The Chauhans’ Special Day Ch. 06

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The bags had been packed and we were all clothed now. The servants were back and life went back to normal, at least on the surface. Taiji and mother made me carry down our packed bags to Taiji’s car. When asked about the travel plans, they brushed away my questions.

As the driver loaded up the bags, Dadiji called out asking for Taiji and mother to come receive Dadaji’s blessings. Dadiji had a plate of aarti on her hands and put red tilaks on their foreheads. They went inside their bedroom where Dadaji was waiting with a hungry smile on his face. He dropped his dhoti and pulled down his briefs. His phallus sprang free, dangling invitingly.

I saw them squat down in front of him just as Dadiji closed the door.

“Oh, Dadaji is so horny all the time!”

Anjali had slid up next to me. She was wearing an old faded tee and shorts.

“Why aren’t you dressed yet?” I asked.

“Oh, but I am not going. I am staying here with Dadaji.”


“Yes. Debdutta bhaiya is leaving with Sarmistha bua. Dadi is leaving with her sons. I am staying here with Dada. He is old and needs someone to take care of him.”

She giggled at the last bit.

“You excited?” I asked her.

She nodded. “You must be excited too. Mummy and chichi will show you a good time.”

I blushed.

“You are going to become a madarchod,” she said. She cupped my crotch. “You are already hard,” she said.

I nodded, wondering at the going ons behind the door.

Anjali squatted down and attached her eye to the keyhole.

“Wanna join me?” she asked.

I declined her generous offer and went back to the idling car.

Mother and taiji emerged around half an hour later. There was a fine sheen of sweat on their faces and their hairs had been clearly rearranged hurriedly. I sat on the back seat. Mother got into the driver’s seat. Taiji sat with me at the back.

I heard snatches of their conversations.

“Yes, Babuji will take her ass. He likes to dominate women. I left three tubes of lube with Anjali,” taiji was saying.

“Will that be enough?” mother asked from the front seat. “Once he starts, he won’t stop.”

Taiji laughed. “I remember my first time. He took me all night. I could barely walk the next morning. I was worried that my husband would be offended.”

“Was he?” asked mother.

“He was oblivious. His mother took good care of him,” she said, eyes glinting mischievously.

They laughed. I pretended not to notice.

Taiji pulled herself closer to me and kissed me.

“Careful Sulochana, we are not out of the city yet,” said mother.

“I couldn’t resist your son. Looking all sad and lonely.”

She illegal bahis put an exploratory hand on my crotch.

“He is already hard, Smita.” She pulled down the zip and felt me over the cotton of my underwear.


As the shadows on the road lengthened, and traffic grew thin, the tinted glass offered some privacy. Sulochana taiji had until now restricted herself to fondling me through the open fly, that too when there were stretches with no traffic. A scandal just would not do. I wasn’t allowed to bring my hands anywhere near the vicinity of my crotch.

Now, she had grown more assertive and had my pants drawn down to my knees, legs raised up on the seat. My shaft was slick with the precum she had slathered it with. She bent forward and too it in her mouth.

I groaned as she worked the hardness with her tongue and lips. She seemed to have a good sense of my tolerance for soon she released me. She kept her fingers in place, though, careful not to squeeze.

“Are you scared that you will not measure up?” she whispered, leaning closer.

“What?” I asked, distracted.

“Are you scared you will not measure up to your mother’s lovers?”

I nodded dumbly. It was obvious that I would never measure up.

Her fingers found its way to my scrotal sac and she felt each testicle. She scratched the skin and moved to my now familiar taint.

She whispered. “Your mother is apprehensive too, Brajesh. She saw you watching her when she was with other men. She feels ashamed. She is worried that you won’t respect her anymore, that you won’t appreciate the love that she has for you.”

“Of course I will respect her,” I said. “She is my mother, after all.”

“Even so, she was very active with other men, particularly your Dadaji. He has a thing for her. She cannot bring herself to say no to him. No matter how many men have taken her, a mother’s love for her son is always special.”

I nodded.

Without warning she inched closer to my asshole. My body jerked involuntarily as she felt the outer edge. She smiled reassuringly. She placed her other hand on my shaft.

Taiji continued, while gently squeezing my shaft. “She knows you saw her with Debadutta and Dadaji together. She is ashamed. She is afraid to face you.”

I groaned with pleasure as she expertly timed her squeezes.

“I want her,” I growled. “I want her so bad.”

Taiji grinned. “She wants you too. She knows all about your insecurities and imperfections. She doesn’t care about all that. She just wants to spend quality time with you. You make her happy, she wants to make you happy. That’s why we planned this little trip.”

