Wednesday Evening

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Her heart sank as she thought about how much she missed him. She couldn’t help but let her thoughts drift to the naughty things he would do to her; how he would praise her for being his good little girl. Biting her lip, she sighed, pulling herself away from her laptop. It had lost its appeal; nothing would be able to wipe the longing from her mind. Opening the door to her room, she slowly slipped off the thin black sweater she wore, tossing it carelessly on the back of the chair that sat in front of her desk. She still lived at home with her mother, but was usually alone, at least in the evenings. She relished the time she had alone with her thoughts. It was the only time she had when she could let ecstasy overtake her and let herself whimper and moan with out being interrupted.

She slowly sat down on her bed, closing her eyes as she imagined she was far away, with him on his bed. His hands trailing down her shoulders. His lips covering her neck in kisses. Slowly, she pulled the tight blue tank top over her head, uncovering her frilly, cream and black lace bra. Her hand gently ran over her chest, trying to imagine how he would touch her. His hands moving softly over her skin, teasing her; his rough finger tips making her body tremble as electricity flowed through her. How he’d savor the image of her with her shirt off, kissing her neck down to her collar bone, whispering in to her ear how beautiful she was to him. Her body shivered as she thought of him so close to her, his breath in her ear. Reaching her hands behind her back, she slowly undid her bra, as if he was there. She was shy with her movements even when he wasn’t actually there to watch her. The idea of being near him enticed her. She loved to feel him touch her, to tease him, but she was always nervous around him.

Standing up, she pulled back the green comforter and the chocolate brown sheets, to reveal her comfy, warm bed. A sigh escaped her lips as her mind was consumed with the kocaeli escort thoughts of his touch and his kiss. Her hands grasped at the button on her jeans, wanting to free herself. They felt tight, and as the button popped open, she smiled to herself, unzipping the confining jeans. They slowly slid over her wide hips, falling carelessly on the floor next to her bed. Her body shook as she thought of him seeing her in only her white thong. A blush rose to her cheeks as she slipped one hand over her breasts and down her stomach, gingerly touching her pussy though her white cotton and lace thong. Biting her lip, she smiled, quickly removing the clothing and tossing it across the room. Her hands smoothed the service of the bed as she climbed in; it was warm and she missed her fantasies. Most of them involved him being rough, catching her right out of the shower, ripping the towel off and fingering her until she came for him. A smile danced across her face as she settled into her bed, the warm comforter and sheets engulfing her normally cold body.

Her hand slid under the covers, gently rubbing her breasts, her eyes closed as she tried to picture him caressing them. Him pinching her nipples, making them hard. She longed to open her eyes and see him there. One of her hands slowly glided down her stomach to her wet pussy. A smile spread across her face as she ran her fingers teasingly across her lips. Her middle finger parted her lips, plunging into her pussy. A small gasp escaped her lips as she pumped her finger in and out. Spreading her legs farther apart, she pulled her finger out of her cunt and slid it up to her clit. The warm sticky lubricant from her pussy made teasing herself ignite a fire within her. Her mind began to drift to him, his voice her favorite thing about him. It was warm. Caring but firm. She loved how he talked to her; he was always playful but always dominating. His voice made her melt. Electricity flowed through her, making darıca escort her body tremble and wetness coat her panties.

A low whimper came from her lips as she thought about his lips pressed against her. She imagined how sweet his kiss would be, how her body would tingle from head to toe, and how her mind would cloud with passion like it was at that moment. The fantasy began to take on a life of it’s own.

He was pushing her against the wall, pinning her hands above her head. His mouth trailed down to her neck, nipping and biting her, his hot breath against her neck. He whispered into ear, telling her how much he missed her; how beautiful and sexy she was. His free hand ran down her side, cupping her breast, squeezing it gently. he forced his tongue into her mouth, and another moan escaped her lips. A smirk played across his lips as he pulled away from her. She tried to kiss him but he pulled away, grabbing her leg and pulling her closer. Forcing his lips back on hers, she gasped, her hands grabbing at him in helpless desperation to get even closer to him. As they kissed passionately, she panted and groaned as she felt him getting erect, shoving her hips towards him, she pulled away, biting her lip, staring into her impassioned lover’s dark, smoldering eyes. Giving her a small peck on her lips, he released her from his iron grip and led her over to his bed. Her legs shook as she waited patiently, staring at him with wide and eager eyes. She eagerly listened to him as he pulled her close, telling her to take off her top in that sweet, deep voice of his.

Listening and obeying, she happily took off her top as she kissed him. His hands on her bare skin made her frenzied with passion. His sly hands caressed her gently as they danced across her skin. He quickly undid her bra, guiding the article of clothing off her body. He grabbed her breast gently, flicking her nipple. She let out a groan of excitement, pushing gölcük escort him back on to the bed. With his right hand on her lower back, his left played with the button on her jeans. He lowered his mouth to her breasts and began to suck her nipples, biting them gently. She let out a whimper as he managed to undo the button on her jeans. He quickly removed them and devilishly smiled as he smacked her ass. A yelp left her mouth as she smiled playfully back, the warm pain radiating from her ass. He slowly pulled down her panties and sat up, pulling her onto his lap, kissing her neck. He commanded her to kneel on the ground and suck his cock like the good little girl she was. Her eyes lit up as she happily climbed off his lap and knelt before him, waiting for him to pull out his cock for her to suck. As it appeared from his jeans, she grasped the shaft, stroking it gently. Her mouth began to water; the head was glistening with precum and his scent was intoxicating. She began to place his delicious cock in her mouth, but she was hungry. She slipped the full length into her impatient mouth. Pulling it out, she deep throated him again, completely lubricating his cock with her saliva. Grasping his cock, she began to rhythmically pump his cock in unison with her mouth’s eager sucking.

The fantasy began to blur as she let out a loud moan, her hips bucking upwards. She felt her thighs burn and spasm as the sheer idea of his cock in her mouth caused her cunt to contract with pleasure. Her heart raced and her mind blurred; all she could think of was him. The quiet whimpers and moans were quickly growing to screams and yelps of pleasure. As she arched her back, the comforter fell slightly off of her chest, revealing her breasts. The cold air against her hard nipples made her orgasm all the more intense. The pleasure overwhelmed her, and for a moment her longing dissipated as she her mind began to exalt him and the pleasure the idea of his touch brought to her. Bucking her hips, she slowly began to calm down, her body relaxing from the strong powerful ecstasy that swirled through her veins. She smiled as she breathed deeply, satisfied with herself, calmly awaiting the moment that he would extract the same passionate response.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32