The rise and fall of a boy called Rave part 4

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New relationships

I woke up on that Sunday morning, as happy as I had ever been in my short life. I knocked on the wall to wake Faye. We talked about what had happen last night, about me and her, about the world we lived in. I told her I loved her again and arranged to meet her in an hour outside the block. I hit the shower letting the hot water wash away the pain in my body, I scrubbed my hand to make sure I got all the blood off. I sat down at breakfast in a towel, my dad shows no shock at the state of my body, his was the same as a kid and I knew it. I told him about Faye and he laughed. I loved my old man and he loved me but we both knew that there was no way for me without the gang so we didn’t talk about it.

I meet Faye, and we walked hand in hand around to Bex’s, I needed to talk to her. Bex was still in her pyjamas. I sat in her living room hoping that Bob didn’t wake you, this was not a conversation I wanted to have in front of my boss.

“Bex, I am going to go out with Faye and I would like you to be ok with that please?” I could see the warring emotions behind her eyes. I was Bex’s favourite plaything and there was a connection there but it could never go beyond sex and fun. But she cared for me, she wanted to see me happy, so she smiled at us.

“Of course it is ok, you and I had fun but I can find someone else to play with. That is as long as you don’t mind me joining in now and then?” She asked

It was Faye that answered to my shock. “Sure you can, but I would like it if you stopped burning ar’Rave. The look really doesn’t suit him” We all laugh at that, the tension broken and spent an hour chatting as friend. My own performance was their favourite topic of conversation.

I walked back her back home and we spent the rest of the day naked in bed, she said she was sour from last night so we didn’t have sex, which was fine, I could wait till she was ready, we just lay there in each other’s arms kissing and heavy petting when the mood took us. We got up and ate dinner with my dad, talking about nothing and everything. Faye dad had beaten her mother and now was inside and Faye mother was a junky and didn’t really care when she was home. She went back to bed with me and we slept together for the first time without a wall between us. On a too small bed, in a dingy flat I had the bested night’s sleep of my life.

Monday morning came and that meant school. Taz found me before form and pulled me aside. He liked my plan, he needed to hide who he was better, half the gang would kill him if he was found out, and for that he needed a girl. He asked me to make the approach to Amy. Finding time to see her was hard, my breaks where taken up by gang work but luckily we where both set one for maths. As the lesson was going out I touched her arm, she almost jumped out of her skin, and she was scared. The best weekend of my life had been the worst of hers.

“Are… Are you ok?” I asked. The look of panic in her eyes faded as she looked at me.

“Oh rave it is you, can I help you?” She asked

“Aye, I need to talk to you, somewhere private, is it ok if I come around yours tonight?” She nodded and walked off.

Her parents owned one of the few local shops still open in the Dead Head territory on the estate, it was the on the bottom floor of a block of flats in a row with a chippy and an off-licence that wasn’t picky about serving kids, but then again it would have been trouble for them if they had. The shop was there to sell bread, milk, newspapers and a few other day to day things to the masses. You could just about do a weekly shop there but it was hard. On the estate they where rice but in the real world they weren’t. I think the reason Amy join was to keep the gang from making trouble for them and it worked, we left them well alone from then on, but that was mostly because we needed some place to buy food.

Faye and I walked in, it was already dark outside. I don’t remember the first time an adult looked at me in open fear, but Amy’s dad must have been one of the first. We took Amy to the back room and sat her down. I explained the Faye was her to make her fell more comfortable with me here. She thanked me for helping her on Saturday and I felt sick, I had thrown her and the other girls to the wolves in order to safe Faye. I explained that to her, but she said I had made her night better even if it had been for the different reasons.

Then I told her the truth, Taz was gay and it was getting harder for him to hide it from the gang. He needed a girlfriend to be seen with, he didn’t want sex and with his protection there would be few people willing to touch her without izmit escort his say. She took it well, I would give her the night to think about it and give me an answer. I didn’t tell her not to tell anyone but I knew she wouldn’t.

Faye stopped at her flat to get some cloths and again spent the night in my bed.

Amy found us the next morning. She was in, how did we move on from here. My dad would be out on Wednesday night with his married bit from the offices, we needed to get her and Taz together to talk about it. I ran into Taz after school, we went running until we settled down on a abandoned roof top. I told him Amy was in, and they would meet to talk about it, he had best be nice to her or we would have words. We spent the evening up at heaven training myself and got home late. Faye was a sleep when I got back, I snuggled down next to her, I could get used to this.

Wednesday at school dragged, I saw one of Eddy’s lads that I had beaten on the weekend. I made sure to intimidate him for a few minutes before telling him there was no hard feelings. He was the one on the floor at the end, it should have been for him to say, but he took it well. I waited for the others at the gates. Faye and Amy came together, they have English together. Taz came later, we walked home in tenses silence, and they didn’t know how to react to each other now that they were both here. Once at home I made a brew and sat them down.

