Traditions, Dicks, Deals

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Double Penetration

Continuation of “Tease, Party, Peg”(PT1) and “Bed, Breakfast, Threesome”(PT2)

A few weeks after James agreed to Lynn’s deal with Marie, the couples headed down to the shore. They went down every year and rented the same house from an old neighbor, a gorgeous three story property on the bayside of their favorite beach. It had a great view of the most beautiful part of the ugliest state, and there was more than enough room for everyone.

It was the perfect place for Lynn’s plan.

The drive there was pleasant and uneventful. James always took the backroads instead of the turnpike so they could enjoy the quaint little towns that dotted the southern portion of New Jersey. By the time they arrived at the beach house, it was just before noon and they were ready to start their vacation.

Lynn got out of their crossover and stretched, smiling at the familiar blue edifice of the house. It had dodged most of the hurricanes over the years and was just as vibrant as ever. “Looks like Ted put another coat of paint on her,” she said to James.

He was opening the trunk and unloading the mountain of ‘necessaries’ for their week at the beach. “Hah! More likely it was Bonnie; she’s spry for an old lady. My mother said they go out walking together, now that Bonnie got her knee replacement.”

Lynn led the way up to the beach house and opened it up. She let James lumber past her with two of the larger bags, propping the door open with the usual rock. James set their bags down in the wide foyer and the two of them went back to the car to unload.

“So what’s the plan for tonight?” James hefted the cooler. “What time are Andy and Marie coming in? Did she text you yet?”

“Yeah,” said Lynn. “She said Andy wanted to get a few hours of sleep after his shift before they headed down.”

James laughed. “Would have been smarter to leave when he got off and dodge the traffic. They won’t be here for a while.”

Lynn agreed and charted out a course for the day. They would have to clean the place (Ted’s maintenance left something to be desired), unpack, and then maybe take a walk. James liked to see how much the town had changed from year to year. Still, there was another tradition that she wanted to take care of before their friends came down.

When the food and drinks were packed away and the beds made with fresh sheets, Lynn sat down on the king size bed in their room and lounged back. Sure enough, James found her a minute later. He really must have a magnet attached to his cock. He grinned. “There’s still a few bags out there. Taking a break already?”

She looked him up and down. His jeans fit tightly around the bulge of his crotch. “I was thinking you might join me,” she said, patting the bed.

He stepped up, wrapping his arms around her. “Am I going to need clothes for this?”

She pushed him back. “No, but let’s see them come off.”

James pulled his shirt over his head, and Lynn ran her hands across his muscled chest. She spun a finger in the air, raised her eyebrows, and nodded to his pants. He turned around and gave her a good look at his firm ass as he shimmied out of his jeans. Lynn growled and squeezed his cheeks.

He took the encouragement and slipped out of his briefs, and his cock was already growing as he faced her. She took hold of it and felt a bead of precum at the tip, rubbing it into the sensitive head of his cock.

“Someone’s excited,” she purred, her hands working his dick.

“Uh-huh,” he said. He pulled at her shirt, and his fingers felt warm and hot against her sides. “How about you?’

Lynn responded by removing her shirt and bra, tossing them to the floor. She lifted her hips, letting James pull her yoga pants and panties away. Her pussy ached, and she could feel the heat of his breath on her as he moved up between her legs.

She arched her back as he ran his tongue along her labia. He grabbed her hips and ass, holding her steady in the air as he ate her out. She was being led by her cunt as he drew her out in waves, licking upwards in long arcs. Then he would flick across her clit and she would squirm in his hands.

She was dripping wet, and when he pulled away, his face was covered in her fluids. He moved her further onto the bed and came in for a kiss, and she could taste herself on his lips. Her pussy was on fire, and she needed something to fill her up, something to clamp down upon and shudder against.

“Fuck me,” she whispered in his ear.

He complied, his smooth, hard cock sliding into her. She gasped as it filled her flexed against the solid member. She was like a kitten with a scratching post, and the itch was baaad right now.

They worked into a rhythm with the ease of practiced lovers, his cock slamming into her at the perfect angle. She could feel it coming a mile away, but when her orgasm crested the wave, she nearly shrieked with ecstatic joy. She rode it out for what felt like half an hour before she felt the contractions fully abate.

James kept on fucking her, slower now, but she needed him out. She could go for a second orgasm, but they had escorts in london to leave the bed soon or be stuck there all night.

