The Pool Pt. 01

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This story is not true, is just a fantasy of mine. It is based on a family I knew growing up. It is a fantasy of what could have been.


I was 18 years old finishing up my junior year in high school. I was sexually active on the pill with no steady boyfriend. With summer approaching I befriended Scott Fredrick. He was in my class, new to our school in the winter semester. His family moved into a big house in our neighborhood that had a pool. I will admit I befriended him hoping to get to use his pool over the summer.

Scott is a nice kid, a little on the nerdy side right about 6′ tall with a thin build. It wasn’t hard to get him interested as he didn’t have many friends. I invited him to sit at the lunch table with me and my friends. My plan worked well. Two weeks before school was out Scott invited me and couple of friends over to use the pool.

We had a great time, I flirted with Scott and as importantly I met his parents. Michael Fredrick was his dad. Mr. Fredrick was not like his son, tall 6′ 2″. He was good looking with a hot body. His wife Mary was not Scott’s mother. Scott’s mom had been killed in a car accident while Scott was still pretty young. Mary was about 10 years younger than her husband and very good looking. She was blonde with a great figure. I was convinced that her breasts were augmented.

I worked hard at getting to know Scott’s parent’s; figuring if they liked me the pool would be open to me all summer. They both seemed to eat up my flattery. By the end of the day I had them inviting just me over the next weekend to use the pool with them. I even overheard Mr. Fredrick tell Scott that he should ask me out because I was hot.

Scott didn’t ask me out but did invite me back to swim the next weekend and stay for dinner with his parents. I thought that was Scott’s way of asking me out as he was too scared to ask me on a date.

The next weekend was a nice day of swimming and tanning. Mrs. Fredrick came out and tanned next to me for a while. She told me without me asking that she had breast implants put in when she was 21. I told her that I felt very small next to her. She told that while my tits were not big; they were perfect for my size.

I felt very comfortable Scott and his parents. It was easy to tell they were in love and very affectionate. My parents would never kiss in front of me let alone someone they just met. His parents kissed several times that day and not just pecks on the cheek.

At the end of the night Scott’s dad was urging Scott to walk me home; I knew he wanted to try to get a kiss or more. I was curious if he would get the nerve to try to kiss me.

As we walked and talked I could tell Scott was nervous. We got to the door and Scott chickened out. He told me thanks for coming to his house and good night. He started walk away, so I grabbed him pulling him back to me. I put my lips to his holding him tight. I wasn’t sure but I thought it might have been Scott’s first kiss. I was just going to give him a quick kiss, then send him on his way. My thought that this was his first kiss changed my mind.

I pushed my tongue into his mouth. Scott responded with his tongue playing with mine. We made out for a good five minutes. I finally broke the kiss telling Scott I need to go in. Scott mumbled something clearly shaken by his first make out session. I smiled when I saw the tent in his shorts. I was curious if he would tell his dad that we kissed.

With the that last week of school filled with finals I didn’t see Scott much that week. As school was ending Scott found me telling me that his parents were having a pool party that weekend. His parents wanted him to invite me.

The party was mostly adults but still was fun. There was a lot of drinking and both Mr. and Mrs. Fredrick offered me wine and beer. I turned them down wanting to keep a good reputation with them. The adults were getting pretty drunk when Scott asked me if I wanted to see his room. I knew what he really wanted was to kiss me again. I wondered if he would chicken out like last time.

I closed the door behind us after we came in his room. Scott had a surprised look on his face when I sat on his bed and told him to sit next to me. We had awkward small talk till I came out and asked him, “Was that your first time kissing a girl last weekend?”

“Was it that bad?” Scott asked embarrassed.

“No, not at all. I’m just waiting for you to try again. We are all alone,” I said as Scott leaned into me to kissed me. Scott and I made out for over a half hour. I waited for Scott to grab my tits or reach between my legs but he kept his arms around me not doing anything. I finally pushed Scott back on the bed rolling on top of him. I held him tight rubbing my crotch against his. His cock was rock hard pushing against me in his shorts. We both moaned as we were dry humping.

Scott grunted “Oh shit!” The Oh Shit was for two reasons. Scott had just cum in his shorts but the bigger ‘Oh Shit’ was his mom walked in the room.

“Sorry, just ankara escort keep doing what you’re doing,” Mrs. Fredrick said backing out of the door.

“Oh Shit,” Scott said again. “I’m in trouble now.”

“I doubt it; I get the feeling that your parents are not going to be mad that we made out. Go clean that mess up, I need to be going. Maybe we can do it again next weekend,” I said patting his wet spot on his shorts.

