What I Did Ch. 02

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This is the second story in the series so make sure you have read chapter 1 first so you get a background of what led me to this point.


I woke up late Sunday morning trying to comprehend just what happened yesterday. Only 24 hours previously I was living quite a normal life. I had a girlfriend who I loved and everything seemed perfect. Well I technically still had a girlfriend but I had now started something with her little sister that was going to change my relationship with my girlfriend forever.

I looked at my phone to make sure I wasn’t just dreaming. It wouldn’t have been the first time I had such a vivid sex dream about Courtney.

It was all there, a list of all the things Courtney wanted us to do together. I still had a little trouble believing it. After all, Courtney was still a virgin. A virgin who has watched a lot of porn and gotten a lot of crazy ideas.

Her last text message, “I want to pee on you.” I didn’t respond to that message. I has seen the words and instantly blown my load and passed out. I couldn’t believe she was that kinky. I had never thought about piss and whether or not I found it a turn on. I still wasn’t sure what to respond to that.

I was confused. On one hand I had a perfectly good girlfriend with whom I was extremely happy (except for the fact that I was yet to penetrate her) and on the other I had a gorgeous virgin who not only wanted me to take her virginity, but wanted to use me to experiment with and participate in range of kinky fetishes.

I decided to reply to her message form last night. “Sorry I fell asleep. I think we need to talk in person. You free today?”

While I waited for her reply I had a shower to try and take my mind off things. It didn’t work, I had to again relieve myself in the cold shower.

When I returned to my room to get dressed I noticed that I had a reply from Courtney. “I thought I grossed you out and scared you away with what I said. Yeah I’m free today. Meet me at Gibson’s Park at 11?”

That was in 30 minutes I quickly replied and told her I’d see her there so I could finish getting dressed. I thought about where we would be meeting, I guess it was an ideal place. It was an open grass area that provided enough room so we could get enough privacy. That we could speak without the fear of being overheard.

We couldn’t meet at her place for obvious reasons and I’m glad she suggested Gibson’s Park instead of here. I recently moved into my new place with a mate from work. It did provide me with more privacy but he has the habit of walking in at the most awkward times. There have been a number of occasions when he has walked in to find Lily and me alone on the couch in various stages of undress. This is awkward because she has to work with my housemate as well.

If I were to have Lily’s younger sister alone in the apartment, even if we were fully clothed, and he walked in, I don’t think it would have looked too good and Lily would be bound to find out.

I arrived at the park just after 11 and saw Courtney sitting under a tree in the shade. It was quite warm outside with not a single cloud in the sky. On a day like this I’d rather be at the beach but the park is not too bad. Being a Sunday, there were a large number of people around having a BBQ and playing football but Courtney had found a spot which was mostly out of the way of anybody else.

She looked gorgeous sitting under a tree playing with her phone. She was wearing a yellow sundress with bare feet and her long brown hair over her shoulder. She looked up as I approached and smiled rising from her feet to give me a hug. Being so much shorter izmit escort bayan than me my nose was in her hair and I inhaled her smell. I was hooked on this girl. I wondered if she knew just what effect she was having on me and probably had on every other guy in her life.

It was surprisingly awkward as we sat down. Courtney was the first to speak.

“Sorry about what I said in those messages, you probably think I’m weird.”

“Not at all,” I replied. “I just never thought that you’d be into all those things. Being a virgin and all.”

“Yeah, I just watch a lot of porn and it’s some if the things I like looking at. I want to do this stuff to see if I like it.”

“And if you don’t?” I asked.

“Well I’d make you stop.”

“Ok. That’s my next question, why me?”

“Why not?” she replied with a cute look on her face and biting her lip.

“Because I’m your sister’s boyfriend and it’s wrong.”

“What she doesn’t know won’t hurt her. I want someone who is not going to fall in love with me and I guess someone who will keep this stuff to himself. You know, so nobody will think I’m a huge slut. Besides, you’re really cute.”

I looked at her face. She looked genuine enough. “Well I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t intrigued and wanted to do this stuff but there are a few problems.”

“Like what?” she asked.

