Tukiko Ch. 06

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Finally, we get to the nude beach. The location, O’Neils Beach, over a short walk of sand dunes from Te Henga Beach. Yes, locations in this series of stories are very real. We often go there ourselves over a mid-day high tide, as its a great place to get naked and enjoy the beach like in the story.

I decided, since Tukiko was the most nervous about this nude thing, I would get her to tell the story of how she got naked. I was particularly interested in her thoughts and feelings on getting nude on an open beach for the first time. In this way, I can relate closely to Tukiko. Being a woman and actually having my first nude beach experience at this same beach, I allowed myself to get into Tukiko’s head and write how I thought she might have been feeling.

It was also my intention of developing her relationship with Mike a very popular character in our stories. For now, I’m going to leave you to figure out where that is going too.

So enough from me. Time to go ready the story. Please enjoy, Anne

* * * * * * * *

Going to the Beach.

Tukiko here now.

When it was decided they were going to try this nude beach thing, there was no way I was going to miss that. Yes, I knew it would involve me being nude too. Getting naked scared me a bit – well, scared me a lot actually – but I also thought, the fun of going, would far outweigh any discomfort I might have with getting my gear off on a public beach.

I reasoned it was just a body, my body. I’m happy with it too. Everyone has one, a body that is. It would not be like I was the only one getting naked, the only woman being seen. Most everyone else would be too. I kept coming back to the thought, the hard part was going to be taking me bikini off. Once I’d done that, I was sure I should be fine. I intended to enjoy myself.

The morning we were going, I woke fairly early, took a shower and came back to my bedroom wearing just a towel around my waist with my breasts bare. I could have even gone naked if I wanted.

Since we had gone naked at the waterfall, (See Tukiko CH 01), my parents had been more relaxed with their nudity around the house in front of me. I was a bit surprised at first, particularly seeing how comfortable they seemed to be. Often they would spend the whole evening like that. Walking around as if it was nothing. Soon, I decided to join them.

At first, I’d casually let Dad and Mum see me nude a few times. They’d seen me naked at the waterfall so really it was no big deal. Just being naked, of course. Nothing sexual, just us passing as I’d gone to or from the shower room. This became even being topless or nude when I went through to the kitchen or lounge. We all seemed relaxed with each other, no one seemed to bother.

We have a hidden place in our backyard so I had also begun to sunbathing naked to get rid of my bikini lines. Sometimes, when Dad or Mum was at home, they must have seen me out there but nothing was said. Sometimes, I hoped they would have joined me but they always seemed so busy, with Dad in his home office and Mum with cooking, doing housework and stuff. She also had an almost full-time job too.

So, as I said above, that morning I could have gone to and from the shower naked and neither of them would have even noticed but this time I elected to use a towel. In my room, I immediately dropped the towel and stood in front of the mirror looking at myself.

‘You will be showing yourself off at the beach, showing everything.’ I said to myself.

Yes, I was still a bit nervous about this public nudity thing. It was taking some getting my head around. I wondered how many people would be there. How many strangers were going to see me? I looked at myself in the mirror. Since I’ve developed, I have liked the look of my nude body, thought it was pretty good. The two boyfriends who had seen me naked, both commented on how great I looked. So, I had no problems there.

My breasts are smaller, as typically many Asians’ are. I have no problems with that either, in fact, I like their shape. Viewed front on they are almost completely round, with my larger nipples at the centre of each peak, darker against the lighter colour of my flesh. Viewed from the side, my breasts curved up to their peaks with my nipples pointing straight out as I’m small enough to be self-supporting while still holding my natural shape.

Down lower my flat belly led down to my pussy which I liked too. Not the full triangle I’ll grow as I get older, but for now, more of a thick band down the centre. I had decided to leave it almost natural, just shaping around the edges and trimming any hairs that threatened to come out from under my bikini bottom. Yes, I liked what I saw. From the standing position, there were enough curls to hide my cunt lips but, in another position, such as sitting or lying down, I knew there would be more exposed to viewing.

Reaching for my bikini bottom, I stepped into it. It was my new red bikini, the tiny one. Would I really consider wearing anything else? Far sexier than anything I’d ever worn before. I brought it kocaeli escort bayan when we went shopping for a bikini for Mum, I was a bit surprised that she had allowed me to buy it, actually. (See Tukiko CH 05), Thought there would be some resistance to it. But Mum was buying a bikini herself so I think that might have distracted her a bit.