“Shit, mom and I are going on a college visit next weekend,” Scott said going into his bathroom.

Scott’s parents met us at the door to tell me goodbye. I could tell they were drunk but they both had a goofy grin on their faces. “Don’t take too long walking Taylor home Scott,” Mr. Fredrick laughed. “They are going to be gone next weekend but if you want to use the pool feel free to come over.”

Mrs. Fredrick hit her husband, “you just want to see her hot ass in that bikini again.”

As Scott and I walk off to my house I heard Mr. Fredrick say to his wife, “With her ass, do you blame me.”

Next Saturday rolled around and it was a beautiful day. It would be a great day to be laying out by the pool. I remembered what Mr. Fredrick said about coming over to use the pool. At first I thought he was just drunk and didn’t mean it, but then I thought what the hell. I put on my bikini then shorts and a t-shirt. I grabbed my pool bag and headed to the Fredrick’s.

Mr. Fredrick seemed surprised to see me but enthusiastically invited me in. I headed to the pool jumping in before relaxing in the chaise lounge chair. After about an hour in the sun I hear noise behind me. It was Mr. Fredrick trying not to startle me. “Do you mind if I join you?” he asked.

“Of course not, it is your pool,” I said as Mr. Fredrick jumped in the pool.

As Mr. Fredrick got out of the pool I couldn’t help but notice his nice body. He was taller and bigger than his son. Mr. Fredrick laid a towel out in the chair next to me.

I rolled onto my back and said, “Before you sit down, can you put lotion on my back.”

“Sure,” Mr. Fredrick said startled.

He put some lotion on his hands and gently rubbing on my shoulders and back. “Make sure you rub it in good, so I get an even tan.” With that cue, he rubbed harder onto my back and shoulders. “You have strong hands; that feels good. Hang on a second,” I said reaching behind me untying my bikini top. “This way I won’t have a tan line, if that’s okay.”

“I would hate for you to get a tan line.” Mr. Fredrick said with a chuckle.

“Don’t forget the backs of my legs.” I said spreading my legs some.

“Oh how could I forget your legs?” Mr. Fredrick said rubbing up and down my legs. I hiked my bikini bottom up so he could put lotion on the bottom part of my ass. “You want me to put lotion up that high?”

“I don’t want to burn there.” I said know that he was getting excited.

Mr. Fredrick rubbed my ass getting very close to my pussy never touching it. I could feel myself getting wet as he rubbed. He stopped and sat in his chair. “I think I got it.” He said trying to hide the hard-on in his trunks.

We both settled in calming down from the lotion rubbing.

About 5:30 I gathered up my things and told Mr. Fredrick I should get on home that I had imposed on him enough for the day.

Mr. Fredrick spoke up before I put on my shorts and t-shirt. “I could order some pizza.”

I felt it would be bad manners to turn him down so I agreed and put my stuff back down. I thought about putting my shorts on but I remembered what he said to his wife about my ass. He let me use his pool so I would let him look at my ass. Plus I had to admit to myself that liked that he was admiring my body.

Mr. Fredrick had a couple of beers at the pool and a couple more while we ate pizza. After we ate Mr. Fredrick was getting more touchy feely as we talked. I started feeling awkward sitting on their couch in a bikini talk with Mr. Fredrick. “I should probably put my shorts and t-shirt on.” I said.

“I’m sorry for making you uncomfortable. I have to say you made this old man’s day letting me rub lotion on you. You have a spectacular body.” Mr. Fredrick said reaching out to my arm.

“You’re not old, you’re in great shape.” I turned around showing him my body.

“So has my son been enjoying that great body of yours?” Mr. Fredrick asked rubbing my arm and shoulder.

“Not the way you’re thinking, it was hard enough to get him to kiss me. I was starting to wonder if he was your son or adopted,” I said.

“He has a lot of his mother in him, she was very shy. You and he haven’t done it? But Mary said she walked in you on top of him.” Mr. Fredrick said.

“No, we both still had our clothes on. I think he did cum from us dry humping.” I covered my mouth embarrassed I said that about his son. “I’m sorry I shouldn’t have said that about your son.”

“You’re telling me my son didn’t try to grab those wonderful tits?” He asked.

I pushed my chest out towards Mr. Fredrick, “Come on next ankara escort bayan to your wife’s breasts mine are tiny and no he didn’t even make a move toward them.”

Mr. Fredrick reached out his hands out to bikini covered breasts. He squeezed them gently looking me in the eyes. “These are perfect; I don’t know how my son could keep his hands off of them.”

