Twelve Hours after Prom

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Blake Blossom

“Didn’t he want your garter?” my mom asked as I was getting dressed in my bathroom.

“He’s more of a friend, mom. I forgot to give it to him” I answered confidently. I had not forgotten, however, to give him my panties. I looked at the mirror while putting on a string bikini that was probably too small for me a year ago. There were a few light bruises on my small breasts where Vincent had really grabbed me, but that was it. I threw on jogging shorts and a half t-shirt, and then tied my hair in a ponytail. Flip flops, a small beach bag with a change of clothes, and my little purse completed the ensemble and I was ready to head for the door.

“Don’t you sleep, anymore?” my mom asked.

“I’ll sleep at Jenny’s pool. Don’t worry” I said calmly. “Actually, I slept a little while in Vincent’s car this morning while waiting for the sun to come up. He fell asleep before I did. We almost missed it.”

I decided I probably shouldn’t look too eager to run out the door. I told her a little more about the prom itself, the food, the music, and who wore what and who went with whom. I went on and on while touching up the nail polish on my toes and fingers. When I could see that she was starting to feign interest, I grabbed the small beach bag and headed out the door.

“Is Vincent going to the pool, too?” my mom asked, curiously.

“I guess so. For a little while, I suppose. He said he’d give me a ride there, but I might ask Jenny to give me a ride home” I answered.

I was already thinking of asking Vincent to ask his brother to keep the room for one more night and have Jenny cover for me – again. Sleepovers were not unusual when I went to Jenny’s house.

“Well, have fun then, but don’t overdo it” my mom said sweetly. I felt bad for lying to her, but I wonder if she really knew I was really planning on getting laid, or should I say “fucked” instead of laying out at a friend’s pool.

Vincent smelled good. He looked like he was going to the beach, or maybe like he had already been to the beach as tan as he was. I called Jenny and she wanted to know all about the night before (and the morning thus far), but I told her I’d tell her about it later. I did manage to let out that I took everyone’s advice and let Vincent rock my world, and that spurned all kinds of dirty questions from Jenny. When I told her that I wasn’t actually coming over, but heading back to the hotel room, she hooted so loud in the phone that Vincent could hear her. She ended with something to the effect that if I needed any help satisfying him, I should give her a call. There was just a hint of jealousy in my voice when I said, “I think I’ve got that covered, but thanks.” She giggled and hung up.

Housekeeping had already cleaned the room, thinking we had already checked out. The room key still worked, so we assumed we were good until at least 11am. As Vincent called the front desk to ask about a late checkout, I dropped to my knees and pulled down his shorts. His sex smelled fresh and clean, and was only about 1/3 erect. I quickly fixed that. I pulled off my t-shirt and jogging shorts and got back on my knees and sucked his full length down my throat. The sensation of his member growing in my mouth was empowering. He stepped out of his shorts and took off his shirt, and then moved onto the bed.

I pulled the curtains to let the sun in, and was thankful that there were clouds on the horizon. It would have been hard to explain the absence of a tan after sitting at the pool all day. A few clouds or a little rain, and we would have taken the after-party party indoors.

I turned and did a little catwalk toward the bed, letting my hips sway but not so much that I looked ridiculous. Vincent slowly stroked himself as I crept onto the bed and positioned my face at his feet. If anyone could have looked into the room from the 7th floor window, they would have seen my glistening wet slit peeking around the barely-there material of my bikini crotch. My butt arched high as I kissed him up each leg, and he tugged at my bottoms, wedging them further into my crack.

I went back to sucking his delicious cock as he reached for my small tits, my hair, and my ass. He held my head, and guided me up and down on his shaft, turning my head ever so slightly. He occasionally forced his full length down my throat, holding it, and then letting me pull back just enough to catch my breath before doing it again. As I quickly learned to relax my throat and go with it, he realized he didn’t have to hold my head anymore. I was a quick learner.

“Are you sure you never gave head before last night?” he asked.

I just moaned over his shaft an “uh-huh” and felt my nipples hardening. The feeling of control over his manhood was exhilarating. His pre-come tasted so good. He must have drank a lot of pineapple or orange juice – I heard that makes come taste better.

I hardly ate anything at the prom dinner the night before, and almost nothing all day before that. The prom dress was tight, but it was the best I could bursa escort find only a few weeks before prom. I actually exercised a little more, and ate a little less the entire three weeks leading up to prom. My efforts really paid off.