Mum in a bikini! I’d never seen that before. A tiny one too, sexy one at that. As small as mine. She would have nothing to worry about from Dad. He seemed all for her wearing it which had also surprised me too.

And that was another thing. It kind of surprised me how hot they were over this exhibitionism/nudity thing. Both Mum and Dad seemed to have no doubts about getting naked in public, actually looking forward to it, daring each other to do it. The way they’d been carrying on the last few days it was like it had been pent up inside them, waiting to suddenly burst out.

I pulled the bikini up my thighs and fitting it over my pussy so the material stretched tightly over my pussy mound. Running my fingers up each edge, fitting the bikini tightly into the groove at the top of each thigh. I brushed my hands over my pussy as I looked at the effect in the mirror. I liked how the bikini pulled across the tops of my thighs to end at nothing more than a string around each hip. Yes, it looked pretty good. I like the shape of my pussy mound, how it rounds out at the bottom of my stomach before dropping down underneath between my thighs. The smooth red made it look even better. I thought I must remember to keep my legs slightly apart when standing. It looked sexier that way.

Taking the bikini top, I fitted it around my body with the back clip to the front. Clipping the clip, I pulled the top around until the clip was to my back. I had already tied the neck strap when I’d worn it before so it was just a matter of pulling the straps up over my head so the cups covered my breasts in front.

Watching again in the mirror, I adjusted the front, adjusting each cup so they covered much of my breasts, the bump of my nipple towards the centre of each one. Not all of my breasts could be covered, of course. This halter style left some swelling cleavage in front. But that was the idea of this bikini style, to flatter and show rather than to cover and hide which I kind of like too. Really, it wasn’t much more than two triangles pulled up over my breasts. By tanning topless, regardless of how I positioned the top, there wouldn’t be the white of tan lines.

Being unlined, the nubs of my nipples could be seen as bumps through the light material. Later when the bikini got wet, I knew my nipple shape would be much more pronounced, more clearly defined. Again, I didn’t mind that either. Nipples are natural things. Every woman has them. Why do they have to be completely hidden under padded lining pretending as if I didn’t have them?

Down below I knew there was the chance of a camel-toe in the single colour material when it got wet. Even worse if I get sexually excited. But I was aware of that possibility and could deal with it or allow it to stay, depending on my mood at the time. Yes, this bikini was sexy. Going to be exciting wearing it.

Stepping into a pair of shorts, I then pulled a T-shirt on over my head. Now, I was ready. Travelling light, yes, that’s me.

* * * * * * * *

Taking my beach bag and a towel. I went out to where mum was fussing in the kitchen, making something for a picnic lunch. I could see the neck strap of her new bikini too. So, she was intending wearing it at the first beach. Dad would be pleased, I hoped he could behave himself.

I smiled at that as I went outside.

Dad was messing around with the car. Probably waiting while Mum held us up, but wise enough not to say anything.

“Are you ready?” he asked as he watched me throw my bag onto the back seat.

“Yes,” I replied. “Just a bit nervous.”

“You’ll be fine,” he encouraged me, giving me a quick hug.

Giving me a hug. Not something Dad does a lot of, since I’d matured. It was the typical Japanese way between fathers and their daughters. Not that it bothered me, but I would have been ok with a few more hugs from him.

“It’s just that I hear lots of people will be there,” I explained.

“But they’ll all be naked so just follow them.”

“Ok,” I nodded. “I know that but it’s still a bit bold.”

“Now Tukiko,” he said, his voice becoming serious. “You don’t have to go naked. If you want to leave your swimsuit on, no one will worry you.”

“Yes, Dad. I know that. But I want to do this. Try skinny dipping at the beach.”

He smiled and said, “Yes, it will be fun. Your Mum and I are looking forward to it.”

“I’m surprised about Mum.”

“Don’t underestimate your mother, Tukiko. She can be very bold when she wants too.”

“I know that Dad. Found that out at the waterfall.”

“This exhibitionism thing has been a part of us for a long time. Always a fantasy for the bedroom. We’ve enjoyed it, played with it. Now is our chance to live it out, act it for kocaeli sınırsız escort real.”

“Dad!” I protested. I didn’t need an explanation of their sex life.

“Sorry, honey.”

“Anyway,” I told him, “I’ve sort of noticed that.”