“Well for starters finding a place to be alone. You live at home and Lily knows my housemate. It’s very dangerous to do anything there.” I told her.

I expected her to look a little sad at this news but the look on her face confused me. She looked happy and something else I couldn’t quite place.

“What’s that look for?” I asked her actually fearing her answer.’

She crawled closer to me so her face was only inches from mine and said in a seductive voice, “why do you think I wanted to meet in the park?” As she said this she kissed me square on the lips and forcing her tongue into my mouth.

She laid on top of me and I could feel her breasts on my chest as she practically dry humped my in the middle of a park full of people. I reluctantly pushed her off me and sat up. “I looked around but nobody had seen or cared what we were doing. They probably figured we were a couple on a lunch date in the park.

“Now that was a bit risky.” I told her.

“So. You loved it. I could feel it in your pants.” She said. “Besides, I kind of like the public thing too, but I didn’t tell you that last night.”

“Are you crazy?” I cried trying to keep my voice calm. “We can’t do any of those things you wanted to do here. We’ll get busted for sure or worse arrested.”

“I’m not that stupid,” came her response. “Follow me.”

With that she stood up, grabbed me by the hand and pulled me into the trees. There was no path we were following but I just quietly walked beside her for about a minute until I saw a little grass clearing in the trees. Already sitting there on the ground was a blanket and a basket.

“Wow, you came prepared. How did you know about this place?” I asked her shocked she went to so much trouble.

“I used to come here with friends when I was in primary school. We used to hide from our parents so we didn’t have to go home. I never thought I’d be losing my virginity here.”

“Wait. What?” she couldn’t possibly want to lose her virginity here, in public.

“You heard me, nobody can see us here, nobody knows about this place. We can do whatever we want.” As she said that she moved her hand to my crotch and rubbed my hard and painful cock through my pants. She smiled as she grabbed the bottom of her dress and lifted it over izmit eve gelen escort her head.

She was not wearing a stitch of clothing. She came to meet me not wearing a bra or panties. I had no hope of avoiding her even if I wanted to. This was the first time I had seen her completely naked in person. She looked go beautiful. Her light brown skin shining in the sun. Her smooth somewhat muscular legs up to her thighs. She had a faint tan line as I drew in the sight of her pussy. Perfectly trimmed with dark hair (unlike her sister who has a massive bush) it looked a little neater than yesterday. I moved my eyes up to her stomach, not quite flat with a hint of muscle and fat. I continued my eyes to her perfect breasts. They again had a faint tan line but it was their size and shaped that drew me to them. Not too large or too small and they defied gravity, sitting perfectly on her chest with her small brown nipples begging to be sucked.

I was about to grab her and start sucking her nipples when she turned around. In front of me was the most fantastic rounded ass that I had ever seen, completely smooth and jiggled slightly as she moved up and down on her toes. She bent forwards a little which revealed the smallest and tightest looking asshole that I had ever seen. It was small, brown and peeking through her ass cheeks just begging for my tongue.

I dropped to my knees behind her and moved my nose and mouth between her cheeks. I inhaled deeply, she smelled divine, like a mixture between arousal and sweat. I slowly extended my tongue out and touched in to her rosebud. The instant it touched she let out a deep moan and buckled slightly at her knees.

I reached out with my hands and grabbed her ass. The soft flesh felt great in my hands as I steadied her to keep her standing. I continued to gently probe her asshole with my tongue and could taste her sweat and love juices mixed together. I was incredibly turned on and the tabooness of what I was doing and the fantastic taste on my tongue. The noises she was making were another turn on, she was moaning loudly begging me to continue.

“Oh fuck,” she yelled. “Yeah like that. Oh oh, mmmm. Fuck yes. Shove your tongue in my ass I can feel it.”

I continued to lick up her crack. She was so tight back there but I wanted to taste inside her. I pulled the cheeks apart as far as I was willing as not to hurt her. I looked at her hole, it was slightly more open than it was when I started. I placed my tongue back against her hole and pushed. There was still quite a bit of resistance but I pushed harder and the tip of my tongue penetrated her ass.

