The Good Son

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The following story is fictional, all characters are fictional and over the age of consent. This story contains scenes of dubiously consensual sex, extreme misogyny and voyeurism, if this offends you, don’t read it.

. . .

I hope you enjoy this first chapter of my novel/novella “The Good Sons”. I would very much like your feedback in the comments section.

I use UK spelling and grammar.

Kisses, Magenta

. . .

The Good Son

The smallest of his three screens had a good view of the living area in the servant’s quarters, where Mary sat demurely, reading one of the Convent approved books that all the Convent girls were encouraged to read daily. According to the Doctor, this reinforced the teaching they’d received in the Convent. Charlie zoomed in, focusing on Mary’s creased forehead as she concentrated on “A Woman’s Duty — Keeping Faith while Keeping House” Charlie grinned, tonight was the night he intended to assist Mary in keeping that faith. He left the home office, crossed the sitting room, walked through the entrance hall, past the butler’s pantry and into the kitchen. Beyond the kitchen a small corridor led to a few larders, a cold room and the servant’s living area. He knocked on the door of Mary’s private apartment and waited, rocking back on his heels until she answered.

‘Yes Sir, did you need something?’

‘No, no, not at all, Mary. I just wanted to see how you are getting on. Have you settled in?’

She looked a little taken aback, blushing at being addressed by the master of the house, ‘Oh, well, yes I have settled in, thank you, Mr. Harrison.’

‘That’s good, I want you to be comfortable here Mary.’

‘Thank you, Sir.’

‘I also wanted to talk to you about the other duties you agreed to take on when you came to work in my house.’

Mary’s head dropped and she stared at her feet, ‘yes, Sir.’

She didn’t sound very enthusiastic — but Charlie was sure that would change in time.

‘Mother Concepta informed me that you were born in sin and not only that, you are also one of those unfortunate women, one of those Eve has marked as sinful, is that correct?’

‘Yes, Sir. M… my mother was an unmarried har… harlot, she abandoned me at the Convent when I was a baby. They took me in. When I… um… when I became a woman… it ah.’

‘Mary, Mary, there is no need to be so coy, I understand fully. When you became a woman, you began to bleed once a month and the Sisters at the convent explained to you that this happened because you were a Sinful Woman, marked as such by your own mother’s carnal sinning.’

‘Yes, Sir.’ her voice was small and barely audible.

Charlie couldn’t believe how any woman would swallow the pack of lies they drummed into those Convent girls. Mary truly believed that her monthly period was a sign of her innate sinfulness and lustful nature.

‘Well, Mary, I know all about your shame, and I agreed to take you on as my housekeeper because I am a busy man, I’ve had no time to seek out a good woman to be my wife. When Doctor Ferris told me of your plight, it seemed like a good solution all the way around.’

Mary stood there, her head bowed, her hands wringing over one another, silent. She must know what was coming next — she’d been prepared for it. All the Convent girls believed that if a man spilled his seed anywhere but inside a woman, he was committing a grievous sin, and that she, as a sinful woman, could repent of her own sin by preventing a ‘good’ man from becoming a sinner.

Charlie grinned, though he was trying to be matter of fact about it, he couldn’t believe that all of his hard work with the Good Sons had finally paid off. Nor could he believe that the Good Son Convent really did deliver what they promised — a beautiful, but naïve and compliant woman who would do exactly what she was told because she completely believed that her immortal soul was in danger if she didn’t. It was as close to perfect as Charlie could imagine.

‘Mary, I think tonight is the night for you to start performing your other duties.’

‘Y… yes, Sir.’

‘Alright then, if you will follow me, we’ll get the unpleasant business over with.’

He walked back through the kitchen to the entrance hall and then up the wide curved staircase, along the landing and finally into the master bedroom, Mary following at his heels. The Master bedroom had once been his mother’s lair, but he had redecorated on taking ownership of the house and estate — after shipping his mother off to a villa in the south of France. It was a lush room, full of rich fabric in jewel colours. The ancient oak four poster had been fitted with a new orthopaedic mattress and topped with layers of feather comforter and silk spreads. Charlie had watched Mary going about her cleaning work in here and thought about how she would look spread-eagled on the sapphire blue throw, going about her other ‘work’.

‘You may take off your clothes, Mary,’ he said.

