The Doctor

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Big Tits

“Deep breaths.”

Stepping out of the car and looking at the coffee shop with trembling hands and a light-headed feeling. Nothing fit right that morning. Her hair did that flip that she hated. Her hands were shaking, so she couldn’t get her make upright.

‘What color lipstick would he love? Which perfume would linger after she left?’ Nothing made her feel like she could ever live up to his expectations. But he was here. And after so long, it was finally time.

So much was wrong with their meeting. They were both married, and both had careers in which high moral fortitude was the standard. Everything about what they were about to do was risky. But it felt right. For so long, they had half-heartedly joked that they would one day meet. That they wouldn’t be able to keep their hands off of each other. That they would spend days finally feeling each other. Finally fucking.

But today was the day. The day of truth. Was it too late to turn back? She looked through the window of the small, obscure coffee shop. A place where nobody she knew would happen by. Looking at the faces of each person inside, he wasn’t hard to spot. There was an air about him. Kind eyes and a look of anticipation on his face.

‘It’s cute,’ she thought.

He even seemed a little nervous. She watched him for a moment as he sipped his coffee. Watching his strong, skilled hands as he fingered through a magazine. She wanted him to finger her. To feel his hands exploring her, finding all of her secrets, grasping hard at her skin.

Almost as if he had sensed her thoughts, their eyes met. His amber eyes had a soft gleam, and he stood, motioning her to come inside. She felt her heart thumping loudly in her chest. She smiled, waved, bit her lip, and walked inside.

The first contact was awkward, as it was bound to be. After a quick fumble of hands and bodies, they opted for a hug. He was tall and stood a full head over her. He leaned in and kissed her cheek, but she felt it everywhere else. A shiver, electric and warming, spreading through her body.

Her face, her neck, her breasts, all turned a slightly pinkish shade. She tried to hide her face. His laugh, not a mocking one, but one of endearment, made her feel at ease. So much that she might melt.

“Good morning, Treacle,” he said with a broad grin. “I’ve ordered your favorite.”

A wide grin spread across her face. He remembered that cinnamon hot cocoa was her choice, and even though it was an odd selection, he was happy to oblige.

She sat across from him, and they smiled awkwardly for a moment. The tension that had so often weaved itself into their conversations had carried through to their physical meeting. She sipped her cocoa that was the perfect temperature. The warmth flowing down her throat made her long for his warmth in her mouth.

“Oh!” she exclaimed, “I almost forgot!”

She smiled mischievously and pulled from her purse two candy canes. He laughed, that beautiful laugh, the one that had so many times before made her heart skip a beat. She handed him one and then unwrapped the other and slid it into her drink.

She had a habit of licking the hot cocoa off of the sticky shaft. A gesture that he did not mind, nor was the implication lost on him. He remembered a time when she had playfully licked and sucked a candy cane for his viewing pleasure and thought of the one he had kept on his desk for months to remember her by.

Red lipstick is what she had chosen. Watching her lips as the candy disappeared into her mouth made him twitch. So often had he pictured those lips around his dick. Feeling her taste his arousal and knowing she would have an immediate response between her legs that he would be able to feel and taste finally.

They lead a conversation of small talk for a while, getting used to one another’s company. The desire for physical contact was palpable. It tasted like coffee and cinnamon and candy canes.

“Shall we go for a walk? Show me around your city,” he suggested as they both finished their drinks.

She smiled and agreed. They stood and walked to the door. He held it open for her. She reached up to squeeze his shoulder as a gesture of thanks. But that wasn’t enough. As her hand slipped away, he caught it with his and pressed it to his lips. They walked forward, hand in hand, like teenagers touching each other for the first time.

As they strolled along the street, pointing out things to one another, they found themselves striving for any kind of physical contact. A brush of shoulders as they walked hand in hand. A quick rub of almanbahis yeni giriş his thumb against her wrist. A playful ruffle of his hair.

Finally, they stopped in front of a beautiful mural, a colorful homage to her home in the desert. They stood side by side, admiring the different aspects and pointing things out to each other. She hugged his arm close against her, fingers of one hand still intertwined with his, and laid her head on his shoulder. The smell of her perfume filled him with desire that he felt at his very core. Watching her face light up as she spoke passionately about the world around her made it hard for him to not smile. And, of course, his smile, his light teasing, and his laughter filled her heart with a song.

He kissed the top of her head. She bit her lip, feeling that electricity like a million fireflies shooting through her body again. She didn’t dare move. Afraid she would wake up from this dream. But she looked up at him, and their eyes met. Their pupils dilated as they looked longingly at one another.

He brushed a piece of her long red hair away from her face and held her cheek in his hand. Her pulse in her neck quickened at his touch. He found himself wishing to feel it throughout the rest of her body as well. Exploring her and making her heart pound. Wishing to feel that pulsating inside of her, his own joining in resonance. He leaned in slowly, and she raised herself up on her toes. Finally. Finally, Their lips met, and the whole world was on fire.

