The Professor and His Desires Ch. 01

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Dan sat in his library working on his lecture for the next week, when his youngest daughter, Rachel, ran in breathlessly asking if she could spend the night at her cousin Jessica’s house and go to her homecoming dance. Dan listened to the rain on the window behind him, debating his answer, while she slowly leaned further into the room, her face begging for a yes. Rachel was 16, and of his two daughters, she seemed to be the wild one. The likelihood of her spending the majority of the night with the boy that had been calling at 8pm every night was high, but he trusted his sister to keep her mostly contained.

“Sure, but nothing too revealing and no driving around past midnight again. You still have a curfew,” Dan warned.

Rachel jumped up and down excitedly before sprinting up the stairs to change out of her school uniform. Thank god I sent them to an all girls Catholic school, Dan thought to himself as he went back to his notes.

As a single father, Dan had tried to raise his two headstrong girls as best as he could, but vying for tenure and dealing with the unexpected absence of his wife had taken a toll on the familial bliss, especially when Anna, his oldest, was hitting her teenage years. Though she had taken his wife walking out on them hard, they seemed to be through the worst of it now. She was on the lacrosse team and her grades were back up. The possibility of her acceptance to the University of Wisconsin-Madison seemed like it was back on the table again, and would save him from taking out hefty loans for a lesser college. Plus, it would be nice to keep the girls together in the same city a little longer.

“Does Anna have lacrosse practice tonight, Rachel?” He called up to his primping youngest.

“No, I think she’s studying for a test in the library,” she answered as she ran past his office, skirt rolled up, midriff out.

“Hold up there, Rach!” He yelled, getting up from his chair and following her to the doorway.

“Ugh, Dad, come on! My coat covers anything you don’t like,” she complained.

“It’s down pouring and you’re not leaving the house like that. Go put on some pants and a sweater or you can stay home with Anna and I.”

Rachel stomped back upstairs, pounding each step as she went, quickly changed and ran back out the door, keys in hand.

Dan fell back into his leather chair and thanked god Anna hadn’t pulled these stunts. Though, there was no question she was becoming a woman.

Dan had noticed at her 18th birthday dinner a few weeks ago that her dress was starting to pull tightly across her breasts and was even more shocked to find that her bras in the laundry bin were suddenly 34B. She had recently taken to wearing one of his old white shirts to bed and came bouncing down the stairs, into the kitchen with the cotton barely covering her long legs, small pink nipples visible through the thin fabric, long dirty blond hair braided loosely down her back and tortoiseshell glasses perched on her freckled nose. Dan could feel himself getting hard thinking about her lithe body, and had to scold himself.

These thoughts were unbecoming and were taking control of his life as of late. He ran his hands through his hair and sighed exasperatedly. Maybe going for a run in this rain will jolt me out of these perversions, he thought.

He heard the front door slam shut after another hour or so of working and called out, “Anna?”

“Yeah?” She responded, trailing a pool of water as she walked into his study.

Dan was blown back konyaaltı escort by the vision in front of him.

She was completely soaked, her light blue button down seemed to be painted onto her body, and was completely sheer. Braless, he could see the beautiful curvature of her breast, nipples hard, and felt the all-consuming need to cup them.

Dan could see her shiver slightly and grabbed the throw blanket from the couch to wrap around her.

“I should probably take off my clothes first,” she whispered, looking up at him as he circled his arms around her.

Anna could feel the heat radiating from her father, and felt like this might be the moment she had been waiting for. She took in her father’s 6’2″ frame, strong and muscular, and willed herself to make her late-night fantasies a reality. Especially with Rachel out of the house for the night. She had noticed him take her in, and linger on her chest longer than was appropriate. Finally, dripping wet standing before him, she wasn’t backing out.

“Wh-what do you mean?” He stuttered, still holding the edges of the blanket wrapped around her shoulders, Anna trapped between his arms.

Her hands quickly undid the buttons on her shirt, staring deeply into her father’s eyes with each movement, looking for a sign to continue, that she wasn’t crazy, and he lusted after her as much as she had for the last two years.