“Are you going to keep playing in there, or do you want to finish up,” she said with a sly grin.

He grinned back and pulled out. James put his knees on the bed, and shuffled up to her so that his cock was in line with her mouth. She didn’t often let him cum on her face, but the beach house tradition gave him something to look forward to each year. It’s the little things that keep a marriage going.

Lynn pulled his cock into her mouth, once again tasting herself, mingled with his own salty excretions. She had to keep one hand on the bed to stay upright, but wrapped the other around his prick as she took more and more of him into her. With a bit of effort, she loosened her jaw and brought him all the way in, his balls against her chin.

She looked up at him and winked. He shuddered.

After a few more moments, she backed up and took in a breath of fresh air, jacking his slick cock while she recovered. He looked fairly close now, his eyes turning a little distant. Of course, now she had to tease him.

“Maybe I should make you wait to finish up,” she said. He wasn’t really listening, but she saw him come back to the present. “After all, it’s going to be hard for you to cum later if you do it now…”

James frowned and his hips moved a little as her own motions tapered off. “I’ll be fine. Just let me finish.”

She held him tight, squeezing down on his cock. “I don’t know. It takes you a little while to recover. I wouldn’t want to disappoint Marie tonight. I told her you’d cum like a firehose when I have her fuck you again.”

He moaned, trying to generate some friction on his too-hard penis. “I will, I will…”

Lynn let go of him, running her fingers along the shaft and down to his balls. She stopped underneath, rubbing softly against his perineum. “Are you sure?I should probably stop. You’ll have more saved up this way.”

“No, no,” he pleaded. He bucked his hips, and her middle finger brushed against his anus. “Just let me cum.”

She pressed on his asshole, and he pressed back. “Will you cum buckets for Marie when she fucks you?”


She pushed up against his asshole in short bursts, and his hand migrated to his engorged penis. “Will you let her feed you cum?”

He moaned again, and his cockhead was pulsing now. Not long until he came all over her face.

“Will you swallow Andy’s cum when I make you eat him?”

James couldn’t reply. The first shot of thick cum splashed across Lynn’s face and into her mouth, and she had to hold herself steady as blast after blast of the hot liquid sprayed her. Lynn smiled through it, letting the sticky bursts coat her.

When he was through, she was left with a crisscrossed mask of cum cooling on her face. “Well then. I guess something got you excited.”

He looked pleased with the results. “That was great, hon.”

Lynn cleared the sperm away from her eyes and blew him a kiss. “Think how much fun it will be when it’s your turn to catch a load.”

James was wary, but his orgasm was still making him smooth around the edges. He might not be ready to think about sucking cock right now, but Lynn and Marie had discussed it. They were both eager to see James with a dick in his mouth, and from the size of the load she was wearing on her face, Lynn suspected he’d be just as eager when the chance arose.

“Don’t worry about it now,” she said. “Let’s get cleaned up and go for that walk. I saw a couple new houses on the way in that I’m sure you’ll want to check out.”

Marie and Andy arrived while Lynn and James were out on their walk. Andy was still unpacking the car, and James helped him in with the pile of bags.

Marie and Lynn got everything put away, including the one particular bag that went in the “gym”, an empty bedroom with a few exercise machines. They rarely went in there, which made it perfect for Lynn’s plans.

“Are you sure this is going to work,” asked Marie as they stashed the supplies.

“No, but it’s better than your idea,” said Lynn. Marie wanted to get Andy completely drunk before Lynn tried to peg him. She was less confident in her friend’s ability to seduce her fiancé into being fucked in the ass with a strap-on.

Lynn needed a nap to regroup for that evening, so she slept while Andy and James went to the store for last minute additions to dinner. Marie said she wanted to take a bath, but Lynn had seen the waterproof vibrator among the toys her friend brought. It seemed like Marie was going to be in a perpetual state of arousal until she fucked Andy’s ass.

They all gathered for dinner, and the table was fragrant with the myriad aromas of the food. It made Lynn’s stomach growl like a tigress, and she was doubly pleased when they sat down and dug in.

“Oh, I almost forgot the wine,” Lynn exclaimed as they all took their places. She stood and pulled four glasses from the cabinets, then set them in a line.

She grabbed two bottles from escorts in london the refrigerator, ready to enact the first step of her plan. She poured three glasses with the first bottle, a dry white. The fourth she filled from the other bottle, a non alcoholic wine that looked similar to the dry white once in the glass.

