The Neighbor’s Daughter Ch. 02

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Janet was in the living room reading the newspaper when Ethan entered, wearing just his shorts. She looked up at him, beaming with happiness.

“I heard her shout when you took her cherry,” she said. Ethan blushed. “She liked it, didn’t she?”

“Yeah, I guess she did,” Ethan said, and sat on the sofa.

“I knew you were the right man for the job.”

“Thank you. I’m flattered.” He hesitated and there was a moment of silence between them. “How long have you been planning this?” he asked.

Janet chuckled. “Actually, only since I saw you banging your sister.” She casually laid her hand in his lap, directly on the lump of his penis, which quickly grew hard again. “I was shocked and fascinated, of course. But when I saw this, it gave me the idea to see if you were interested.”

Sandi came into the room just as her mother was finishing her sentence, but Janet did not remove her hand from Ethan’s lap. They both looked at her. She was glowing, and her face was radiant. She had put on a short terry cloth robe, loosely tied at the waist and open all the way down her front to expose her bare chest and cleavage. She plopped on the other sofa and the robe fell away a little bit, baring one of her breasts. She did not bother to cover it up.

“You look like a new woman,” Janet said proudly, smiling at her daughter.

“I feel different,” Sandi said, crossing one of her legs under her.

“In what way?” Ethan asked.

“I don’t know. Like I’m not a little girl any more. Like I know some secrets now that they don’t tell little girls.” She looked down at her mom’s hand rubbing Ethan’s cock and she blushed.

Ethan laughed at her embarrassment. “You’re not as innocent as you try to let on, but your genuine modesty makes you a more beautiful person.”

“Oh shut up,” Sandi said, blushing even more.

Janet laughed. She caught Ethan’s eye for a moment, tilted her head, leaned forward, and planted her lips on his. Sandi almost gasped out loud, but watched them with fascination. Their lips broke apart and Sandi could see their tongues intertwined like snakes.

Ethan was a little shocked that Janet would do this right in front of her daughter, but since she had brought him over to fuck the young girl, he figured he shouldn’t be too surprised. Her hand was still squeezing his cock, which was ready to burst out of his shorts. He wondered what she had in mind next, although he was sure that whatever it was, he would enjoy it immensely.

Janet and Ethan broke apart and looked at Sandi together. She was staring at them with her mouth open, and when she realized she was staring, she snapped her mouth shut and grinned. Ethan stood up and slipped his shorts down over his hips. His cock seemed to jump out, hanging long and stiff from the front of his body. The bright light from the late afternoon sun shined across the shaft like a spotlight, highlighting every thick inch of it like a masterpiece sculpture.

Ethan held out his hand for Sandi. She got up, giggling, took his hand, and sat down beside him when he sat down. He spread his arms out across the back of the sofa. The warm sunlight was shining on the back of his neck. The mother and the daughter were on either side of him, and his cock was standing up between his legs, begging for attention.

Janet licked her lips, looking back and forth between Ethan and Sandi. She put her hand on his chest.

“I want to show you how to give a blowjob,” Janet said, looking at Sandi.

Sandi blushed again. “I’ve done that, Mom,” she said, pretending to be mature and experienced.

“You’ve put little boys wee-wees in your mouth, but you’ve never sucked a man’s cock.”

Sandi looked down like she had been scolded, but Ethan could see a grin on her lips and mischief in her eye. Janet put her hand around his cock, lifting it straight up. She gently stroked it in her hand, watching her daughter’s eyes. Sandi glanced back and forth from her mother’s eyes to her mother’s hands. She caught Ethan watching them and laughed uncomfortably.

Janet bent forward and lightly, tenderly, kissed the huge head like she was kissing a child as she tucked it in for bed. She kissed the tip and the underside and all the way around, leaving small traces of red lipstick on the skin. She stuck her tongue out between her open lips and touched it to the head, licking slowly, deliberately around the narrow slit. She closed her mouth to get her tongue wet again and sensuously licked up the side to the head, lowered her mouth over the head, closed her lips around the shaft, and slowly sucked her mouth off with a soft smack.

“You have to do more than just put it in your mouth and move your head up and down,” Janet said. “That might be fine for one of your boyfriends, but a real man will quickly get bored with that. Try it,” she said, holding his cock up for her. “You have to love it, adore it, worship, in the way a man worships and adores you and your body.”

Ethan nodded to himself. He had to admit, he thought, she was right about that.

