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by Pink Panther

Hi Everybody! We”ve finally reached the end of the summer term. As I didn”t want this chapter to run on into the summer holidays, it”s a relatively short one. I think there”s enough in there to keep you interested. Next time they”ll be on holiday from school, and you know what that means . . .

If it”s all the same to you, I think I”ve disclaimed quite often enough. But please remember that I”m a feedback junkie, so if you haven”t written to me recently, please send your comments ail and I”ll get back to you as soon as I can.

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July 1960

Dressed in a tee-shirt and summer shorts, Michael sat in his bedroom waiting for Chris to arrive. Just after twenty past four, the doorbell rang. Michael went to answer it. Chris was standing in the porch. The elfin boy sauntered inside, drawing his older friend into a passionate kiss almost before the front door was closed.

“So how did it go with Mr Faulkner?” Michael enquired.

“Let”s go up to your room,” Chris suggested.

Michael followed him upstairs. With the door closed behind them, they snuggled up on Michael”s bed without even bothering to undress.

“Well?” Michael demanded.

“He did exactly what you said he would,” Chris said, grinning. “When he started stroking my leg, I asked him to stop, and he did. Then I told him I knew he was doing stuff with you. He never even tried denying it. But this is the bit I wasn”t expecting. I asked him if he taught you to suck. He said he didn”t. Then I asked him if he”d taken your cherry. He said he hadn”t done that either. He said you were already quite experienced when he met you. Well, I don”t think it was that landlady”s son you told me about. So could you tell me who it really was?”

Michael took a deep breath. It was time to tell the truth. There was nothing else he could do.

“D”you remember my uncle?” he asked. “We went to his flat once.”

“Yeah,” Chris confirmed. “I remember.”

“I”ve always liked Uncle Jack. Like I”ve told you, my dad treats me like I don”t exist. But all through primary school Uncle Jack helped me, encouraged me, played with me; all the stuff my dad couldn”t be bothered to do. And he used to let me snuggle up to him while we were watching television and stuff. I loved that! So he was my hero, I guess. Well, it was the summer holidays, nearly two years ago now. One day we were messing about. He `accidentally” touched my dick. Well, I don”t know if it was accidental or not. I didn”t care. I grabbed his. It was rock hard. That”s how it started. He never forced me to do anything. I loved it! I always wanted him to show me new things we could do. Well, after a few weeks, he fucked me.”

“Did it hurt?” Chris asked.

“Yeah, the first time it was pretty bad. Actually, it hurt the first few times. I didn”t care. I still wanted him to do it. After a bit, it never hurt at all.”

“Do you still see him?”

“Yeah, on Sunday afternoons.”

“Which explains why you”re never around on Sundays,” Chris concluded. He paused for a moment. “Since he started the maths club, Mr Faulkner”s been really nice to me,” he said thoughtfully. “I wonder if he”ll keep being nice now that I haven”t let him do what he wanted?”

“He”ll treat you exactly the same as he did before,” Michael answered without even having to think about it. “He really likes you. That won”t change just because you didn”t want to have sex with him.”

“Mike,” Chris questioned. “When I saw you getting into Mr Faulkner”s car, was he taking you back to his flat?”

“No, if I”m going there I go on my bike. He was taking me to meet some friends.”

“What sort of friends?”

“Another teacher, actually one who used to teach him, and a boy who”s at the school now. I have to call the teacher Mr Smith, but I”m sure that”s not his real name.”

“Really? Why”s that?”

“Because I also have to call Mr Faulkner Mr White. So if Mr White is not really Mr White, I”m pretty sure Mr Smith”s not really Mr Smith either.”

“Sounds like something out of a spy story. And you meet them to have sex?”


“What do you do?”

“I have sex with the other boy while Mr Faulkner and Mr Smith watch. When we”ve finished, Mr Faulkner fucks the other boy while Mr Smith fucks me.”

“Do you like doing that?”

“Yeah, I love it. Mr Smith”s really nice. I can see why the boys like him so much. I”ve been with three different boys from his school. They”re all nice too.”

“I”d couldn”t do that,” Chris said firmly. “I don”t care how nice they are. I”d hate to have someone watching me while I was . . . you know, especially an adult.”

“It doesn”t really bother me,” Michael responded. “When Mr Smith and Mr Faulkner are watching us, I pretty well forget they”re there.”

“Well, that”s okay for you then, isn”t it?” Chris said. “I couldn”t do that. Maybe if it was just boys. I don”t know. I like doing it like this, with just the two of us. It seems so much more personal.”