They had a booklet, and an instructional vid on the website and as ankara escort a Good Son, Charlie had to abide by the rules set out or be punished — he didn’t want to know what the punishment would be, he’d never met an ex-Good Son. So he’d done his homework, he knew exactly what he had to do and say to keep Mary in ignorance of what the world was really like. That was the important bit, the bit the Good Son’s cared about. The last thing that group of organised sociopaths needed was one of their well ‘educated’ women getting wise and blowing the whole thing wide open. Charlie could only guess as the complexity of the Good Son organisation, he knew he was only aware of the barest edge of it, but as a newly ‘Trusted Son’ with his very own convent girl, he didn’t care over much about their organisation or their politics — they’d had what he wanted, he had the money they wanted and that was that.

He sat on a low regency chair and watched as Mary stripped for him. She was nervous and blushing and it took a while. She removed the sensible cream blouse and the vest beneath it and then the white, industrial looking bra. The navy, utilitarian skirt followed them and then the white Granny Knickers. Once she was naked, Charlie saw it had been worth the effort. It had been worth the years of patient meeting attendance, instructional weekend retreats and the many, many ‘donations’. His Convent girl was truly lovely, long creamy white legs, wide hips, a narrow waist and generously rounded D cups, topped with the palest of pink nipples.

Charlie would dearly love to dress that beautiful curvy body more provocatively, but modesty was the watchword at the convent. He’d be able to get her into sexy stuff later, but for now he’d have to make do with watching the nineteen year old blonde beauty walking around in a wardrobe from ‘House of Frump’. His erection was throbbing hard and painfully in his pants by the time she was finished stripping. He licked his lips, ‘Well, Mary, that’s good. Now get on the bed and we’ll get on with it.

He quickly pulled off his chinos and blue shirt, wondering how the hell any girl with half a brain would come to believe that her period really was a curse and the only way to salvation was a regular fuck and near constant pregnancy to avoid the dreaded monthly visitor arriving and staining her soul.

‘Get on the bed, Mary, lie on your back and spread your legs.’

She complied without a word, she wasn’t upset or weeping, though he’d been prepared for that. Her face held a grim determined expression, if this was what she had to do to save her immortal soul, then she was going to do it.

He leaned over her and caressed her soft breasts, finding the pale skin there velvety and delicate, his hand wandered down across her belly and her thighs as she lay there, silent and accepting, he relished the feel of her soft, peaches-and-cream skin. His penis practically jumped out of his pants when he touched her secret place for the first time. He eased them over his cock with care, he was so turned on now the slightest touch was an agony of ecstasy.

What do you think of my cock, Mary?’ he said, eager for some kind of communication, he wasn’t sure he liked this silent but co-operative action he was getting.

She turned to look at him, ‘It’s, ah, ah, magnificent, Sir.’

‘Magnificent, eh?’

‘Yes, Sir, and it’s a bit frightening too.’

‘Why frightening?’

‘Well, it’s… it’s bigger than I thought.’

Charlie grinned and held his hard cock in his hand, pre-cum oozed out of it in readiness and his balls fairly hopped in their tight bag. He’d been ordered to abstain from sex or masturbation for a whole month and he was very ready for that month to be over.

He’d put a lot of thought into tonight, he wanted it to be just right, perfect, like she was. He’d had plenty of time to make his plans, today was the culmination of five years of diligent group membership and hard work. He’d paid good money into the ‘Sons’ over the years — Mary was his reward and he was going to make damn sure he got value for it. Charlie was wealthy, very, very wealthy, but that didn’t mean he liked to throw his money away.

He pulled her gently to the end of the bed and hooked the soft cords around her ankles, tying them to hooks behind the bed that he’d put there over a year ago in readiness. They appeared to be part of a pair of lamps and when Mary came in there to dust, it had given him a frisson of delight to see her flick the feather duster across them, ignorant of their eventual purpose. When the cords were pulled tight, they lifted her long slender legs high and spread them wide. She took all of this with stoic patience, though he saw her bite her lip, so she must be feeling a bit anxious.

He got his first proper look at her pussy. The pink lips peeped out from between a sprinkle of soft blonde hair. He moaned as the ache in his cock became a very real experience. He wanted to throw out his elaborate plan, plunge his cock into that pussy and fuck her until she squeezed every ankara escort bayan last drop of cum out of him — but he maintained his self-control, Charlie Harrison was all about the self-control.

