The Sibling Diaries Pt. 01

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The Sibling Diaries

Chapter 1

Part 1 of 2

Authors note : 8 part series.. This chapter is in two parts. A lot of the first chapter is build up. After that it’s into the good stuff, so bare with me please. The next chapter will follow the first rather quickly as these early chapters have been prewritten.

Character Sheet

Alex (Main Character)

Emily (Sister)

Melissa (Sisters Friend)

Brian (Alex’s Friend)

Rose (Alex’s Crush)

Mandy (Brian’s Girlfriend)

Maddison (Cheerleader)

Brad (School Bully)

Benson (Head coach)

Mrs Willaims (Teacher)

Mr Bennett (Teacher)

Part 1

It was the day before the big game. The first game of the new academic year. His senior year.

Finally after many years Alex was a senior. All the benefits that came with being a senior at GreenDale High were about to be his. Coach Benson sent out the emails for the prep before the big game. The first game of the new year was always a full house. Students would be packed to the rafters.

Now a senior, Alex was made Point Guard in the men’s basketball team. He’d played there many times before. It was actually his preferred position. He wondered whether his family would be able to make it.

Alex supposed the day wasn’t going to get itself.

Sitting up in bed, Alex rubbed at his eyes. Birds chirped from outside his bedroom window and the sun was poking through the curtain.

“Alex! Get up, we’re going to be late!” Emily shouted from beyond his bedroom door.

Despite being a senior, his Sister still had to give him a ride to school every morning. That was at least until he got a car. Now at college, Emily was no longer the popular girl in school. She wasn’t the bitchy kind of cheerleader. For the most part she was nice, sometimes very tormenting like Sisters can be, but all in all she wasn’t that bad to be around.

She was two years older at twenty years of age and more womanly now than she was two years ago as a senior herself. Emily liked to play the parent sometimes. It was as if she felt it was her duty to baby him.

Alex finally got out of bed and descended the stairs into the open living room and kitchen. His Mother Nancy was sat at the table with their father Derrick who was enjoying the morning paper and a large cup of coffee.

“All set for the big trip Dad?” He asked, as he grabbed at the milk from the refrigerator, before pouring himself a bowl of cereal.

“Two flights. One from here to Edinburgh, then from Edinburgh to Berlin.”

“How many hours is that?” His mother, asked.

“Fourteen I think. No, fourteen and a half.” He corrected himself.

“Two weeks and I’ll be back. Don’t you guys worry.” Derrick, said.

Alex and Emily were used to their Dad always flying out to another country on business. He’d done it ever since they were little and with him now coming into the peak of his career he wasn’t likely to stop anytime soon.

His adiosbet yeni giriş Mother on the other hand, she worked late nights at the hospital as a nurse in the elderly ward. If Nancy was home before 8 o’clock it was some kind of miracle.

Emily turned to leave. She’d had enough of waiting on him. Her jet black hair swished around as she spun on her heels and left.

“Are you watching your time honey?” His mother asked as she gestured towards the clock above the door.

After a quick glance at the clock, Alex realised he was late. “Oh Shoot!” He scoffed down the last of his cereal and made for the door.

Emily beeped at the horn of her car until Alex sat himself in the passenger seat.

“What is with you this morning?” He asked.

“I’m gonna be late for college because of you! Get your own car already!” She moaned.

“I’m working on it!” He felt the need to shout back for some odd reason. “Now will you chill out. What’s got your panties in a twist?”

“My panties, for your information are not in a twist. I just have a lot on my plate today. I’m sure you’ll be the same tomorrow with your ‘big game.'” She mocked.

“Yeez, Emily. You are up tight about something that’s for sure.” He chuckled.

“I’m not up tight.” She made an effort at sounding calm.

“I have a test.” She said. “First day of the semester and they are testing us! Can you believe that!”

Alex started to worry that Emily wouldn’t be able to concentrate on the road. In her state of panic she was driving much faster than usual. Alex gripped at the handle above the door for support in his seat as the cars whooshed by.

“You’re smart, I’m sure you’ll be fine.” He reassured her.

“Tests are easy when you revise. This is a shock test. To see where we are at.”

“Then there should be no problem. Just show them what you can do.”

After that, Emily started to calm down a little.

She supposed that maybe he was right. That it isn’t the end of the world. She is smart, all she had to do was show it.

After the ten minute drive Emily pulled into the parking lot outside of the school. Normally kids would be walking like a hoard of zombies towards the entrance. Alex was late however and the school could be mistaken for being closed with it being so quiet.

“Here we are.” She said, as she cranked the Handbrake.

Before leaving the car Alex turned to his Sister. She’d crashed her car before in a state of panic and he didn’t want her to do the same again.

“Listen. You’ll do fine. You’re the smartest person I know. Stop worrying so much. You wouldn’t be there if they didn’t think that you were good enough and I can assure you, you are.”

Emily smiled back at him for the first time that morning. He could sure be a real sweetheart when he wanted to be. “When did he get so mature?” She thought. He’d grown a lot over the past year. No longer was he so slender and small. He’d grown a good adiosbet giriş few inches and his stature had filled out quite a bit too. Suddenly Emily started to feel very warm.