“Suppose I was having sex with a boy you really like,” Michael postulated. “Wouldn”t you want to watch us?”

“Maybe,” Chris equivocated. “I really don”t know.”

“We”ll have to try it some time,” Michael asserted. “I love watching. So do all the other boys I”ve met. It makes us really horny.”

“You”re horny enough anyway,” Chris countered, grinning.

For a moment, there was silence. Michael had been convinced that Chris would give him a lecture, insisting that if he didn”t give up having sex with other people, their relationship would be over. But it hadn”t happened, and he didn”t want to mention it. Just then, Chris”s hand strayed up inside his tee-shirt.

“We aren”t going to just talk, are we?” Chris asked, smiling.

“We can do whatever you want,” Michael told him.

“Come on then!”

Within seconds they were naked, their bodies writhing together.

“You”re incredible,” Michael said. “I wish we”d talked like this ages ago. I was just so scared that I”d lose you.”

“But you haven”t,” Chris said, smiling, “But promise me one thing. We have to be honest with each other. No more lies, no more secrets.”

“No more lies, no more secrets,” Michael agreed. “That”s a promise.” He took a long deep breath. “Chris,” he asked, “would you like to fuck me?”

“You”re used to doing it with Mr Faulkner. Wouldn”t you find it a bit tame?”

“No, it”d be different, but having you right inside me could never be tame!”

“Okay then! What do we do?”

“Well first, I”m going to get you nice and slick,” Michael said, retrieving the tube of K-Y.

He smeared some over the younger boy”s penis. The job complete, he pulled his pillow into the middle of the bed.

“I”d better put this over it,” he said, taking his shower towel from his bag and spreading it over the pillow, “just in case.”

With that, he lay on his tummy, the pillow beneath his hips, his legs spread apart. Reaching back, he separated his bum-cheeks.

“Come on!” he said. “I”m all yours!”

Moments later, he felt Chris”s penis probing his anal ring. Suddenly, the boy”s hard prong speared into him. It grazed his prostate.

“Oh yes!” Michael gasped, clamping him as tight as escort kocaeli he could. “Now fuck me!”

Instinctively, Chris set to work, jack-hammering into his friend”s arse. He didn”t last long. After barely twenty seconds, his breathing became harsh and uneven. Tingling more than he could ever remember. his penis began to pulse, little jets of boy-cum squirting into Michael”s bottom. Very carefully he withdrew.

Michael rolled onto his side, allowing Chris to flop down next to him.

“That was super!” Michael said, grinning. “How was it for you?”

“Yeah, it was really fun,” Chris answered. “I mean, I can understand why you and Mr Faulkner like doing it. But I still prefer you doing it to me.”

“You mean now?” Michael queried.

“I mean right now. You didn”t already cum, did you?”

“No. I nearly did. But you were too quick for me.”

“Come on then!” Chris insisted. “Like we did it on Tuesday, but even harder!”

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Early on Saturday afternoon, Alex was pottering around in his flat. Unexpectedly, the doorbell rang. He went to answer it. Whitney was standing there.

“You”re early,” Alex said brightly, ushering the lad inside.

They strolled through to the lounge.

“I wanted to talk to you,” Michael said, taking his usual place on the sofa.

“I guess you”ve been speaking to Newton,” Alex said, sitting down next to him.

“Yes. I couldn”t believe you asked him to see you after school,” Michael said accusingly.

“Why not?” Alex countered. “You weren”t going to help me. All I could do was to ask him along and see how it went. As it happens, the answer was `not very far”.”

“Yeah, he told me. I”m still surprised you did it though. I mean, you couldn”t have fucked him. It”s obvious that you”d be too big for him.”

“Well, I was expecting him to call a halt before things got that far, but you never know.”

“So if he hadn”t said no, you”d have fucked him?”

“Probably, but it”s irrelevant, isn”t it? I never even got into his shorts. But he”s quite a character, I have to say that. He might be shy in some ways, but he certainly wasn”t shy when it came to asking me to stop stroking his thigh. And when he told me he knew what we”d been getting up to, he never batted an eyelid. Very few boys would have the confidence to speak to one of his teachers the way that he did.”

“Oh, it”s the way he”s brought up,” Michael said casually. “They can all talk. Their dad encourages them to speak up and say what they think. He says that just have to be polite and do it the right way.”

“Really? But their dad”s ex-army. I thought he”d expect his kids to do as they”re told, no questions asked.”

