The Dressing Room Ch. 02

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Heather was leaning back on her couch, her blouse unbuttoned to her naval, sipping a martini and smiling up at me. We had arrived back at her house and started making out in the doorway. When I had her blouse open and I was licking the tops of her breasts pushing out of the top of her push-up bra, she stopped me and said we needed to call my mother and let her know I was spending the night.

After the phone call she made martini’s as she laughed and occasionally let loose a long, pleasure-filled sigh. “If your mother knew…” she started then laughed. “Oh, she’d kill me.

She sat on the couch and leaned back for me to view her figure. Heather was about five-seven and one-hundred and twenty pounds, with thin, long legs and nicely full hips. Why she wore a girdle I couldn’t imagine, unless she thought it made her stomach look flatter. Her free hand traced up the opening of her blouse and lightly glided over her breasts.

“At your age,” she said almost absently, “you’ve probably never seen fake boobs, have you?”

I remembered when I was seventeen that mom said Heather had had surgery. It wasn’t until I saw Heather a month later that I knew what the surgery had been. She had gone from a pleasant 32 B, to a perfect, 34 C in that month’s time. It only served to make her more desirable to me. Later, I saw her when she showed my mother just how the surgery was done and I watched from a distance as my mother reached out and handled her sisters new breasts in a very tender, loving and sensual way. That image alone was worth a good three months of jerking off. Eight months after the surgery, her relationship with Al had ended and that was when she swore off men. To the best of my knowledge, she hadn’t dated anyone since.

“I liked touching them.” I finally said in response to her comment about her fake breasts.

“There will be plenty more of that.” She said with a smile, adding, “And other things.”

I sipped my martini and sat down next to her on the couch. “You’re very beautiful.” I said sincerely.

She smiled broadly, reaching out to touch my arm, she said, “We didn’t buy you anything at the store, did we?”

The intent of the trip to the store was for Heather to buy me some new clothes for the summer. Heather sold real estate and was quite successful at it, she had money and liked to spend it on her family and friends. The shopping trip was something we had started when I first went off to college. We had picked up a couple pairs of slacks when we heard the sounds coming out of the dressing room. That ended the shopping trip and started something better. “I’m not complaining.” I replied honestly.

“I had to look.” She said. “I had to see what they were doing. I mean, I knew what they were doing, but I wanted to see it. It made me very excited.”

“Me too. I was embarrassed that my hard one was pressing against you in the changing room.”

“Yes.” kartal escort bayan She said as he smile broadened even more at the memory, “I couldn’t believe how hard you were.” She rose up on the couch so she was next to me, “It made me all the more excited.”

We kissed and she reached down and felt the outline of my cock in my jeans. Her tongue licked at my lips and darted in and out of my mouth playfully. My hand found its way inside her blouse and inside her bra, zeroing in on her hard, protruding nipple. She moaned and pulled back her smile beaming brightly at me.

“You know what I like?” She asked.

“Tell me.”

Heather set her drink down and pulled open her blouse more so I could see her breasts pushing against the fabric of her bra. “I like my lover to cum on my tits and neck. I love the feel of cum on my skin. Maybe some on my face, too. Would you like that?”

I nodded, “Yes.” I had dated a girl in college with size 36D tits and I wanted to fuck them so badly, but she never would let me do that, let alone cum on her tits and neck.

Heather undid the snap on the front of her bra, revealing her perfectly shaped and perky breasts. They stood firm before me with quarter-sized areolas and perky, quarter-inch nipples. She cupped her breasts in her hands as if to offer them up to me. “Would you like to cum on these?”

I set my drink down and leaned into her, my face going directly for her right breast. I touched it and kissed her breast, I licked the nipple and nibbled lightly on it. Everything I did seemed to bring loud gasps of pleasure from her.

Heather pushed me back and smiled broadly at me, her eyes had a wild look I had never seen before. “I think I need to suck on something.” She said and started working on my jeans zipper. With her long, manicured nails, she fumbled with the zipper. Heather looked up at me, “I’m afraid I need some help with this.”

I stood from the couch and quickly unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans. Heather reached up and tugged at the waist of my jeans and pulled them quickly down to my knees. My cock stood out over the top of my briefs and she pulled back and smiled up at me. “Oh, I can smell my scent on you.”

I pushed my briefs down and my cock stood at attention before her. Heather reached out and stroked my cock with her soft hand. Her touch felt so good, her hand moved perfectly on me, not too rough, not too lightly. She moaned lightly and licked her lips. “I bet you never thought this would happen, did you?” She said and put her lips on the head of my cock.

She was right, I never thought something like this would happen. I had fantasized about having sex with her, just as I had fantasized about having sex with my own mother and about three-quarters of my mother’s friends and acquaintances. I was a horny young man and had always wanted to have sex since I got my kadıköy escort first hard on. But, a blow-job from my aunt, no, I had never thought it would happen.