His strong hands felt great on my tits. “You don’t seem to be able keep your hands off them,” I moaned.

“You don’t seem to be complaining,” He said squeezing my tits over my bikini top.

I took a step back reaching behind me untying my bikini top. My top fell to the floor. I stepped back giving him access to my naked tits. “Wow, your tits are fantastic, may I kiss them?” I just nodded as Mr. Fredrick put his lips to my nipples.

Mr. Fredrick sat on the couch sucking on my tits. With his lips on my nipples I felt his hands slip hands slip around behind me. He grabbed my butt cheeks squeezing them still kissing my nipples. I groaned loudly when his fingers slipped between my thighs, running across my slit. My groan seemed to be the invitation Mr. Fredrick needed. He picked me up sitting me down on the couch. I watched as my bikini bottom slid to the floor.

Mr. Fredrick pushed my legs apart and slipped his tongue into my pussy. His talented tongue had me squirming and moaning. “Yes Yes Mr. Fredrick, make me cum.” I moaned. I could feel my orgasm building with Mr. Fredrick finger fucking me along with his tongue. “Fuck yes, I’m cumming.” I called out grabbing onto the couch.

Still out of breath I asked Mr. Fredrick if I could use their phone. With a puzzled look he handed me the cordless phone. “Mom, it’s me. I’m going to sleep over at Katie’s if that’s alright. We spent the day at the Fredrick’s pool and we are worn out. We’re going to bed soon. Thanks mom.”

I handed the phone back to Mr. Fredrick. “I guess I’m going to bed somewhere other than home tonight. I can go to Katie’s unless you have something else in mind.” I said standing there naked.

Mr. Fredrick stood up scooping me into his arms, “Mary’s spot in the bed is open if you want me to put you to bed now.”

I kissed Mr. Fredrick on the cheek. “I’m very ready for you to put me to bed.” Mr. Fredrick carried me down the hall to their king size bed. He stood next to me by the bed taking off his t-shirt then his swim trunks. “Oh my God, Mr. Fredrick you’re huge.” I said reaching out to stroke his cock. “Can I taste you?”

“I can’t wait for you to taste me and please call me Mike.” I pulled myself to the edge of the bed kissing the tip of his cock. I kissed and licked his shaft and balls then settled in to start sucking his cock. He was thicker and longer than any cock I had. I gagged a couple of times before getting into a good rhythm of sucking. All the boys I had been with before would have cum by then but Mr. Fredrick was going strong.

I rolled on to my back spreading my legs. “My mouth is getting tired and I really want to feel that big cock inside me.”

“I can’t argue with that.” Mr. Fredrick said reached in the night stand pulling out a condom.

“You can use that if you need to, but I’m on the pill,” I said.

“I will leave it up to you sweetie.” He said.

I looked up at him standing there with the condom package in his hand. “Mike, fuck me and cum in my pussy. Just go slow, my pussy hasn’t had anything that big in it.”

Mr. Fredrick positioned himself over me kissing me passionately before rubbing his cock over my pussy entrance. “I will go as slow as you want. I’m assuming the way you sucked my cock, this is not your first time.”

“No, I’m not a virgin. Oh God, that feels good,” I said as his cockhead pushed between my pussy lips. Mr. Fredrick slowly worked his cock in and out of my pussy pushing it further in with each stroke. I couldn’t believe how quickly my pussy adjusted to the big cock inside me. Mr. Fredrick sensed my comfort with his cock and quickened his pace fucking me.

“Yes, Yes, fuck me hard.” I was feeling another orgasm bubbling up inside me. I grunted loudly as I came for the second time.

Mr. Fredrick stopped his motion then kissed me once I calmed down. “Was that good for you?” He asked.

“That was great, are you going to fill my puddy with your cum now?” I asked out of breath.

Mr. Fredrick didn’t answer; he just started pounding my pussy. It felt so good I didn’t want it to stop but I could tell he was getting close to cumming. Mr. Fredrick suddenly stopped the pounding and grunted loudly. I could feel his fluid filling my pussy. He jerked a few more times then collapsed on top of me.

I lay in Mr. Fredrick’s arms without either of us saying a word for twenty minutes. “I’m sorry, we shouldn’t have done this.” Mr. Fredrick finally spoke up.

“Fuck that, we both know we just had some great sex. If you’re worried about me telling anyone, don’t be. I loved every minute of it and hope to spend the night with you filling my puddy some more.” escort ankara I said stroking his soft cock.

