The Enchanted Family Ch. 02

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Author’s note: This story contains futanari/shemale and incest.


Anna was in a state of bliss. She had the luck of being able to fuck her mother’s ass, even cum inside. And to think, she had always hated her cock, believing that it was a curse. Now it was a blessing.

When Anna awoke she found her mother had left her bedroom. She was still dressed in her bikini, all that she could remember was her face nestled in her mother’s large breasts. She almost thought it was a dream until she noticed the stains on the sheets. Most of the stains belonged to early mistakes, when she would cum more than she could land on her stomach, but some were wet and fresh.

Adjusting her bikini to cover her limp cock and breasts, Anna made her way off of the bed to the door. She walked out and found the house was dark. Night had seemed to creep over the house while she slept. Anna snuck a peek into her sister’s room, finding the girl sprawled out clutching a brown book to her chest.

“Geek,” Anna whispered as she crept away. She padded barefoot around the house and found her mother sitting on the couch. Her mother was sprawled on their brown couch, dressed in a short black lacy nightgown that barely reached her knees, and had cleavage spilling out the deep V neck.

“Mom…” Anna broke the silence. Her mom snapped up turning with red cheeks to her futanari daughter.

“Anna! I thought you were sleeping,” Gabe said softly, her eyes seeming to look at everything but Anna.

“I was sleeping…so what are you doing mom?” Anna asked trying to avoid the elephant in the room.

“Just watching some TV. Would you like to join me?” Her mother offered, but she sounded as if she wasn’t so enthralled about the idea.

“If you don’t mind,” Anna said as she sat next to Gabe. The two stared at the large screen, sitting rigid and uncomfortable as each pretended the other didn’t exist. Gabe sighed and reached for the remote, flicking through channels until she came upon one with two women talking. They were in an apartment, and seemed to be a mother and daughter, laughing and seeming happy. As the silence between the mother and daughter in real life continued, Gabe clapped her hands together, and got up.

“I can go for a drink? You want one?” Gabe asked smiling but averting her gaze to the spot behind Anna.

“Sure, I’ll take a margarita,” Anna said with a cheeky smile.

“I’ll see if I can make one without alcohol,” Gabe stated with a hint of a smile as she departed for the kitchen. Anna gave up, in two years she’d be twenty-one and free to get a drink from her mom’s notorious liquor cabinet.

Anna turned her attention back to the TV, the mother and daughter’s conversation seeming to have taken a turn. Anna squealed as the mother character began to kiss the neck of the daughter. She thought it was just a strange show, or movie, but in a minute both females were pulling on each other’s clothes, almost tearing them off.

It must have been an incest porno, and Anna could barely contain her glee. She glanced over her shoulder to see her mother fiddling with their blender, trying to mix some healthy concoction of frozen fruit.

Mom seems busy, and she probably wouldn’t mind if I tended to myself, Anna thought. Her bikini bottom was already like a tent, and her cock threatened to break out if it wasn’t released.

Anna slid her bikini aside, taking the occasional glance to see make sure her mom wasn’t looking. Gabe probably wasn’t in any rush to get back to the awkwardness.

Once freed, Anna’s cock was promptly wrapped around by her fingers. Her hand barely covered the cock’s width. She traced her hand up and down, her eyes locked on the pair of nude women eating each other’s pussies on screen. The daughter sat on a countertop, her legs spread wide. The fake mother’s blond head was buried in the other actress’s pussy, licking up any of that precious liquid that poured out. The daughter screamed, closer to orgasm with each lap of the tongue. Anna had to lower the volume, but her own breathing grew louder.

She went up and down faster, feeling her cock stiffen and the cum build up. She wanted to cum badly, but she didn’t want to make a mess. Her mother was already acting so different around her.

Anna couldn’t stop stroking and she forgot to turn, failing to notice her mother’s presence behind her.

“Seriously? Anna?” Gabe asked placing the drinks on the table. Anna pulled her hands away and covered her thick cock with a pillow.

“It just came on, and I couldn’t resist. I’m sorry!” Anna tried explaining but her mom shrugged.

“I guess by now I should just accept it,” Gabe said throwing her hands up. She plopped down on the seat next to her daughter.

“So…um…” Anna said with a confused look.

“This just all seems so strange, doesn’t it Anna? I mean you’re my daughter, but with the raging hormones of a teenage boy. I just don’t know what to do in this situation,” Gabe sighed, “I mean it’s not right, but I kind of enjoy watching pendik escort you work that thing. I especially love it when you cum.”

Anna blushed, she tried to speak, but her mother lifted a soft finger to her red coated lips.

