The Farmer’s Daughter

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Beautiful was the sky today. The sun was shining brightly over the plowed field. The smell of freshly cut wheat lingered in the air, and a soft breeze carried forgotten pieces across the field.

She stood there for awhile, looking over the vast horizon, wondering if she would ever leave this place. Ridiculous, she thought, no one would ever come for her.

She found a deserted spot in the field, not far from the forest laying to the west of her, and lay her blanket down on the soft ground. This was her time. Her father always let her lay in the open field when he was done plowing it. She looked high above her, and winced at the bright sun and sighed. A perfect finish to a hard day’s work.

She sat down on the blanket, and removed her faded jean overalls, revealing her blue one-piece bathing suit she had been anxiously wearing underneath. She wasn’t what most men would call a beauty, as she still had some of her baby fat, which she had hoped to get rid of by at least her 18th birthday. Unfortunately, that day had come and gone two years ago. So she struggled with her weight everyday, wishing she could look like the supermodels she saw in the magazines they sold in the city.

Her mother constantly told her that she was very beautiful, but she could only accept that from her mother for so long. Here she was, 20 years old and never been kissed. She wasn’t unattractive, far from it. Her red hair, which flowed just below her shoulders, attracted a few stares from the men of the community, but living in he country, there weren’t many men her age. And those who were gave her one look and walked away, without giving her a second look.

Her heart sank each and every time this happened, but not today, she was not going to let this get her down while it was such a beautiful day. She adjusted her bathing suit, and gave herself a quick look, making sure everything was carefully covered. Her breasts securely concealed with the suit did not strain the soft fabric as much as she had wished. This, again, brought more sad thoughts to her mind.

Why couldn’t she have had developed like her mother? Her mother had an ample bosom, but here she was with a much smaller chest. Maybe this was the reason no one admired her, she thought. No, no thinking about that. She lay herself back on the blanket and turned on her radio. Soft country music filled the afternoon air, and she silently hummed along with the songs. Without realizing it, her hands softly caressed her warming skin.

They started on her arms, feeling the warmth the sun had brought to her skin. They made their way to her stomach, touching the smoothness of her suit. As they approached her thighs, she could hear rustling in the nearby forest.

Her attention distracted, she looked up from her resting-place, but saw nothing. She could still hear movement, but it seemed to be moving away from her, deeper into the forest. She settled her heartbeat, and tried to follow the noise. Curiosity got a hold of her, so abandoning her blanket, she decided to investigate the source of the noises in the bushes.

She crossed the field to the line of trees, entered the forest cautiously and found her way to the secluded lake that lay just beyond their property. As she got closer, she found several articles of clothing hanging on the limb of a nearby tree. Should she go closer? She thought to herself. Looking around, she saw no one, so she made her way to the edge ankara escort of the water, eyeing the trees behind her. She paused near the edge, but no one seemed to be here.

Suddenly, and without warning, a lone male figure emerged from the water in front of her.She screamed, he screamed, his nude body glistening with the cool water of the lake. He tried desperately to cover himself, but it was too late. Or was it? She had already retreated into the trees, as he submerged himself back into the shallow lake.

She stayed hidden in the safety of the trees, but kept a close eye on the lake. Did she see what she thought? She must have, after all didn’t he scream too? A smile crept across her face.

He reemerged from the water, this time ever so slowly. First his head, and after carefully looking around him, he allowed himself to stay up. The water was deep enough for him to stand up and not expose himself again, but she secretly wished it wasn’t. She hadn’t really gotten a good look, but she did know he was naked.

Watching him continue to bathe was exciting, but yet, also very frightening for her. Who was this man? She had never seen him before, and he wasn’t too bad to look at either. Granted, he wasn’t anything spectacular, but he did have some charm to him. He couldn’t have been more than 5’8″ and maybe around 145 lbs., if that. He was a plain looking man, no overly attractive features, but she felt a shudder inside her as she watched nonetheless.

She coughed within the confines of the trees, which startled him again. She giggled as she watched him try to cover himself up again as she came into his view. He stood there motionless, his face bright red, as she approached the water’s edge. She tentatively traced her toes across the lake’s surface, and felt a slight chill down her spine.

Was she brave enough? Would he accept her advances? Or would he simply laugh at her and run away like all the other boys in her tiny town? There was only one way to find out. She slowly walked nearer to him, feeling the cool water rise on her bare legs. He watched her approach and forgot all about trying to hide himself. He met her gaze and moved closer to her. She knew now that he was indeed interested, but would he stop her?

When they were no more than two feet away from each other, he opened his mouth to speak, but she pressed two fingers to his lips, signaling no words were needed. He kissed her fingertips, sending more intense shivers throughout her body. He pulled her sensitively toward him, kissing his way up her arm.

The little butterfly kisses he provided her warmed her body and for the first time, she felt wanted, needed, loved. Her pleasure also found it’s way to her breasts, which heaved with each of those kisses. Her excitement grew on many levels as he neared her shoulders, and she could feel her knees weaken as he caressed her neck and cheeks.

Their bodies now firmly pressed together; she could feel his excitement also growing against her thigh. He wasn’t much taller than her, but when he picked her up in his strong arms, she was now level with his soft blue eyes. She stayed fixated with his stare, as he looked deeply into her eyes. No words were exchanged, but the non-verbal exchange was mutual. They both wanted to be together on this day. Right here, right now.

He let her slip back into the water, and she attempted to remove the straps to her bathing suit. He stopped her and she ankara escort bayan looked both puzzled and disappointed. He reassured her by running his fingers under the straps and slowly massaging her shoulders as he removed the thin material.