“Oh fuck yes you dirty bastard,” she yelled. “Tongue fuck my ass. Yes yes, taste me!”

The strong taste of the inside of her ass was so good I nearly came on the spot. I continued to push my tongue in and out of her ass for a few minutes, I couldn’t get enough of her. Her ass was opening up more and I was able to get more of my tongue up inside her.

As I was fucking her ass with my tongue I realised that she was using a hand to work her clit. As I managed to get three quarters of my tongue inside her tight ass she suddenly climaxed. The muscles in her ass tightened and clamped down on my tongue eventually pushing it back into my mouth. When she came down from her orgasm she collapsed forward onto the rug panting heavily trying to get her breath back.

I sat down, my mouth was sore from the work I did on her ass but I was extremely happy. I looked at her lying flat on the ground and her beautiful butt facing me. Her head was to the side and I laid down next to her so we were face izmit otele gelen escort to face.

“So how does my bum taste?” she asked with a smile on her face.

“You tell me.” And with that I kissed her. She eagerly opened her mouth to receive my tongue. We kissed for a minute or so before she broke the kiss.

“Mmmm, tastes strange but not bad,” she said.

“Well it tastes a lot better directly from the source.”

“I’ll have to keep that in mind for next time,” she replied. “You’ve done that before, nobody is that good without practice.”

“Not that often,” I confessed. “Lily doesn’t like it so I only did it once, not to that same extent but did it a few times to my ex. You got into it more than they did though. You’re an animal.”

“I told you I’m quite kinky didn’t I?”

“Yeah you did, but I didn’t expect your first time having your ass licked was going to be that good.”

“Well we can cross one thing off our long list of firsts. And now for another.”

And with that she sat up, grabbed my shorts and pulled them off. I still felt overdressed so I removed my shirt. We were now both completely naked and sitting in the middle of a park with a large number of people only metres behind the trees.

With that she lowered her head to my lap and took my cock into her mouth. She didn’t waste any time, she got to sucking as quickly as she could. Being so enthusiastic she tried too much too soon and kept gagging on my dick. Like I said I am quite large and thick. “Take your time, don’t try too much, a little bit still feels good.”

She quickly got the hang of it, adjusting her speed and depth, only taking as much as she could handle into her mouth. Her head was going up and down my cock. A mixture of the incredible feeling and the sight of my girlfriends little sister’s face impaled on my cock had me so worked up. I wasn’t going to last much longer.

“I’m going to cum soon,” I warned her. She didn’t move, she just kept sucking. I didn’t think she’d stop, I was guessing she’d want me to cum in her mouth the first time. After about 30 more seconds I felt my balls tighten and I released a torrent of cum into her mouth.

She stopped sucking but kept her mouth attached to the end of my cock as I pumped several loads into her. It was the most intense orgasm I think I’ve had up to that point. When I had finished cumming, Courtney carefully slid her mouth off my cock and looked at me. She looked slightly disheveled, hair messy and make up running. She opened her mouth and showed me the cum inside. She looked so dirty and kinky but I was so attracted to her.

She closed her mouth and I could see her swallowing the entire contents. It took a little while but she eventually opened her mouth to show me that there was nothing left inside.

“That was absolutely fucking fantastic,” I said.

“You taste delicious, I can’t believe I waited this long to do that,” she told me. “We are definitely doing that again.”

“You are more than welcome to.”

We both felt a little tired and she climbed into my lap so her very wet pussy was touching my now flaccid cock. We sat there like that kissing for quite a while. It didn’t take long for my cock to respond and start getting hard.

She smiled and said, “Are you ready to take my virginity?”

“I’d love to but now is not the best time,” I said as she looked unhappy. “I could but because I’m worn out and tired I won’t do my best work. Let me do it when I’m rested and on top of my game and it will be a day you will never forget. How’s that sound?”

“You are a massive tease but ok,” she replied. “One condition though.”

“What’s that?” I asked suspiciously.

“Next time because you will be rested, you also need to take my anal virginity too.”


To be continued in chapter 3

This is only my second story I’ve written. Any feedback you have would be appreciated.

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