“I promised I wasn’t going to let you in my ass again, or my pussy for that matter, but I might be able to help a little,” Gabe said as her hand traveled from Anna’s lips to her bulge.

“I would love your help mom,” Anna gasped.

Anna sat back on the couch, gripping the cushion as her mother squeezed the sensitive purple tip. Gabe lifted her fist up and down teasingly, even playing with her daughter’s balls, rolling them gently in her fingers.

“Mmm…How is that?” Gabe asked looking up at her daughter’s ecstasy filled face.

“Amm…amazing,” Anna blurted out as each flick of Gabe’s wrist sent a wave of pleasure over her body.

“Then you might like this a bit more,” Gabe said as she lifted her gown over her head, casting it to the floor. Gabe then sat on the floor between Anna’s legs. She pressed her massive tits together around Anna’s cock, swallowing it under the flesh.

Anna gasped as she felt the soft tits bounce up and down her cock.

“Oh shit! Ahhh…” Anna screamed as she thrashed.

“Language young lady! Also don’t wake your sister!” Gabe hissed, but she didn’t slow for a second. Anna nodded and began to thrust her hips, the cock sliding in and out of Gabe’s squeezed tits.

“Oh, I feel it coming,” Anna whispered as she thrusted faster. Gabe’s tits jiggled with every thrust of the cock.

“Wait sweetie, I want to try something you might like. Here, rest your legs on my shoulders,” Gabe demanded as she abandoned any composure. She pulled Anna’s legs on her shoulders and had the girl’s balls close to her face.

Anna wasn’t sure what her mother was planning until the woman began to lift up her rear. Anna’s raging purple head neared her own lips. Gabe could see her daughter’s hesitation on taking the large cock into her own mouth.

“You’ve never tried to suck your own cock? I mean it’s possible, look at the size of this thing. You could even give that thing a tit-job if you wanted,” Gabe purred as she rubbed the shaft.

“I…I have tried. I just never really went too far with it,” Anna whispered, her face turning a beet red.

“Well, we’ll have to change that. I want to see you cum in your own mouth,” Gabe stated as she began to lift under Anna’s bottom, pushing the cock ever closer to her daughter’s red lips. Anna sighed, and her heart raced, she arched her back and began to engulf the tip of the penis with her mouth.

Gabe smiled mischievously and began to push even more on her bottom; Anna’s eyes widened. More of the girl’s own meat slid into her mouth, until at least half of the twelve inches was buried in the girl’s mouth and throat. Anna was gasping and choking at first, trying to calm herself, but she eventually succeeded and moved her head up and down. She closed her eyes, savoring the salty taste of pre-cum.

Being a cheerleader required flexibility, and it seemed like all that training was paying off.

Gabe helped her daughter, playing with her balls, and stroking the half of the shaft that Anna couldn’t suck. She couldn’t bear her own aching anymore and her hand strayed to her soaking pussy, where she inserted a few fingers. A wet clapping sound, from Gabe’s rapid hands followed. Between Gabe’s clapping and Anna’s slurping they were the only sounds made in the house. Both feared moaning too loud as their orgasms drew near.

Anna was ready to retract her head, and release her stream, but Gabe wasn’t so excited about letting the girl get off easy. She had to take the monster up her ass, the least the girl could do was taste her own cum. Gabe locked her arms around Anna’s head, and began to stroke the thick shaft.

“Mmmm!” Anna tried to speak, but with a mouthful of cock that was impossible. Anna felt her cock tighten, and she shuddered as the orgasm rolled over her. She didn’t even care about cumming in her own mouth anymore. The flesh thrashed in her mouth, releasing a salty spew. Anna’s mouth was soon full, her cheeks puffed, and she pulled her head free. Her cock wasn’t finished though, and continued to squirt a few white strings on her breasts.

“You should swallow it,” Gabe offered, laughing at Anna’s puffed cheeks. Anna shook her head, and spontaneously grabbed her mother’s face, pressing it against her own. Anna pressed her lips, to her open mother’s and released the flood of stored up warm cum. Gabe waved her arms, but accepted the cum swap, and even swallowed the heavy load when Anna finished.

Anna pulled away, and left Gabe gasping for air. The futanari stood up and moved to the kitchen, where she found a cloth draped on a counter and wiped off the cum that was sliding off of her mounds. Gabe soon joined her daughter, filling a glass with water, and drinking it in one gulp.

“How…do you…cum so much?” Gabe asked as she tried to avoid kurtköy escort hiccups.

“I wish I knew,” Anna said leaning on the counter. Gabe sighed but gave Anna a light smile.

