Toy Time

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It had been a very stressful week at work for me and very stressful for my wife taking care of the kids for the most part by herself. I had to work late this evening due to some network issues we were having at work, so that left her home alone again. I was finally wrapping things up at the office around 11:00pm.

It’s a rather short drive from work to home, so in just a few minutes I was pulling up in front of our house. It seemed kinda odd that all the lights were out, but I just figured she had made her way to bed to try and get a little extra sleep. I quietly entered the house so that I would not wake the kids or her if she was asleep. I dropped my stuff by the door and made my way up the stairs to head for our room.

I noticed that a lamp in our room was on, but I could also hear the familiar buzz of her friend mr viberator. I stopped and took my shoes off so that I didn’t make so much noise while moving down the hallway. The beşiktaş escort door of our bedroom was cracked ever so slightly so that I was able to see in without making any noise.

I peeked in to see my wife spread out on the bed with the vibrator pushed against her clit with one had while the other was gently massaging her breast and pinching her nipple. I thought about sneaking in and surprising her, but then I thought I would just stand quietly and enjoy the show. I could see the muscles in her body tighten as the waves of ecstasy would build in her body, and then relax again as the feelings passed. By this time my dick was at full attention and I could not control my urge to unzip my pants and stroke it gently.

I continued watching for several minutes while she seeming enjoyed herself, with no knowledge I was around. Then I saw her reach over and pull Jr. out of her drawer. Jr. is şişli escort a 7″ dildo that I purchased for her awhile back, but she never asks for it, I just have to pull it out and use it once in a while on her. She always seems to enjoy it when used.

She slowly lowered it to her pussy and started rubbing it around on the outside of her entrance, and started the slow motion of sliding up inside her moist pussy. She continued with the vibrator and slowly moved the dildo in and out while I could see another orgasm building inside. As the orgasm got closer she started moving the dildo faster and faster, her whole body squirming on the bed by this point. I kept up my grasp and started to stroke more in tune with her at this point.

She released the grasp on her vibrator at this point and started playing with her breast again as she kept up the fast pace with the dildo, you could see her start holding bahçeşehir escort bayan her breath and breathing loader. Her hips moved in tune with the motions of her dildo. I could no longer contain myself and I could feel my orgasm coming. She then let out a louder sigh and stopped the motion of the dildo and just let it slowly slide out of her soaking wet pussy.

I know I was breathing hard, but was trying to stay quiet as to not alert her of my presence. I stood motionless in the hallway as I watched her come down from her sexual high. She then gathered up her toys and started to the bathroom to clean up from her fun. I quickly backed down the hallway and down the stairs.

I heard her start walking down the hallway, so I quickly opened and then shut the door, like I had just walked in. She stopped at the top of the stairs wearing her robe and greeted me with a smile and a warm kiss. I told her I missed her and hoped that she had hadn’t had a horrible evening. She just grinned and said it was nice and relaxing once the kids went to bed.

I followed her to the bedroom and cuddled up to her in the bed and quickly fell asleep, not letting on that I really enjoyed the show, and thought that it was incredibly sexy watching her go wild with her toys.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32