“No sir, he”s not like that at all! He says he fought in the war because the Nazis had to be stopped. According to him, we fought the war so that people could be themselves and stand up for what they believe in.”

“Hmmm, that is a surprise. When I met Mr Newton at parents” evening, I think his military accent and regimental blazer must have thrown me off. Now I think about what he actually said about not allowing the boy to be dragooned into the cross-country team, it does make sense. So that”s where the lad gets his confidence from. And he”s very bright. A year from now, he and Grainger will have left Carver far behind.”

“That”ll be good,” Michael said, grinning. “Carver”s a prick.”

“You could say that,” Alex agreed. “I”ve got no time for kids who think they”re better than everyone else. I met quite a few like that when I was at public school. If I came up against one of them when we were playing rugby, I always went in harder than I needed to, just to make sure they knew.”

“Yesterday,” Michael said, steering the conversation back to more comfortable territory, “I told Newton about what we do when we go visiting, or when people come here. He said he wouldn”t want to do that. He told me he really hated the idea of somebody watching him while he was having sex. He likes it when there are just the two of us.”

“You mean he only wants to do it with you?”

“Not necessarily me, just with whoever it is, one-to-one.”

“Well, each to his own. I still think it was worth inviting him along.”

“Sir, you know what really surprised me? I thought he”d tell me I had to give up having sex with other people if I wanted to do it with him. But he never did.”

“How very sensible of him!” Alex said, smiling. “Anyway, what else did you two get up to yesterday? I”m sure you didn”t spend all your time talking.”

“No, I asked him if he wanted to fuck me. I don”t think he”d ever thought about it before, but he said he”d give it a try.”


“It was fun! I lay on my tummy so I could clamp him really tight. He came really fast! Afterwards, he said he wanted me to fuck him like when we”d done it on Tuesday.”

“With him bending over the chair?”


“And did you?”

“Of course! It was super!”

“Excellent!” Alex congratulated, wrapping his arm around the boy”s shoulder. “I”m pleased that you”re still together. You”re really good for each other. Now let”s think about today. I take it you”re looking forward to seeing King again?”

“Yes, of course!” Michael confirmed. “We”re going to swap addresses and telephone numbers so we can keep in touch.”

“Fair enough,” Alex said, drawing him closer, “but don”t set too much store by it. King”s moving on, and so must you.”

Michael snuggled up to his teacher. It felt warm and comfortable, as though it were where he belonged. Actually, Chris was being sensible, he decided. He liked being here. He wasn”t going to give it up.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

For Michael, the sex-session with King and Mr Brown had been the most exhilarating ever. After King had fucked him, he”d spent some time with Mr Brown. It had ended as it frequently did with him riding the young choirmaster”s cock while driving his boy-dick into King”s mouth. At the same time, the leggy blond boy was being fucked Mr White.

Unusually, Mr White took hold of King”s penis, fucking and wanking him at the same time. Although the lad had cum only twenty minutes earlier, just as Whitney”s boy-juice squirted into his mouth, two little jets of teen spunk flew out, splattering Mr Brown”s chest. Moments later, the boys had their bottoms filled with thick, creamy spunk. It was everything Michael could have wanted, pure, unadulterated pleasure. He”d loved every second of it.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

“They are two wonderful boys,” Alex commented as King and Whitney disappeared into the bathroom.

“Absolutely,” Martin responded. “I”m going to miss King terribly, but that”s life. And that”s pretty much it now until next term.”

“Not necessarily,” Alex suggested. “My boys will be around for at least part of the time. I could probably organise a foursome if you”d like to come over, you, me, Whitney and Stainham.”

“That would be wonderful,” Martin gushed. “The holiday periods can be very frustrating. Looking ahead to next term, I know that Jessop can hardly wait to see Whitney again.”

“Yes, you mentioned that. Will we have to come to you?”

“Oh no, I”ll bring him here. He”s much more confident now. And I”ve managed to solve the problem of not having an older boy. Actually, Jessop solved it for me. He”d become friends with a boy called Arrowsmith, who”s a musician but not a chorister. He plays the clarinet which I don”t teach, so I didn”t know him that well. Actually, kocaeli anal yapan escort he”s one of those that”s improved with keeping. I never used to think he was that cute, but since he”s put some height on and lost all his puppy fat, he”s become more than presentable. I”m sure you”ll like him. Well, he and Jessop play together in the school wind band. Let”s just say they”d become very close. So I invited Arrowsmith to join the party. He was a bit hesitant at first, but he soon warmed to the idea.”