“Your father was endowed, and quite good, but not like this,” Gabe said with a smile.

“Maybe one day I can use it for your ass again, or maybe pussy?” Anna asked in her nicest voice.

“I have to admit, that was kind of fun, but no. We’re already breaking a lot of rules with what we’re doing. Besides i’m not taking that cock up my ass ever again,” Gabe whispered, instinctively grabbing her rear, “If you ever need help though…just ask and I’ll see what I can do.”

“Thanks mom,” Anna said, wrapping her hands around her mother, pulling her in for a hug. Gabe was a little startled, but returned the hug. Anna kind of wished she could fuck her mother in the ass or pussy, but she would settle for what she had right now.

Gabe patted her daughter’s back and eventually broke the hug, hoping the brief contact hadn’t given Anna another erection. As much as she loved playing with Anna’s amazing cock, she was also really tired.

“I’m going to take a shower and head to bed. Try not to stay up to late,” Gabe said as she left the kitchen. Anna nodded and padded around the empty living room.

The girl returned her attention to the TV, where a new porno was playing. It showed a son, his mother and his aunt. It had a slow start but once the true meat of the thing began it became kind of hot. Anna’s eyes were glazed over with lust as she watched. She was kind of interested in it, but after emptying such a mighty load, she was drained.

Switching off the TV, and upon hearing the shower stop, Anna decided to make her way to bed. She decided to pass by her sister’s room, wanting to see what the geek what was up to. The door was cracked open, but a light, from a lamp on a desk, was on. She wasn’t asleep, or so a voice from within revealed.

“Whoa that potion still seems to be working,” Her sister’s voice called from in the room. Anna didn’t know what Laura was talking about, but looking at a small TV showed a video of Anna and Gabe, swapping the white fluid. The angle of the video was shot from the TV, which Anna knew probably had to have a camera hidden on it somewhere. Her sneaky sister was always trying to pull some scheme.

“Laura! What the hell?” Anna asked as she burst into her sister’s room.

Laura squealed, and tried to block the TV with her body, but it was too late. Anna began to notice other things around the room. Glass bottles full of strange liquids that released smoke, books with strange symbols, and other things that Anna couldn’t comprehend

“What are you doing in my room?” Laura asked, her eyes falling on a glowing book that rested on a night stand near Anna’s reach. Anna noticed her sister’s gaze, and quickly scooped up the book.

“What do we have here? A little witchcraft book, and talk of potions. I knew you were a witch!” Anna said as she began to flip through the book. She was amazed at some of the spells, and frightened at what others meant.

“You think your erection and issues of late were natural? I made a potion to cause all of that. You wouldn’t believe how fun it’s been watching you squirm, and have to cum every five minutes!” Laura said breaking out into a fit of laughter that sounded almost like a cackle.

“I knew your ass was behind this. Why me?” Anna asked as she drew close to her sister.

“You walk around like a saint, but you’re so mean. You had it coming,” Laura said as her laughter died out. Laura smirked until Anna abruptly tackled her to the floor, holding her arms behind her.

“What are you doing?” Laura’s voice quivered.

“You wanted to see what this potion did to me, how about I show you?” Anna whispered into her sister’s ear. “Maybe I’ll even test out this little book of yours.”

Anna pulled on her sister’s shorts, exposing the girl’s plump peach shaped rear.

“If you touch me I’ll scream!” Laura warned.

“Then I’ll tell mom what you did, and even show her. If you don’t want that then I suggest you let me fuck you,” Anna replied. Laura kept swearing and struggled, so Anna flipped through the book in her hand, finding what she guessed was some form of sex slave spell. It would last for a few minutes, which was all she needed.

Anna began to mumble the words in the book despite Laura’s protests. A bright glow filled the room, and then disappeared, but Laura seemed less resistant.

“What did you do?” Laura gasped, but Anna didn’t answer.

“Flip over, I want to fuck you in your pussy,” Anna demanded, which her sister quickly followed. Laura’s head didn’t seem to want to obey like the rest of her body, as she began to swear even more.

“You used a slave spell on him, you bitch!” Laura hissed, but her expression of anger turned to one of fear, “You can’t fuck me in my pussy, i’m your sister! I’m not even on the pill. Use a condom or something!”

Anna looked down at her massive kartal escort rod and chuckled. “How? No condom will fit this thing, believe me, I’ve tried.”