She maneuvered them over with ease and handed out the wine. “To great friends, and an adventurous week!”

They all clinked glasses, but Lynn kept her eyes on James as they drank the first sip. He screwed up his face and scowled at it.

“Not bad,” said Andy, raising his glass to Lynn in salute.

Lynn gave James a silent look to stay quiet about his odd wine. He knew there was a plan in place; he just had to act natural.

Dinner proceeded with the calm of vacation and the lack of pressure for time that came with it. Everyone enjoyed the food, especially the sweet corn that Andy and Marie picked up at a roadside stand. Two bottles of wine disappeared, and a third was nearing empty. The nonalcoholic bottle remained mostly untouched.

Lynn decided to move on to part two of her plan. James was seated to the right of her, Andy to her left around the square table. She silently removed a pearl stud from her ear and put it in her hand. When Andy reached for more corn, she tried to across him and grab another piece of chicken.

The result was a pearl earring dropping to the floor and skittering away.

“Oops, my bad. I’ll get it,” she said, rising easily. She felt a small buzz from the wine, but it was definitely making her bolder as well. It would help with this next part.

The white tile of the beach house kitchen did a good job of obscuring the pearl, or rather, the small pebble she had dropped instead. She’d picked it up on their walk earlier. The earring was still in her hand as she dropped to hands and knees to “search” for her missing jewelry.

James and Marie would lose sight of her as she went past the kitchen island, but Andy had a front row seat as Lynn leaned her head down and arched her ass upward.

“I can’t find it,” she said innocently. “Can you see anything from up there, Andy?”


What Andy could see was her short dress riding up and exposing her naked ass and pussy. A u-shaped pink dildo filled both of her holes, and Andy had a perfect view of her glistening flesh.

Lynn smiled, even though she couldn’t see his expression. She would have loved to see the shock, the growing lust in his eyes. “Oh, there we go, found it.”

She took the stud from her palm and put it back in her ear, rejoining the table as if nothing had happened. Andy did his best not to gape.

Soon they were finished dinner, and the girls went about putting away dishes and leftovers.

Marie rinsed off a plate and glanced over at the men in the adjacent living room. “Did you see his face when you got down on the floor?”

Lynn shook her head. “I didn’t want to chance a look.”

“He looked like he was going to jump on top of you right there. I’m not sure if I should be excited or jealous.”

Lynn smiled at her. “You asked for it. You ready for step three?”

Marie nodded and finished with the plates. She dried her hands and walked into the living room. The TV was off and the guys were discussing something incomprehensible.

“Hey, Andy, I forgot my pills at home,” said Marie.

“Oh,” he said, breaking off his conversation with James. “Well, I guess we can just go to the pharmacy in the morning.”

“Actually, I just called the 24 hour place, and they said they could have it ready in an hour. It’s like 25 minutes away.”

He looked knowingly down at his wine glass. “Don’t worry about it, we’ll go in the morning.”

Andy looked like he was done with the topic, but fortunately James picked up his cue.

“I’m alright to drive,” said James. “Why don’t I take her?”

“Really? You don’t have to.”

James stood. “No problem. You guys stay here. We’ll leave now, and we’ll be back in no time. It never really takes an hour for them to get your pills ready.”

Lynn joined them and gave James a passionate kiss. It was probably a little too passionate with Andy and Marie there, but she couldn’t deny the effects of her toys.

“Hurry back,” she said, giving his ass a little slap.

“Yes, ma’am,” he said with a wink.

James grabbed his keys, and Marie took the small, black bag that waited by the door. And like that, Lynn and Andy were all alone.

Despite, or perhaps, because of their old relationship, Marie and James were a bit awkward as they drove away from the house. Marie knew the plan, but James didn’t. Lynn told her to keep him guessing, since it would only make him more excited.

“So,” he said from behind the wheel. “Do you actually want to head to the pharmacy, or should I just keep driving for now?”

He glanced down at the black bag at her feet, and she could see the hard line of his cock straining against his pants. She was hoping his stamina improved over the years with Lynn, otherwise, they were escort service going to have a lot of time to kill before returning to the beach house.

Marie smiled mysteriously (she hoped). “Turn right on 25th.”