“I illegal bahis siteleri need to cum, Taiji!” I moaned. “Please, let me cum.”

Taiji abruptly removed her hand from my shaft and held my hands to stop them from reaching my tool.

“Smita, your son needs relief.”

In lieu of a reply, Mother swerved off the road into a dark bye lane. After we were out of sight of the highway, she switched off the engine and lights. We were surrounded by large trees on both sides of the dirt road.

“Send him to me,” mother said, opening the driver’s side door.


I came hard and inelegantly, spraying all over her. By the light of the car’s interiors, I saw the drops come to rest on the salwar leggings and her lap and a few on her bare foot. The orgasm had been building up since the beginning of the journey and with each spurt and each spasm of pleasure that coursed up and down my body, I made noises that a passerby in the forest would have mistaken for a mating animal.

Mother had tried to be gentle, but her taboo touch of her hand on my manhood had been too much for my heightened senses.

She held my length until all the cum had dribbled out. I put my hands up on the roof of the car as my legs turned to jelly. It was a shambles, my first time orgasming with my mother. Not only had I unceremoniously lost control and soiled her clothes, I had barely managed to last a few seconds. I imagined Debdutta bhaiyya in my shoes. He would have confidently lasted as long as he wanted, perhaps he would have taken her like the dominant man she deserved and made sure she had climaxed before finishing.

As humiliation welled in me, she did something maternal and comforting. She kissed the head and gave it a few licks before taking my whole flaccid length into her mouth. My phallus twitched with signs of life.

I looked down and saw her hard at work. While it was pleasant, a new need had arisen.

“I have to pee, ma,” I said.

Her eyes met mine and she withdrew my organ and gave an understanding smile. She led me to the front of the car and positioned herself behind me. She held the semi hard organ and waited for me to begin.

After a few false starts, I managed to start an arcing stream. The stream was interrupted a good many times, not least by the sensations caused by her hand on my shaft. Finally, I was able to produce a consistent, powerful stream that she skilfully directed away from us.

After the stream finished, she shook out the last few drops and turned me around to face her. She squatted down and in the darkness proceeded to take me into her warm, welcoming mouth. I planted my hands on her head for support canlı bahis siteleri as she energetically bobbed her head. The coating on the shaft was now a mixture of my semen and her saliva and some piss. She was determined to prove her dedication to me and I was not one to complain especially as she devoured me to the root of my shaft and I began to harden again. She took it out with a plop and decorated it with generous, wet kisses. She took it in again. Her love felt unconditional even out here in the chilly evening, in the darkness of the forest.

“Let’s go, Smita,” Taiji called out. “We are close. Only thirty more minutes.”

Mother took out my penis from her mouth and pulled up my pants. She manoeuvred my slick manhood back into my briefs


“Why don’t you both go in the back,” Taiji said, offering to drive.

As she revved up the engine, we started playing in the back seat. Mother raised her kameez and slipped out a breast and began feeding me. I lay down on her lap as she urged her nipple into my mouth. I sucked, licked and bit on her nipple for all I was worth. She moaned and closed her eyes, one hand supporting my head, a throwback to much simpler times.

The new found intimacy was shortlived.

The blaring of the horn interrupted my suckling. Mother pulled down her kameez and I sat up straight as Taiji drove through two large gates. We were in the courtyard of what looked like a sprawling estate. She drove up through the gravel road until we reached the large patio. Uniformed bearers rushed to the side of the doors.

It was a farm house turned weekend getaway hotel that we had been headed to. The two ladies headed for the reception to sort out the check in while I waited. We were escorted up the stairs to the our room. As soon as the bearer had left, mother closed the door and took off her kurta over her head.

She pulled off her kameez as well as Taiji turned down the thermostat. In her plain, white underwear she jumped onto the king sized bed and slipped under the sheets. Sulochana taiji followed her in.

“Are you waiting for an invitation?” mother asked, acidly.

Taiji laughed.

I took off my shirt and dropped my jeans along with my briefs.

“Get in between us,” she said. I jumped in between the two women. Their naked skin pressed against mine. However, any sexual overtures, on either side, was sorely lacking.

“Why don’t we get some sleep? It’s going to be a long day tomorrow,” mother said.

“Not fair,” I protested, holding my erection in my fist.

“All good things come to those who wait,” said Taiji, cuddling me.

“Beta,” said mother, “we are going to turn you into a cocksman. Get some rest now.”

I nuzzled against Sulochana taiji as mother raised her leg over mine and brought her bush into contact with my back. My penis was squashed against Taiji’s thighs.

Sleep came but fitfully.

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