Two Minute Warning Redux

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Joe was in a good mood, had been since he woke up on that Sunday morning, but as he got himself ready to watch the game things started to change. Strangely, as he read the sports page and reviewed the ads for team jerseys his wife Erica kept making obvious advances to him. Now yesterday, he wanted to, hell practically begged her for sex and she simply wasn’t in the mood. He knew how big the game was going to be on Sunday and planned to take care of his wife on Saturday, so she’d leave him alone during the game.

Hell, during the pre-game she was hanging around in this skimpy outfit that damn near scared the poor pizza guy to death. He probably will jack off for a week thinking of Erica. At least she left him alone during the first half, but just before the highlights came on she ran out into the living room completely naked. Joe tried to make her feel good by grabbed her breasts and showing a bit of interest, but only until the highlights started. Thankfully she took his subtle hint and headed back into the bedroom.

Things kept going bad for his team and he was about to give up. As he reached for the remote to turn off the TV, Erica came running out of the room, screaming like a crazed hoot owl and then ataköy escort dove on top of him, kissing him wildly while grabbing his cock. Wow, she was pretty exciting going nuts like that and when she opened his pants and slipped her mouth over his cock he was a million miles away from the game.

Suddenly they started screaming on TV after a ninety three yard interception return for a touchdown. Joe’s team followed with a successful onside kick and wow, the game was on. Erica patiently sat on the couch as Joe watched the most incredible comeback in football history. Finally his team was within a touchdown of winning when they recovered a fumble at the two minute warning.

Joe graciously told Erica he would be ready for her in a few minutes when the game ended. With two running plays, first to the right and then up the middle they opened up the passing game. There was a long reception where the receiver stepped out of bound after making a spectacular catch and then a quick pass to the left. Finally, the quarterback took the ball up the middle to score and take the lead.

It was incredible and after a squib kick and one play, the clock ran out. Joe was then ready for Erica, avcılar escort and to surprise her, he pulled off his pants and rushed into the room ready to dive into bed with her. But instead of finding her naked and ready to go, she was dressed and she walked past him and left to go shopping. And to think he did all this for her and she rushes out before they can do anything.

Well, what the hell, Joe had his cock out and it was hard, why not take advantage of the situation. He opened his bottom drawer and pulled out his little hand held Jenna Jameson foam pussy and lube. He then searched behind his DVDs for his “Jenna Depraved” and put it in the DVD player.

Settling onto the edge of the bed, he watched as Jenna spread her legs wide and he froze the picture. He then took his hand held Jenna Jameson pussy and held it up to the screen, trying to confirm it was actually molded from her own pussy. After studying it for a while he decided that yeah, this was a reasonable replica of her pussy. He applied a bit of lube to the tiny hole in the foam and then more on his cock, he restarted the movie and slipped his cock into the foam pussy.

The soft foam slid easily over him, beylikdüzü escort squeezing his cock tightly as he moved his hand up and down. While it didn’t feel exactly like pussy, it was certainly nicer than the palm of his hand. Hell, it was even better than when Erica jacked him off. Anyway, he watched Jenna, concentrating on her pussy as he raised his hips and pumped his hand up and down, moving faster and faster. Imagining he was fucking Jenna while she writhed on screen he felt the pressure building in his balls and in moments he came, sliding the head of his cock through the hole at the back of the hand held pussy and spurting his cum onto his stomach in spurt after spurt.

After catching his breath, he moved quickly into the bathroom and dabbed up his cum. He then turned the hand held pussy inside out and cleaned off the lubricant, dried it off and then replaced it in his lower drawer. He also ejected his DVD and put it back behind his other DVDs. Grabbing his clothes, he moved back into the living room where he watched the last of the pre-game show while getting dressed.

He was completely dressed by kickoff and even had time to grab another beer without missing a play. He kicked his feet up on the coffee table, grabbed a piece of cold pizza and watched the game. When halftime came around he wondered when Erica would be back. Grabbing his cell phone to call her, he noticed that the half-time highlights had started so he put the phone down on the table and zoned back in on the TV.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32