The Lesbian Simulation

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of rough, reluctant, dubiously consensual, or non-consensual sex.


Natalie could only poke her head around the tree and to gaze at the beautiful woman a short distance away. She appeared exhausted as she feebly attempted to crawl further and further from the wooded tree line she came from. She was incredible looking, with pale delicious skin completely exposed. Her tiny waist was trimmed as her hips curved to form a thick rounded butt. She was completely naked, which was how every female entered the simulation 6 weeks ago. In the real world, Natalie was a closeted lesbian, and never once had been with another woman from fear of people finding out. Everything changed though when she learned of an opportunity.

A state-of-the-art lesbian sex simulation that had been in the process of development was near completion. The company that founded the simulation was given approval to invite 100 female participants to be the first human participants to be immersed inside the virtually created domain. With confidence that the simulation was completely safe, Natalie saw the chance to finally embrace her sexual nature. Natalie was a swim-suit model in the real world. At 23 years old, she had developed a perfectly shaped hourglass figure with a D sized bra. Her acute green eyes and dark brown hair perfected her elegant body. She was an easy selection, as the company was biased towards choosing extremely hot women for the trial simulation. Natalie and 99 other females were immersed into the simulation for what was supposed to be a single hour. Perhaps they were all tricked, or maybe the simulation malfunctioned, whatever the case, the simulation has now run for 44 days.

Natalie snapped back to reality as she noticed a female figure appeared from the tree line. She was a thicker, busty woman. Her boobs while large looked perky and luscious. Her hair was a dark red that fell down to her shoulders. She had an enormous bubbly ass that rounded out to her larger thighs. Natalie gulped as she couldn’t help but state at her. She shifted to hide herself completely as she leaned back against the tree. The red headed woman was a zombie, though not quite like the zombies in the movies. Not only was the sex simulation keeping Natalie and the rest of the volunteers trapped inside, it also evidently developed a virus affected some of the female volunteers. Whatever the virus the simulation contracted, it’s effect seemingly alters the mind of the female it affects. Instead of a human consciousness, the females became mindless sex fiends that began infecting all of the other females.

The trim young brunette was barely moving anymore due to exhaustion. She most bahis siteleri likely escaped one of the zombified females, but not before they sexually overpowered her for a brief period of time. Natalie was lucky enough to be extremely athletic, evading these infected females with ease. The brunette now struggling to escape was not so lucky. Natalie watched her as she caught her breath. An outwardly kind, and generous person, Natalie was surprisingly a very sexually sadistic female. Watching the young brunette attempt to flee from the sexy thick red headed woman excited her. She had to be operating at maybe 20% of her ability. With no longer the strength of an adult female, she had now been reduced to the energy of a small child.

Natalie’s body began to feel warm and tingle. Her ravishing pussy became wet as she watched the thick red head close in on the poor fragile brunette. She knew better than to try and help, there was no way she was going to be the next victim. It was all about survival to her at this point. The thick red head finally caught up to the brunette who was to weak to even plead for mercy. Without hesitation, the red head woman knelt down over the top of the brunette and sunk her mouth deep between her legs. She wrapped her arms down and around both of the butt cheeks, pulling her tight against her body with ease. The brunette groaned in ecstasy, yet still attempting to not give in. She conjured a last effort to try and budge the red head’s body from on top of her, but her arms merely slipped off of the woman’s ass, not even moving it an inch. Her mouth opened wide as her head tilted back, and her legs raised up into the air. Natalie’s jaw dropped as she stared at the brittle young brunette’s body which spasmed out of control. Her legs flailed up and down as she rode her orgasmic waves of pleasure underneath the voraciously thick red headed woman planted on top of her.

As if the sight wasn’t making Natalie wet enough, the sound of the red headed woman swallowing the brunette’s pussy juices was the hottest thing she had ever heard. Bearing down like a lion suffocating its prey, the zombified woman rocked her head faintly side to side as she gulped profusely without ever spilling a drop. Natalie noticed the woman’s own juices running down her sides, dripping down onto the brunette’s tiny little stomach. Like a thirst that was unable to be quenched, the thick red head consumed the brunette with unwavering desire.

Natalie could not resist as she leaned against the side of the tree and lowered her hand between her legs. She allowed herself a subtle moan, but softly enough to stay hidden. She felt a touch of jealousy towards the brunette as she continued to watch her convulse. An orgasm canlı bahis siteleri in the simulation was 5x more powerful than one experienced in real life. That wasn’t even the premiere aspect the company would promote for the simulation. While immersed, along with increased intensity, orgasms will never end as long as there’s stimulation by another individual. A female could climax for an eternity, so long as another relentlessly gives them pleasure.

