The Education of Jeremy Blake Ch. 04

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– Good Neighbor Katie

Katie Henson brushed her hair with firm strokes. She was quite aware of her Jennifer Love Hewitt looks and wore figure hugging clothes without any underwear to emphasize her 36B perky-nippled breasts and tightly rounded ass.

Her grey-green eyes glittered as she recalled the previous afternoon’s hot sex session with her son Brad as they fucked standing on their neighbors’ porch spying on Jane Blake having oral sex with her son, Jeremy.

Outwardly, Jane appeared introverted and shy. However, Katie knew that underneath that sweet, motherly exterior simmered a wanton, passionate slut. As a good neighbor, Katie prided herself on her success in drawing Jane out of her shell to welcome new ideas of sexual experimentation. She introduced her to the magical properties of cum, taught her new masturbation techniques and also initiated her into the worlds of sexual role playing as well as video and phone sex.

It was Katie who had planted the idea of incest in her friend’s mind when during one of their conversations she confided about how she had “accidentally” surprised her son Brad masturbating in his bedroom. The image of his awesome tool was imprinted in her mind – to be replayed whenever she was horny and masturbating herself. She had not elaborated on how she had subsequently seduced Brad and that they were now lovers. Nor the fact that she had now inducted her second son as well.

What Katie did not know was that incest was a tradition in Jane’s family and that her confession about Brad merely reinforced Jane’s ambition to take charge of her son’s sexual education.

She shivered with delight at her discovery of her friend’s incestual foray and, as she rang the Blakes’ doorbell, she was more convinced than ever before about including Jane and her son in their own family sexcapades. And she had a plan on how to go about it.

Jane wondered who could be ringing the bell and quickly draped a gown over her naked body. She was running late this morning because of unexpected incidents– like Joseph insisting on sitting her on his lap and fucking her while he had his breakfast. Followed by a call from Bea who wanted to discuss last night’s phone sex play and when she could come over to “meet” Jeremy. To add to this, was her regular morning oral session with Jeremy when she sucked off her son in her bedroom while his father was in the bathroom.

“Hiya, Neighbor!” chirped Katie, grinning. “Can I come in – I have something to discuss with you.”

Jane admired her friend’s trim figure.

“Hey, luv. How do you manage to look this great, so early in the morning?” her lips brushed Katie’s soft, fragrant cheeks.

As they hugged, Katie detected the unmistakable smell of sex on her friend and the top of her robe fell open briefly to reveal her swaying, pendulous breasts confirming the fact that she was naked underneath. She had a definite, ‘freshly-fucked’ look.

“Well, to answer your question, hun, you can either spend time on looking good in the morning or getting fucked. And, if you ask me, I’d rather get fucked – like you! So, tell Mama what you’ve been up to?”

“Oh, you damn busy-body. Doesn’t anything escape those eagle eyes of yours?”

Jane blushed and pulled the robe tighter around her, flopping down on the sofa as Katie did the same.

“Honey-buns, not much that I don’t know about what goes on in this neighborhood, especially concerning my close friends and their families.”

Katie emphasized the word ‘families’ and looked meaningfully into Jane’s eyes.

Jane could feel her face getting hotter and her pussy moistening as she thought about her sexual adventures with her son. Instinct and the look in her friend’s eyes, told her that Katie knew about her and Jeremy.

“Jane, how much do you know about incest? Whatever you may have heard let me tell you – incest is fun! It’s taboo; it’s forbidden but it’s kinky – and that’s what makes it so much fun!”

Katie studied her friend’s reaction which was reflected in her eyes and her body language under the robe – it was obvious that Jane knew that Katie had found out about her incestual relationship with her son. And, interestingly, she did not mind that Katie knew.

Her unconscious response of opening her legs signaled to Katie that her friend was very receptive to the idea of incest.

“You remember I had told you about my obsession with my son Brad’s cock after I saw him masturbating?”

Jane held her breath as Katie gave a dramatic pause – she could guess what was coming next.

“I fucked him, Jane. I fucked my son, Brad. And you know what, Jane – I love fucking him. We have sex everywhere, everyplace and every time. I’m just sorry I didn’t do it sooner. We just make sure we’re away from prying eyes, not that we care –I don’t want my sonuvabitch ex to find out about it.”

Jane was amazed at the matter-of-fact way that her friend was discussing incest. She could have been talking about the price of gas or her grocery list.

