Truth or Dare?

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** All characters involved in sexual interactions are at least 18. **


Anna looks up at me with those mesmerising eyes. From afar, you’d swear they’re purple but notice they’re a very light blue with traces of red when you look closer. It’s her albinism that gives her this alien beauty. Her pale skin and white hair only enhance her delicate body and adorable face.

She’s on her knees in front of me, sitting on her feet, her hands crossed in her lap.

She opens her mouth; after a second, she speaks. “I’m a bit nervous.” Even her voice is beautiful. Soft and lilting.

“It’s okay, Anna. You don’t have to; we can take it slow. But it would be amazing if you did.” It’s curious how opportunities present themself. I’ve known Anna for years; she’s my little sister’s best friend. It’s only after I overheard a conversation between them, in which Anna stated she thought I was hot, I’ve taken an interest in her. I started texting her and asked her out. She refused at first, but she accepted with some persuasion and a little push from my sister Lilly’s side. I even managed to persuade her to come over after our date, leading to this moment.

With a slight nod, her hands travel to the rim of my pants. She opens the button and pulls down the zipper. Her hands tremble. My painfully swollen member is pushing against the elastic band of my boxers. My heart is pounding against my chest.

She pulls down my boxers, making my 6-inch member bounce before her face.

“Oh, wow.” Her voice a tone deeper than earlier. Her chilly fingers gently wrap around my shaft, the pleasant sensation sending a shiver down my spine. She wets her lips and brings her head closer to my member. Her lips touch my crown. Slowly she sucks in my length. My eyes roll back as my penis slides into her wet, warm mouth.

Suddenly the sensation is gone. Disappointed, I look down and catch Anna’s gaze. “Did it feel good?” She asks.

“Yea, that felt amazing.” I reply, hoping she would soon continue. She responds with a squeeze making me gasp. She takes my cock in her mouth again and starts slowly bobbing her head. The sensation is overwhelming; her tongue is sliding along my length, the sucking making my cock throb.

Way faster than I’d like, I feel my orgasm near; my ball tighten. Not willing to take her by surprise, I warn her. “Anna, I’m about to cum.” Her eye’s find mine; she doesn’t stop. She keeps bobbing her head while maintaining eye contact, even picking up the pace. It’s more than I can take; with a grunt, I let my orgasm flow. Anna stops moving, taking my entire orgasm into her mouth. Halfway through, she closes her eyes and swallows; the vacuum it creates in her mouth makes me moan; her tongue brushes against my shaft. When the pulsing stops, she sucks one last time and swallows.


Why did I do this? On our first date! He even offered the chance to back out.

And still, I didn’t dare to stop. Afraid of disappointing my childhood crush. I need to learn how to stand up for myself.

The taste of Jack’s sperm lingers in my mouth. It’s not at bad as I thought it would be; I’ve always heard it would be soar or bitter, but it tasted somewhat sweet and salty. Although he warned me, he did surprise me with the amount that came out. I didn’t want to pull back and get his sperm on my face or clothes, so I swallowed.

I lick my lips and get on my feet.

“How was it?” I ask, hoping he at least enjoyed it.

“Simply mindblowing,” he answers, his steel-grey eyes finding mine. “for you?”

“It was exciting to feel you react to what I was doing.” I feel myself blush; I meant what I said, but I couldn’t possibly tell him I felt like eating a salty warm popsicle.

He places his hand on the back of my neck and pulls me closer. Our lips touch briefly. My pulse increases; I blush even more. “I’m glad you’ve enjoyed it.” His voice is sweet, his gentle touch at the small of my back making my stomach flutter.

I feel his hand travel down my neck past my collar bone. I try to take some distance, but his hand on the small of my back holds me close. I squeal when his hand cups my breast, gently kneading it. I feel my nipple stiffen under his palm.

I’m not ready for this!

My body tenses.

I need to stop him. But how?

When he started groping me earlier, I quickly offered a blowjob, hoping it would satisfy him. What more could I offer?

He lets go of me. “Are you alright?” He looks at me questionably, “Am I going too fast?”

Glad he noticed, I shyly look down and nod. “I’m sorry.”

“Hey, don’t be.” He says while pulling his boxer over his stiff member and closing his pants. “If I do something you’re not ready for, you can say so. I don’t want to push you.”

If only it would be that simple. If you’d ask to fuck me right now, I probably wouldn’t be able to say no.

I nod at Jack. “I will.” I look at the clock on his nightstand and realise I need to be home in half an hour. I’ve always thought that with my 18th birthday, casino siteleri they’d stop giving me an hour. Unfortunately, that was not the case. “I need to go home. My parents will kill me if I’m late.” I say, trying to keep the frustration from my voice.