Almost within an instant, they had found themselves in his hotel, barely able to make it out of the elevator and to his door before they were undressing each other. Fumbling in his pocket, he found the key card and slid it into the slot to unlock his door. They walked in, quickly shutting the door behind them. He grabbed her and pressed her against the door, her hands running madly all over his body, tugging at his clothes. He knew exactly what she wanted. They had discussed it so many times.

He leaned in and kissed her neck, gently sucking and biting at her flesh. She moaned into his ear, stealing soft nibbles of his lobe. He grabbed both of her hands and intertwined his fingers with hers, pinning them against the wall above her head. She wrapped her leg around him to pull him against her, her skirt sliding up to expose her soft, milky white thigh. He abandoned her hands to grab her thighs and run his fingers up, reaching to remove her dress. She kept her arms above her head, standing still to allow him to undress her.

He stopped and looked at her face. “No, Treacle, not like this.”

He let her skirt drop and reached in to kiss her tenderly. He put his hands on her cheeks and pulled her close against his chest. She stood on her toes to reach up and wrap her arms around his neck. He put his arms around her and slid his hands up and down her body before finally resting his hands firmly on her ass, pulling her even closer against him. He ached for her. She craved him. But there was no rush. No reason for a mad dash of sex.

Instead, he walked her over to the bed and helped her sit, never breaking their kiss. He sat with her and began to caress her body as he slid his tongue into her mouth, kissing her deeply and passionately. She moaned against his kiss, a moan he had heard so many times over the phone. But now, it was in person, and she was here, and she was his. Slowly, she climbed on his lap, straddling him, pressing her whole body tightly against his. She held his face in her hands and let her hair fall all around him. Her scent engulfed him. She tasted sweet, just as he imagined she would. A faint hint of peppermint lingering on her lips.

She began to gently grind against him, both of them very aware of the other’s arousal. She kissed his neck, biting playfully. She unbuttoned his shirt and left a trail of wet, sucking kisses down his chest as she went. She slid her body down his and onto the floor between his legs. She had dreamed so often of worshipping his cock.

As her breasts slid across his tented pants, he groaned. She kissed his stomach, his hips, his thighs, then she unbuttoned his pants. She took his zipper between her teeth and pulled it down, keeping her eyes fixated on his slight mischievous grin spreading across her face. He laughed. God, his laugh was musical.

His laugh turned into a content sigh as she helped him slip out of his pants and boxers. His already stiff cock made her bite her lip as she suppressed a moan of satisfaction. It was perfect and already slightly leaking his precum. almanbahis giriş Without hesitation, she leaned forward and lapped it up with her tongue slowly, letting him watch it as it dripped from her tongue and down his shaft.

She wanted badly to take it all into her mouth. But she fought the hunger and licked it tenderly, teasingly, taking her time to savor every inch of him. She drove him wild by kissing bit by bit until his entire cock had been covered in her loving sucks. She leaned in further, taking his testicles into her mouth and sucking on them softly, bringing her hand to stroke his penis. He let out a deep groan, his heart pounding as he watched her mouth all over him.

Finally, she couldn’t take it any longer. She needed to feel him in her mouth. She positioned herself so that her breasts were pressed against him as she wrapped her lips around his cock. It tasted amazing and filled her tiny mouth. She took just the tip, swirling her tongue around just below it. Then she sunk her head down deeply onto him, letting him feel her throat around him.

His moans encouraged her as she pulled him out of her mouth and then took him back in again, gagging as his cock hit her throat. He watched her, their eyes locked in one another, and she bobbed her head on his shaft, sucking and licking, almost as if she couldn’t get enough of him.

Her soft moans vibrated around his cock, her hunger, and yearning for him finally being realized. He rested his hands on her head, his pleasure taking over his entire body as he felt her soft mouth slide up and down with a tiny suck. His desire grew, and he had to have all of her.

Reaching down, he pulled her up to him, kissing her lips and pulling her onto his lap. He reached down, pulled her up into a kiss, and dragged her onto his lap. He pulled her close to him. As she felt his hard shaft against her body, she gasped, and she began to feel a dull ache between her legs. An ache that only her doctor could cure.

She lifted her arms, again inviting him to undress her. He pulled her dress off over her head and discarded it a mile away so she could stay naked in his arms forever. A black bra covered her soft and full breasts with a red rose design.

He could see their heaviness, and so he reached behind her to unhook her bra and pulled it off, letting her breasts fall and bounce in front of him. Without hesitation, he scooped them up into his hands and pulled them to his mouth. He had dreamed of these breasts, and here they were, his to touch and tease and pull and taste. She arched her back and let out a groan, her skin prickling and her nipples hardening in his mouth. She cradled his head in her arms and ran her fingers through his hair as she moaned gently against his ear.

“Oh, Tom,” she whispered, a chill running down her spine as she finally was able to moan his name with him there in her arms. Like fire spreading on her skin, his hands roamed her body, feeling every inch of her until reaching between her legs to feel the wetness and warmth.

Her panties were red, just like he liked. They were barely there and lacey, with a tiny bow, like a present he wanted to unwrap. She pressed herself against his hand, rocking her hips slowly, leaning in to kiss his cheek.