He knelt down and pulled out an ornate, metal-bound wooden box from beneath the bed, his box of tricks that he’d prepared very carefully. It had once accompanied a soldier ancestor of his on foreign campaigns, now it held kit of a different kind. He unlocked the box and pulled out the vibrating latex dildo. She was as dry as a cracker and he want to feel her wet and ready, he knew the others made do with lube, but for his special girl, he wanted more. There’d been some argument among the other Trusted Sons about whether you could make a girl come the first time she did it, Charlie was prepared to take the time to find out.

He explored the warm flesh with his shaking fingers until he found the soft little clitoris under its hood. He turned the vibrator on to its first setting and applied it to the little button, gently rubbing and stroking, after a minute or so he was delighted to see the clit grow hard and stand erect, peeping out from hood like a glistening pink pearl. He turned the vibrator up a notch and began to rub it up and down the full length of the delicate lips and the clitoris, Mary gave a little yelp and her pelvis jerked. He didn’t bother to explain what he was doing — this was his game, not hers.

He looked down at her pussy and saw that her pink lips has started to swell a bit, he was fascinated. He’d never had the opportunity to explore a woman like this before. His penis bounced and throbbed, ‘stick it in, slow coach,’ it seemed to be saying. But he took a few panting breaths and returned to his preparation. The lips were swollen and the clit was erect, but she was still as dry as afternoon tea at a vicarage. The two lips were clamped together and he gently teased them apart, inside, the soft flesh was a little moist. He could see her tight slit, confirmed he would her first. He stroked the dildo up and down over the slit, and used some of the moistness to lubricate her clit. After a few minutes she quivered and her hips jerked again, there was a steady ooze as the vaginal fluid started to flow — a little, he used the dildo to spread it around and stroked faster. Pretty soon her hips were jerking in a kind of rhythm and she was really wet. Wet for him. Ready for him, she was coming for him and anyone watching her shiver and jerk with it would never call her a ‘Good Convent girl’ again. He glanced upwards, to where one of his cameras hid in a decorative ceiling moulding directly above them, he smiled at the camera, knowing the others would like that — he liked it, he was the star of his own show.

‘If only Fatty and Seymour Minor could see me now — that would take the smiles off their stupid faces,’ he mumbled as he got on his knees, careful not to knock his super-sensitised cock against the bed end. Those school bullies wouldn’t be laughing at old ‘Half-Baked Harrison’ now, not if they could see the top notch totty he was about to introduce to the world of adult pleasures.

He used his new camera to take a pic of her waiting, untouched snatch, smiling as he thought of the GIF he was going to make later from the video footage. He’d never done it bareback before, he’d always been concerned about disease and unwanted pregnancy — when you were as wealthy as Charlie, you had to watch out for gold diggers. But Mary had been especially selected just for him, she was clean, virginal and ready to fulfil his every desire, and the pregnancy certainly wouldn’t be unwanted, in fact it was part of his contract with the Good Sons.

His dick jerked at the thought of his bare flesh touching hers, he was in serious danger of blowing his load all over the bedspread if he didn’t get on with it. The head of his cock was already shiny and slippery with pre cum. He brought it close to her, touched her slit with it and pressed. Charlie wasn’t an impressive manly-man, he was barrel chested, tubby around the gut and stood just shy of 5 feet 8 inches tall, but he’d always been proud of his cock, nine inches erect and thick with it.

The most impressive nine inches of Charlie was rock hard and throbbing with his need for Mary, a need for release after his imposed weeks of abstinence. This was going to be a tight fit, the thought of it made his buttocks clench and he pressed up against her with force. But he still hadn’t penetrated her. He used his finger to spread the swollen, wet lips wide apart, revealing the little entrance, wet, waiting and tight. He snugged the head of his cock up close to her and pulled her hips closer, pushing himself hard until finally the head slid in with a popping sensation, his glans was held tight by that delicate virgin skin. Mary gave a little squeak of a noise, but Charlie was too concerned about getting as much of her tight young body around his shaft to worry about her.

