Voyage, Voyage Pt. 01

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Hello there!

Welcome to my new series. I read a couple of other Literotica authors’ multi-character story lines, and I always wanted to give it a go, so here it goes. Most of these first chapters will be introductions of a few people you may like to get to know… 😉

Today, you’ll be meeting Ellie.

Hugs and kisses,



Part 01 – Ellie’s Solo

The giant lecture room was packed to the brim, nearly 200 people sitting in the circle that surrounded the blackboard. A vast cacophony of noise echoed all around the enclosed space as the students talked loudly amongst themselves, taking advantage of the fact that the university teachers took an institutional habit of only starting classes 10 minutes late.

As Ellie looked from her high position, sitting on the upper ledge of chairs, she noticed the door swing open, as the professor calmly made his way towards his empty desk. To this day Ellie still couldn’t quite get used to how ridiculously formal every single one of her teachers looked, especially in theoretical classes.

Being a student of her university for the past 6 years, Ellie had noticed almost from day 1 how formal all the lecturers were. She loved Economics, but looking around her now she was fairly certain that most of the other people in the room were the stereotypical Wall Street greedy type that took themselves way too seriously.

She liked it, though. The idea of actually helping people when she finished her PhD. And she knew enough colleagues that felt the same way to know that things were changing for the better. In the meantime, though, she would have to listen to Grumpy Suit talk about Sociology. Sociology… Here’s an hour of my life I’m never getting back…

Grumpy Suit started the lecture, most people ceasing their conversations after a few seconds. Ellie opened her notebook, and straightened herself on the seat. Fuck! She couldn’t actually avoid the slight gasp that escaped her lips. The small dark man next to her looked at her funny, but seemed to decide that she was just weird, reverting his gaze back to Grumpy Suit. Well, he isn’t that far off…she thought with a sigh.

More carefully this time, Ellie finished adjusting. This is quite possibly the dumbest idea I’ve ever had. And yet she was still glad she’d done it, getting a mental image of that episode of Friends when Joey ate his date’s cake saying “I’m not even sorry!”.

The lecture was just as boring as she had thought it would be. Grumpy Suit had the nasty habit of making even the potentially exciting aspects of Sociology (which for Ellie weren’t that many to begin with…) be torture to endure. At one point she noticed she’d been looking at him and listening for 10 minutes without actually registering what he was on about.

Mercifully he ended it a quarter of an hour sooner than expected because of some urgent personal issue. What kind of urgent personal issues could Grumpy Suit have? If his classes alone were any representation of how interesting he could be, Ellie was sure he must have been late for his bird watching hours…

She got up and instantly gave a slight jerk, having forgotten she had to be careful. The small dark man, who’d picked up his belongings, was once more looking at her.

‘Are you okay?’

‘Splendid.’ She replied.

He raised an eyebrow questioningly, but enquired no further, making his way to the exit of the lecture room. Splendid… Did I just fucking say splendid?

Being as careful as she’d ever been in her entire life, Ellie walked in an almost erringly straight way along the corridors of her university. Her plan was to make her way to the last class of the bursa escort day, however she seriously needed to make some changes unless she wanted to spend the rest of the day getting weird looks from everyone around her.

As quickly as she could, Ellie searched for the bathroom. Once inside, she was thankful to notice that it was empty. Closing the door to one of the stalls behind her, she dropped her backpack on top of the toilet. Before continuing she listened carefully to check if anyone had entered, despite knowing it was probably just her being paranoid.

Satisfied that it was indeed just paranoia, Ellie unbuttoned her jeans and pushed them down to her ankles. Then she did the same with her briefs. As she bent down to do so, the familiar pressure of the butt plug inside her made her gasp.

Yep. Definitely one of the dumbest ideas I’ve ever had… Yet she still didn’t regret it.

Knowing that today she only had two classes, Ellie had decided to make, what to her was, the ultimate kinky act she could perform in public. Walking around uni with a butt plug up her bottom.

At 26 years old, Ellie had found herself lately to be constantly in a horny mood. She had just broken up with someone after a 1 and a bit year relationship, so she supposed that not having sex for the past 3 months had something to do with it.

