Wanking with Mrs Smith

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This should have been the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to me, but as it’s turned out, I’ve never stopped wanking over it.

My parents are really religious and so when I went off to Uni they billeted me out in the house of a suitably Christian family.

They were nice country people, very traditional in their approach to life. A childless couple, he worked in a bank and she stayed at home looking after the house, or assisted with various charity and church groups.

Life in this middle class house with its ironed sheets and religious icons was a wild contrast to my new life at university. Alcohol was everywhere, as were drugs. It seemed like there was a race on to break every taboo quicker than the next person. I remember meeting my first openly gay and lesbian people. The thought of them playing with each drove me nearly crazy with lust. It was this need to wank myself that caused these events that I’ve never stopped thinking about.

I had normally wanked every night when I was living at home which I guess it what most people my age did. In this puritan house that I was living in though I just felt really uncomfortable about doing it. Mrs Smith, the wife, was always home and always insisted on doing my washing. The thought of her finding stains or hearing me was just too embarrassing to contemplate.

I had a collection of porn magazines and I had begun taking them out into the forest behind the house. I’d say that I was going for a walk and then head for a really secluded spot that I new. Once there I would often take bursa escort off all my clothes and spend a good amount of time slowly pulling my dick as I looked over the pictures of lesbians getting each other off.

On this particular afternoon I arrived home from uni and followed my normal routine. I told Mrs Smith I was going for a walk, grabbed the mags and headed into the bush.

It took about ten minutes to get to my normal spot, which was a grassy area on the side of a small creek, surrounded by pretty thick scrub. It was a warm day and I decided to take off all my clothes and really get into it. I lay on a towel that I had brought, opened one of the magazines, spat on my hand and slowly started to rub my soft penis up and down. The warm sun added to the good feeling as my cock hardened. I spat onto my hand again and turned to my favourite picture of two girls 69ing each other’s arses.

Feeling really good, I took a small vibrator that I used sometimes out of my bag, rubbed some spit on it and started teasing my bum hole. It was just then that a bird darted out of the bush in front of me. A jolt of panic surged through me as I sore what had startled the bird. Crouched only about 10 meters away, obscured by long grass, was Mrs Smith. What could I do? What was she doing there? She didn’t seem to know herself. It was like she was making a decision. Finally she moved towards me rather than running away. “I..I..I.. she stammered” “I couldn’t help myself. When you moved in I found your magazines. I couldn’t stop thinking about them.. bursa escort bayan I’ve been following you here and watching you for over a month.. please don’t tell anyone..”

She paused and I smiled at her. She smiled back and seemed to relax. My hand was still on my dick and the vibrator was resting against my anus.

“Do you just watch me?” I said “Or do you do anything else”

“I’ve learnt to do what those girls do in the pictures, I’ve learnt how to play with my pussy.”

I suddenly had a sense of how turned on I was. Here was this fully dressed forty something woman standing over me while I was totally naked and fully erect with a dildo stuck in my arse telling me how she played with herself while she secretly watched me.

“Well what should we do” I huskily whispered, beginning again to slowly stroke myself.

“Look as long as we don’t touch each other, I don’t think its cheating.” she said. “Do you want to do it in front of each other?”

“Wow, yeah, I’d love it!” I replied.

She was wearing a pleated skirt and a white shirt, both of which were ruffled from when she was crouched in the bush. She sat down at the edge of my towel and pulled her skirt up to her waist. Underneath her white panties were clearly wet at the front. “Do you want to see my breasts” She whispered temptingly, clearly getting into the scene we were acting out. “I’ll show you everything, do anything, just as long as we don’t touch each other.” She continued.

I just nodded my approval and tried not to blow as she escort bursa opened her shirt and pulled out her small but well formed tits. Next she slid off her panties revealing a wet and swollen pussy with surprisingly well-cropped pubes.

“I can’t believe I’m doing this.” She giggled as with one finger she began circling her clit.

We both wanked quietly for a while until her breathing became really quick. Between sighs she said “Can you stick that dildo in you bum, I love watching you do that.”

I bent over on all fours with my arse near her face and started to fully fuck myself so as to give her a good show. Through my legs I could see her wanking furiously and within a few second she started screaming.

I hadn’t come yet and when she was fully finished I thought I would ask her to do something special for me. “I want to see you do what I did for you.” I said “I want you to fuck your arse with the vibrator.”

“What if I just stick my finger in, would that do” she replied.

“Sure” I whispered as she rolled back and lifted her legs to give me a good view. She spat on her little finger and started sliding it in and out of the small hole. My face was only inches away and I could feel I was about to explode.

“Come on!” She shouted as she started playing with her clit at the same time. My cum shot all over the blanket and my hand as we orgasmed together.

Afterwards we washed in the stream, still without touching. We didn’t talk but looked at each other and laughed in a way that was both embarrassed and conspiratorial. Suddenly she turned and left.

That weekend I met a girl at a nightclub and I moved in with her almost strait away. My sex life began a more typical development and I never again met up with Mrs Smith.

I still think about her a lot though.

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