The Case of the Torn Asshole

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In a previous account I told how I suspected that someone saw me wanking and playing with a home-made dildo in the forest. When I returned to the same spot a few days later someone had evidently discovered my secret, and the dildo and panties I had hidden under the leaves were uncovered. I recounted how I met two coloured guys and a black girl on my way out of the forest, and my embarrassment when they saw the dildo I had tried to hide inside my running shorts. It turned out that they knew my secret and they convinced me to go back into the secret clearing with them.

Today I will tell you what happened to me next, a shy white guy who had only ever had straight sex with his girl friend before, and whose biggest kink was to go and wank alone in the forest, wearing panties and putting objects up his ass.

We walked to the little clearing surrounded by dense bush, and I could feel my heart racing with fear and anticipation as we got closer. When we arrived, Brad said that the guys should all sit down and let Cherry put on a show for us. By now I was already strangely horny, and saw Cherry looking at the big bulge in my running shorts as I tried to hide it while sitting down. She smiled and then kicked her sandals off and pulled the dress over her head. Her skin was very dark and her figure very curvy, with a large rounded ass, and her big heavy boobs had large dark-brown nipples. She wore a transparent white panty, and I could see the outline of her large pussy lips clearly. There were some short and very curly black pussy hairs sticking out from the side of the panty. She walked up to each of us, bent down and rubbed her big heavy boobs in our faces in turn. She smelled faintly of wood smoke and sweat, but not unpleasantly so. I was sitting cross legged on the ground, and she now stood with her heavy thighs on each side of me and brought her pussy right up to my face. I could see a large wet mark in the crotch of her panty, and smell her warm pussy.

I glanced at Brad and Shawn, and they had both unzipped their jeans and pulled out their cocks. I have never been close to naked aroused cocks before, and felt strangely turned on by seeing them stroking themselves. Brad had a large dark straight cock with a mushroom head, and it was very hard. Shawn’s cock was massive, and although not quite erect yet it looked very long and thick and heavy, with a light brown colour.

Cherry now pulled her panty off and knelt on all fours in front of Brad and began licking his cock head. She pulled kaçak iddaa his big black balls out of his jeans and massaged them while licking his cock. I was directly behind her and she gave me a full view of her doggy-style behind, purposefully pushing her ass up to make her pussy and asshole flower for me. I had never seen a black pussy before, and was amazed how fat and dark her outer lips were, while the inner parts peeked out in a purplish pink colour. I was so turned on that rubbing my cock through my shorts got me close to cumming. Meanwhile Brad and Shawn were quite relaxed and made jokes and comments, while I was totally gobsmacked by this new erotic experience.

Brad was obviously the director of this little scene, and he now instructed me to take of my clothes. I rather shyly complied, and felt a bit embarrassed by showing my very hard cock dripping with pre-cum. The guys’ joking manner soon let me feel more at ease, even though I was not too sure about being addressed as “bitch”. The guys also took all their clothes off and Brad instructed Cherry to get busy on Shawn’s cock, which now grew into a massive throbbing monster. I could not believe how long and thick it was. Cherry could just get her wide open mouth over the head.

Brad now guided me to Cherry’s rear end, still sticking up in the air, and pushed my face towards her pussy. I was aware of a mixture of smells and tastes as my mouth closed over her huge, wet, fleshy lips, with my nose prodding her asshole. She ground her pussy against my face while working Shawn’s cock, and I licked and sucked as best as I could.

Meanwhile Brad had moved in behind me and I got a shock as his hand moved over my belly and brushed against my cock. A guy had never touched my cock before, and I was about to back-off and get out of there when he gripped my throbbing cock really hard and gave it a few strokes. I was amazed at the power in his grip and could not control myself. With my face buried in Cherry’s pussy I moaned out loud as I came. I have never before cum so quickly, and I could feel huge amounts of cum spurting out. Brad kept on wanking my cock, which was now super sensitive after blowing that huge load, and I tried to protest. He kept on working it and I felt I was passing out from the sensations wracking my body. At that moment Cherry also started shuddering and she came, drenching my mouth and face with a load of pussy juice and pee. She screamed out load with Shawn’s cock in still in her mouth. I thought I was drowning, spluttering kaçak bahis and gasping for air. Amazingly my cock was still rock-hard in Brad’s hand.