“Yes, we did get a bit over the top, these last few days.”

“A bit! You guys lost the plot completely.”

He just laughed.

“Thanks, Dad,” I said, giving him a hug back. I was pleased with his attempt at encouraging me.

* * * * * * * *

It took us a while to drive out to the beach they had selected. I’d been there before but neither of my parents had, so I directed them to the car park and then the track past the mobile beach shop, leading to the beach itself.

It was a bit of a walk but when we got out near the ocean, we found lots of people there. The beach itself was a surf beach with black sand. I heard the black was caused by a very high content of iron. Of course, the black attracts the sun so the sand gets extremely hot. At mid-day, too hot to walk on in bare feet.

It took us a few moments to locate our friends until we saw Joseph walking towards us, waving. He greeted Dad with a handshake but both Mum and I got a hug. No straying hands I noticed with so many people watching. That would have been something to see, this Indian man coming up and hugging two Japanese women like that.

Then he led us over to where Lizamoa and his friends were sitting. After meeting everyone we joined them putting down our gear and laying out a beach mat between Lizamoa and another couple Mike and Shanti. They were an Indian woman and a European (white) man. I was sitting closer beside the man. When he said ‘Hi,’ we spoke a bit. He seemed nice. There was another Indian couple Brian and Mega there just behind us too.

Joseph told us they were waiting for two other couples to arrive. Meanwhile, we could go swimming here if we wanted. I sort of decided to just sit on the beach and wait for the rest to turn-up but Mum suddenly got the idea of having a swim. Well, to be correct, it was kind of Dad’s fault.

“Go for a swim, honey,” Dad told her.

She looked across at him with a cheeky smile, “So I show my wet bikini off?”

“Yes,” he replied with a big grin.

These two, Mum and Dad, were like a couple of kids, teasing and daring each other. You could catch the excited energy between them.

“You’re coming in too,” she told him.

His reply was to start undoing his shirt as he said, “I’m not going to miss this.”

Next to him, Mum soon was pulling her T-shirt off to be followed with sliding her shorts down. She was sitting there, in just her tiny bikini. I was impressed she had even got that far. I must admit, Mum still has a bikini figure which I hadn’t noticed until I saw her in the shop that day.

“Come on, Tukiko,” she said turning to me. “You’re coming in too.”

I nodded ok and started by pulling the T-shirt off over my head. Sure, there were lots of people around but I really had no problem wearing this tiny bikini in front of them.

Meanwhile, Dad was checking Mum out. “Wow! Sexy girl!” he told her looking more at her chest than her face.

“Horny, man,” she replied touching his chest.

“Dad! Mum! Not here!” I complained with a whisper.

“What’s your problem, Tukiko?”

“You two. The way you are carrying on, hitting on each other, you’ll be shagging on the beach next.”

“Now, that’s an idea,” laughed Mum.

I just rolled my eyes. These two, they were beyond help.

By now I was down to my bikini too. “Come on,” I said standing up. “Let’s go swimming. Might cool you two off.”

“Might not too, when this gets wet,” I heard Mum say.

That started them laughing and flirting again. Like herding cats, these two.

“Come on Sexy Girl and Horny Guy,” I said. “Let’s go.”

They stopped and looked at me. For a moment I wondered if that might have overstepped the mark and offend them, but no, they both just laughed, jumping up to go with me. I got the feeling they liked the names.

So, there I was, walking off, following Sexy Girl and Horny Guy as they walked down the beach. The way they were still carrying on, touching, hugging each other. Giggling and teasing each other. Mainly in Japanese but anyone watching could figure out what was going on. It was embarrassing! I wondered who else was watching. Probably just the whole beach. I was too scared to turn and see.

Soon others from this group were getting up and joining us as we walked down the beach. I dropped back as if they had nothing to do with me, leaving Sexy Girl and Horny Guy to lead us out in front.

* * * * * * * *

The water was cold at first and the waves were quite large too, each crashing in on the beach, coming up to surge around us as we stepped deeper into the water. By now two younger girls had come up alongside me. Two younger women who appeared to be late teens by the look.

They were friendly, saying hi to me so we introduced ourselves. One girl, izmit anal yapan escort the older one was Kathy, the daughter of the couple Mike and Shanti. Very beautiful girl. The younger girl was Sabeena, Joseph’s daughter. Both of them were wearing bikinis, neither as daring as mine was. Together, the three of us followed the others deeper into the water. I later found out Kathy was a year younger than me 19 and Sabeena was 18.