Dan was frozen as she shrugged out of the wet cotton, he could hear his heart pounding in his chest and he attempted to overcome his shock and cover her. But he couldn’t, he was enraptured with her brazen seduction as she unzipped her khaki skirt, let it fall to the floor and began rubbing her flesh with the blanket he had wrapped around her.

“Warm me up, Daddy,” she shyly said reaching for his hand.

His cock pulled against his sweatpants as his daughter guided his hand to her firm breast. They both looked down as she softly caressed her skin with his fingers, entwining her fingers around his, surrounding her nipple, slowly circling around her areola.

Anna looked back up to her father, reveling his touch. Dan lifted his other hand to her left mound, blanket falling off her shoulders and ran his thumbs over her hard, swollen nipples in unison. Anna leaned her body into his hands, and tipping her head back, and let out a small breathy moan of long awaited joy.

“Ooooohhh, that feels so good, Daddy.”

Her strained voice snapped Dan out of the shocked awe of seeing and touching his daughter’s naked body. He ran his fingers up her breast, applying pressure so it would deftly bounce back into position high on her chest, and around her neck as his other hand found her lower back. He hungrily kissed his daughter, his lips falling hard on her, taking in her scent, feeling her breasts pushed into his chest, her pillow-like lips crashing hungrily onto his awaiting mouth. Her teeth caught his lower lip and lightly scratched them over his skin. He groaned into her mouth and immediately dip his tongue into her lips, tasting her bee-stung lips as if he would never get enough.

“I’ve waited so long for you to kiss me like that, Daddy.” She whispered as he pulled away, leaving a trail of kisses down her neck, over her collarbone, and down to her eager nubs.

“I think about you every night as I touch myself,” she confessed, his lips enclosing on her pink nipple. “Ooohh, Daddy, I wanted to be such a good girl for you.”

Dan twirled his tongue around her left nipple as his fingers kültür escort gently twerked the other, her body arching to meet his skillful fingers. Her hands held his head, running her fingers through his hair and he sucked and kneaded her breast.

“What does Daddy’s good little girl want,” he asked as he flicked her nipple.

“Mmmmmhhh, I want you to kiss my pussy, Daddy.” She moaned as he twirled his tongue expertly around her other awaiting nipple.

“Oh yeah?” He asked as he got on his knees.

“Mmhh, yeah Daddy, that’s what I get for being good.”

Dan’s cock was begging to be touched, and her sinful urgings were doing nothing but leaving him further engorged, but he needed to taste that sweet little cunt first. He needed to dive into her folds and drink from her. He knew she hadn’t been with any boys from school, and wanted her to feel only pleasure her first time with a man.

Dan slowly inched dark blue cotton underwear down her waist, kissing the curve of her thigh as he went, until it silently fell to the floor at her ankles with her skirt.

“Oh baby,” he whispered, taking her in for the first time.

Her stomach was smooth and soft, but he could see the whisper of abs lying in wait. The slight V of her supple hips led him to her beautiful, bare pussy.

“Do you think I’m pretty, Daddy?” She asked breathily, nervously covering herself slightly.

“Honey, you are the most beautiful thing I’ve seen.” He said as his kisses traced her hips down to the top of her slit. He breathed in her flowery scent, slowly kissing every inch of flesh between her legs, without dipping his tongue into her sweetness. No, he wanted her to be dripping wet and begging for his tongue.

His lips lingered, the warmth of his flesh on hers was driving her crazy, she needed more. A kind of hysteria was brewing deep inside her loins and her patience was wearing thin.

“Do you want Daddy to kiss you deeper?” Dan teasingly asked against her skin.

“Yes, Daddy, I’ve been such a good little girl for you. Pleease, Daddy.” She begged him hungrily.

Dan cupped her ass and dipped his tongue into her wet pussy. He thought he would die savoring her wetness. He flattened his tongue and licked all of her, from her needy hole to her excited clit sitting just above, and back in a fluid motion before curving the tip of his tongue slightly to dip into her and put more pressure on her little bud.

“Oh god, Daddy!” She moaned and spread her legs further apart to give him full access to her tiny cunt.