“Sounds wonderful! Alex said. “Have you taken his cherry?”

“Actually, I let King do that a couple of weeks ago. I fucked him on Wednesday. He took it beautifully.”

“I”ll look forward to meeting him,” Alex enthused.

“I take it you”ll be looking for a younger boy,” Martin suggested.

“Oh, of course,” Alex confirmed. “In addition to my First Year maths class, I”ll be coaching the under-12 football team. That should give me plenty of opportunities. The problem is that I”m not sure what to do with Stainham. He”s just turned fourteen; he won”t interest me for much longer. But he”s a good lad. I can”t just dump him.”

“I guess that”s the thing with teaching in a school like yours,” Martin opined. “If you”re at a prep school, the boys leave before they get too old. At some point, you might have the same problem with Whitney.”

“Yes, he”s a big lad for his age,” Alex conceded. “It could happen sooner than you might think.”

“Of course, he”ll be an asset to you for a while yet,” Martin asserted. “Jessop certainly likes him and from what I”ve been told, Holdsworth and Southcott do too.”

“Oh yes,” Alex said, grinning. “He”ll be a great help from that point of view. I still need to find a younger boy though.”

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

“Have you written down your address and telephone number for me?” Michael asked excitedly.

“Of course,” King replied, smiling. “I told you I would. I”ll give them to you when we get dressed.”

“Yes,” Michael said. “And I”ll give you mine. You will keep in touch, won”t you?”

“Definitely,” King assured him. “Once I get settled in at the new school, I”ll write to you, let you know how I”m getting on.

“What about coming over during the holidays?”

“I”m not sure. It is quite a long way. I”ll have to see what my mother says. You”ve met Jessop, haven”t you?”

“Yes, but only once. He”s nice! Lovely little bum!”

“Yeah. I fuck him every chance I get. He can”t get enough of it. Just before Easter, he started doing it with this boy Arrowsmith from Lower Fourth; that”s your year. When Mr Brown found out, he asked Arrowsmith to join our little club. He was pretty nervous to start with, but he soon got to like it. Two weeks ago, I popped his cherry.”

“Wow! I bet you enjoyed that!”

“Yeah! Have you ever popped a boy”s cherry?”

“Yeah, a friend from school. We”ve been messing about for months. Just over a week ago, I finally got to fuck him.”

“It”s super, isn”t it?” King said, smiling, “knowing that yours is the first cock he”s ever taken.”

“Yeah, that”s how it was for me.”

“Of course, I popped Jessop”s cherry last November. That was super too. I”ve lost count of the number of times I”ve fucked him since.”

“Wow! So what”s Arrowsmith like?”

“He”s okay,” King assured him, “slim, nice looking, lots of curly black hair. He”s not as tall as you and his cock”s not as big, but he can cum.”

“So d”you think I”ll get to meet him?”

“Oh, that”ll be up to Mr Brown.”

“D”you want me to suck you off?” Michael asked.

“Not really,” King said with a wry grin. “Mr White wanked me off while he was fucking me. He doesn”t usually do that, not when I”ve already cum. I squirted over Mr Brown”s chest. My balls feel like they”ve been squeezed dry!”

“I suppose we”d better go then,” Michael said.

Back in the bedroom, the boys got dressed. Having swapped addresses and telephone numbers, they exchanged a hug and a kiss. It was time for King and Mr Brown to leave. Rather wistfully, Michael watched them go. Of all the boys he”d met during these encounters, King was the one he liked best. They”d keep in touch for a while at least, but would he ever see him again?

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

It was Tuesday morning when Alex received a message that the headmaster wished to see him. He had to report to the Head”s office at morning break. He was very apprehensive. He couldn”t think of any reason that the Head would want to speak to him.

At morning break, he made his way to the Headmaster”s office, knocked on the door and walked in.

“You wanted to see me, Headmaster,” he said, doing his best to hold himself together.

“Yes,” Mr Cope responded brightly. “Come and sit down.”

Alex sat on the chair facing the Head”s desk, still with no idea about what was coming.

“I”m pleased to tell you,” The headmaster intoned, “that the governors have accepted my recommendation that with effect from September, you should be promoted from basic scale to scale one. For someone to get a promotion like that after only one year”s teaching is extremely rare. John Temple, who is about to leave us to take up a post as head of physics, was promoted after two years. But you have gone above and beyond what we could have expected. When I interviewed you, I felt sure you were the man to take 3-Blue and help to get them back on track. I did not expect you to do as well as you have. And the results achieved by your other classes have been equally outstanding. Your promotion is well deserved. Congratulations!”