Aroused by her affection, he brought his lips to hers, kissing her deeply, reaching his hand behind her head to pull her in closer. She parted her lips, and he darted his tongue into her mouth.

As their tongues danced, he slid her panties to the side to rub her beautiful pink slit. He moaned as he felt how wet she was and brought his finger up towards her face. She ached to taste herself off of him, and as he came closer, she pulled away from his kiss to suck her sweet juice off of his fingers. She knew that this drove him crazy, and to finally see that lust in his eyes made the animal in her purr.

Now that his hands had left her sex, she felt his exposed heat pressing against her. One shift. That’s all it would take. A slight lift and a hand to steady, and she would sink down on his cock. And she knew he felt their closeness as his cock jolted, a mind of its own bringing him dangerously close to her entrance.

She reached down to hold him in place as she lifted herself and positioned herself over him. She could feel the butterflies in her stomach. This was everything they had both been waiting for. He could see her hesitation, and he stroked her cheek with one hand, beckoning her to kiss him. Their lips met as her lips met his cock. Sliding down slowly, she began to feel almanbahis güvenilirmi her walls tightening already, driving her closer to complete ecstasy.

She rode him slowly, savoring every inch of him, feeling him pulsate inside of her, filling her completely. They kissed as she rocked on him, his hands roaming her body until cupping her ass and pressing her closer to him, helping her keep a steady and deep rhythm.

He moved her wild, red hair away so that he could lean in and nibble on her neck. This drove her wild, her nails digging into him and scratching down his back as her first orgasm rained over her like a thunderstorm.

“Fuck,” the word escaping from her mouth and into his ears, her otherwise sweet voice filling the space between them. He began to pump into her more urgently, keeping one hand on her ass as he brought the other forward to play with her aching clitoris. This caused her to arch back, leaving her breasts completely open to his hungry mouth.

The feeling of fucking her, pleasuring her, and now tasting her pink nipples was almost too much to bear. He pulled her tightly against him and laid back on the bed before kissing her deeply and rolling over on top of her. Without missing a beat, he continued to thrust into her, her legs now wrapped around his body and her moans stifled by his kisses.

He held her breasts in his hands at first but let them fall so he could watch them bounce with every penetration. He took her hands in his and pulled them up to pin them above her head, intertwining his fingers between hers and pushing as he held them there.

Within seconds, her second orgasm came, this one heightened by the small gesture of control, gushing from between her legs and down his like a dam had been broken.

So many times had he wished to feel her orgasm squirting all over him. The sounds of her voice raspy yet melodic. She was breathing hard and hot against his kiss, and he could feel his desire growing.

She sensed his need and pulled away, whispering, “Let me taste.”

The words drove him crazy, and before standing to let her taste herself off of his cock, He thrusted deep and hard enough to bring her third orgasm rushing with more force than the first two combined. He held her there for a moment, impaled by his cock, her body squirming and spasming around him.

He then stood at the edge of the bed. She slid forward and took his glistening cock into her mouth, tasting their juices mixed together in her mouth. He gathered her hair in his hands and held her head still, and fucked her mouth deeply. He watched as she gagged on his cock, feeling her throat tighten around him. Her moans once again sending vibrations as her throat massaged the tip of his cock. She looked up at him, and he could see the glint of passion in her eyes.

He pulled out of her mouth, and she sat up to kiss him. Without a word, she turned away from him, and he wrapped his arms around her, grabbing her breasts and pulling her tight against him. She could feel his warm, wet cock against her ass, and she rubbed her body against his as he firmly squeezed, pinched, and pulled her nipples.

After he could no longer stand it, he pushed her down, so she was on all fours and leaned down to lick her sweet pussy from her clit to her ass, relishing in the taste of her orgasms that he had produced.

He then stood behind her and, without warning, pushed his cock all the way into her pussy. She screamed in pleasure. He knew this was her favorite, and he had imagined so vividly so many times taking her like this until they were both completely spent.

He leaned forward and underneath her to let her bouncing breasts brush against his hands. And soon, orgasm number four came rushing like a volcanic eruption, her hot cum dripping all over the bed and his cock.

Her warmth all over him made him thrust wildly into her. The rawness of his bare cock, the feeling of nothing coming between them, her whimpers as he watched her grab the sheets to keep herself from floating away, all rolling together and wrapping around him as he felt a tightness in his body that he could no longer fight.

He gripped her hips tightly as he felt the release of his seed deep inside her. She pushed back against him, throwing her head back as his hot explosion prompted orgasm number five, both of their climaxes melting together in total and complete ecstasy.

He kept his warmth inside of her, thrusting a few times slowly as she pulsed around him, both of them whimpering and breathing deeply in time with each other. As he pulled out of her, she rolled onto her back and beckoned him to collapse on top of her. He happily complied, pulling her close to him as they kissed each other, salty and sweet kisses, full of contentment. Her shaking body wrapped around him and held him as they both drifted off to sleep.

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