Natalie’s attention suddenly shifted back to the tree line as she counted 5 more zombified women emerging into the open field. They swiftly made their way towards the brunette still squirming without bodily control. Natalie was barely close enough to see her eyes rolled back into her head. Her arms were wrapped almost completely around the enormous butt of the thick red head as her mouth lingered just below the succulent pussy above. Natalie’s breath began to shorten as her arousal began to intensify. There was no hope for the brunette whatsoever as the 5 females closed in upon her.

Natalie continued to touch herself, growing closer to an orgasm of her own. Her eyes widened even more as the first of the 5 females walked up to the brunette. She too wasted no time as she managed to burrow herself up underneath between the ground and the brunette’s back. She positioned her head directly below the savory, pale rounded ass, the body of the brunette now resting on top of her own. Like a starved animal, the zombified woman spread apart the butt cheeks and sealed her mouth around her butthole. The brunette’s legs quivered in pleasure before being forcefully clutched onto by the woman laying underneath her. Natalie could hear her sucking and slurping as she moaned with satisfaction, her faced engulfed deep in the butt crack of the brunette. With complete disregard, the thick red head paid no attention to the added body. Streaks of liquid began to stream down the second female’s cheeks as she gorged herself on the brunette’s flavorous ass juices.

Natalie rubbed her pussy even more rapidly as her knees began to weaken. She nearly lost her balance, but was able to extend her free arm to catch the tree without revealing herself out in the open. The third zombified female had now reached the brunette, settling herself into a seated position behind her tilted head. Natalie’s body stiffened up. her breathing came to an abrupt halt. As the third zombified female’s tongue slowly parted her lips, it drew out way beyond the standard length. Natalie could not believe what her eyes were seeing. The woman’s tongue had to be at least 8 inches long. It extended fully out like a blood-red leach, and curled downwards from out of the woman’s mouth. Were all of the canlı bahis women’s tongues that long once they became turned? Natalie pondered the thought as her hand rubbed her clit faster and faster. The woman wrapped one arm around the brunette’s neck, and the other resting just above her breasts. She began to lower her face downwards as she pulled the brunette closer into her lap. Her curling tongue stiffened as she plunged it deep down into the brunette’s throat, until eventually their lips locked together shut.

Natalie could not resist any longer as she collapsed backwards behind the tree. It took all she could to not make a sound as her body convulsed wildly upon the soft grassy earth. She imagined being the brunette as her hips plunged up and down. Her juices sprayed over her thighs and feet as she covered her mouth with her other hand. It was so good, she never wanted the orgasm to end, until to her dissatisfaction, her climax came to an end. She laid frozen and unable to move. She stared up into the tree’s branches, all the while listening to the sounds of the females feasting upon the lustful brunette. She gave herself a minute to recover before her arousal returned back with a vengeance. She raised herself slowly up off the ground, and again peeked around the tree.

The last two zombified females had now found themselves latched onto to each of the brunette’s breasts. Each of their head bobbed up and down ever so slightly as they suckled the erect nipples deep into their mouths. The group of zombified females moaned with contentment. The sounds were muffled, each mouth fastened tight to a different part of the brunette’s body. It had become hard to make out her pale figure anymore beneath the frenzied horde of ravenous females. Natalie continued to grow more and more envious. The endless juices that were being taken from this overwhelmed brunette was so hot. All of the sweaty bodies rubbing against each other, she wanted to go lick their skin clean.

She leaned against the tree again and watched for what seemed like an hour with no sign of them letting up. How long would it take before the brunette would be turned into one of them? Could it take hours, even potentially days? She again lowered her hand between her legs, stimulating herself while continuing to observe. What a lucky girl the brunette was, to have a seemingly endless amount of euphoric pleasure.

Natalie looked back to the tree line to see another horde of zombified females stepping out into the open. Natalie suddenly stepped away from the tree, and out into the open. Even if she was a survivor, was a life of running and hiding really the way she wanted to live? No, she had had enough of that. It was her turn to be ravaged in pleasure, to have her juices sucked out from every hole of her sexy body. Stepping into the field, she smiled and slumped to the ground in submission as the approaching horde turned to make their way in her direction.

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