“Thank you, Headmaster,” Alex said quietly. “This is a complete surprise. I had no idea. When I started, Neil explained the situation with 3-Blue. He told me to do whatever was necessary, so that”s what I did.”

“Even so, it was an outstanding effort,” Mr Cope remarked. “John Temple”s moving on after five years here. If you keep doing what you”re doing, I”d expect you to be appointed to a head of maths position in a roughly similar period. So keep up the good work!”

“Thank you!”

Alex left the office, feeling on top of the world. Being promoted was the ultimate accolade, all the more so as it was totally unexpected. It symbolised his status as a valued member of staff. And as a bonus, the salary increase, though not that large, would be very useful.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

The summer term, due to end on Wednesday 20th July, was drawing to a close. Since the reports had been distributed, Alex had had to attend two parents” evenings, for the Second Years and the Fourth Years. They had both proved uneventful, with a procession of parents thanking him for the progress their boys had made.

School Sports Day had also taken place. As Downing had contested only the First Year Boys” eight hundred metres, Newton had won the fifteen hundred metres very easily, beating all the boys from the cross-country team in the process. It seemed a shame that the lad didn”t want to make more use of his talent, but Alex had done what he could to encourage him. There the matter would have to rest.

His other encounter with Newton was still fresh in Alex”s mind. On reflection, he realised that he probably had rushed things. But the delightful elf was still in his maths club, so he could keep giving him plenty of attention. It was possible that he might change his mind.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

On the last day of term, the boys izmit yabancı escort were dismissed at half past two. As they often did, Michael and Chris headed out of school together.

“So you”re not staying behind to see Mr Faulkner today,” Chris whispered. “I mean, it is Wednesday.”

“No, silly!” Michael said grinning. “You”re coming to mine, aren”t you?”

“Yeah, I was only teasing. I”ll be there in half an hour.”

A little over thirty minutes later, the boys were ensconced in Michael”s bedroom, sensuously undressing each other.

“We”ve got lots of time today,” Chris noted, as they snuggled up on the bed. “We don”t have to rush.”

“Yeah,” Michael agreed. “We”ve got all the time we want.”

“Mike,” Chris asked. “Are you the only boy in the school that Mr Faulkner has sex with?”

“I was until a few weeks ago,” Michael responded. “One day I went to his flat and he introduced me to this Third Year boy, Stainham.”

“Really? What”s he like?”

“Alright, very small for a Third Year. He”s not as tall as us. Very sexy though. But he”s a bit odd. He”s a dancer, his name”s Troy, and he talks funny.”

“That does sound odd. What d”you mean about him talking funny?”

“I don”t know. It”s hard to describe.”

“So how did Mr Faulkner meet him?”

“Stainham”s in his Third Year maths class. He was struggling, so he asked Mr Faulkner for help. You can guess the rest. Mind you, I think Stainham was looking for it, the same as I was.”

“Oh, I see. So have you had sex with him?”


“I guessed you would have,” Chris said grinning. “I don”t need to know the details. Will you be seeing Mr Faulkner during the holidays?”

“Yeah. He wanted me to go there tomorrow, but I told him I was too busy. I”m going on Friday, after you”ve gone to Cornwall.”

“You”re going on holiday on Saturday, aren”t you? Where is it? You did tell me.”

“Yeah, we”re going to Saundersfoot in Pembrokeshire. It”s nice there, but it”s going to be so boring! At least you”ve got your brother and sisters to play with.”

“Yeah, that”s true,” Chris agreed.

“Chris,” Michael started, “you know you said no more secrets? Well, there is one other boy I”ve been with. It happened at Easter while you were away. His name”s Jez. I met him at the swimming pool.”

“Wow! I remember when I got back, I asked you if you”d had sex with anyone. You said you hadn”t. I don”t know why, but I was almost sure you had.”

“Yeah, I feel terrible about that. So many lies! While you were away, I”d been with Jez, my uncle and Mr Faulkner.”

“Naughty boy! So what”s this Jez like?”

“He”s a year older than us, tall, very skinny, and he”s got a big cock.”

“Oh, I know the one! The last time we were at the swimming pool, I noticed you looking at him. So has he been here?”

“Yeah, he still comes here sometimes, mainly on Mondays.”