“And Jane – it has ümraniye escort bayan brought us so much closer together. Our love for each other knows no boundaries and we express it to each other freely and physically, all the time. Our coupling transcends our bodies and we feel bonded as a single soul – in our thoughts and in our very beings.”

Katie described how it all started with her helping her son as a live nude model for his school biology project. She encouraged him further by keeping her bedroom and bathroom door open for him to spy on her – which he was fond of doing especially when she was masturbating or peeing.

This led to Brad wanting to see and fondle his mother’s body all the time – he made her move around the house naked whenever he was home. Their mutual exploration sessions soon progressed to intercourse to the extent that sometimes they would make love four or five times a day.

“Like, over the weekend, we are fucking all the time – we just break to grab a bite from the fridge. And then we’re at it again – like fucking rabbits. We fuck on the bed, on the floor, on the stairs, in the shower, on the kitchen table, in the car, in the pool, on the lawn – every place possible and in every conceivable position imaginable – some you can’t even imagine.”

Katie stopped for a bit – to allow her story to sink in – she could see that her friend was getting turned on from the way her robe had parted to the sides of her hips revealing the swell of her stomach and the dark triangle of her bushy pubes nestling between her tightly crossed, white thighs that she was rubbing together.

“Wow, Katie. You’re fucking your own son – that’s awesome! But, what about the little fellow, Chris, how does he react to his mother having sex with his older brother?”

Katie smiled at her friend’s concern.

“It’s like this, Jane. Chris has seen his older brother making love to his mother often enough to want in. And Brad doesn’t mind sharing. And as for me, I love having two virile boys servicing me. Talk about unlimited energy, these boys just don’t let up from one cumming to the next, without any stops – I literally have to call for time out. But then you know about that, don’t you, Jane?”

Now it was Jane’s turn to confess – and she decided that it was best to come clean. She told her friend about how she had started Jeremy’s sexual education and how similar the boys’ desires and needs were to Kate’s son’s.

“Jeremy just won’t leave me alone for a second. I haven’t fucked him as yet but we do pretty much everything else. He enjoys pissing games and just can’t get enough of eating my pussy and having me go down on him. Like Brad, he wants me to be naked around the house all the time and doesn’t allow me to wear any underwear. I’m OK with the no-underwear bit but I insist on being clothed because Joseph has a habit of dropping in unexpectedly. But we do have a lot of fun even when Joseph is around.”

She went on to tell her friend about their under-the-table/ in the TV room/ back-seat of the car sex games; and how she gave her son oral sex in her bedroom every morning while her husband was in the bath.

“Jeez, Janie-baby! I always knew you were a hottie – having sex with your son right under your husband’s nose – boy, you sure have balls – and they’re HUGE. And sexy!”

Katie laughed loudly looking meaningfully at her friend’s breasts, one dark nipple was peeping out from behind the folds of her gown.

Jane blushed but made no effort to cover up – feeling a strange excitement in her loins that Katie was admiring her breasts.

“Gosh, thanks Katie but don’t you think they are too big?” Jane opened her robe to bare her large brown nippled tits which swayed gently with their weight.

Katie Henson too felt the electricity of the moment. She had been in too many girl-on-girl situations not to know where this was heading.

“Janie-baby, those are knockers to die for! Not like these little titties,” Katie moved next to Jane pulling off her shirt to reveal perfect pear-shaped breasts with rosy areolas and erectile nipples that were almost an inch long.

“Oooo, these puppies look delicious. Can I taste them?”

“Go for it, babe – and, excuse me while I gobble these buxom beauties!”

Jane was all over the slim brunette’s breasts – licking, biting and pinching them while Katie suckled contentedly on her friend’s large dangling mammaries.

As the couple grew more frenzied in their sex-play, they tumbled off the couch onto the floor with Katie’s slim physique firmly in the saddle. Jane had lost her robe and was now stark naked and Katie was topless – they assumed the classic 69 position.

Katie burrowed her face in the big woman’s snatch which had thick lips covered with a close-cropped dark bush. She noticed that the cunt lips remained perpetually open because of an abnormally overdeveloped clitoris which stuck out like a miniature penis.

Katie delightedly licked the abundant pubic hair which was soaked with an aromatic kartal escort mixture of Jane’s vaginal juices, sweat and some traces of male semen.

With lips, tongue and tiny nips of her teeth, she skillfully worked on her friend’s hungry cunt until Jane was bucking like an untamed filly seeking to dislodge the determined rider. Her juices flowed out like a dam had burst inside – to be greedily sucked up by Katie’s lips just like a starving leech.