Sandi bent over his ankara escort lap, taking his cock from her mother’s hands. She looked up at her mother for approval, and Janet nodded. Ethan could feel Sandi’s warm breath over his cock as she fondled it and studied the length of it. He gasped when she kissed the end of it. Her lips were much fuller and softer than her mother’s, and they felt somehow more exotic.

She kissed around the head just like her mother had.

“Now lick it,” Janet said.

Sandi put her lips around and it and licked the head. She took the whole length in her mouth, trying to copy exactly what her mother had done. She did not really know what she was doing, but she behaved like an experienced cock sucker trying to deep throat him. She was squeezing his legs like a woman who wanted him to cum in her mouth, but it was too soon for that.

Obviously trying to be too eager, the slid her mouth as far down on his shaft as she could. The head touched the soft skin at the back of her mouth and she gagged terribly. She pulled her mouth off the cock, coughing in a fit. She turned her head, coughing like she was close to choking, and Janet and Ethan smiled at each other.

“Don’t take any more of it than you think you can handle,” Janet said. She put her hand around his cock and stroked it again. “Ethan’s got a lot of penis here and there’s no need to try to swallow all of it if you don’t think you can.”

“Okay,” Sandi coughed.

“Watch what I do with my tongue,” she said, and Sandi watched closely. Janet put the head in her mouth, rapidly licking the underside of the head, and clamped her lips tightly around the shaft. Her head bobbed up and down rapidly. Her cheeks were sucked in and her lipstick smeared along the shaft.

“Oh my god,” Ethan moaned. His eyes rolled shut and his head fell back against the window. Sandi was aware of the effect her mom’s blowjob had on him, and her mouth hung open in amazement.

“Wow,” Sandi whispered.

Janet sucked her mouth off again and licked up the saliva on her lips. Ethan’s cock was coated and shiny with her saliva. “Now you try it,” she said. “And make sure your teeth don’t touch him.”

Sandi nodded as she stroked his cock. She had a look of intense concentration on her face. There was nothing else in the world but her and the cock she was holding. She took a deep breath, stuck her tongue out, rapidly licked the soft skin under the head, lowered her wide open mouth over the head, which looked far too big for her small mouth, closed her lips tightly around it, took as much of it into her mouth as she could, sucked in her cheeks, and began to bob her head up and down as fast as she could.

“Fuck,” Ethan cried. His hips rose off the sofa.

“Cum in her mouth,” Janet told him, looking very pleased with her daughter’s work. “I want her to feel it.”

Sandi turned her eyes up to her mother, with a slight cry of surprise that was muffled by the cock. Ethan could see the apprehension in her eyes, but he didn’t want to let her get away without first filling her mouth with his cum.

Sandi was suddenly overcome with fear. The idea of a guy cumming in her mouth had never crossed her mind. They had cum in her hand and even on her face. Ethan was the first to cum in her cunt, but the thought that he was going to cum in her mouth frightened her. She wanted to get it out of her mouth before he did, but she felt a strong hand on the back of her head, holding her down, and actually pushing her farther down on it than she wanted to go. Before she knew it, his warm cum was shooting into her mouth, flooding over her tongue like she had inhaled a lake. Her eyes shot wide open with surprise and she screamed, but that was muffled by the cock, too.

“Swallow it,” Janet shouted. “Swallow it.”

Sandi tried to swallow it, but it was filling her mouth faster than she could believe, and the first time she tried to choke some of it down, it backwashed and gushed out of her mouth. She was screaming and swallowing, but it just kept filling her mouth. Ethan seemed to have no end to his supply of cum.

Eventually, Ethan let out a big groan and dropped back to the sofa, exhausted. He let go of Sandi and she immediately withdrew his cock. She gasped for a breath, almost sobbing. Her lips, cheeks, chin and nose were dripping with his cum. It was all over his cock, running down the sides, matted in his pubic hair and dripping on his balls.

Janet was astounded. She could only watch and shake her head. “I’ve never seen a man with as much cum as you have,” she said. She took Sandi’s face in her hand. “Are you all right?” she asked, wiping away the thick cum. Sandi nodded bruskly, trying to fight back the tears from her red eyes. “You did a great job.” Sandi smiled, showing the cum on her teeth, which she licked off, and they hugged each other.

Ethan felt choked up with emotion seeing the love they shared. Janet and Sandi looked at him at the same time.

“How are you?” Janet asked.

“Happy,” Ethan said. “You two are really wonderful.”

Janet ankara escort bayan looked down at his penis. “Have you had enough today?”

Ethan looked down. His penis was drooping over on its side. “I think so,” he said. “I should probably be getting home now.”

“Can you come back over tomorrow?” Sandi said, with a sad pout on her lips.