“Does he . . . , you know?”

“Yeah. I fuck him too. He didn”t want me to do that at first, but he”s okay with it now.”

“So how did he get started?”

“His older brother got him into sucking and that. That”s honestly as much as I know.”

“Has he met Mr Faulkner?”

“Yeah, he”s been there with me a couple of times.”

“Wow! Did Mr Faulkner fuck him?”

“Yeah. We both did. He”d never taken it before. Mr Faulkner told him if he wanted to fuck younger boys, he needed to know what it was like to be on the receiving end.”

“Except that I don”t imagine he does,” Chris speculated, referring to their form master.

“Of course he does!” Michael retorted. “When he was eight, he went to boarding school as a cathedral chorister. He started having sex a couple of years later, with his choirmaster and some older boys.”

“Christ!” Chris gasped. “I”d never have thought that! So when you told me that you”d met up with someone who used to teach him, it was this choirmaster, and he”s still doing it?”

“Yeah! One of his boys doesn”t live too far away. He”s been here a few times when he”s been home for the holidays. He”s really nice, and he loves sex.”

“You”d never believe that sort of thing went on, would you?” Chris said, shaking his head. “How has this choirmaster got away with it for so long?”

“He”s a lot like Mr Faulkner. Well really, Mr Faulkner”s a lot like him. He”s a really good teacher, all the boys like him, and he”s very careful who he picks.”

“So he doesn”t do it with lots of boys then?”

“No, he doesn”t touch any of them till they”ve been there for two years. And he never picks more than one out of each year. If there isn”t one he”s sure will want to do it, he doesn”t pick anybody. The boys leave the school when they”re thirteen, so there are never more than three boys that he”s doing it with, sometimes only two.”

“And now Mr Faulkner”s doing the same thing,” Chris said, “Only he”s not teaching at one of these posh boarding schools.”

“That”s right,” Michael agreed. “But there are still boys who want to do it. He didn”t have to twist my arm, or Stainham”s. And he”d never have gone after you if I”d kept my mouth shut.”

“Yeah, well we”ve been through that. Come on, we”ve talked long enough. Let”s have some fun!”

Their lips met in a delicate, sensuous kiss, their tongues engaged in an exotic dance. Over the next twenty minutes, they kissed, they sucked, they fondled, all building towards the inevitable conclusion. With Chris”s cock in his mouth, Michael slid his hand between the slender boy”s legs, gently pushing his well-lubed index finger into Chris”s bottom. A short time later, Michael”s middle finger was in there too, both digits stimulating the smaller lad”s sex-button.

“Oh yeah!” Chris breathed. “I want you inside me! You know when you go to Mr Faulkner”s flat. Does he fuck you like he does it in the storeroom?”

“Not usually,” Michael answered. “He”s done it all sorts of ways.”

“What”s his favourite?”

“He likes have me lying on my tummy with a pillow under me.”

“You mean like when I did it to you?”


“Would you like to fuck me like that?”

“Yeah, but until you get used to it, it hurts when it goes in because your bum can”t relax properly. I know another way I think you”ll like a lot better.”


“Okay, lift your legs up. Try to get your knees close to your shoulders.”

Chris quickly got into position, his boy-hole completely exposed. Michael grinned, noting that his friend was almost as supple as the dance-trained Stainham. After coating his penis with K-Y, he crawled in close. Chris watched, his eyes fixed on Michael”s cock as it slowly disappeared into his bum.

“Oh wow!” he gasped. “That”s incredible!”

“And now for the best bit!” Michael said, grinning.

Very carefully, he lowered himself between Chris”s legs, their lips meeting in a passionate kiss. Instinctively, Chris wrapped his legs around Michael”s back. A moment later, they were kissing and fucking like nothing else mattered, the intensity building until it was almost off the scale. Suddenly, Chris bucked wildly. His fingers dug into Michael”s back, his anal ring tightening sharply around the bigger lad”s thrusting cock. His penis jumped into life, watery boy-cum coating their tummies. Michael”s orgasm followed in an instant, his cloudy spunk spurting repeatedly into Chris”s bottom.

After several seconds, they disentangled themselves. Getting up onto his knees, Michael smiled down at the now supine Chris, watching his friend”s scrawny chest rising and falling, little drops of boy-juice clearly visible on the lad”s tummy.

“That,” Chris declared, staring at the ceiling, “was unbelievable! The best ever!”

“Yeah!” Michael agreed. “It was for me too!”

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