“Tell Daddy what else good little girls get, Sweetie.” Dan instructed her before eagerly sucking her clit.

Anna moaned deeply, her hands pulling the back of his head to her. Dan widened his tongue and lapped up her sweet juices, squeezing her ass with each movement, before piercing her hole with his tongue, and pulling back out again.

“Tell Daddy what you want for being good or you won’t get anything else,” he said into her aching pussy as he kissed her dripping lips.

“I want to come on your face, ooohhhhh” she moaned as Dan brought his hands back to her nipples and rubbed them while teasingly darting his tongue past her button.

“What else, baby? What else do you want Daddy to do to you?”

Dan knew she was getting close, he could feel her body trembling with desire. He began rolling his tongue over her clit, one, twice, three times, before licking her from her sex, and up with his wide, flat tongue.

“I want you to markantalya escort fuck me on your desk, and make me come again, ooohhhh Daddy!”

“You want to come on Daddy’s dick too?” He asked, bringing one of his hands down to his own throbbing cock as he zeroed in on her beautiful bud.

“Ooohh, yeesss, Daddy. I want to come on your dick too!” She moaned as an electric chill went down her spine and her muscles tensed.

Dan expertly brandished his tongue on her as her body quaked through an orgasm. His beard was covered in her ecstasy and she moaned through her peak. Dan happily devoured her, consuming the happiness that came pouring out of her.

As her breathing returned to normal, Dan stood, seamlessly scooping her up, and throwing her on the desk. He ripped off his shirt and sweatpants. Anna opened her legs for him and lifted her hips up off the desk, wordlessly demanding he fill her need.

“Is this what you want, honey?” He asked and he slid his pounding cock between her lips, swimming in the pool he had just made.

“Ohh Daddy, I want you inside of me. I need you inside of me, please Daddy! I saved myself for you!” She urged as she matched his movements.

“Oh you are a good little girl, aren’t you?” He said as his head pushed against her opening.

“I’ve been so good Daddy, please” she begged again.

Dan pushed into her untouched box, slowly inching himself in until he was fully inside her tight snatch. Her walls were hugging every inch of him, and Dan relished the feeling of his daughter’s nubile pussy around him.

He slowly began thrusting in and out, and he caught her nipple in his lips as he stretched her petite cunt to accommodate his lusty member.

“You like that baby? You like Daddy filling you up?”

“Ooohh Daddy, you feel so good!” She moaned and one of her hands found her clit and she began to circle it with each of his lunges.

“You want more, Anna? Do you want more of Daddy’s cock?”

“Ohh yes Daddy, please!” She pleaded.

Dan began to thrust into her with more force, watching his dick disappear into his daughter’s box as she continued to pleasure herself. The momentum was killing him, he wanted to cum in his daughter and watch it slowly drip out of that picked flower and down her ass.

“You gonna come for me, baby?”

“I’m so close Daddy, please don’t stop!”

Dan tightened his grip on her lissom hips and pumped in and out of her taut pussy. He could feel his need bubbling up, he was about to come in his daughter. He ached to explode into her.

“Daddy, I’m going to come, come with me Daddy!” She cried, laying back against the desk and squeezing her own nipple and she rubbed her clit furiously.

Dan was mesmerized by the beautiful creature before him. He could feel his climax building as he watched her perfect boobs jump up and down from the force of his cock penetrating her again, and again, and again.

“Fuck baby, you’re such a good little girl for Daddy!”

“Oohhh god, yes, yes, fuck me Daddy. I’m yours, just fuck me Daddy, please!”

Anna arched off the desk and her body tensed and rippled with her second orgasm. Her vagina clamped down on his dick, urging him to finish inside her.

“Come in me Daddy, I want to feel you cum!” She moaned.

Dan pounded her with the fury of his finale, savoring each last thrust inside her before they both combusted.

They caught their breaths for a few minutes, and Dan slowly slid out of her. Anna jumped off the desk and knelt before him.

“Let me clean you off, Daddy.”

Dan held his daughter’s head in his hands and she gently licked their shared cum off his dick, and wondered at what how this newfound glory would change their lives.

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