I watched as Heather’s lips opened and she slowly moved down the shaft of my cock. I’m not a huge guy, my cock is just a little more than six inches, but it has some girth to it that my old girlfriend said was something women liked. I watched my Aunt’s mouth stretch to get around my cock as she continued to take it deeper into her mouth. She moaned and looked up at me and I could see the delight in her eyes as she slowly started moving back and forth. It didn’t take her long and she was sucking my cock with great perfection. Her motions were faster and her mouth was tight on my shaft and in no time at all I thought I might cum again.

Heather released my cock from her mouth and put her hand back on it. She looked up at me, “I can taste us.”

“You keep doing that and you’re going to taste more of me.” I replied.

Heather laughed and kissed the head of my cock, “Not yet…not yet.” Her mouth engulfed my cock again and I started pushing my cock in and out of her mouth in a quicker pace. Her mouth felt so good and I really wanted to unload there. Again, Heather pulled back and wrapped her fingers around my cock. “Oh you are an aggressive young man.”

Heather reached out and grabbed her martini glass and took a sip from her drink. “Don’t be in too big of a rush for something that will happen anyway.”

“Your mouth feels so good.” I said.

She rose from the couch, one hand still on my cock, the other on her martini and kissed me on the chin. “Let’s go to the bedroom.”

The bedroom was as large as my mother’s living room and the bed looked to be twice the size of my Queen sized bed. The room was dimly lit, small ceiling lights cast little pools of light from the doorway to the foot of the bed. A painting over the bed showed a man and a woman intertwined in a red sheet as if floating on air. I noticed the woman’s mouth, open as if to emit a scream of ecstasy. The painting was tasteful, not completely lurid; one really had to study it to see the two of them were in the throws of lovemaking.

Heather moved to one side of the bed and pulled off her blouse and bra. Her upper body was slim, save for her breasts that jutted out from her ribcage, her skin was lightly tanned and smooth in the dim lighting. She pushed down her skirt and then worked to pull down her girdle. I could see that her abdomen wasn’t as tight as her upper body appeared to be. Her hips had a little more meat on them than I first thought, but her legs were nice and toned.

I stood at the foot of the bed and removed my t-shirt and then pulled off my socks. We stood about six feet apart staring at each other and admiring each other’s form. Heather pulled back the covers on the bed and knelt on the bed bostancı escort bayan before me. Her hand stretched out to me and I took it with mine and joined her on the bed. We kissed lightly at first and then more passionately.

My hands searched over her supple skin, moving from her arms to her beasts and down to her hips. Heather put a hand on my hand and whispered to me, “You can’t tell anyone about this, you do understand that, right? We can have a lot of fun. I’ll make every fantasy you’ve ever had, come true, but it’s all between you and I.”

I would have agreed to anything at that moment. I kissed her as I thought of one fantasy that could create a problem with her proclamation, “What if my fantasies involve a third party?”

Heather nibbled on my ear and chuckled lightly, “That’s understood, and, I might add, expected.”

I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her to me, twisting as I did, we went down on the bed together. My hands quickly caressed her body as I kissed her neck and pushed my cock hard against her hip. “You are my fantasy, Heather.”

She spread her legs and I moved on top of her. “Aaron, you have no idea how much of a fantasy this is for me.”

I pushed the head of my cock against her pussy and she moaned and arched her back. I slipped inside of her wet and warm pussy for the second time that evening. Her arms encircled my back and pulled me tight to her as we kissed lustfully and passionately deep. Her hands went down to my ass and pulled me deeper into her. I started fucking her with long, hard strokes and with each pump of my hips she pulled me hard into her pussy.

We were fucking hard and fast when she started cumming again. Each time she came, her pussy gushed more fluid over my cock and her body arched into mine as she moaned loud and strong. After the last flood soaked me she pushed me off of her and asked breathlessly, “Are you going to cum?”

“Soon.” I replied.

She moved down on the bed and pushed her breasts together for me. “Fuck my tits and cum on my neck.”

I did what I was told and slid my cock between those perfectly shaped breasts and her soft, sweat covered skin. Fantasy upon fantasy upon fantasy; it was all too exciting, between watching my cock slide between her breasts and her loud moans I knew it was only a matter of seconds before I came again. I shot twice onto her neck and then she opened her mouth and I rose up and shot a steam over her face. Heather moved down again and took what was left into her mouth, literally draining me of all the fluid I had.

I collapsed next to her with a heavy, happy sigh of complete contentment. I looked over and saw Heather wipe a glob of cum from her neck with her finger and take it into her mouth. She greedily sucked her finger clean. She smiled at me and rose up on her elbows. “I think we need to thank that woman at the department store, don’t you?”

At the time, I didn’t know exactly what she meant; I was too tired and worn to think about her words. I was too happy to consider what could be more exciting than what had just happened. But, my Aunt Heather was already making plans to fulfill all my fantasies.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32