The Cold Winter Ch. 01

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Chapter 1: The Storm

Sarah and Michael huddled close together under the blanket they had wrapped around them. The 18 year old twins were alone in the house. Their mother had left a week ago to go shopping and never returned.

Now even thought they are twins, looking at them you would never guess it. Sarah is 5’2″ and maybe 100lbs with long strawberry blonde hair that falls almost to her butt and ice blue eyes. She has a nice set of tits that she is very proud of but they have never been touched by outside hands.

Michael on the other hand is 6′ even around 170. He takes after their unknown father. His night black hair is cut just above his shoulders and he has his father’s bright green eyes.

18 years ago the twin’s mother had a one night stand with a trucker and 9 months later she had the twins. She has raised them the best she could as a single parent and believed she has done a good job. Both twins would graduate at the top of their class and both had been accepted at a nearby college.

Anyway, our twins were curled up in front of the fireplace as a blizzard blew outside their window. The power is out so they are staying near the fire trying to keep warm.

“That wood ain’t gonna get us through the night.” Michael said throwing their last piece on the fire and watching it catch.

Sarah looked at him. “Michael. You can’t go outside, you’ll freeze.” The wood pile was in the shed behind the house.

He smiled at her. “I’ll be fine. I’ll bundle up really well.” He slipped out from under the blanket, wrapping it tightly around her. He walked back to his cold bedroom. He pulled on a sweater and his hiking boots, and then came back to the living room as he pulled on a heavy winter coat. “Don’t let anyone in the house.”

She nodded then watched as he grabbed a flashlight and headed towards the kitchen.

She huddled closer to the fire as she waited for him to return.

Michael pushed his way through the blinding snow and wind to get to the shed. He flipped on the flashlight so he could see what he was doing and gathered up a huge armful before heading back to the house.

When he had the kitchen door slammed behind him, he stood there a minute then made his way back to the living room. “This ought to keep us through the night.” he said dropping the pile into the wood box. He stripped out of his jacket, sweater and boots then climbed back under the blanket with his sister holding it tightly around them.

“Where do you think mom is?” Sarah asked after they watched the fire in silence for a few minutes.

Michael sighed. “I don’t know. I hope she is okay and not stuck out in this though.” He wrapped his arms protectively around her, pulling her against his hard body. His hands brushed against her breasts but neither noticed.

“Michael. I’m cold.” Sarah cried snuggling closer to him as he wrapped the blanket tighter around them.

“Do you want me to get another blanket?” He asked holding her shivering body in his arms. They had their mother’s queen sized quilt wrapped around them. It was the warmest blanket they owned. He figured she was more afraid of the storm then she was cold but he wasn’t going to ask her about it.

“I don’t think it will help.” she whimpered against his chest. “I can’t stop shivering.”

Michael felt her breath against him and her breasts pressing against his arm as she pressed herself against him. He moaned when he felt his cock starting to rise in his pajama bottoms.

“Are you okay?” She asked climbing onto his lap with her legs wrapped around his waist as she pressed her body against his trying to get the shivering to stop.

Michael didn’t answer; he was suddenly shivering to but knew it wasn’t from the cold. The bottom of his sister’s cotton nightgown was bunched around her waist and her bare pussy was pressing against his cock. “God why wasn’t she wearing any underwear?” he asked himself.

Sarah huddled even closer to him; she buried her face against his bare chest as she pressed her breasts against him and rubbed her pussy against his cock.

Michael groaned again as his cock continued to harden. She didn’t seem to notice this time though. “Michael, I can’t stop shivering. Warm me up.” She whimpered pressing even closer to him.

Michael let out a ragged groan as he wrapped his arms around her and shoved her onto her back on the floor as he covered her body with his own. He knew she would probably hate him in the morning but he was so hot right now he didn’t care. “Michael what are you…?” she got out just before his lips locked on hers.

She gasped into his mouth as he slid his tongue into her open mouth. She beat against his back then suddenly moaned as she melted into the kiss. Michael softened it so his tongue was caressing hers as his hands moved down over her body.