Katie’s magical thumb and forefinger massaged Jane’s fleshy clitoris as her tongue plumbed the depths of her love-hole.

Since Katie still had her pants on, Jane mouthed the crotch of her trousers and was overjoyed to find it soaked and smelling of cum. She sucked Katie’s juices through the fabric and began biting at the swell of her pussy lips which were perfectly outlined in the camel-toed ‘V’ of her form-fitting trousers.

Afraid that she would tear the material, Jane tugged off Katie’s pants and plunged her face into her snatch which welcomed her with open, hungry lips. Katie’s pussy was smooth and totally bald – in stark contrast to her own; it had a fragrance of fresh flowers and tasted equally good.

Jane eagerly lapped up the juices that were oozing out of the crack. With one hand, she split open the naked peach exposing the tender pink labia and probing it with her flicking tongue.

She could feel her own cunt being caressed by Katie’s expert mouth and sensed her body opening like the petals of a lotus blossom to welcome the sweet intrusion; she was floating in the silky sensuality of woman-love.

A growing wet stain was forming on the carpet under Jane’s formidable buttocks – the big woman’s pussy was a gusher and although Katie was lapping up the cum as fast as she could, rivulets of the hot juice dribbled down through the gaping slit.

The athletic woman wrapped her sinewy arms around her partner’s generous thighs and began to vigorously fuck her voracious cunt with her tongue. She nibbled on the juicy, erect clitoris and let her tongue occasionally wander down the deep ass crack to rim the furrowed ass-hole.

Jane loved eating pussy. She especially enjoyed the bald ones like her sister Bea’s and now, Katie’s. Somehow, their sleek hairlessness made them even more erotic. Jane felt that it was because the absence of hair allowed an open display of their secret pink labia making them more fun to suck and tongue.

– Eating Healthy

“Janie-baby. No offence, but I could really do with a stiff one up my cunt right now! But I’m close to cumming now and I don’t think I can last until you get your dildos from your bedroom,” Katie gasped.

“I think I have the answer, Katie. Just hold onto your orgasm a bit, I’ll be right back.”

Katie reluctantly dismounted from Jane’s voluptuous body to allow her to get up.

Breasts swaying and ass-globes shuddering, the desperate housewife padded to the dining room, opened the fridge and returned with two extremely large green cucumbers.

They were around seven inches in length and over 3 inches thick – Katie noted that they were peeled.

“Now, we can have real healthy sex,” Jane explained, “I had peeled these cucumbers for tonight’s salad but I think we can put them to better use now.”

She popped the ends of each cucumber into her mouth to wet them and handed one to Katie.

“OK, girlie, assume the position!” Jane smacked Katie’s bottom as the girl followed instructions by lying on her back and raising her legs in the air.

Jane’s lesbian exploits with her sister, Bea, who had a physique similar to Katie, had made her quite an expert. On hands and knees, she straddled over Katie and in one fluid motion, spread open her slavering pussy lips and thrust the cucumber into her – right up to the hilt.

“Ohhh…that feels cold…But lovely…mmmm……” Katie murmured as the makeshift vegetable dildo plumbed her vagina – plunging in and out with rapid strokes.

“Let me do you too, my fuck-slut!”

Jane parted her thighs wider and adopted a squatting posture to accommodate the fat cucumber her friend was shoving up her gaping grotto which dripped cum all over Katie’s face and torso.

“Give it to me, Katie luv – fuck my cunny….yesss…harder! Harder! Ohhh…feels so fucking good!! Shove it harder – you mother-fucking whore!”

In addition to their other sexual aberrations, both friends also derived vicarious pleasure from talking dirty during sex and indulged in it shamelessly.

“Take it all in your sloppy cunt, you fucking, fat cow while I suck milk from your udders!”

Katie had now wrestled the bigger woman to the ground and was now astride her – fucking her pussy rapidly with the cucumber and mauling her rolling boobs with her hand, mouth and teeth.

The small woman also assailed her willing victim’s soft red lips – sucking them and French kissing her mouth with vigorous tongue play.

Jane was panting with pleasure as her sex was viciously violated with the vegetable. kartal escort bayan

Katie suddenly withdrew the instrument of pleasure which was coated with Jane’s copious emissions and popped it into her mouth to lick off the juices.

“Mmmm…nothing I love more than the taste of fresh cum…mmmm.”

After giving the cucumber a few quick sucks, Katie bit off the end and began to chew it crunchily.