The other girls thought I looked hot without looking like a hooker. The boys seemed to like my legs and feet as much as my butt. My breasts are small, so not much to show, there, but the push up bra and low cups in the dress made the most of what I had. All that, to say I was starting to feel a little hungry. I really wanted Vincent to fuck me again. My pussy was more than ready for his beautiful cock, but I also wanted to swallow his delicious come.

I pulled myself up to his face and reached between my legs. Pulling my bikini bottom to the side, I guided his shaft to my slit and lowered myself onto him.

“Don’t come in my pussy this time” I panted. “I want to swallow your come… it tastes so fucking good” I said, while placing extra emphasis on the word “fucking.”

I probably should have been a motivational speaker, as I was quickly learning all the right things to say to motivate Vincent. He seemed to know all the places to kiss and touch me while I bounced on him, because it didn’t take long for me to orgasm. It wasn’t mind-blowing, but it was certainly satisfying as my friend Sherry said it might be once I started having sex. I only waited a few seconds to catch my breath, raised myself off his shaft, and slid back down his body.

The taste of his sex mixed with mine was becoming my favorite flavor. I licked every inch of his shaft, his balls, and his butthole, and then went back to giving him the best head I could give. I was rewarded with a warm gush of come, filling my mouth instantly. I pulled back just a little, swallowed, and went back to sucking him, but not too hard. I didn’t want to hurt him. Two more spurts went straight down my throat and I was only a little disappointed I didn’t get to taste them.

I let him relax while I kissed and licked his stomach and thighs, and then snuggled up next to him.

With my hand resting casually on his relaxed cock, I whispered “More… please” in his ear. I felt his sex twitch under my hand. “Give me a minute, okay?” he smiled back at me. “Unless, you mean you want more than me.”

I wasn’t completely naive. After my 18th birthday party, Sherry invited me over to watch a few porn videos on Sherry’s brother’s computer, but not nearly enough. I was surprised at all the Big Black Cock on white girl videos. A lot of girl on girl, too. I actually kinda liked those. The girls were usually prettier. The ones with girls being shared between two or more guys made my head spin. How could the girl keep track of what was going on? How could she concentrate on everyone doing things to her, or her doing things to each of them? Did anyone ever get jealous if the girl paid more attention to one guy more than the other(s)? I supposed it would be fun, but Sherry said her older sister had been with two guys at the same time and ended up liking it so much, that’s all she did for two years until she met her husband. After that, she bumped it up to three and four guys at a time. Nobody knew but her, her brother-in-law, and the pool of guys they’d pull from once or twice a week. And I knew, thanks to Sherry.

When Vincent asked if I wanted more than him, I wasn’t exactly sure what he meant. Did he have a dildo, somewhere? I had one at home, hidden still in it’s package, waiting to use it until after I lost my virginity to the real thing. If my mom hadn’t been standing next to the hollow gymnastics trophy where it was hiding, I might have brought it along.

I heard the hotel room door beep and the electronic lock rotate. I quickly pulled the covers over Vincent and me, thinking housekeeping was making their rounds to make sure the room had been cleaned. If Vincent knew something about time travel, his older self just walked through the door. He was a little older, twenty pounds heavier, and built a little better, but otherwise, he looked just like Vincent.

“Whoa, sorry!” the man said. “I thought you guys cleared out already. I was just checking to make sure you didn’t trash the place before I got hit with any extra charges on my card.”

“Mags, my brother, Mike. Mike, my prom date, Mags. No, we were actually thinking about staying another night,” Vincent replied. He must have been reading my mind.

“So, is it serious?” Mike asked. “You two getting married?”

I looked at Vincent and he looked at me, and we simultaneously laughed.

“Boyfriend and girlfriend, then?” He followed.

Vincent and I giggled again and then looked quizzically at each other.

“Fuck buddies?” Mike resigned.

I liked the sound of that. “Yeah, we’re fuck buddies” I responded confidently.

Mike nodded, and Vincent seemed to approve as his shaft thickened under my hand.

“Well, why are you all covered up? Is she a fatty, Vincent?” Mike asked coyly.

“No, escort bayan she’s not fat. We thought you were housekeeping” Vincent said.

I was still wearing my bikini, as small as it was, but I was wearing “something” so I stepped out from under the covers and walked toward the window.

