps down my arm I was like a damn school girl with a crush. The aroma of him was even strong now and it had my mind reeling. As I heard the door click closed behind us Darius almost as if choreographed yanked down my sweats and briefs and spun me around to face him. My hardon still raging and for some reason more precum than I’ve ever had oozing out as if him exposing me flipped the on switch to a fountain.

“Hahahahahaha, fuuck I knew it Mr. L. I could tell the moment I walked into your class.”

Throwing my hands over my hard cock, trying desperately to catch my words and cover myself up. “Whaa whaaa the hell are you talking about?!?”

“Come on Mr. L you can’t lie to me about it now. Just looking at me got your clit going nuts and there’s the proof right there!”

“Darius this is highly inappropriate, you’re my kids age and a student. I don’t know what you think you saw earlier but it’s not was you think. I’m going to pull up my pants and we can just forget this happened.” I reached down and started to pull up my sweats when Darius grabbed my arm and brought his face to my ear.

“Okay Mr. L, tell you what you can put your pants back on and we can forget this ever happened IF you can look me straight in the eye and tell me you weren’t dreaming of my cock when I adjusted it for you in class today.”

I knew it, I knew he’d seen me staring and I had escort yalova to stop this I had to put it out of my mind and forget this day ever happened. “Darius I don’t know what you’re talking about but this has to stop…”

“It’s okay Mr. L, you’re not the first white boy to stare hell not even the first teacher. So, are you gonna keep denying it or…” With that he unzipped his fly and slightly pushed down his pants and boxers to show just the base of his shaft. My mind was racing a mile a minute. He wasn’t wrong I don’t know how he knew that it was all I’d been thinking of since school let out. I couldn’t though, I needed to put this to an end it didn’t matter how I did it I just needed to get dressed and back in the house and put all this behind me.

“Come on Mr. L my eyes are up here! You’ve got 3 seconds to admit you were dreaming of it before I holler for your boys to come out and see you perving on me.”

“D-da-aarius, I… I..” Stammering through trying to get out the words but my body wouldn’t let me say what needed to be said to put an end to all of this. “I can’t deny it. I know it’s wrong but it’s all that’s been running through my head. Don’t worry though I would never act on it. Please don’t tell the school board I can’t lose this job. If you want to be transferred to another class…”

“Transferred!?! Fuck no Mr. L why would I want to leave the easy A I’m about to get. The way I see it you’ve got a pervy little crush on me and I need to keep my GPA up to stay on the football team. So, it’s a win-win I get an A and you get to keep staring at my dick in class.”

Fuck what was I thinking saying any of this out loud but there was something about him that just made me feel alive again. “I understand Darius and I…”

“Dad, what the hell is taking you guys so long” I heard Troy yell from inside. Shit the boys couldn’t know, we had to get in there before they came out and saw me pant less in front of this black Adonis. As if he could sense what I was thinking.

“Well Mr. L you can pull your pants up for now and get back in there before your boys get more suspicious but tomorrow after practice you better find a way to get them out of the house so we can finish this little chat. Oh, and skip the soda grab us some beer on your way back in.”

As if I wasn’t embarrassed and full of shame enough, he took another look down at my exposed cock and chuckled out the word “CLIT”. At the mere utterance of that word from his mouth it began to shoot out a small amount of the load that had been building in me all day. With that he turned still laughing and went back inside. His round ass bouncing slightly with each step. I reached down to finally pull up my pants and noticed the small wet spot was no longer small and couldn’t be hidden. So many thoughts pouring through my brain and fuck I could hear cheers coming from the kitchen from the twins. What did he say to them? What was I thinking? Was this really what I wanted? I didn’t have time to debate it, I needed to get back in there and pry the boys don’t notice before I run and change. I pulled up my pants once again poorly hiding my still raging hardon, grabbed 4 beers and ran inside.

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