Brad finally let go of my cock, and I lay my head down on my arms, exhausted, with my ass sticking up in the air. Cherry rolled over on her back on the leaves of the forest floor, still panting, while Brad kneeled behind me. I heard the rustle of a condom packet, and then felt the heat from Brad’s body pressing up against my buttocks. I gasped as I felt his very hot cock rubbing against my asshole. I have played with my dildos before, but never had a real cock close to my ass. He assured me that he had a condom on, and suddenly I wanted him madly to slide that hard cock into me. I pushed my ass up and felt his cock head slowly stretching my asshole open and with an initial stab of pain he filled up my ass. His cock was about the same size as my dildo, but felt so hot and throbbing. Soon he was pumping me hard and reaching deep into me, feeling fantastic. Suddenly I felt my ass starting to contract in spasms as he was just hitting the right spot. It was a deep hot sensation all the way into the base of my cock, and with every spasm I could feel my cock getting hotter from deep inside. Although my cock was now limp, I felt as if I was about to cum again. Suddenly he pulled out, and this sudden shock caused me to involuntarily shudder and groan loudly as piss and cum shot out of my cock simultaneously. I have never felt anything like this before and felt quite overwhelmed, too far gone to be embarrassed by my lack of bladder control. My asshole was gaping at the treetops, pulsing open and closed with my breathing, and I felt too weak to move.

Just as I was getting my breath back, I felt Shawn move in behind me. “Oh fuck”, I said out loud, not wanting that monster cock anywhere close to my throbbing asshole. I was distracted when Brad sat down in front of me with his hard cock in my face. He pulled off the condom and I didn’t even think twice before taking his shiny wet cock in my mouth. It tasted very salty and I had to stretch my mouth wide open to let it in. It felt amazing. I worked my head up and down, feeling his large cock head all the way to the back of my throat. I squeezed the shaft and his big balls with my hand, tasting the salty pre-cum seeping into my mouth. He moaned softly as I sucked and played with him.

I was still on all-fours, and now Cherry, lying on her back, moved her head in under me and started to lick my growing cock. illegal bahis It felt incredible having her experienced tongue prodding and licking me, and soon my cock was throbbing hard. Brad now moved over to Cherry and put a small pile of clothes under her butt, moved in between her legs, and she gasped as his big cock entered her. She was practically chewing on my cock now as Brad fucked her, and I could feel the orgasm building up inside me again.

I felt my balls and asshole being rubbed, and didn’t care who was doing it anymore, everything just felt so good. Now I could feel Shawn’s hot cock head pushing hard against my asshole, and my already painfully throbbing orifice was stretching wider and wider. It hurt like hell, and when I groaned he just kept on pushing, working the head in and out, a little at a time. He pushed in deeper, and just as I thought my asshole was being torn open, the head was in and sliding into me. I groaned loudly as it invaded my already glowing rectum, feeling it stretch me deep inside. I yelped as it came to a stop deep inside, and then again as he started sliding it outwards. He started slowly sliding in and out, and I could not help myself: my body was shaking, and I groaned words like “Oooohh fuuuck!!!” deep in my throat. My rectum was in spasms, tightening around his thick cock, and I could feel cum and piss seeping out of my own cock with every spasm.

Cherry still sucked away at my cock, not seeming to mind the liquids emitting from it. I couldn’t take the abuse of my asshole anymore, feeling I was about to pass out in the delirium between pain and pleasure. Every few seconds I felt an orgasmic shudder as the spasms in my asshole spread through my whole body, with my lower regions on fire. Shawn started moaning and he suddenly started pounding my ass harder and harder. At the same time Cherry started screaming out loudly while she jerked and sucked ferociously at my cock. Brad was pounding her hard and I could hear him moaning too. The world seemed to explode as Shawn’s cock suddenly grew rock hard inside my ass, and I could feel him cumming as he gripped my buttocks and fucked me harder than ever. I started cumming, shooting a load into Cherry’s hungry mouth, and my orgasm just went on and on. I must have cried out at the top of my voice, while the merciless pounding of my asshole caused my whole body to tremble and shake. It seemed like hours before Shawn pulled out, and the sudden emptiness of my ass caused another spasm to start.

We all lay on the ground exhausted, my head somehow on Cherry’s inner thigh with her sopping wet black pussy right in front of my face. A mixture of Brad’s cum and her pussy juice leaked out, a perfectly delicious sight.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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