“Do I look fat to you?” I asked. “Or, were you hoping I was fat? Do fat girls turn you on? Do you approve of your brother’s fuck buddy, or what?” I asked, playfully.

“I definitely approve. I can see why Vincent would want to spend another night with you, Mags,” Mike said.

I wasn’t sure if the room’s air conditioner had just kicked in or if my body was responding to his pheromones, but my nipples became really hard that instant.

Mike looked from me to Vincent. “How does she fuck?” I felt sweat forming at the small of my back. I didn’t know how to feel about that question, or the fact that he was bold enough to ask it.

Vincent looked from Mike to me. “Incredible – for having been a virgin a few hours ago. She’s a fast learner. I was kinda hoping to fuck her again today. A lot. I think she was thinking the same thing.”

“I was.” I said, matter-of-factly.

“Well, heck, don’t let me stop you!” Mike said as he sat down in the chair next to the bed. “Go at it. You won’t even know I’m here.” He then looked at me, catching me looking at his bulge in his pants. “And if she’s as good as you say she is, I won’t even ask you to pay me back for the room.”

I didn’t mind being an exhibitionist for Vincent, but his brother, too? Sweat was forming between my small breasts and behind my knees. My heart was practically beating out of my chest.

“Promise to sit there and be quiet?” I asked Mike, while slowly tugging at my bikini top knot behind my neck.

“I promise.” Mike answered.

“Are you okay with him being in here?” I asked Vincent, as I let my top fall to the floor.

“I don’t think I have much of a choice. You seem okay with it, though.” Vincent answered as he pulled aside the sheets and uncovered my prize.

I untied my bikini bottoms, aware of how soaked the crotch had become, and threw them at Mike. Of course, they landed on his face. He just smiled at me, noticing my shaved pussy.

I promised my mom that I wouldn’t jump into bed with the first boy I met. She married in her late twenties, and said she was convinced she had done it right. She couldn’t believe some of her friends got married right out of high school. She thought they wasted too many “adventurous” years by doing that. I didn’t have an opinion on that then, but at this point, I was finally starting to agree with her. So, she asked me not have sex until after I was eighteen, and only then, if I had some form of birth control so I could at least finish school without baby drama, and so I didn’t end up with the wrong guy for the rest of my life, for the wrong reasons.

Even after being on birth control pills, I had to be satisfied with 34B’s, and so would any boy I’d meet. My mom said I had a very pretty face, and not to worry about finding someone that was attracted to me. She even said I had a nice butt! She instilled confidence in me that a lot of girls lacked. I had good grades, good friends, and after my first puppy love heartbreak in 8th grade, never got too serious about any boy I dated. I never looked at any of them as my future husband. Well, maybe one. Okay, two. But the rest were just boys to hang out with, maybe kiss, maybe heavy petting, but that was it. I also knew that after I turned eighteen, which was a few months ago, I was going to be adventurous like my mom, and try a little bit of everything before settling down and getting married. Baby steps, though.

Prom night was going to be my introduction to oral sex – only. At least, that’s how I imagined it. Who knew I was going to “get fucked” on prom night? I guess Vincent knew. Maybe Mike knew. My friend, Sherry, probably knew, too. Did my mom know? My dad? Okay, that was being ridiculous.

I stepped onto the bed and crawled on top of Vincent, kissing him deeply and bringing his hands to my butt. I looked over at Mike, and more specifically, Mike’s bulge and noticed it working it’s way down the leg of his pants. If Vincent was average-sized, his brother was definitely above average – from what I could see through his pants. If Mike could hear my thoughts, he would have heard me telling him to pull that thing out so I could see it. Instead, he just sat there, watching and smiling.

I moved up so Vincent could bite my nipples, and he took advantage of the position to spread my butt cheeks. Mike leaned over slightly to get a better look at my sex, and my exposed butthole. I worked my way back down, kissed Vincent deeply, and whispered, “fuck me any way you want, but when you need to come, please come in my mouth.”

I felt his hard cock slap against my pussy, and I smiled, almost forgetting all about Mike.

I reached down and guided him inside as I rocked my hips back and forth.

After bursa escort a few minutes, Vincent pull me off of him and turned me around, pushing me forward onto all fours. Sherry told me this was called doggy style, but I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to rest on my hands, elbows, or all the way down like a yoga pose. I went all the way down, and felt his breath and then his tongue on my butthole.