“Sure. I can come back over tonight if you’d like.”

“Good,” Janet said. “I have more plans for you.”

It was dark before Ethan returned and knocked on Janet’s front door. Sandi opened it, and smiled seductively when she saw him. She had put on a light, summery dress with a short hemline and a low neckline.

“Come in,” she smiled, and held the door open for him.

“How are you?” he said, noticing the gleam in her eye. “You look very nice.”

“Thank you. Are you gonna kiss me?”

Ethan smiled. He leaned over to kiss her. Their lips touched lightly, then she wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him tight to her warm body for a deep, passionate kiss. She moaned as his tongue found hers inside her mouth, and she pressed her groin against his.

Janet came in and saw them holding each other, kissing. “You two act like you haven’t seen each other in weeks.”

“Hi, Janet,” Ethan said, blushing in embarrassment. She was wearing a short, tight, black skirt and a white blouse.

“I never noticed before how good you look in jeans,” Janet said, admiring the shape of his penis hanging down his pants.

Ethan looked down at his front. “Thank you,” he said.

Janet looked disappointed. “Don’t I get a kiss?”

Ethan grinned. “You look great yourself.” He took her in his arms and kissed her. She put one arm around his neck and forced her knee between his legs, rubbing her thigh against the bulge of his hard shaft. When they broke apart, Sandi was watching them anxiously.

Janet took a deep breath. “Have you eaten dinner, yet?” she asked.

“Mom,” Sandi said, feeling unbearably anxious.

Janet looked at her daughter and smiled at Ethan. “Sandi has no patience.”

“I’m only eighteen, Mom.”

Janet hesitated for a second, admiring her daughter’s beautiful features and Ethan’s fabulous body. They looked delightful standing beside each other. “Okay. Let’s go to my bedroom.”

Sandi nearly jumped for joy and led them down the hall to her mother’s big bedroom and climbed onto the king size bed, waiting for them to catch up. Janet sat on the bed with her, leaning back on her elbows.

“We want to watch you take your clothes off,” she said, grinning at Ethan. Sandi crawled on her belly next to her mom and rested her chin in her palms, also grinning at him.

Ethan’s eyebrows went up in surprise. He had underestimated Janet, he thought, but what the hell, she wanted him to fuck both of them. “Okay,” he smiled back at them, and slowly pulled his t-shirt off over his head. Janet and Sandi giggled to each other like little girls at a tea party. He unbuckled his belt and dropped his pants and they sighed together at the sight of his bare, stiffening cock.

“Now you can undress us,” Janet said, laying back on the bed.

“My pleasure,” Ethan grinned. He slowly peeled off each of their clothing and they were all laying on the bed, naked.

“When you two made love this afternoon, what position were you in?” Janet asked.

“Sandi was on top,” Ethan said in a matter-of-fact way. Sandi wasn’t sure what her mother meant.

Janet looked impressed. “That’s a good way to start,” she said. “I want to show Sandi a few positions,” she said, looking at Ethan, as she laid back and spread her legs. “Since you already did it that way, let’s start with you on top.” Ethan crawled on top of her, lowering himself between her legs, and slipped his cock into her warm, moist cunt. Sandi watched with fascination. “This is probably the most common way to make love,” Janet told her daughter. She hooked her ankles around the backs of Ethan’s thighs. “It gives the man all the control.”

Ethan’s cock was buried inside her. He looked at Sandi. “But it doesn’t give the woman as much satisfaction as other positions,” he said.

“That’s true,” Janet said. “Look at how he’s able to get it deep inside me.” Sandi examined where her mother’s hand was pointing between her legs, where Ethan’s huge cock disappeared in her tiny hole.

“Does that feel good?” Sandi asked curiously.

“Yes, it does,” Janet told her. Ethan was moving his hips in and out and her face was grimacing. “Ethan, let Sandi see how it feels.”

“Okay,” he said, and pulled out of her hole. Sandi was already laying on her back with her legs spread and a smile on her face, eagerly waiting for him to try it on her. “You’re going to be a little sore,” Ethan said, as he kneeled between her gorgeous thighs.

“Is it going to hurt?” Sandi said, sounding frightened.

“A little bit.” He slipped the big head of his cock between her moist, tender pussy lips. “I’ll be gentle.” He pushed his hips forward and Sandi winced. Ethan looked escort ankara at Janet and Janet shrugged. Sandi was watching Ethan with anticipation written all over her face. Her mouth was open and her eyes stared deep through his to his soul. The obvious pain and discomfort did not seem to dissuade her desire to experience lovemaking in the most exquisite way. Ethan slid his penis the rest of the way in with only a flinch and a whimper from Sandi.