He wanted to plunge deep into her, right now. But first, he used his new camera, his escort ankara hands shaky and sweaty, and took a picture of this first penetration. He liked how her skin looked stretched and tight around his shaft. He mounted the camera on the flexible arm of the tripod and positioned it so that it could capture the whole thing, right up close. That done, he pulled his cock all the way out of her and saw he had opened her up, broken her hymen, there was a little bead of blood, but not as much as he’d thought there’d be. The second time he pushed in, he kept pushing, pulling out a little and pushing until her body had accepted him, all the up to the root of his dick, his dark curlies contrasting with her blonde ones. He groaned, she was so, so tight, Jesus, she was pressing in tight on his hard cock, embracing him with her cunt and he loved it. He came, an involuntary explosion that left him panting.

‘Shit,’ he said, ‘didn’t mean to do that, shit, shit, not that quick, damnit.’

His limp cock flopped out of her with a sloppy noise and a little dribble of his cum followed it, his first cream pie. Her cunt was well open now, she’d stretched a little to fit him. The skin around her entrance was a little red and there was another tiny drop of blood at the entrance. The thought that he’d caused that blood when his cock broke her maidenhood made his cock start to twitch and harden again.

He tried to hold the camera steady, to get that perfect cream pie shot and managed it after a few tries. There’d been an information evening about digital security at the Good Son’s Hall, it was important to keep Son’s business away from every other part of your digital life, which was why he’d spent £8,000 on a top-of-the-range, high pixel camera instead of just using the excellent camera on his top-of-the-range smart phone. It made sense, that last thing you’d want would be some nosy parker wondering why you had pics like these on your phone.

He’d planned to fuck her just this once on the first night, but, Jesus, he was so ready for her again, and he’d hardly been inside her any time, once more wouldn’t matter.

He made sure the camera was still rolling and pushed against her again, driving deep in one smooth thrust. Her pussy was truly juicy now and his cock was slick from the fluids it had picked up on the first ride. He loved the sensation of pushing in and pulling out of that tight, wet pussy. He lasted longer this time and when he came it felt like all the liquid in his body was being shot out of the end of his cock into her.

He stood up and pulled at the cord holding her legs, raising her hips in the air about a foot. That was to keep his sperm inside her for longer. She made no objection, she just let him get on with it, as she was trained to do.

He was getting hard again thinking that he might have made her pregnant already. ‘Jesus Christ, Mary, You really are a sinful woman — I think I could take you again, you are so fucking hot.’

She said nothing, he didn’t want her too. His soft dick was a little tender from the drilling he’d given her, but he squeezed and massaged its length, thinking about the big swollen belly that would be appearing soon, those neat little tits, swelling and engorging with milk while his baby grew inside her.

He climbed up on the bed and plunged inside her again, the new angle of her raised hips giving him a new sensation. She grunted, ‘You’re a good girl, Mary, a damn good girl, you’re getting me so hot,’ he said as drove himself in and out of her, faster and harder this time, it took longer to come the third time, but he eventually achieved it, pressing himself tight against her and giving her a couple more pile drives afterwards, for the sake of it. His limp cock fell out of her with a wet fleshy sound and he hissed in air through his teeth as the head of it brushed the fabric of the spread, it was rubbed raw.

He rolled to the side, panting and sweating — completely satisfied at last and said, ‘Mary, that was bloody fantastic, but in future, I want you to say “Thank you, Mr. Harrison”, when I, ah, give you my seed — okay?’

‘Yes, Mr. Harrison,’ she said and then, ‘Th-thank you Mr. Harrison.’

‘Okay, well, I’m going for a shower, you stay like that for ten minutes, and then you can let yourself out of those cords.’

Charlie picked his bath robe from the chair and noticed the stains on the silk spread, ‘Mary?’

‘Yes, Mr. Harrison?’

‘After you’ve washed yourself, you can wash that spread, its silk — I don’t want it to stain. You’ll have to hand wash it, it can’t go in the machine.’

‘Yes, Mr. Harrison, I’ll do that.’

Charlie, pink and fresh from the hot shower, sat down in his office and made a note in his journal,

July 8th

The first time went better than expected. She was spectacular, I even made her come — got it all on camera too. What a fuck! Best in a long time. Gave her a triple shot of ‘essence of Charlie’ couldn’t believe it when I was hard the third time — but Christ! She is so fucking hot. Refraining from masturbation, as the good Doctor suggested, was a good idea. Despite what the others opined, I managed to get her to cum with the vibrator, it is as Holy John Berming says, “woman is, at her essence, a debauched creature”.

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