“So Taz you are a homosexual” I said in a formal tone, and me and him broke down laughing. So they talked. Taz was gay and while his boyfriend, a lad called Dale, was able to hide it by people thinking he was a heart breaker, going from one girl to the next, Taz never had. Now it was starting to look bad that he wasn’t with a girl and in the world we lived in being gay was not expectable. Amy was attractive if geeky and if left unprotected would be used up by some prick. Instead of waiting and hoping for someone to decide to take an interest in her she could pretend with Taz. Amy had had a bad initiation into the gang and didn’t want to risk not having someone. They both wanted this and even if it was a fake relationship they were both nice people, at least by estate standards, and would enjoy hanging out. The only sticking point came up with sex, Taz didn’t want any but she was just starting to have sexual feelings and given time would like to experiment down those lines. It was Faye that solved the problem.

“You can have Rave”

“What?” we all asked

“Well if you where really Taz girl friend, they would have no problem sharing us between them right?” after a breath glance at each other we both nodded, we where friends. “So if you want to experiment you can use Rave, I am sure he would like it and no one else will notice because they would share” she said with a smile. After that it was just a matter of how Taz would ask her out.

Taz left and I walked Amy home making sure she was really ok with it, and what would happen tomorrow. By the time I got home Faye was cooking, it smelled good, better than me or dad could do. I walked into the kitchen and came up behind her, rapping my arms around her.

“You really have no problem with me and Amy sometimes… you know”

“Not really Rave, well a bit, but it should be ok, as long as I get to watch” she laughed. The meal was good, I was going to have to get her to teach me or dad to cook like this. Not of course that I think you could ever give up on our great inventions like the butter, sugar and vinegar toasty but eating good food was something not to give up. We sat down on the coach to watch some TV and she snuggled up next to me, her hand slowly running down my stomach.

“You know we have the flat to ourselves, we could try some sexual actives again.” She said

“You want to have sex again?” I asked already getting excited

“No, I am still a little tender, but there are plenty of things we can do, I for one have always wanted to see what it is like the suck cock” she smiled slyly “would you like to try that Rave?” by now her hand was stroking my cock threw my pants.

“You can feel that I do Faye” I picked her up like she weighed nothing and kissed her in my arms, it was awkward for me to turn my head like that but she seemed to like it. I have found that a lot of the romantic gestures that girls love are surprisingly hard to achieve comfortably but they tend to be worth it in the long run.

I laid her down on my bed, I kissing and petting until she was ready. I began to take off her clothes and she did the same to me. Once we were naked I kept up the contact, trying to make sure she didn’t get cold feet. She pushed yahya kaptan escort me off her onto my back and climbed back on top of me. She began to kiss down my front, her lips stung when they brushed some of the fresher burns on my chest, but that was ok it would be sometime before I got use to foreplay without some pain.

She moved lower along my six-pack, placing a kiss on each one of my muscles. I grunted in anticipation as her lips kissed the base of my now hard cock. It wasn’t bad, hell as long as she doesn’t bite you there is no such thing as a bad blow job, but she knew nothing. I was young and in love it did the trick. She went at it with too much enthusiasm first, pushing too deep too fast, she gagged loudly twice before I got her to pull back and focus on the head. She began sucking the head like a child sucking her thumb her tong laid still on the underside. I told her to move it and it came alive moving back and forth rapidly on my head.

I could feel the pleasure building and soon my groans became constant. I held out for as long as I could but soon I was telling her I was going to cum, that if she didn’t want a mouth full she best pull back. She gave a small shake of her head and kept on going. I came hard into her waiting mouth, she tried to swallow as fast as possible but it wasn’t enough. It dribbled down her chin. She used her hand to move it back into her month.

“That tasted not that bad” she said “Was I good?”

“You were great.”

“Liar, but don’t worry, I will have plenty of time to practise” with that she moved up to my chest and was asleep before I was.

I woke up in the night, she had rolled off me. I covered her in the blankets, she looked good sleeping, and I stayed awake and watched her sleep.

I sat at me post, on a wall in the lower yard, watching kids sell cans, each one giving pennies to the gang. It was a dull job but someone had to sit here and stop trouble and I guess it is better than being one of the ones selling cans. With this and my commitments outside school I got some money from the gang. Faye sat behind me, running her fingers through my hair waiting for the show to begin. It had to be done here, just in case. I watched the lad who was going to be the star of today’s show. He was a nothing bully using his gang membership to prevent comeback. Amy walked over to him and began to flirt, even from here you could tell she was bad at it but he didn’t notice. Once he got handy with her she backed off, panicked. I was about to make the move myself when Taz came to the rescue.

He hit the lad hard, smashing him off her. I got up and moved towards the fight, the where few people that could go toe to toe with Taz and he wasn’t one of them. He was on the ground now and I moved in to pull Taz off, one look in his eyes told me he was still in control. He walked over to Amy and ran his hand down his cheek, checking if she was ok, there was real concern in his eyes. That touch said more than any speech, Amy was his and no one else would touch her.

Faye took Amy’s hand and led her away. I bumped shoulders with Taz, and nodded after the girls, he smiled at me now people would be talking.