“Just don’t cum inside me then, I don’t want your baby. And don’t take too long,” Laura mumbled, knowing she was defeated. Anna nodded and lowered her, now raging rod, to her sister’s wet pussy. Anna didn’t dare let go of the book before, but now put it on Laura’s bed. She slid the cock in easily, and with a thrust of her hips was all the way in.

“Wow, no blood and no screams. So the geek isn’t a virgin. What happened, did you order some devil to take your virginity?” Anna asked, snickering.

Laura grunted and turned her face away from Anna. The feeling was mutual, but Anna had to have something to stare at. She tore open Laura’s pajama top, freeing the double D mounds. The breasts weren’t as perky and firm, or near as large as their mother’s, but they would do.

“Anna…you’re being too rough…” Laura panted as Anna quickened her thrusting. She wasn’t slowing, but slamming harder, her pelvis mashing hard into Laura’s.

“Shut it!” Anna said as Laura wobbled each time her sister slammed into her. Laura moaned louder, but tried to stop herself.

Laura’s legs began to wrap around Anna’s waist bringing the two closer.

“I…hate…you,” Laura breathed. Anna arched her back and Laura’s hands clamped onto the girl’s breasts, playfully teasing the pink erect nipples. Anna enjoyed the pleasure of having her E cup breasts played with, and moved her hips ever faster.

As the speed increased, Anna wanted more, and the floor was starting to get uncomfortable. She slipped her hands under her sister’s back, and scooped her up from the floor. Laura wrapped her arms around her sister, and squealed as Anna laid her on an empty desk. Despite her earlier protests, and still disgusted looking face, Laura seemed to be slightly enjoying her sister’s member.

Anna stood in front of the desk, and began to reinsert her cock into Laura’s soft, and warm, pussy. Laura moaned, and her hands gripped the sides of the desk, as Anna began to slowly thrust in and out. The veiny cock was covered in her sister’s pussy juices, which began to leak even more.

“Ohhh…please…stop,” Laura pleaded, “I’m…going to…cum.”

Anna relaxed her thrusts, but Laura was already at an orgasm. She screamed, and Anna lifted a hand to her mouth desperately trying to hush her. Laura’s voice drew quiet, but her pussy tightened around Anna’s cock. Anna was still sliding in and out, but the grip felt like a vise on her cock, and pressuring her to cum too.

“Oh…fuck,” Anna grunted as she pulled out of the wet pussy, slapping the cock onto Laura’s belly. The raging purple head began to leak and then the cum poured out on Laura’s flat stomach. It was still drained from earlier, and could only form a small puddle on her sister’s stomach.

“Did you just cum on me?” Laura asked, her voice full of rage, but she was unable to move anything other than her head. Anna nodded and walked back to the bed, picking up the mysterious book.

“Relax, I didn’t cum inside you,” Anna retorted.

“That doesn’t change anything. Get it off of me!”

“How did you get this anyway?” Anna inquired, ignoring her sister’s demands.

“Why do you care?” The girl covered in cum barked.

“I could always try another spell on you that won’t wear off in a few minutes, if you don’t tell me,” Anna threatened.

“Fine, I’ll tell you. You really are a pain you know? It came from Aunt Raven, she’ll be wanting it back soon, and I wouldn’t cross her Anna, she’s really a witch, or something,” Laura called out, but Anna shrugged.

“I never really liked Aunt Raven anyway. I guess I’ll have to hide this little treasure then,” Anna whispered, imagining the small safe she had hidden in her room, as she walked out of Laura’s room. She ignored the curses that her sister muttered under her breath, disappearing into the dark hallway.

Meanwhile, in her bedroom, Gabe tried to get to sleep, but was still thinking about Anna’s cock. She wondered how many lucky girls felt that monster in their pussies. Anna never really showed off any of her girlfriends, always hiding them. As the images of Anna’s angry cock danced in her head, she tried to quash them with a pink vibrator she had in her drawer.

Gabe was moaning, and rubbed the vibrator against her clit, but it just wasn’t the same anymore. She wanted Anna’s cock in her pussy, to bring her to an orgasm that would leave her screaming and squirting, but it was wrong, she told herself. They had already gone far enough. After a few more tedious minutes passed, and the vibrator failed to do anything mind blowing, other than tickle her pussy, Gabe tossed it aside.

She sighed and was about to go to sleep when she heard something vibrating. She thought she left the vibrator on, but the phone on her nightstand was glowing, and moving. Gabe lurched up and grabbed the phone, answering it.

“Hello?” She asked pressing it against her ear.

“Sis? It’s Raven, I’m in town for a week on business. I was wondering if I could bunk at your house for those few days,” The dark husky voice said on the other line. Gabe perked up at the voice of her sister.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32