He nods and pulls me close to him again. He gives me a deep and passionate kiss. My intention to leave instantly disappears as I melt into the kiss. My heart is pounding excitedly. He breaks the kiss and squeezes my ass. “Go on before they ground you.”

I smile at him, quickly grab my handbag and leave his room; I dart down the familiar stairs towards the front door. When I open the door, Lilly calls me back. “Hey, Anna! How was it?”

I turn around and hug Lilly, “I’m sorry, Lilly, but I need to go; I’ve only got 20 minutes to walk home.”

“I’ll drive you. Tell me all about it!” I smile at her, glad I don’t have to walk home.


Anna is a strange girl. First, she offers me a blowjob, and when I touch her breast, she thinks I’m going too fast. I shake my head.

I’ll never fully understand women.

I lay down on my bed and switch on my PlayStation. While it’s booting, I grab my phone and send a text to Anna.

‘I had fun tonight, do you want to go to the movies? Friday night?’

I pick up my controller and start a game. I’m just getting into it when the door to my room flies open.

“Please, tell me you didn’t force her to blow you.” Lilly steps into my room, giving me a stern look.

I’m a bit startled and look at Lilly. “No, She offered. You think I’d do that?”

Lilly’s gaze softens. She sits down on the edge of my bed. “I hoped you wouldn’t. It’s just not like her. She never even dated someone. I just thought-“

“Wait, she told you?” Talking about off character behaviour, I didn’t think Anna would tell my sister she blew me.

Lilly chuckles. “I guessed it. Her reaction only confirmed.” I sigh.

You’re a sweet girl, Lilly, but way too curious.

My phone buzzes; I quickly look at Anna’s reply.

‘I’d love to.’ I try to keep my face straight, Avoiding Lilly’s prying eyes, although it’s hard to hide my joy.

“Anything else? Some more acquisitions, maybe?” I look at Lilly; she rolls her eyes and walks back to the door; she stops and turns around.

“Jack, she’s crushing and probably would do anything to please you. Please don’t take advantage of it.” The look on her face is one of concern, something the doesn’t show much.

Anything? That’s interesting. -No, I can’t think like that.

I nod. “Don’t worry; I won’t.”

“I’m serious, Jack; I’ll kill you if you do.” With that, she closes my door.

I look back at my phone and hit reply. ‘Great, I look forward to it. X’


I walk around the corner into the street leading towards the cinema.

From afar, I see Jack waiting for me. I start walking faster towards him. When he sees me, he smiles and steps towards me.

“You look astonishing!” He says while embracing me. My heart flutters at his compliment. He leans in and kisses me; I wrap my arms around him. His tongue brushes my lips, and I open my mouth. I melt into the deepening kiss, enjoying every second of it. I’m disappointed when he breaks it, wishing it lasted longer.

“Come on,” he says. “I’ve already bought tickets. I’ve got us a twin-seat.”

“Superb!” I smile.

Twin-seats; that means we can snuggle close and cuddle.

“What kind of movie did you pick?”

“I didn’t know what you liked, so I picked something romantic?” He takes hold of my hand and interlocks his fingers with mine.

“That’s perfect.” I smile; his hand feels so good in mine.

Who would have thought this would ever happen?

Once inside, we quickly find our assigned seat in the back of the theatre. I immediately snuggle close to Jack. He places his arm around me, and I lay my head on his shoulder. The room darkens when the commercials start. Jack starts caressing my shoulder. I lean my head backwards, giving him a quick kiss on his neck before turning my attentions back to the screen.

His fingers brush along my collar bone towards my neck. Enjoying the gentle touch, I stretch my neck, giving him better access. Jack turns a bit towards me and pulls me close in a way that my back rests against his chest. He kisses the back of my head; I lower myself a bit to rest my head against his collarbone.

Jack was right; the movie is romantic. And the actor is handsome! He even looks a bit like Jack. Especially his tousled black hair and cute expression with a light beard that accentuates his masculinity.

Halfway through the movie, his fingers start playing with the collar of my blouse. Suddenly, I feel his fingertips on my skin; my heartbeat accelerates. His fingers slide along my collarbone to my shoulder. Although I like his touch, I feel my anxiety creep through me.

Calm down, Anna.

I take a deep breath and try to relax. I look up, and Jack kisses me; I melt away and feel güvenilir casino my body relax.

See, it feels good.