Truth be told though, she always loved masturbating. Coming from a household with two quite open-minded parents, she was never made to feel guilty about what happened to her body. Every since that first time trying out the new sensations that touching herself granted her, Ellie enjoyed spending time with herself to explore her own desires.

The first few days of being single again had been quite fun, much to her own surprise. She and Matthew had had a pretty good sex life, but she just found that he was always too predictable, her releases seeming… subdued, somehow. So as soon as it was over, Ellie decided to masturbate for the first time in a long time. And boy, it was amazing.

Not having any taboos with herself, Ellie didn’t take long to start noticing the nice sensations her butt provided her with. As soon as she’d turned 18, she went to a sex shop to get her very first stash of toys. She never masturbated without the help of at least one of them ever since.

She bent over in the stall, opening up her ass. She grabbed hold the base of the butt plug, and pushed it softly. Mmmmm… Ellie didn’t even immediately realize she’d closed her eyes. God, that feels good! Trying to make sure her asshole adjust to the new pressure, she went as slow as she could, but the longer she took in her task, the more excited she became, and thus the faster she tried to pull it.

Deciding that she’d waited long enough, she pulled on it a bit more forcefully, and had to bite her lip to avoid crying aloud, as her anus stretched around the girth of the butt plug. It felt strange as it popped out, her anus muscles not closing fully, having gotten used to the presence of the plug.

Ellie looked at it. It was her favorite plug, made of uncolored glass and with a girth slightly below one and half inches. The reason it was her favorite was the shape of it. She’d always hated the “geometrical” dildos and plugs that were mostly sold, as when she played with herself fantasizing was a large part of what made it so pleasant for her.

Thus, the realistic dildos made up most of her collection. This was no exception. Instead of having the largest bit near the bottom, it was shaped like the head of a penis, meaning it was at its largest near the beginning. Obviously she had had to “train” herself with a gradual, smaller one, but now she only used this one.

Having bursa escort bayan gotten to the habit of using an enema before anal play, Ellie didn’t have to worry about any nasty surprises. She lubed up her asshole and the 4 inch butt plug, before inserting it again. Her anus accepted it without much problem, and through force of habit she moved it back out when she felt the head pop in fully.

That was the “problem” of having a penis shaped butt plug: she often started using it like a dildo instead of its intended use. As she lost herself on the amazing sensation of getting fucked, she let out a moan despite having her lip bit down. That quickly brought her back to where she was. Not hearing anyone, Ellie decided she’d gotten away with it.

But it had been a bit too close to her comfort zone, so placing the plug back in and resisting the urge to massage her pussy, which was now almost begging her to, Ellie put her clothes back on and left the stall. She washed her hands and looked at herself in the mirror.

Her long dark brown hair had a tendency to curl as it did today, but she just let it loose. She ran her water covered hands across her face, hoping to make the redness of her cheeks, due to her short anal play, disappear. Her brown eyes faced back at her. Okay, I really need to cool down… She was still feeling horny.

Once she thought to be back to a relatively normal mood, Ellie made her way to a smaller class room where her final lesson was going to be. It was Advanced Macroeconomics, which usually was exactly what she loved to hear about, but today she didn’t pick up a word of what was being spoken.

I really should have gone home…

The whole point of not going home was because she knew she’d feel guilty about not listening to the class, but in the state she was in she knew that afterwards not a single bit of it would stay in her head. Still, for some reason, she decided to remain until the end of the lecture.

Contrary to what she initially thought, Ellie’s enthusiasm hadn’t diminished at all, and so she had to stifle the growing desire to massage her pussy, which seemed to be on fire.

Her despair for release was becoming so big that she caught herself appreciatively checking out the exchange student next to her. Who happened to be a blonde girl… Worst of all, her hand had wondered its way underneath the waistband of her panties and touched the top of her vagina.

It was as if a jolt of electricity ran through her, as Ellie jolted in her seat. The blonde girl looked at her weirdly, her gaze diverting suddenly towards where the brunette’s hand lay. She smiled conspiratorially and winked at her, before diverting her gaze back to the lecturer.