She now stood before him topless, and feeling a little shy and embarrassed, she tried to cover herself as he had done earlier. He let out a small laugh and proceeded to kiss her deeply as her pulled her close to him once more. Her nipples pressed tightly against his bare chest made her head spin, but not as much as the sensation she received when his mouth covered her neck in wet kisses. She thought for a moment her knees would give out once he started to nibble on her earlobes, but managed to somehow muster the strength to stay upright.

Her hands searched his body, but for what she wasn’t sure. She desperately wanted to touch him everywhere, but not being with a man before, she wasn’t sure what she should be doing. So she roamed his back, once even boldly grabbing his tight buttocks. Obviously she was doing fine as he kissed her deeper and stronger.

She could feel his hands moving lower down her waist, and hoped he would free her of her suit. She wanted this blond, blue eyed beauty of a man, even if it was her first time. He must have somehow sensed her apprehension and quite possibly that she was inexperienced as he slowly and carefully removed the item of clothing remaining between the two of them. He could feel it in the way she moved, the way she touched and the seemingly shyness she had about her.

He raised her legs, and she somehow instinctively wrapped them around his waist. Maybe he was wrong about her, he thought to himself. She nuzzled into the crock of his neck, her mouth mere inches from his ear.

“It’s my first time, be gentle with me.” He heard her whisper.

He smiled a sly grin, and held her closer. His hands reached behind her and fondled her bare bottom. He would take it slow and easy with her, for he wanted her to be pleasured after all. He knew that it wasn’t an easy decision to make for her, losing her virginity to a complete stranger, and he didn’t want to rush her. He would be prepared if she decided not to continue.

He held her firmly with his right arm, while his left hand went in search of her virgin pussy. His fingers traced little circles along the inside of her thighs, sending little bolts of lighting coursing through her. He rested his fingers in her pubic hairs, bringing once more another sigh to her lips. She clutched him tighter as she felt his finger inch ever so closer to her waiting pussy.

Her own hand began to itch for an adventure, so she began exploring as he fingered her slowly. She reached beneath her bottom and felt his stiff cock so close to her pussy. It wasn’t like that when she saw him earlier, but it was nice to have a firm hold of it now. Did she really want this inside her, she thought, but only for a moment. Her thoughts were distracted as waves of pleasure washed over her at each stroke of his nimble fingers.

He continued to gently stroke her while she held on to his cock, every now and then giving it a soft tug. Her breath grew shallow and he knew it wouldn’t be much longer. Lifting herself a little higher and closer to him, she exposed her young, stiff nipples to him. He leaned his head down and softly licked each of them in turn. He gently suckled the right one, then the left and escort ankara realized she received a bit more pleasure form the right one, so he returned his lips to that nipple.

This sent more shivers inside of her and another soft but audible moan escaped her lips. She bit on his shoulder trying to quiet herself, but stopped just as suddenly as she had begun. She still had a firm hold of his cock when it happened. Her body tensed up, her back arched, she could feel it consume her and succumbed to the sensation. She pulled him close and lavished his mouth with his as the orgasm took control of every senses of her body.

As the sensation subsided and she calmed her breathing, she looked into his blue eyes and lost herself in the moment. It was her time now; her dream was finally going to come true. She guided his cock to the entrance of her pussy and gave him a slight nod of the head. She wanted to feel him inside her, she wanted him to take her virginity, and she wanted to feel complete.

He hesitated, but sensing the urgency in her eyes, he let her slide slowly down onto him. He watched as the look on her face went from pleasure, to apprehension, to pain, and then finally back to pleasure. He could see the slight red stain in the water, and felt her slide down his shaft.

Once he was completely inside her, and the pain had subsided, a wave of relief washed over her. A tear fell from her ere as the happy feeling she felt between her legs was now consuming her youthful body. She looked at him and met his stare. She smiled an innocent smile and nodded to him that she was okay. He held her close to him and slowly moved his hips against her pelvis. He slid in and out of her and she responded in kind.

He took it easy at first, letting her get familiar with the sensation, but her tight vagina and her instinctive pussy muscles pushed him along to a faster pace. She thrust herself against him, forgetting all about the pain that she experienced just moments ago.

At a furious pace they splashed the water around them. His head rolling back, she could feel him twitching inside of her. She continued to buck against him, and then with one final thrust, he exploded deep inside her. She felt his cum inside her pussy, and she loved the feeling. He was pounding her hard with each twitch of his cock, and she didn’t want him to stop.

As he finished, he suddenly felt exhausted and unable to continue to carry her. His knees buckled and they both fell into the refreshing water. They both giggled as each of them were quite content. They made their way back up to the shore and fell asleep with her resting her head on his chest.

She was startled awake by the sound of her mother’s voice calling out for her. As she looked around, her male friend had already left. Disappointed in not knowing who he was or where he came from, and the fear of having being used filled both her head and her heart.

She suddenly realized her mother was getting closer, and that she was still lying on the shoreline naked. Her suit was still in the water, she thought. She didn’t remember bringing it out with them when they were finished. Looking around frantically, she noticed her suit at her feet with a piece of paper held down by a large stone.

Picking up and putting on her wet bathing suit, she read the note he had left for her.

“I will be back” was all that was written and it was signed, “Max”

Her mother came into view as she was adjusting her straps. Her mother asked why she hadn’t responded when she was calling for her. She looked at her mother, then at the water and replied that she was lost in a dream.

The End…or is it?

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