Jack’s hand slides down the shoulder strap of my bra; his fingers slide into my bra and over my nipple. A shiver goes through me.

Oh god! No, -it’s okay. I’ll just let him; it’s not that I don’t like it.

As he kisses me, he begins to play with my nipple; a pleasant warmth flows through my body. His other hand is caressing my belly; I suppress a moan.

When Jack’s fingers slide along the waistband of my trousers, I gasp and break the kiss. My breathing is laboured, and my heart is pounding. I can’t decide if it’s my anxiety or arousal causing it.

Jack lowers his head and whispers. “Just relax and enjoy. Okay?”

His hand keeps caressing along the waistband, his other hand still gently rocking my nipple. Led by the waves of pleasure spreading through my body, I nod. “Okay.”

My reply is barely audible but enough for Jack to slide his hand underneath the waistband. His fingers travel over my mound towards my pussy; I close my eyes and grab his arm. I keep my legs closed, holding his arm in place.

Maybe I should stop him? No one ever touched me down there. -But it’s Jack, maybe-

Jack squeezes my nipple, surprised I let go of his arm, letting out a soft yelp. His hands slide deeper into my pants; his fingers brush the top of my slit. A wave of pleasure washes over me when his finger presses against my clit; I gasp again, this time in delight. Jack kisses me while gyrating his fingers over my clit; I moan into his mouth.

My anxiety is washed away by the pleasure he’s giving me. Unconsciously I open my legs, his fingers slide down. They circle over my entrance and back to my clitoris, lubricating it with my wetness. It only intensifies the pleasure, and soon I feel a tension building in my loins.

Oh god, don’t stop!

I grab his arm again, this time to keep his hand between my legs. I wiggle my hips against his fingers, hoping the tension would burst. His finger slides down again. He circles it around my entrance, applying pressure against it. I rock my hips, making my clit brush against the palm of his hand. The tip of his finger slides in me; It’s enough to push me over the edge. I feel something snap deep inside, followed by an overwhelming wave of heat and tingling. My pussy contracts around his finger, trying to pull it in. I slam my legs shut, pulling them up. Jack holds me close to him as my body begins to tremble. When my body starts to relax, I feel that the first digit of Jack’s finger is still gently moving inside me; the brushing along the edge of my entrance triggers aftershocks of my orgasm. I close my eyes and enjoy Jack’s continuous stimulation. Glad I didn’t stop him.

His gentle touches keep my arousal high, and it doesn’t take long before I start longing for more intense stimulation again. I place my hand on top of his finger and push down. His finger sinks in a bit deeper; I bite my lip. Jack smiles at me and whispers. “The movie’s almost over; we could better stop.”

I grunt when he pulls his hand out of my pants. I look up at him, longing for more. Jack looks at his fingers. Even in the darkness, I can see my wetness glistening on it.

Oh my god! is he going-

He brings his finger towards his mouth and sucks on it. I feel a blush forming on my cheeks. He smiles at me and leans in; he plants a kiss right underneath my ear and whispers. “We could go to my place?”

What time is it?

I look at my watch and realise there’s not enough time to go to his place.

Crap, I won’t make it back in time if we go to his place.

“I’m sorry, Jack. I need to go home after the movie.” The disappointment on his face is evident.

Oh, don’t look at me like that.

I sigh. “I’ll make sure that next time, I can stay longer.”

Jack nods. “Good, I’d like that.” He says with a smile.

The lights in the theatre turn on, and the people around us start to get up and leave. We stay seated a bit longer until most of them are gone.

Outside, Jack walks with me towards my place. I don’t live far from the theatre, and after a short walk, we are at the corner of the street where I live. I stop and hug Jack. “It’s better if we part here; I’ve told my parents I went to the cinema with Lilly.”

Jack nods. “Sure,” He leans in, giving me a small kiss. “when do I see you again?”

“Probably tomorrow; I promised Lilly I’d go shopping with her.”

Jack nods. “See you tomorrow then.” I smile at him and walk towards my house.

When I enter the living room, my parents are sitting on the sofa watching television. As soon as my dad sees me, he looks at his watch. “See, it’s not that hard to get home on time.”

I nod; I know if I reply to this, we’ll be fighting again, and I don’t want to risk it. “Lilly and I are going to the shopping centre tomorrow. Do you still need that SD card for your camera?”

My dad smiles, “Yes, I do; I’ll give you some canlı casino money. You know which one I want?”

“Yes, daddy. 64GB High speed.”

“That’s the one. Thanks, Anna.”

