Twin Troubles Pt. 03 – The Yacht

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Sleeping beauty didn’t get out of bed until almost seven that night. I was sitting in the kitchen, eating a slice of pepperoni from the pizza that I’d just had delivered when Trinity came stumbling in like an extra from a George Romero movie. Hell, she had looked more awake and attentive when she was at death’s door last week. She still had that silly grin on her face from when she’d walked through the front door this afternoon as she went to the fridge and grabbed one of her cokes and a slice.

“Good time last night?” I asked somewhat sarcastically. Trin looked at me through half-lidded eyes, her silly grin transforming into a Cheshire Cat’s smile. “What? Did you and Ashley fly to Vegas and get married?” My sister flipped me off.

“No, we didn’t ‘get married.'” Trin snarkily replied. “It was just a very nice night with pleasant company.”

I shot her a look. “Uh huh. Listen chick. I told you all about my night with Ashley. You don’t get to weasel out of this.”

Trinity laughed. “It’s more fun to watch you squirm knowing that I had a shit-ton more fun than you did sitting here binge watching rom-coms all night.” she replied, laughing at her own joke. Just as she was taking a swig of her coke, I picked up my phone, brought up the picture of Jessie and me kissing at HERS, and flipped the phone around to show my bratty twin.

“Thanks for that.” I said, picking up a napkin and wiping coke and bits of pizza off my face as Trinity did a “spit take” in surprise.

“Oh shit!” Trin exclaimed, wiping her mouth off. “You went to HERS and hooked up with Jess?” There was silence for a moment while Trinity’s brain tried to process the information.

“Yep.” I replied smugly. “And you know what? Jess said I ate her pussy out better than you!” A brief flash of anger passed over Trinity’s face upon hearing that.

“Fuck you. She did not say that.” I just kept smiling, knowing I had the upper hand. Trin glared at me, trying to see if I was bullshitting her. “Okay, fine.” she finally said. “I’ll tell you about my night with Ashley if you tell me about your night with Jess. Deal?” Trinity held out her pinky for a pinky swear; something we’d done as kids for really serious things.

“Deal.” I replied, hooking my pinky with hers. “But you go first.” Trinity frowned, then nodded, got up and grabbed another coke and another slice of pizza before sitting back down, her back resting against the kitchen wall.

It turns out that after Trinity and Ashley left Roscoe Jenkin’s, they drove to a private beach that belonged to Ashley’s family. This led to them skinny dipping, having wild sex on the beach, getting tipsy on Bordeaux and Trinity learning the amazing fact that she could take Ashley’s entire fist inside her pussy.

My sister and her lover never did go to sleep, spending most of the night under the stars and having breakfast nude on the terrace. It was out of sheer exhaustion that Trinity reluctantly came home. “Oh, by the way, you and whomever you want to bring with you are invited onto Ashley’s yacht next weekend.” I was about to reply when my loving sister added “If you can find anyone who would be willing to go with you, that is.” I flipped her off.

“Okay, now your turn.” Trin said, leaning forward in interest. “How the hell did you end up at HERS?”

Taking a deep breath, I told my sister all of what had transpired last night. She laughed out loud when I got to the part about Jessie kissing me, thinking it was her. “Oh damn!” Trin said in a fit of giggles. “I wish you’d gotten a pic of that!”

“Yeah, so did I.” I replied, giggling myself. “The shock on her face was priceless.” Continuing my story, I reached the end, adding “And no, Jessie didn’t say that I licked her better than you.”

“Hmmmph” was Trinity’s reply, a smug look on her face.

“But I know I did!” I quickly added, trying to puncture Trin’s ego a little. The look that she gave me let me know that it didn’t work. There was a silence for a few minutes as we both sat there, finishing supper while reflecting on our wild nights.

“So, what now with you?” Trinity asked as she stood up and stretched. “Are you and Jess gonna start dating? Did you see the light and give up men altogether?”

“Geez, sis. Not all dudes are Tommy level of bad, you know.” I stood and stretched myself. “But honestly, I don’t know. One night does not a relationship make.”

Trinity shrugged, then hugged me before heading off to the bathroom. I heard the shower turn on as I walked to the living room and sat on the couch. Sis had brought up a good point. Should I give up on men? Hell, for that matter, could I give up men? I was having fun right now, exploring all facets of lesbian sex, the newness having not worn off.

Jessie seemed like a great woman. I smiled, remembering the fun I had with her last night. Picking up my phone, I dialed her number. I wanted to see if she would be willing to be my date for a ride on a yacht.