He turned down 25th and Marie pointed out a nice little house with tall privacy fence. James pulled into the driveway and looked at her sideways. “What’s here?”

Marie grabbed the bag and stepped out of the car. “Step four. Come on, we’re going around back.”

James put the car in park and followed her to a gate in the fence. It let to a luxurious backyard with a large hot tub. It was surrounded by a ridge of stone and looked like it wouldn’t have been out of place at a 5-star hotel.

“Wow,” he said. “That’s pretty cool. Whose place is this?”

Marie went over to it and fiddled with the controls. “Someone Andy and I know from nursing school. He only comes down during the week, since he works weekends.”

He closed the gate and joined her by the hot tub. “Good friend to have. How long do we have to wait before it’s ready?”

She shook her head. “Not long. Go inside and grab us some drinks. The key is under the black rock, bar is to the left.”

James nodded and headed inside. Marie went through Ben’s checklist – he loved that hot tub, and she didn’t want to mess anything up. She vaguely wondered what Ben would think of her using it for sex, but then again, he probably expected it. Ben kept an endless stream of lovers, and she couldn’t guess how many men he’d fucked in here.

“Mojito alright?” James returned with a pair of tumblers, a sprig of mint rising from each one. He handed her one and took a sip of his own, nodding with satisfaction.

Marie took a quick gulp, barely registering the taste. The thrill of the evening had caught back up with her and she was ready to start the fun. “Thank you. Ready to hop in?”

James grinned. “But I didn’t bring my suit.”

She set down her glass on the lawn and unbuttoned her shirt. She let it hang open, revealing her taught belly, as she hooked her thumbs in the waistband of her shorts. She bit her lip, watching the lust build in James’ face. Her shorts dropped to the ground, and Marie turned around to show off her thong-clad ass.

He set his glass next to hers and ran his fingers across her shoulders. Her shirt slid off her back, and with a quick pinch, her bra slipped free. His breath was heavy on her neck.

Marie pressed her ass against him, his hard-on pressing back. “Take them off me,” she whispered, breathless.

He reached with his hands, but she gave him a sly grin over her shoulder and motioned for him to kneel. He grinned back, wolfish, and knelt before her perfect ass. His tongue tickled the curve of her pale cheeks and then he bit down on the red string of her thong.

He growled like a dog and pulled down. Marie giggled and wriggled out of the thin panties, letting her bare pussy feel the evening air.

She turned around, her hips in line with his face. It was exhilarating, seeing the effect she could still have on him. “Your dildo sucking looked pretty good the other night,” she said, running a hand through his hair. “Let’s see how good you are at pussy licking.”

James didn’t need any prompting. He could be shy at times, but not now, while they were enjoying this game. He bent forward and went to work, kissing her lips, lapping along the slit, sucking on her clit. It was heavenly!

He built her up quickly, moving his tongue feverishly. Every so often, he prodded at her asshole, making her gasp. Then he would redouble his efforts on her clit and pussy, shoving his tongue up into her.

As soon as the first orgasm spread over her, she pushed him away from her pussy and held onto his shoulders for support. He had definitely gotten better at that over the years. Maybe he could give Andy lessons.

When she recovered enough, Marie looked down at his messy face and smiled. “Ready for a quick soak?”

He nodded and quickly undressed. His cock stood out at a right angle. They hopped in, and Marie positioned herself near a low powered vent. She had seen the odd placement of the jets while setting it up, with a few pointing straight up from the seats. It gave her a nice baseline tingle after James’ cunnilingus.

James sat back, his face still wet with her juices, and enjoyed his drink. His cock was diminishing some in the heat of the water. He watched her breasts floating on the water with hungry amusement. “So, are you really okay with my wife fucking Andy?”

Marie took another sip of her drink, savoring it this time. “I mean, I asked her to. Are you?”

He looked like he was thinking about it, but nodded. “I think so. We talked about it some.”

“Good,” she said. “I kind of wish it was me the first time, but this is probably better. Lynn can convince anyone to do what she wants.”

James smiled wistfully. “You don’t say. So what’s in the bag?”

Marie patted it. “Patience. We’ve still got a little time to kill. Are you sitting on a jet over there?”

He frowned and looked down, just noticing the upward jet. She motioned for him to sit on it with her best seductive look, and he carefully moved on top of one. His face changed a little as the water pushed up against his asshole, and his cock was reinflating like an obscene water balloon.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32