“No problem, daddy.” I knew it would set him in a good mood. He needed a new card since they were planning to go on a vacation at the end of the month. The one he had right now was smaller, and he wanted to take more pictures at once.

I walk into my room and close the door. Maybe I can invite Jack while they’re on vacation. It would be perfect; I wouldn’t have to keep an eye on the time, and no one could disturb us. But it would probably also lead to sex. I sigh.

It would make Jack happy, and I’ll do it eventually. I’ve even fantasised about it for years; no need to stress about it.

I lay down on my bed and switch on the television.

I’ll buy condoms tomorrow, and if I can make an appointment at the doctor, I could get on the pill.

I start skipping through the channels. Nothing catches my interest, so I switch it off again. I grab my phone, browse to my doctor’s site and look through the calendar. There’s one last appointment slot, early in the afternoon. The timeslot is perfect. It’s right before I meet Lilly; my parents wouldn’t even know I’d go to the doctor.


“Lilly! What hour does Anna get here?”

“She doesn’t; We meet at the mall.”

“I thought she’d come over first.”

“She changed her mind. Something came up, I guess.”

“Like what?”

“How should I know?”

“Maybe she told you something?”

“She just told me to meet her at the mall.” The tone in Lilly’s voice changes. Warning me, she’s getting annoyed. It’s better to leave her alone.

I sigh; I hoped to see her before they went shopping. I’m a bit surprised at my eagerness. At first, I saw Anna as a possibility to get laid, but I’ve grown fond of her in the last few days. I grab my phone and write a text. ‘I’ve just heard you’ll meet Lilly at the mall. Do you plan on coming over after?’

Anna’s reply is fast. ‘I’m sorry, Jack. I need a prescription for the pill. That’s why I changed plans. I won’t come over after. I need to be home on time.’

I’m disappointed I won’t see her but also surprised. I know how strictly catholic her parents are. That she’s on anticonception is almost a miracle.

I type my reply. ‘Okay, no problem. When will I see you again?’

I don’t get a reply within the first few minutes. I pocket my phone and go to the kitchen. After making myself a sandwich, I sit down at the kitchen table.

Lilly walks into the kitchen, buttoning up her blouse. She walks over to me and grabs my sandwich.

“Sorry, but I don’t have time to make one for myself.” She says while biting from mine.

I roll my eyes and get up. “Yea, no problem. Maybe we should consider hiring a butler?”

She giggles. “No, I’ve got you.” With a wink, she walks out of the kitchen.

My phone buzzes, and I quickly look at it.

‘My parents are leaving on a trip the following Friday, not this Friday. Then we can meet at my place? They’re leaving at 3 PM. Can you be here at 6 PM?’

My heart makes a backflip;

That would mean no curfew or praying eyes. Maybe even sex?

My reply is short. ‘I’ll be there!’


“Here you go. Did the doctor explain how they work?” The pharmacist asks as he places the box of pills on the counter.

“Yes,” I answer, my voice trembling; I look down. “He explained.”

“Remember. If you start in the middle of your cycle, it takes up to seven days for you to be protected.”

I look at the pharmacist and nod quickly. “Thanks.”

I start calculating. My periods should begin on Wednesday. According to the doctor, it is better to start after my period, and then I should be protected immediately. So startup on Sunday or Monday. But that means that I ovulate on Friday. Maybe we should use condoms too.

“Can I also get a box of condoms?” I feel my cheeks burning.

“Sure,” He turns around and takes a box behind him and places it against the pills. “Then the total is 25.”

I hand the money to the pharmacist and put everything in my handbag.

When I arrive at the shopping centre, Lilly is already waiting.

“Finally,” Says Lilly, irritated. “I thought you weren’t going to come.”

“Sorry, I had to do something, and we still have to go to the electronics shop for my dad.” Lilly frowns at my answer but thankfully doesn’t start questioning me again.

“Okay, let’s do that first?” She asks.

“Yeah, sure.” We walk to the shop and buy the SD card. When I put the card in my handbag, Lilly looks at me.

“Are those condoms?” She asks in surprise, pointing towards my handbag. “That’s why you’re late!”

“Ssh! You shouldn’t shout it.” I say. “And yes, I went to the pharmacy.”

“Because my brother wants sex, or because you want it?” She looks intently into my eyes; it feels like she’s looking straight into my soul.

Again I feel my cheeks burning. “Because I want it.” I look down.

Usually, I would tell her, but it is her brother!

She nods. “You’d better ask for the pill too. Better safe than sorry.” She keeps looking at me, and I turn my head away. Lilly giggles. “My God, you did that too, didn’t you?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32