My heart actually skipped a beat when Jessie answered the phone. mersin escort “Hey Dee! What up, baby girl.”

“Hey, um, hey Jess.” I answered, trying and failing to be smooth. “Yeah, um, I was just wondering if you were doing anything next Saturday.”

Jessie let out a giggle, then answered “Don’t think so. Why? Are you asking me out on a date?”

“Yeah, well, I mean if you aren’t busy, maybe you’d like to hang out on a yacht or something.”

There was silence for a moment, then “Damn! A yacht? Seriously?”

“Uh huh.” I replied. Somehow, while talking to Jessie, my hand had slipped under the waistband of my shorts and was touching my bare pussy. “Ashley, Trinity’s girl…well, the lady Trinity’s been hanging out with invited me and my sister to hang out on her yacht and she said I could bring a friend and the first person I thought of was you.”

“Really? That’s so sweet.” Jessie said in that sexy voice of hers. “I wish you were here right now. I would thank you personally.” My hand, moving on its own, teased my clitty, rubbing the wetness that had seeped out of me up and down my slit. “Hell yeah, Dee. I’d love to party on a yacht with you!”

I didn’t even realize I was breathing heavy. “Oh great!” I said, trying to keep my voice level.

“You’re touching yourself, aren’t you baby girl?”

Like an idiot, I nodded, then realized what I’d just done. “Yeah, yeah I am.”

“That’s good.” Dee replied, her voice husky. “I’m doing the same, thinking of you and last night. How good you tasted when you came all over my face.”

I bit my lip, closing my eyes as I got closer to release. “I remember how you tasted, too. How you fucked me and licked my ass, making me cum.”

“Oh yeah, I got my big toy out right now. Mmmmm…I can still taste your sweet pussy.” I was getting closer, ever closer, to glorious release. “Damn, I wanna suck you so bad, baby girl.” That did it. I held my breath, trying not to scream out as I coated my hand and the crotch of my shorts with my juices.

“Yeah, Jessie.” I breathlessly replied, my eyes closed, a post orgasmic grin on my face. “I wish you were here to lick me clean. I just came and I’m soaked.” Jessie’s reply was to let out a gasp and a groan as she had her own orgasm.

Opening my eyes, I let out a little “Eep!” and blushed furiously. Trinity was standing there, still wrapped in her towel, a weird look of humor and lust on her face.

“Let me guess. Trin’s there?” Jessie said, giggling.

“Yeah, I’ll let you know more when I find out.”

“Kay, bye baby girl.”

With that conversation over, I picked up a pillow cushion off the couch and half-heartedly threw it at my sister. “You didn’t have to watch!” I said, pouting.

“You didn’t have to put on such a great show.” Trinity replied, leaning against the wall. “Anyway, I should tell dad about that horrible pass you just attempted.”

“Humph.” was all I could think to say. “Would you go get dressed or something?” I said, trying to embarrass Trin as much as she was embarrassing me.

It didn’t work. “What? Am I distracting you?” Trinity replied, doing a pirouette. “You might want to change, too.” she said, glancing at my shorts. Looking down, I could see the huge damp spot my juices had made. Trin laughed as I blushed even more.

My sister was still laughing as I stormed past her into my room and shut the door. Quickly shucking my shorts and top off, I grabbed my favorite dildo, hopped onto my bed and, after first coating the plastic prick with my cunt juices, shoved the entire eight inches inside me.

As I worked the dildo in and out, in my mind’s eye, I was picturing Jessie naked, with her huge breasts, round ass, and juicy pussy. Then, it was Ashley standing there, the sheer perfection of her body causing me to gasp as my thumb brushed against my clit. I did my best not to think of Trinity but as soon as I tried not to picture her, she of course popped into my head, her body so much like mine, making love to Ashley as Jessie had her way with me.

That thought pushed me over the edge, causing me to cream all over my hand. My pussy clenched down on the plastic intrusion buried deep inside me. I felt a tear run down my cheek as my hips rose into the air and my body went ridged for a moment, then collapsed onto the bed, my breaths coming in ragged gasps.

It took a minute or two of recovery as I lay there, blinking back the tears, calming down from the orgasmic high I’d just been on, before I could remove the dildo, now coated in my juices, from my sensitive pussy. On a whim, I tried to deep throat it, tasting myself in the process. I was pretty proud that I got about six inches down my throat, making sure to get every drop of girl goo off of it as I slowly withdrew the toy.