She illegal bahis felt her nightgown lifted and started to stiffen but Michael just nipped at her lips until she relaxed again. She felt her nightgown bunch around her neck and under her arms then his hands cup her breasts. She moaned into his mouth as he massaged them with his hands.

“Michael, we shouldn’t…” She started to say when he released her lips then gasped again when he took one of her nipples into his mouth. “Michael…” She cried looking down at his head with his mouth sucking on her breast. “Michael, this isn’t right. You’re my brother.”

Michael ignored her protests as he loved her breast with his mouth. His tongue swirled over her nipple making her moan, “Oh Michael.” She purred as he sucked gently on her nipple, while his hand squeezed and massaged her other breast.

When his hand moved down over her stomach and between her legs, she tried to close them but he wouldn’t let her. He shoved a leg between her legs, holding them open as his hand continued its journey. “Michael you shouldn’t be touching me.” She cried trying to close her legs but unable to.

His hand slid down further until he spread her lower lips open, dipping his finger over her clit. “Michael…you shouldn’t touch my…Oh my.” She cried as he flicked her clit with his finger. “Oh god Michael, That feels so good.”

He continued to suck at her nipple as he left his thumb playing with her clit and drove his hand further down her body until he came to her slit.

When he slid a finger inside her, Sarah whimpered with need. “Oh god, No…we can’t do this.” But the hands that had been pushing at him were suddenly pulling him closer, not pushing him away.

Michael moaned against her breast as he slowly slid his finger in and out of her. Sarah lay there mewling as his mouth finally left her breast and traveled down her body.

Michael what are you…Oh my god.” She screamed at the first touch of his mouth. “No, that definitely isn’t right; your mouth doesn’t belong there.” She pulled at his head but she couldn’t pull him away.

When his tongue moved rapidly over her clit, she cried out and stopped trying to pull him away. Instead, she lifted her hips against him as she tugged at his hair, pulling him closer to her body.

Michael growled against her pussy when he felt her give in. He slid a second finger inside her and started plowing her slit hard and fast.

“Oh god, don’t stop.” She cried pulling his head closer to her pussy as she humped hard against him. “I know it’s wrong but god it feels so good.

Michael nibbled at her clit as he continued to hammer his fingers inside her. He stretched her out with his fingers working her to be able to accept his cock which was throbbing madly in his pajama bottoms.

Sarah’s eyes were closed as her brother drove her body closer and closer to orgasm. “Michael…I’m gonna cum.” she screamed thrusting her hips ferociously against his mouth and fingers.

Michael nipped at her hungrily until she exploded against his thrusting hand. “Fuck…I’m cummmmiinnnngggg.” she screamed.

When she came, Michael tore his mouth from her spasming pussy and grabbed at his pants shoving them down over his hips until his cock was exposed. He moved quickly up over her locking his mouth on her own.

Sarah was breathing hard as she felt him cover her body with his own again. “Michael, what are you doing?” She asked wrapping her legs around his waist while she wrapped her arms up around his neck.

Michael kissed her once more as he lined up his cock with her entrance then slammed forward with his hips burying himself deep inside her.

Sarah cried out in pleasure and pain when he ripped through her hymen. “Michael. You’re inside me, you shouldn’t be inside me.” She gasped looking up at him as she felt him buried deep inside her.

Michael wasn’t listening though. He was enjoying the feeling of his hard cock buried deep inside her. “Oh god, I can’t help it Sarah. You feel so good around me. I’ve gotta move.” he groaned as he started sliding out of her.

“Michael…” She started to say. The rest of her words were lost as he thrust hard back into her. “What are you doing to me?” She squeaked as he started driving his cock into her body hard and fast, his balls slapped against her ass as he pounded her pussy with his hard cock.

“You shouldn’t be fucking me, you’re my brother…Oh my god, you’re going to make me cum.” She cried as her orgasm started rising again.

Even as her hips started rising on their own against him, she knew this was wrong. She pulled her arms from around his neck and rested her hands on his chest as she tried to get him to listen to her.

Her body was thrusting hard against him as he reamed her pussy and it was hard illegal bahis siteleri for her to get the breath to speak. “Michael…” She panted her hips pressing against his. “You shouldn’t be…Oh fuck…Fucking me. You’re my brother. Oh god, don’t stop.” She cried suddenly as her orgasm washed over her. She wrapped her arms around him as she flung her body tightly against his.