Taz walked Amy home that night, met her folks casually as they would have to buy it to. Faye couldn’t stop talking about the other girls reaction to Taz picking Amy, most where jealous, Taz was a catch. I took her home and we cooked dinner, my dad got home and we ate, he didn’t say anything about Faye still being there. He never did care about her more or less living with us.

We tried oral sex again that night, she was better and again managed to swallow. This time I pushed my luck I turned her over and ate her out. She tasted much blander than I expected from when I had done it before. I made sure to stay on the outside, licking and kissing her outer lips, I spread her slightly with my fingers so I could get at her clit. I ran my tong from side to side underneath her bud getting faster and faster. Once she was close I move up, devouring her clit. Her pleasure spiked, giving out a shuddering moan, her back arched, her hands pulling on my hair. I moved up and let her curl into me. I could feel her smile on my shoulder.

Friday night I was expected to go to a party of the gang. Most members would be there but I was now known to be in with the leadership. Taz had to go too so we took the girls to give them a public outing as girlfriend. We sat in a corner and watch people pretend not to stair. The only person getting a wider berth than us was Stacie, a slut from our year who had also joined last week. I asked around to gebze escort find out why. Word had come down that no lad was to touch her, most thought it came from Bob, but he didn’t care one way or the other where he put his dick. Bex came over to say hi.

“So you have replaced me with Stacie have you?”

“You noticed that did you, can you blame me look at her. Anyway you know I have a thing for pretty girls.” Bex said running her hand down Faye’s back “I have made sure she can track it back to me, give her a mouth without a lad between her legs and she will do anything I say of release. In the mean time I have that friend of yours, Mike, upstairs waiting to be played with, don’t worry I will give him back close to how I found him.” We laughed and she left. 5 minutes later there came a strangled scream from upstairs.

We drunk enough that I wasn’t interested in sex when we got home. But I was young and by mid morning Saturday my hangover was gone. Faye told me she was up to sex tonight. I almost jumped for joy at that. I spent the rest of the day flirting with her, little touches and looks, but by the time we went to bed the sexual tension could be cut with a knife. We sat on the bed and just kissed of the longest time, the was no pressure, when we moved on was up to her.

She came up of air and she pull off her top, we hadn’t been out all day so she hadn’t bothered to put on a bra. I leaned in and kissed her nipple making her moan, one hand went to her other breast fondling it genitally the other began to undo her pants. She gave a small sigh of disappointment as my mouth left her nipple so that I could slip down her pants. I stood and stripped, shaking my hips to music that only I could hear, she found it so funny. When my painfully hard cock jumped free she clapped and I throw my boxers at her.

She pulled me back onto the bed, both of us naked. I kissed her lightly working my way from her lips down her neck and along her collar bone, she gave out little whimpers each time my lips touched her skin. Her hands ran along my back, sometimes letting her nails dig in and I kissed down her sternum. I moved down the flat of her stomach, she was now pulling the back of my hair quite hard, I kiss along her hips, the whimpers had now stopped and she was just biting her lower lip. By the time I got to her slit her juices where running down her tight. I took one long lick, making her body shudder and moved back up to her month letting her tasted herself on my tong.

I entered her then, slipping in easily, and sat there letting her get use to it. I began to trust and she came, quietly gasping into my shoulder as her body shock. I smiled down at her and asked if she wanted me to go on, to be honest if she said no I am not sure if I could have stopped back then but I didn’t have to find out, she nodded at me and I went on. As my speed increased I was forced to kiss her to stop myself crying out. My orgasm was big, my cock twitching violently inside her, and it set off her second. Both of use moaning and grunting into each other mouth.

I took her to the shower and we playfully washed each other, on a good day our hot water lasted about 10 minutes but that didn’t really matter. We stood there in the now cold spay, hugging.

In the morning my dad just gave us a knowing smile, the wall where paper thin. Most parents would have told us not to, that we were too young, that it was wrong but my old man wasn’t a normal parent, I doubt you would find many of them on the estate. He did take me aside later in the day and told me to be safe.

And that was my December. The winter is too cold and dark for the large scale fights of the gangs, the wars didn’t stop they just became a set of raids, running brawls and back street attacks. I was good at this type of war. I watch with amusement as Stacie got more and more frustrated without sexual interest from others and I knew Bex had her. Taz and Amy where becoming good friends even if it was based on a lie they were having fun. I spent much of my time training up on heaven, becoming stronger, more in control but every spare moment I had I spent with Faye.

She took Amy down to the doctors to get put on the pill, no one ask question of an estate kid. Then it was the holidays, I went to town and was followed around several shops by nervous security guards. I found it amusing to pick something up and walk close to the door. I got my Christmas gifts, they where quit pathetic really. I would spend more on someone I don’t like now. I got my dad a pair of new shoes, they cost me £20, they where cheep crap but his where more than a year old so he loved them. I got Faye three different colours of nail polish, to hear her squeal when she unwrapped them, it was not much but she loved it. This year had been good to me. I hoped the next would be the same.

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