We’d caught up with Mum and Dad now and the cold water certainly wasn’t cooling them off. A wave came in and caught Mum’s bikini top, pulling one of the cups aside so her nipple was showing. She noticed it straight away but made no attempt to replace it.

“Now I’m showing,” Sexy Girl laughed to Horny Guy.

“Nice nipple,” he said.

“Hard. Ready for you to suck,” she replied.

He actually reached over and gave her nipple a tweak with his fingers.

“Dad!” I protested.

They both turned to look at me. It was so embarrassing!

“Cover that up,” I said.

Still giggling, Sexy Girl pulled her top back in place with some unnecessary help from Horny Guy.

“Tukiko, you are such a prude,” she said.

Me, a prude? I couldn’t believe it. My mother had just called me a prude!

During the rest of the swim, Sexy Girl’s nipples appeared from time to time as waves hit her. I think if she had tightened her top more like mine, she might have stayed covered but I also think they were both enjoying the displaying.

* * * * * * * *

We left the water and were walking up the beach towards those waiting for us. I was a bit interested in these two girls. I asked them, “Are you going to the other beach too?”

“To the nude, beach?” Sabeena asked me.

“Yes,” I replied.

“Of course,” Kathy replied. “It’s fun going there.”

“You going nude too?”

I was a bit surprised that these younger women were going with us to the other beach.

I think Sabeena realised I was new at nude beaches. “It’s more fun nude. So much freer without these things on,” she said pointing down to her own bikini.

Kathy asked, “Are you going nude too?”

“I’m thinking about it.”

“It’s easy, once you’ve done it,” Kathy said.

“Aren’t you worried about being seen nude?” I asked.

“That is no problem,” Sabeena replied. “My brother and Kathy’s brother look but no one else cares about us.”

“I don’t mind showing my tits, the boys can see them,” Kathy explained. “The boys always look at our cunts too, but I don’t care about that either. We look at their things too.”

That made both girls giggle.

“Sometimes they get hard, too,” Sabeena said.

“Then they get all embarrassed and try to hide,” Kathy said.

“That’s funny too,” Sabeena added as both girls laughed.

I must confess at being a bit surprised at their relaxed attitude towards nudity in public. They seemed more amused at their brothers than worried being seen naked themselves.

We were approaching those on the beach now and the other two split off going to where their gear was and I turned to where our gear was. In doing so, I turned directly towards Kathy’s father, Mike.

I looked at him and he was looking back at me. Sabeena had said, ‘No one cares.’ Well, this man did. He was checking me out, for sure. But I knew, wearing this daring red bikini, I looked good. Maybe you might even say hot although I don’t really consider myself as hot.

I’d seem myself in the mirror and knew what he would be looking at. My top, two red triangles that pull up over my breasts leaving a fair amount of swelling beast exposed between them. I also knew that being wet, now the shape of my nipples would be showing clearly. I wanted to look down and check but thought better of it. It would draw his attention to the fact I knew what he was looking at.

Lower, below my breasts, there was a lot of bare flesh between both parts. I am trim and knew he would notice my flat belly. My bikini bottom started well below my belly-button, just slightly above my pussy hairline, a tiny red triangle between the tops of my thighs. His eyes would be there too. I wondered what I was showing. The round mound of my pussy, of course, the wet bikini bottom pulled tightly against it. Then the thought came to me, being wet, maybe there was a camel-toe crease too. This bikini had almost no lining so maybe there was. If so, he’d be looking straight at it.

As I said, I wanted to look, check out what I was showing but I didn’t. I kept looking at him, smiling and talking as I reached for my towel. The thought was persistent in my mind. What was he looking at? What was I showing? And it excited me too.

He asked how the water was and I said it was a bit cold at first but great.

As I dried my face and hair, I could have turned, then only my bikini-clad arse would have been seen. But I purposely didn’t. For some reason I found myself wanting him to look. See the full-frontal view. I discovered I was actually enjoying him looking and enjoying showing off for him. Does that make me an exhibitionist too? Like Mum? I hope not!

* * * * * * * *

Getting Naked on the Beach.

We had left it a bit late and by the time we got to the river crossing the waves were coming right into the base of the cliff. It looked like we weren’t going to get through without getting wet.

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