Suddenly the fact that it was her brother shoving his cock into her pussy didn’t matter. The fact that she was being fucked was the only thing that mattered. She wrapped her legs tighter around him, pulling him in deeper as she lifted against him. She pulled his mouth to hers, kissing him hard as their bodies thrust together.

“Fuck me…Oh god Fuck Me.” she screamed pulling her mouth from his as he continued to slam deep into her body. Her hips were flying against him as she met his thrusts with ones of her own.

“So fucking tight,” Michael groaned as he pummeled her pussy with his hard cock. His cock didn’t care whose pussy it was flying in. All it cared about was how tight it was. “Cum again sis…” Michael begged as he slammed her repeatedly into the floor. “Cum all over my fucking hard cock.”

Sarah was panting when suddenly her world exploded once again. “I’m cummmmiinnnngggg…” she cried as she came around his pistoning cock.

Michael felt her cum around him and screamed out his own pleasure as he buried himself deep inside her, filling her depths with his juice.

When she felt him fill her Sarah panicked for a minute then sighed in relief when she remembered she had taken her birth control pill today. Until now it had been a waste of money but as her brother filled her depths with his cum, she was suddenly thankful.

“I’m sorry…” He panted when he rolled onto his back beside her. He shoved his pants off his body as she lifted her nightgown over her head until they lay there together in front of the roaring fire both naked. “I couldn’t help myself. You were rubbing against me and it just happened.”

He felt her shiver as she curled up against him with her head on his chest. He pulled the blanket from the floor beside them over their bodies tucking it close around them.

“Don’t apologize.” she whispered as she kissed his sweaty chest. “I know we shouldn’t have done it.”

His arm wrapped around her. “No we shouldn’t have.”

She snuggled closer to him as she yawned. “These things happen Michael.” She ran her finger over his chest in circles. “It was wonderful.” She lifted her head looking into his eyes by the light of the fire. “In fact, I wouldn’t mind doing it again sometime.”

He looked at her in surprise. “Sarah…We…” His words were cut off as she kissed him deeply.

When she pulled her lips away, she smiled. “Go to sleep big brother.” She threw one naked leg over his as she curled up against his side, using his chest as a pillow. Within seconds she was snoring softly.

Michael lay there with his hands under his head staring at the fire as the storm raged outside. When he closed his eyes he smiled. His sister sure had a way of stopping any protest he may have had and his cock jumped slightly at the thought of sliding into her once again.


Michael had been dreaming of his sister sucking his cock, so when he started to come back to consciousness and felt a warm mouth moving up and down over his cock while a hand slowly jacked him. He figured he was still dreaming. “God sis, that feels so good.” He moaned as he felt a tongue slide over him. He thought he was dreaming so didn’t think anything of it when he lifted his hips towards the dream mouth.

He did come awake rather abruptly though when he reached down to grab his cock only to find his sister really sucking on him. Michael’s eyes widened as he looked between his legs. His sister’s head was moving slowly up and down over him as she whipped her tongue over his sensitive flesh.

When she saw he was awake, she smiled but didn’t release him. Instead she sucked him harder in her mouth tearing moans of pleasure from his throat. “Sarah…What are you doing baby?” He asked as he slowly thrust upwards, fucking her face.

Her only response was a moan. Michael closed his eyes as she let him slide into her throat. “AGH!” He cried shooting precum down her sucking throat. “Sarah, last night was a mistake baby.” he panted even as he continued to thrust into her mouth. “We can’t…Oh…keep doing this.”

Once again her only response was a moan as she sucked harder while squeezing his cock with her hand. Her other hand went to his ball sacs, cupping them gently.

Michael just about came out of his skin. He sat up so he could grip her head. “Fine, you want my cock baby. You got it.” He thrust hard into her mouth as he held her head pushing her roughly down over him.

Sarah canlı bahis siteleri was surprised at Michael’s actions but she was turned on by them to. She held her head still as he fucked her face hard and fast. She drank up his precum then whipped her tongue over his sensitive flesh looking for more.