I had cleaned myself in the shower in anticipation of butthole licking as best I could. I really enjoyed it, and didn’t want to give Vincent a reason to not like doing it. So far, no complaints.

He kissed and lightly bit my butt cheeks before positioning the head of his shaft between my moist pussy lips. I leaned back and pushed myself onto him, fucking myself onto his shaft. I looked over my shoulder and could see Mike studying me.

I slowed my backward thrusts and let Vincent take over. He held my narrow waist and pushed into me, slowly, and only about half his length, while pulling me back onto him, and then pulled out so only the head of his shaft was inside me. He did this for about a minute, then started to go in a little deeper, then a little faster. I got up on my elbows, and then my hands as I adjusted my body so his cock would hit just the right area inside me.

His hands shifted from my waist to my hips as he started fucking me harder. My butt cheeks hitting his thighs made a slapping noise, that started to become noticeable. I wondered if the rooms next door could hear it. Then, I remembered Mike watching me. I looked back at him, and he was already looking back at me, taking it all in.

Speaking of taking it all in, Vincent was riding me hard, and I was loving it, but my knees and arms started getting tired.

I was close to orgasm, but not quite there when Vincent pulled out and squeezed his shaft. I quickly turned around and put my mouth on him. I hadn’t quite closed my lips around his shaft when the first spurt hit the back of my throat. The second, third, and fourth spurts filled my mouth completely. I held his come in my mouth for a few seconds, then swallowed, before sucking his cock a little more.

“Whoa, okay, stop, enough” Vincent giggled. “I need a break.” Vincent started to get up from the bed.

I waited a moment to catch my breath. My clit was still pulsing, and my heart was still beating fast. I didn’t even bother to cover myself up.

“So, was I as good a fuck as Vincent said?” I asked Mike while scooping come off my lips and then licking my fingers.

Mike looked at Vincent for a moment, then looked at me and said, “I don’t know, I haven’t fucked you, yet.” Mike then looked back to Vincent. “What do’ya say, Vincent? Mind if I fuck your prom date while you take a break?”

“Up to her” Vincent said, then he looked to me. “You want more, Mags? Here’s your chance.”

“You’re okay with your brother fucking me?” I asked, just a little hurt. “Finished with me already?”

He didn’t answer. He went into the bathroom and closed the door.

Mike decided to take that moment to stand up and take off his shirt.

Yep, definitely built.

He kicked off his sandals, and undid the top button of his pants, and then unzipped the fly. No underwear.

No pubic hair, either.

“Don’t worry, I’m clean. Guessing you’re on the pill as you didn’t make Vincent wear a condom” he said as his half-erect manhood sprang free. “And, I’m pretty sure Vincent is clean, so I’m going to fuck you without one, too.”

If it would have been possible to orgasm from the sound of his voice, I would have. How did I get so lucky to have two really hot guys as my first sexual experiences?

Mike was every bit as big as Vincent in girth, but maybe two or three inches longer, if that was possible, and he wasn’t even fully erect, yet. My eyes must have gone wide, as my reaction made Mike smile.

There was a lot going through my mind at the moment. I had at least known Vincent for the last few weeks. We had gone out on dates, even though we didn’t fool around until the night of prom. I kinda knew him. Kinda. Mike, on the other hand, I hardly knew at all. I knew I was making up for lost time as the other girls I knew had a lot more experience in this area. But if I didn’t think I was going to lose my virginity the night before, I certainly didn’t think I’d be “getting fucked” by two different guys in less than 12 hours.

Vincent stepped out of the bathroom fully dressed and tucked a room key in his pocket.

“Where are you going?” I asked, with just a little panic in my voice.

“I’m gonna go downstairs and let the front desk know we’re staying another night. Then, I thought I might grab some food. I’ll be back in a bit,” Vincent said without looking at me. “You need me to get anything?” He was looking more at Mike than me.

“Maybe some KY. Mags wants more, right? Who are we to deny a pretty girl what she wants?” Mike answered as he stepped forward.

I turned in time for him to grab my ponytail, turning my head so he could push the head of his cock in my mouth.

Without realizing I was doing it, I started sucking Mike’s thick tool even better than I had sucked Vincent’s. Maybe a little practice goes a long way when it comes to blowjobs.

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