“You better go, you’re already late.” She smiled.

Emily leant over and gave her brother a gentle peck on the cheek. Alex couldn’t believe what she’d done.

“What was that for?” Alex blushed. He didn’t know how to react. She’d never done that before.

“Will you go!” She laughed at the expression on his face.

As if in a daze, Alex shut the car door and watched it pull away onto the road. He felt his cheek where his sisters lips had just been.

“Hey, Alex!” Brian jogged towards him from around the corner. “Late too huh?”

Alex kept staring.

“You alright?” Brian waved a hand in front of his face.

Alex shook off whatever daydream that he had been lost in. “We better get to class.” He said.

“You think?” Brian gave him a look of confusion.

Alex and Brian walked down the empty hall. Their footsteps echoed around every corner. Not a soul was outside of a classroom. It was rather eerie like this. It was then that he wondered what this place would be like at night.

“Why can I never find what class we’re in?” Alex moaned as he looked from left to right at the end of the hall.

“I think we’re down here.” Brian tugged at Alex’s sweatshirt.

They made it half way down the hall

Before they heard footsteps slowly approaching from around the corner. Mr Bennett appeared from behind a row of lockers. His long nose and button like eyes stared right through him

“What are you boys doing out of class?” Mr Bennett glared down his crooked nose at them.

“We couldn’t find…” Brian had begun before Mr Bennett had cut him off.

“Couldn’t find your class? You boys are seniors now you know. You’re expected to be on time, to set an example.”

Alex screwed his eyes up at him. Mr Bennett was nothing but a bully, worse that Chad Hogan. Mr Bennett even bullied some of the Teachers too. The ones he saw to be lesser than himself. Alex reckoned he fancied the head teacher post as it had freed up come the start of the new semester.

“We’ll just head to class now. I think it’s this way.”

Brian again tried to tug at Alex’s sweatshirt. As if to lead him away from the impending danger of detention.

“Detention. My office. After school.” He smirked.

“But that’s not fair!” Alex raised his voice and it seemed to echo throughout the school.

“Did you just raise your voice at me Mr Riley? That will be two hours of detention as opposed to the one hour that Brian will have to do.”

“But…” he began.

“Shall we make it three?” He smiled.

Mr Bennett walked them both to their class. He opened the door sharply and let the two of them step inside before him.

“My apologies Mrs Williams. These two boys were trying to flunk off.”

“Flunk off!?” Alex raised his voice again.

“That adiosbet güvenilirmi will be three hours of detention, Mr Riley. Three hours!”

Alex wanted to punch the guy. Right in his large, bent nose.

“Sit down.” Mrs Williams ordered. Her voice was sharp and cut through you like a cake knife.

Brian took his seat but Alex remained staring into the tiny pupils of Mr Bennett.

“Something you want to say, Mr Riley?” Mr Bennett was almost daring him.

Alex felt defeated this time. He took his seat reluctantly as he slumped into his chair.

“What an asshole.” Whispered a voice from behind him.

Alex turned to see that it was Rose. He immediately felt a lump in his throat. He’d tried to say something back but whatever he’d tried to say got stuck half way up and caught in his windpipe. Instead he smiled awkwardly and turned back around.

That Day of school could have been the worst of his life. He hated Mr Bennett, he was no more than a power hungry loser in his eyes. Alex was sat scribbling on a piece of paper thirty minutes into his detention. Mr Bennett kept a keen eye on the clock for he was due to leave in the next half an hour.

Inside his classroom was himself, Chad Hogan, Brian, Mandy Green and Paul Geller. It was Eerily quiet inside the room. All that could be heard was his scribbles on paper and Chad’s annoyingly bad whistling.

Brian was seated across from Mandy. They spent most of their hour scribbling notes back and forth. Alex rolled his eyes. Brian was always thinking about getting his Dick wet. Mandy even seemed to be enjoying the attention she was getting. This surprised him. Most girls would turn Brian away for how forward he was.

Eventually Mr Bennett started to pack up his things before leaving. He had a smile on his face as if he was rubbing it in that he was leaving.

“Any of you leave before your time is up, the camera will catch you.” He pointed towards the corner of the room where a new camera had been fitted. It didn’t look to be apart of the schools CCTV system. Mr Bennett must have invested in it himself.

Shortly after Mr Bennett left, Brian got up to leave with Mandy, He offered to stay but Alex didn’t want him taking the fall for his need to give it back to Mr Bennett as hard as he was taking it. Then Chad left. He hadn’t run down his time he’d just had enough of waiting. Paul left an hour after that and now he was alone. He had the thought of leaving an hour early but he didn’t want to ruin his chances of playing tomorrow night.

It wasn’t below Mr Bennett to pull him from the first game of the season for some extra detention and without a trained point guard, the team would most likely lose. Instead Alex opted for wandering around the classroom. Looking at books and scribbles of paper on Mr Bennett’s desk.

He took one glance up the camera before opening a drawer. Inside were some notepads and cables. Alex flicked through the notepad, not looking to find anything in particular really. That was until his eyes caught the words that read; Mrs Williams.

He rubbed at the pages to separate them. Once the pages separated he opened up the notepad leaving it open on the page that read;

Mr Bennett

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