“Fuck…I’m gonna cum.” he cried moving so quickly that Sarah didn’t have time to react. One minute she was on her hands and knees with his cock in her mouth, and then suddenly she was on her back while he forcefully fucked her face.

His hips were moving violently against her, his cock slamming into her throat until she was almost gagging from the force. She gripped at his hips but it didn’t slow him down so she lay there letting him fuck her face while she nibbled at him with her teeth. “Take my juice sis.” he screamed as he started to fill her mouth.

Sarah swallowed as fast as she could but it was like a waterfall. Her mouth kept filling up as he emptied himself inside her. Finally it slowed to a drizzle and she was able to swallow what she had in her mouth then dig at his piss slit for more before she let his limp cock slip from her lips.

When she finally released him, Michael fell back onto his knees. “God Sis.” he said trying to glare at her and failing miserably.

She smiled unashamedly. “I was horny when I woke up Michael and you were to.” She persisted. She put out her lower lip. “Can you get it back up? I’m still horny.”

Michael looked down at his deflated cock. “Not for a while at least,”

She pouted and he smiled. “I can give you a mouth fuck.”

Sarah smiled broadly as she lay down on her back and spread her legs wide for him. She had loved how he had eaten her out last night and her pussy was strumming with the thought of him doing it again. “Eat me big brother.” She mewled spreading her lips open so he had a perfect view of her.

Michael grinned as he lay down between her spread legs and ran his tongue up over her. He teased her clit with his tongue and heard her sigh of pleasure. “Oh yes big brother. Eat me.”

Michael flicked his tongue faster over her clit and heard her cry out as she humped against his face. He kept his tongue working at her clit while he slid 3 fingers slowly into her depths. “Michael, fuck, Agh, Oh god, yes big brother make me cum.” She whimpered reaching down and running her fingers through his hair as she held him tightly against her.

Michael slowly sawed his fingers inside her as he nibbled at her clit with his lips and whipped his tongue over it. “Michael, fuck, eat meeeeeeeeeeeeeee…” Sarah cried slamming her hips up against him as she humped forcefully against his mouth. “Make me cum big brother, oh god make me cum.”

Michael slammed his fingers violently inside her and heard her cries of pleasure. When he bit down on her clit, she screamed as she started coating his hand with her juices. “Fuck, I’m cummmmmmiiiiiiinnnnnngggggg…” She screamed as she creamed his face.

As Michael brought her squirming body to ecstasy, he was surprised to find his cock hard and throbbing against the floor. After the cum his sister had given him he didn’t figure he could get it up again for a while.

He brought her slowly back down then, kissed her pussy once more before he slowly moved up over her body and once again brought his cock to her entrance. “I need to fuck you Sarah.” he said breathlessly looking into her closed eyes.

Sarah slowly opened her eyes and looked up into his glazed ones. She didn’t respond to his words verbally. Instead she wrapped her legs tightly around his waist as she lifted her hips against him.

Michael growled and claimed her lips with his own as he let his cock slowly slide into her. When he bottomed out, both siblings sighed against each others mouths. He tried to keep his strokes, slow to make it last but she felt so good around him and he was so hot for her that it wasn’t long before he was slamming forcefully into her body.

“Fuck me big brother, oh fuck me, it feels so god damn good. I love your cock.” She screamed slamming her body hard against his as she met his thrusts with thrusts of her own.

Michael panted against her neck as he thrust forcefully into her. “Oh fuck sis, you feel so good. You’re so tight. Cum for me baby, I can’t hold back much longer.”

Sarah was right on the brink at those words; she was so close but couldn’t seem to go over the edge. At his words, she pulled his body hard down over hers. “Fill me big brother. Fill me now.”

Michael lost control and slammed hard into her as he started shooting deep into her. “I’m cummmmmmiinnnnnnngggggg sis. I’m cummmmiinnnngggg…”

Sarah screamed as she felt him fill her and she went over the edge right along with him. “Me to big brother, me to.”

They clung to each other as they slowly came back to life.

Afterwards, Michael rose up on his arms and smiled down at his sister. Sarah smiled back and opened her mouth to say something when suddenly there was a knock at the door.


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