“Do you like it?” Ethan said, moving his hips slowly in and out.

Sandi groaned. “I think so,” she said. He began to pump more firmly and she licked her lips. Her eyes blinked shut. Her breathing was heavy and she was moaning softly.

“Hook your legs around his, Sandi,” Janet instructed. Sandi wrapped her legs around his and looked over at her mother to make sure she was doing it right. “That’s right,” Janet said. “Now you can use your legs to give him an idea how hard you want it.”

“Like this?” Sandi whispered, as she clamped her legs around Ethan, drawing him in tighter. His cock went in hard and she groaned.

“Yes,” Janet laughed. “Just like that.”

“I never thought it would be like this,” Sandi moaned, biting her bottom lip. “All the girls I know talk about fucking, but I didn’t know it was supposed to feel so good.”

“Are you still sore?” Ethan asked, looking down on her with concern.

“No, not any more.” Sandi looked at her mother. Janet smiled at her.

“Now pull him down on top of you,” Janet said. Sandi put her arms around Ethan and hugged him to her chest. “Can you feel his skin on yours? Can feel how good it is to have his weight on top of you?”

“Yes,” Sandi sighed, squeezing Ethan tighter and tighter. Ethan’s hips were moving back and forth deeper and deeper and her moans were turning to heavy groans. Her whole body heaved up each time he pushed his cock back in. When he leaned forward, his shaft rubbed her clit and she flinched with a small cry.

“Let yourself go, Sandi,” Janet whispered in her daughter’s ear. “If you want to have an orgasm, just let it happen.”

Sandi bucked her hips up with every thrust of Ethan’s hips. Ethan tenderly kissed the nape of her neck and the lobes of her ears. She was trembling and shaking under him. He could tell she was very near an orgasm. Her groans had turned to rapid, high-pitched squeals. Her fingers were clawing his back and her heels were digging into the backs of his legs. Ethan pumped a little faster and harder, but was careful not to force himself too deep.

Sandi turned her head up, locked her lips to Ethan’s mouth, and he and Janet both knew she was cumming. Ethan continued to pump hard and steady until it began to pass. Janet watched her daughter with admiration, glad she was able to enjoy such experiences with a man she considered to be so trust-worthy.

Sandi opened her eyes, panting, looked up at Ethan, then at her mother. Sandi smiled at her and Janet smiled back, feeling full of joy. Sandi looked back at Ethan again, who was looking deep into her glistening eyes, and kissed him. They kissed lightly a few times, smacking their lips. Sandi looked at her mother again.

“How were you two doing it today?” she asked. Ethan and Janet looked at each other.

“You mean when you saw us in here?” Janet said.

“Yeah,” Sandi said. She saw the two of them blushing.

“Do want me to show you?”

“Yeah,” Sandi grinned.

“Okay,” Janet said. She touched Ethan’s shoulder. “Did you cum?”

“No,” Ethan said. Her eyebrows went up. “Are you surprised?”

“I’m surprised you decided to save it, that’s all.” She rolled over on her belly and stuck her ass in the air.

Ethan gazed at Janet’s ass and her fingers dancing over her clit. He looked down at Sandi. She was giggling. Reluctantly, he drew his penis out of Sandi’s wonderful pussy and crawled across the bed behind her mother. He lined up the head of his cock with her cunt and slipped it in.

“Oh, yeah,” Janet groaned.

Ethan groaned with her, as her smooth, warm hole enveloped him. This switching back and forth between them was going to drive him crazy. He wanted to cum so badly, but he didn’t know if he would be able to give some to both of them. He looked down at Janet’s bare ass spread before him. He could cum there, he thought, squirt it on the pearly skin of her ass and back and up into her hair. He looked at little Sandi who was lying on her side, watching them. She had lovely tits and a flat stomach. He would like to cum on her, and splatter his white liquid on her soft tits. He’d like to cum in her mouth again, which was hanging open in fascination. She had looked so good with his sperm on her lips, and her mouth had felt so wonderful around him. It was an experience he wanted to enjoy again.

He would also like to cum inside Janet, he thought. He held her hips and pulled her back when he pushed himself forward. With a shout, her head rose off the bed and she flung her hair back over her shoulders.

“Oh fuck,” she moaned. The only man she had made love with in her life was her husband, Sandi’s father. Ethan was the first man she had been with since his death more than two years earlier. Ethan was a wonderful lover, as good as her late husband, but there was no comparison for the size of his equipment.

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