Turned into a great day

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I was on Grindr looking for a hook up. I had been horny all day and was hoping to have someone stop by my house on their way home from work for a blowjob. After a few flakes, I finally found 2 guys to come over. I had some bisexual porn playing for their entertainment since they both admitted to being married. I waited naked and excited.

When the first guy arrived, I led him to the living room so he could watch the porn. I pulled down his pants and underwear. He soft cock popped out. I began licking it and it quickly came to life. I began to suck on it and after just a minute or 2, he said he was ready to cum. I kept sucking and he grunted as he shot his load of cum down my throat. I swallowed and kept sucking until he went soft. He pulled his pants up and said thanks as he left.

After about 15 minutes, the other guy arrived. When I pulled his pants down, he was already hard. I began sucking his cock and told me to lick his balls. I licked and sucked on his balls and then went back to his cock. I took it in my mouth and sucked it down to the base. He immediately began to cum. I kept sucking and swallowed his cum. He went soft almost immediately. He pulled up his pants and just left without saying anything.

By now, I was still horny, and felt like a complete slut that had just been used. I gave myself and enema and began fucking myself with a toy. I got back on Grindr to see if I could find more fun. Now that it was around 8pm, it would not be the cum and go of a person on their way home from work. Since I was so horny, I posted that I was looking to get fucked. I normally prefer people around my age, 50 or older. I messaged every guy in my area in that age range but received no responses.

I received a message from someone stating they were 18 and horny. I did not respond. After a few minutes, they said they wanted to fuck someone and saw my post and they were close. I responded asking what they were looking for. He said he was kind of shy and was new to this. I pushed harder and said that he needed to tell me exactly what he wanted or I would block him. He said he wanted someone to suck his dick and maybe try fucking someone. He admitted that he had never done anything with a guy but he really wanted to try. After a few more messages, I agreed to kocaeli escort have him come over. He said he would be over in about 10 minutes.

After 20 minutes, I assumed he chickened out, but there was a knock on my door. I was still naked, with a butt plug in. When I went to the door, I saw my friend’s son at the door. I quickly grabbed a robe and put it on to see what he wanted. When I opened the door, he asked if he could come in. He had been to my house many times so I could not really say no, so I let him in. He went into the living room, where I had the bisexual porn playing. I started to say something, when he called me by my Grindr account name. I froze. He said when he realized it was me he was not sure what to do, but eventually decided to come over.

We sat down and talked. I explained that I was bi and that his father did not know and most of my friends did not, only the ones that I played with. He said that he was exploring. He was not sure of his sexuality but that he was extremely horny, did not have a girlfriend, and heard it was easier to find a guy to have sex with than a girl. We agreed that his parents could not know about this but I was willing to help him explore. He said that he liked the idea of learning from someone he has known his whole life, someone he could trust.

I stood up and took of my robe. He began to pull his clothes off. His cock was hard and sprang out when he pulled his pants down. I got between his legs and kissed the tip of it, tasting his precum. I licked my way down and then back up. I sucked him into my mouth and worked my head up and down his hard shaft. He was moaning and I could taste his precum leaking out. After barely a minute, he started to grunt as he grabbed the cushions on the couch. I kept sucking as he began to cum. He shot stream after stream of cum in my mouth and down my throat. I kept sucking and swallowing and sucking. He was grunting and shoving his hips up into my face. I could tell he was very awkward, not know what to do. Once I was sure he was completely drained, I took him out of my mouth.

I told him how good his cum tasted and how beautiful his cock was, as I sat between his legs. I told him that he should relax and do whatever feels comfortable. He still looked very nervous, but now he also looked darıca escort happy. I licked his balls and kissed them. I kissed up and down the length of his cocked. It started to get hard again. He was watching the porn and said, “that looks so hot.” I looked over and saw that it was a guy fucking another guy. I asked what he liked about it and he said that he has always wanted to know what it felt like to fuck someone in the ass. I told him it feels wonderful, but I prefer to be the one getting fucked. I started talking about the feeling of a hard cock slipping into my ass, stretching me out. I explained that I loved the feeling of being used by someone for their pleasure. As I was saying this, I was stroking and kissing his cock as it started getting harder.

I asked him how he would like to fuck someone. He said he had always dreamed of a guy standing up and just bending over and then him fucking them. He said he had dreamed of doing that for years, he even fantasized about it when he saw a guy bend over. I began sucking his cock while he was telling me this. His cock was rock hard now. I stood up, pulled the plug out of my ass and turned away from him. I bent over and said, “like this”. He just sat their staring at me. By now, I was so horny, I needed to get fucked. “Please fuck me, please shove your big cock in my ass,” I begged, “let me feel your cock stretch me open, my ass needs to be fucked.”

He finally stood up and probed my hole with is cock. He gently pushed at my entrance. Once he was in me, he held it there. I wanted to be fucked, but since this was his first time, I wanted him to take charge and enjoy himself. After holding his cock barely inside of me, I pushed back a little. He put his hands on the back and slowly began pushing his cock deeper in my ass. After he was about half way in, he ran his hands up my back and onto my shoulders. He grabbed my shoulders and pulled me back as he rammed his cock deep inside of me. He held me in place with his cock buried deep in my ass for a minute, enjoying the feeling.

He pulled back and then rammed back into me. He leaned on top of me and wrapped his arms around me as he fucked me. He reached down and began stroking my cock while he fucked me. After a couple of minutes of deep thrusts, gölcük escort he wrapped he arms around my waste and began slamming into my ass. He was grunting as he slammed into me. I could tell he was getting close to cumming. “Oh god your cock feels so good in my ass, fuck me harder, fuck my ass,” I shouted. He said he was about to cum, so I begged for it. “Yes, shoot your cum deep in my ass, let me feel you fill me up, give me all of your cum!”

As he erupted in me, I felt like hot cream was filling my insides. He kept fucking me as he was cumming. He pulled me tight against him, holding me around my waste as I felt the finally flexes of his cock. He fell back onto the couch, pulling me with him. I sat on his lap with his cock buried in my ass. Finally, his cock started to go soft and slipped out of my ass. He kept a hold of me so I felt he wanted me to stay on his lap. He thanked me for letting him fuck me. I smiled and thanked him for giving me suck a good fucking.

He said he remembered sitting on my lap like this when he was little. I said it was not just like this, because neither of us were naked or had just fucked. He laughed and we agreed things were definitely different now. I told him that I could feel his cum leaking out of my ass, then I said that is something I never expected to say to him. I moved off of his lap and saw the big puddle of cum I had leaked in his lap. Some was a glob on his leg and some had saturated his pubic hair. I leaned over and slurped up what was on his leg and then licked and sucked his pubic hair. Then he shocked me.

He turned me around and buried his face in my ass. He licked his cum out of my ass and ran his tongue up and down my crack. I bent over and gave him total access to my ass. After licking me for a few minutes, he turned me around and took my cock in his mouth. I was not expecting this. We had not discussed him sucking me. After the edging that I had been doing all day and the great fucking I just received, I barely lasted 2 minutes until I was ready to cum. I told him I was about to cum, and he leaned back and stroked my cock, I erupted on his neck and then shot several more squirts onto his chest. He stroked me until I was done. I leaned over and licked the cum off of his neck and chest until I had it all.

He thanked me for giving him suck a great time. I told him to let me know if he would like to do this again some time. I think I would enjoy making this a regular thing.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32