“Damn, you are impossible to turn down.” Mr. Fredrick said as his cock stiffened in my hand.

We fucked two more times that night and one more when we awoke in the morning. My pussy was sore but in a good way when we were done.

Mr. Fredrick made me breakfast after we took a shower together. At breakfast Mr. Fredrick asked, “My son has only tried to kiss you and nothing more?”

“Yeah, hard to believe he is your son,” I said.

“This may sound terrible but can I do something for you to get you to help my son, you know sexually?”

“Are you saying you want to pay me to fuck your son?” I asked.

“That is pretty blunt but yes. I get it, you friended him to use the pool but I don’t care about that. You are incredibly sexual and yes I would pay you to fuck him.” Mr. Fredrick said.

“I’ll think about it,” I said before I headed home.

Early the next week Scott called inviting me over the next weekend. He said his parents were going out for a party and they suggested that they get pizza for us and we could watch a movie or something. I knew what that something his dad had in mind.

I figured what the hell, I had figured that I would fuck Scott at some point during the summer and if his dad wanted to pay me, why not.

Mr. Fredrick pulled me aside before they left. “I’m not pressuring you but I want you to take this whether you do anything with Scott or not.” He handed me an envelope I quickly put away in my purse not wanting Scott to see.

Scott and I had a nice night, eating pizza then evening swim. We kissed a few times but Scott still made no move to let his hands feel me. Sitting by the pool once it got dark I asked Scott if he could turn lights off around and in the pool. Scott seemed confused but did as I asked.

“Let’s go skinny dipping.” I said. I didn’t wait for Scott to answer. I untied my top and slipped on my bikini bottoms slipping into the water. “Come on Scott, get your trunks off and get in the water.”

Scott pulled his trunks down and jumped into the water. I swam over to him hugging my naked body against his. I could feel his dick getting hard against my body as we kissed. “Mmm, skinny dipping feels good doesn’t it Scott?” I whispered in his ear. Scott pulled his pelvis back from me realizing his dick was pressing against me.

I pulled Scott’s hips back to me. “Don’t you like feeling our bodies rubbing against each other?” I asked Scott kissing him.

“I just didn’t want you to get the wrong idea.” Scott stammered.

“Wrong idea? Scott we’re naked in the pool and your dick is rubbing against me. I’m just curious what we are going to do next with this thing.” I said grabbing his cock.

“Whatever you think we should do Taylor.” Scott said.

“I think we should dry off and head to your bed.” I said pulling him to the ladder in the pool.

“Bed?” Scott said anxious.

“We are just going to do what we did last time in your bed; there just won’t be clothes between us.”

When we got to his room I laid on the bed spreading my legs. Scott stared at my trimmed pussy. “I’m sorry, what do I do?” He said just standing next to the bed.

“Get on top of me with your legs between mine. Line up your dick with my pussy and slowly start to push it in. Once you get it all the way in just hold it there before you start fucking me.” I said guiding him down to me.

Scott did as he was told; he paused for a few moments before he started pumping me. He wasn’t as big as his dad but I could tell what he took after his dad. “Oh Scott, your cock feels good inside me.”

I figured Scott wouldn’t last long and his loud grunt told me I was right. “Oh shit Taylor, I’m not wearing a condom and I came in you.”

“Calm down, I should have told you before we started. I’m on the pill.” I said getting up and going to the bathroom to wipe out the cum.

“Whew, dad warned me about not using a condom. I think that was how I was conceived. Wow, that was great; you know that was my first time.” Scot said as I walked to his bathroom.

“Yes, I figured you were a virgin. Can I ask you if you if your parents encouraged you to have sex with me tonight? I found it interesting they were so anxious to leave us alone in the house tonight.” I asked him.

“Now that you say that, Dad was telling me telling me to go for it with you. He said he thought you were hot for me. You’re not mad are you?” Scott asked cautiously.

“No not at all, I’m glad we had sex. I hope you’re okay with losing your virginity. I feel that you may have been pressured into it.” I said.

“Are you kidding, you’re like the hottest girl in school. I can’t believe we actually had sex, it was incredible.”

“You’re mom said they would be home by 10:00, it is 9:00 now. That gives us an hour before they get home. I would love to get a better look at your cock and taste it before you put it back in me.” I said petting his dick.

“We’re going to do it again?” Scott said hopefully.

I didn’t respond, I just crawled between his legs taking his cock into my mouth. “You’re bigger than I thought you would be.” Scott moaned as his dick grew in my mouth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32