After using my stained shorts to clean the dildo and my pussy off, I donned a fresh pair of panties and my shirt before exiting my room. Trinity’s door was shut so I crept over and pressed my ear against the wood. I could barely make out the squeals mersin escort bayan and grunts of my sister bringing herself off. Then it hit me. I wondered if Trin had been listening to me.

My sister, still looking flush, joined me in the living room where we binge watched Friends till the wee hours of the morning. I’d always thought that Joey was cute in a ditzy, affable way but now I could definitely see what my sister saw in Monica even though I was watching Phoebe more. Maybe I had a soft spot for the ditzy type.

The details were ironed out. We’d be leaving the docks at around ten or so in the morning aboard the Lucky Lady and, unless something unexpected happened would arrive back on shore sometime the next day. There would be a captain and a servant, both lesbians, and clothing was very optional once we were out to sea.

Jessie and I had lunch Tuesday where I told her all of the details. Then, she and I went to the park and watched the boats float on the river. There were children playing on the playground there and I watched them for a few moments, enjoying their laughter.

“Do you ever want kids?” I asked, turning back to Jess.

“Not right now.” Jessie replied. “I’m having too much fun. But, maybe later in life, sure. How about you?”

I sighed, thinking about it for a moment. “I used to think that I did. I’d meet some nice guy who happens to be a pro athlete with a doctorate or something and we’d have two or three children.”

“Wow. Um, that’s specific.” Jess replied, giggling a little.

I laughed as well. “Yeah, I guess it is.”

“What about now?” Jessie asked, placing her hand on mine.

Again, I paused. “I…I don’t know.” My mind was fluttering with thoughts that had been plaguing me for a couple of weeks now. “I mean, I just knew where my life was going. I had it all mapped out. Then this whole new world opened up.” I squeezed Jessie’s hand as she rubbed her thumb across the back of my fingers.

“I know how you feel.” Jess replied. “In high school, I dated boys, thinking that’s what I wanted but when I got to college and had sex with a woman for the first time, I realized what had been missing in my life.”

“Do you ever think of having sex with guys?” I asked, then immediately realized how personal a question it was. “I mean, you don’t have to answer if you don’t want to.”

“Nah, you’re fine Dee.” Jessie said smiling. “Sometimes I do but not really. I guess it’s like straight women thinking how it would be to have sex with another girl. Just because they think it doesn’t mean they will.”

“They should try it. It’s been fucking amazing for me.” We both laughed, then Jessie leaned in and kissed me. My eyes closed and for a moment, the world fell away.

“I’m so happy you did try it.” Jessie said when we broke the kiss. I gazed into her beautiful doe-like eyes and could feel my heart fluttering in my chest.

“Yeah, so am I.” I replied softly, then kissed her again. Saturday couldn’t come quickly enough.

It was hard but Saturday eventually arrived. Trin and I both woke up early, excited by the day’s prospects. I was a little nervous as well. I would be meeting Ashley for the “first” time today. After showering, eating a light breakfast, and fighting for mirror space with my sister, Trinity and I threw some extra clothes in an overnight bag, donned our skimpiest bikinis, dressed in matching cutoffs and sandals, then headed out in my Audi to go pick up Jessie.

“Oh shit!” Trin and I said in unison when Jessie ran out to the car, carrying a tote bag. She looked fantastic; her beautiful breasts barely contained in the yellow bikini top she was wearing. Obviously, she wanted to make a great impression because her makeup looked fantastic, enhancing her natural beauty.

“Hey girls!” Jessie excitedly greeted us as she slid into the backseat. It took all I had not to adjust the rear view so my eyes would never leave her chest.

“Hey Jess!” Trinity and I answered in unison. “Damn, you look amazing!” I said, trying not to drool.

Jessie laughed. “Thanks, um…”

“Dee.” I finished for her. We all laughed at that.

“Yeah, I guess we should have a way for Ashley and Jess to tell us apart.” Trinity said. She grabbed the tube of lipstick I always kept in the car for emergencies and applied it. “There.” she said, turning to face Jessie. “You can tell us apart now. I’m the prettier one.”

“Uh huh.” I sardonically replied. Again, we all shared a great laugh.

It took the better part of an hour to finally make it out to the docks where The Lucky Lady was moored. When we turned the corner to park, all three of us just paused, unable to speak. The yacht was breathtaking. “Wow.” Jessie finally said, summarizing what she, Trin, and I felt right then.

Ashley ran out to meet us when we stepped out onto the dock. At the sight of her, Trinity broke into a run and hugged her tightly, then kissed her deeply. By the time they came up for air, Jessie and I were almost there.