Okay, that’s it… Ellie removed her hand, packed everything back into her bag and headed towards the exit. In her head she did everything smoothly, though in reality she suspected it had been anything but.

The walk back to her home seemed to last forever, not least because she couldn’t walk normally… She got into her apartment quickly, getting rid of her bag by throwing it on the couch. Then she ran to the bedroom, despite the weird sensations from her bottom as she did so. Ellie threw herself onto the bed, removing her shoes, pants and underwear in quick succession.

Lying down on the sheets, the brunette started to massage her thighs slowly, trying to delay playing with herself for as long as possible.

Soon she found herself wanting to touch her pussy again, so Ellie tried something different. She rolled over onto her stomach, and lifted her butt by bringing her knees towards her chest. In this new, very exposed, position she used her hands to cup her buttocks, pushing them escort bursa in different directions, varying the pressure they exerted on the butt plug.

She found herself grinning, not having been stimulated that way by her previous boyfriend, who didn’t seem to enjoy her ass nearly as much as Ellie.

Just like at uni, she grabbed hold of the plug and slowly started to remove it. Once it was fully out, she started to fuck herself with it, loving especially when the friction created as it reentered her body.

When the first big drip of wetness from her pussy started making its way down (or should she say up?) her belly, the brunette let it back in to the handle and turned over again. She lifted her hips off the bed.

Then, she started to massage the skin between her thighs and her pussy lips, making herself wait, as in her level of lust she knew that as soon as her hands went inside her, the following orgasm would take a minute or less.

Her head fell on the pillow as she moaned freely. It was one of the things Ellie loved the most about bringing herself off: not caring about the noise she was making, since she was quite the moaner…

Looking to her dresser, she wondered if it she could let go of herself long enough to search her toy collection for something to push her over the edge. She decided that she couldn’t, so she just closed her eyes. Let’s do this the old fashioned way!

Engulfing her fingers into her mouth, Ellie coated them in saliva, before returning them to her pussy, beginning to rub her labia. She thought of a very muscular man pleasing her orally, but it didn’t quite fit. She found the thought of any man licking her down there a bit of a turnoff.

As soon as she thought this, the image of the exchange student smiling at her came into her head, and before she knew it her brain had her getting head by a hot blonde girl. Gasping with the thrill of it, she was surprised of how excited that got her.

Keeping her eyes closed and her moans loud, the brunette lifted her legs until her knees were next to her head. The sense of complete exposedness as her imagined blonde started to push a finger inside made her bite her lip, her other hand grabbing her breast hurriedly.

She was way too horny to pace herself now, she used as many fingers that could fit into her hole and moved freely. Ellie’s mind was envisioning a hot blonde on top of her, smiling as she liked her lips and plunged her fingers into her pussy. Then the blonde would take them out, and suck them into her mouth, savoring the juices.

Ellie sucked her own juices, taking a moment to wonder how another woman’s would taste like. She neither liked nor disliked her taste, so it made her curious. She quickly put them back in, though, as the blonde girl reappeared in her imagination.

Her own fantasies were getting the better of her, and the brunette could feel her orgasm approaching. The blonde imaginary girl was excited as well, using her fingers to fuck Ellie thoroughly, her breasts dangling with the rhythm of it all.

The first wave shot through her suddenly, her entire body shaking to it. Removing her left hand from her breast, she used it to start slowly pushing the butt plug away from her body. The next shockwaves of pleasure were all intensified by the varying girths of the butt plug on its way out, her anus clutching it deliciously.

Having no idea of how long her orgasm had lasted, Ellie slowly returned to normality, removing the butt plug from her bum and her hand from her pussy. Well, that was different… she thought, surprised how much the blonde girl fantasy had turned her on. She’d never even been with a girl.

Looking at her open travelling bag, she remembered she still had to pack for her trip. As her gaze wandered to the drawer where she kept the toys she’d been too excited to go and get for this “session”, Ellie knew the first thing she was going to put in that bag.

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