“Excuse me Janie love, I’m hungry – and not just for your sex – your turn to eat this now!”

She promptly resumed fucking Jane with the half-eaten cucumber.

“Hey, Katie-cunt! You’re short-changing me with a smaller prick!”

“Janie-slut, you know what they say: It’s not the size that counts but what you do with it! Hee-yaahhh!”

With a loud cowboy yell, Katie dropped into a crouch between Jane’s thighs and clasped her protruding clitoris tightly between her lips as she fucked the sopping pink labia with the cucumber. Her deft fingers reached lower between the billowing buttocks and found the wrinkled ass-hole which she promptly penetrated.

Jane flinched momentarily as she felt her friend’s finger dig into her ass. The pain quickly turned to pleasure as all her erotic points were sexually assaulted together- teeth nibbling at her clit, cucumber fucking her pussy, finger shagging her ass and her own fingers twisting and tugging her swollen nipples.

Added to all this, was the repeated tongue sucking as Katie shared her cum-laden mouth with Jane.

“Katie-cunt…I’m cumming…suck my pussy harder…fuck me harder, lover….oh god!”

The big woman shuddered as wave after wave of the orgasm swept over her – but the smaller woman was unrelenting and kept up her merciless ministrations until she felt herself choking with the rush of cum.

Swallowing hard, she nimbly rose to her feet and squatted over Jane’s face giving herself totally to the woman’s mouth and hands until she too came violently with a resounding wail.

Jane recalled hearing this wailing sound at odd hours of the day and night from the neighboring house and used to wonder what was happening. Now she knew!

Moments later, the two friends had put on their clothes and were having coffee and sandwiches that Jane had made from one of their dildo cucumbers.

She had saved the other one – the one which she had used to fuck Katie with – for her son because she knew that he would relish the taste of her friend’s cunt.

“Yumm… I love the sandwiches, they’re so personal – they taste uniquely of you,” Katie commented.

“Thanks, Katie. I saved the other one for Jeremy’s salad. He just loves the taste of woman cum – he will definitely want a taste of your cunt once I tell him about our cucumber fuck session.”

Both friends giggled and remarked, “Hoo-boyyy!”

“Jane, I actually came by to invite you and Jeremy to join me and my boys in our family fun.”

“Well, I would love to – but I don’t know how Jeremy would like that – he is rather shy. And you will have to promise not to fuck him – you know that I am planning something special for his ‘Opening’.”

“He likes watching, doesn’t he? Don’t tell him about our talk, I’ll guide you on how to get him to join us.”

Katie’s plan involved Jane and Jeremy going over to visit them later in the afternoon. She would leave the front door open and would be engaged in loud sex with her sons in the downstairs bedroom.

The bedroom door would also be open and their noisy love-making would definitely entice Jeremy and Jane into spying on them and eventually joining them.

“Jane honey, I’d love you to join us. I think you’re a real hottie and your son is even hotter – he’s got the most awesome fucking cock I’ve seen! It’s even fatter than my Brad’s.”

“Hold your horses, Katie-cunny! I told you – my boy’s cock is off-limits for now!”

“Sweetheart, I won’t fuck him, I promise. But I can suck that luscious tool, can’t I? C’mon, have a big heart, Janey – I’ll let you suck AND fuck Brad! I know that my son’s got the hots for you – his life’s ambition is to fuck your titties!” Katie giggled lewdly.

“Honey, I’d love to have Brad fuck me; and until Jeremy’s “Opening”, heaven knows I badly need another cock in me apart from Grizz’s. But I can’t have Brad screwing me in front of Jeremy; that would upset him too much. Though, I suppose I could let Brad fulfill his fantasy of fucking my boobs.”

“OK. Cross my legs and hope to die – I hereby promise not to fuck Jeremy (for now) and not to let my Brad fuck you (which you’re going to regret, mind you – Brad is an awesome fuck!)”

Katie held up her right hand in mock solemnity.

“…For now!” reiterated Jane, smiling at her friend in agreement with her plan.

And, more reluctantly, to allow Katie to suck Jeremy’s cock although she knew that it would make her extremely jealous.

As if she could read the big woman’s mind, Katie remarked, “I know it’s not easy sharing your son, luv. I went through the same pangs at first. But later, Brad and I both realized that sharing our pleasures made the bonds of our relationship stronger and more special.”

“Our sexual need for each other keeps growing and our physical connection continues to reach greater heights of hedonism and fulfillment.”

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