“Ashley, escort mersin this is my sister Dee and my great friend Jessie.” Trinity said, introducing us.

“It’s such a pleasure to meet you.” Ashley said, smiling broadly and shaking my hand.

I had to think of a response for a second, the memories of that night flooding through me. “I’ve heard so much about you, I feel I already know you.” I said, trying not to get lost in her eyes.

Ashley smiled at my statement, a peculiar look on her face, then she shook Jessie’s hand as well as touched cheeks. “Well ladies, if everyone is ready, welcome aboard.” she said, walking toward The Lucky Lady.

We were greeted by the captain as soon as we stepped aboard. Ashley introduced her as Captain Sarah, a pretty brunette wearing a captain’s cap, a white sports bra, and white short shorts, an outfit that emphasized her six-pack abs and well-toned body. For a brief moment, our eyes met, and I felt an instant attraction to her. It seemed like the rest of the world fell away.

Sarah smiled a dazzling grin as she took my hand in hers. Tingles shot through me when her skin touched mine. I didn’t believe in love at first sight but I sure as hell wanted Captain Sarah badly right then. Trinity pushed me, breaking the spell. I shot her a scathing look and reluctantly moved forward.

Then we were introduced to Emily, our servant for the trip. Her outfit consisted of a barely there black bikini with white lace trim as well as white lace around her wrists and a cute little lacy cap on her head. Everyone could clearly see her nipples poking out the front of her top. It turns out that Emily was from Paris and with the combination of her beauty and her adorable accent, it took a lot of will power not to ravage her even before we left the dock.

“Oui, avec plaisir.” was her reply when I thanked her as she took my bag, winking at me and giving me a good once over with her eyes. Ashley smacked her on the ass as she walked by, causing Emily to giggle. “Oui, madame.” She said when she was ordered to bring drinks to the bow.

As Captain Sarah prepared the yacht to leave, we all went to the bow where four lounge chairs had been set up. It took a few minutes but soon, the powerful engine was up and running, and we were on our way out to sea.

It took a little under an hour or so to get to where we were going, which turned out to be the middle of the ocean. The four of us were sitting on the deck just enjoying the sun, giggling and laughing as each of us told stories of our misadventures, mine of course being my first kiss with Jackie which had her blushing and my sister and Ashley holding their sides with laughter.

The next time Emily brought us drinks, she wasn’t wearing her bikini, her bald pussy, mouth-watering breasts and cute ass on display. That signaled the rest of us that it was alright to undress which we did with due haste.

It felt weird at first, just lying under the hot sun totally naked, the scent of the ocean in the air, the yacht gently rocking in the water. There was also a tension, a nervousness felt by the four of us. It was like each was waiting for someone else to make the first move, to break the ice.

When Emily returned the next time, she bent over at the waist to hand Ashley her mimosa which displayed her backside to me. I could see Emily’s plump pussy lips and cute little rosebud, both within touching distance. So, without thinking, I reached out with my right hand and lightly stroked her thigh.

Emily let out a gasp and, for a moment, I thought I’d royally screwed up. Instead of walking away, however, Emily spread her legs more, silently inviting me to touch her more. As I was reaching out to do just that, I noticed Ashley had sat up and fasten her lips around one of Emily’s nipples.

It seemed my innocent, little caress was just the icebreaker that everyone needed. Running my finger up Emily’s moist slit, I gathered the fluids that had leaked out, then brought my finger to my lips, tasting her sweetness. That’s when I heard sexual gasps and moans coming from over where Trinity and Jessie were sitting. Glancing that way, I could see that the two were in a sixty-nine. Even after all that had happened, it still felt strange to see my sister engaging in a sexual act.

That thought quickly dissipated as I knelt behind Emily and buried my face in her pussy. She smelled of lavender and tasted faintly of the sea air, salty sweetness. I couldn’t get enough. Gripping her ass cheeks, I spread them open so that I could run my tongue from her hard clit up to her puckered ass hole, tickling it with the tip of my tongue.

The poor girl’s legs started to quiver as I ate her pussy and ass. I didn’t want her to fall so I reluctantly removed myself from my delicious feast and laid down on the deck and positioned myself so that my head was between Emily’s feet. She took the hint and knelt down, her dripping puss right on my waiting mouth.

Soon, Emily was quivering again, her orgasm impending. Just as she was about to spurt all over my face, I felt someone spreading my legs, then tonging me. Whoever it was knew what the hell she was doing because, in short order, my thighs were also quivering with my impending orgasm.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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