The Camp

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Friday, and I was released from work four hours early due to electrical problems so I took the long way home to enjoy the sights and sounds of summer. Another weekend away from the hustle and bustle of my job was the only way I could charge my mental battery. As I rounded the street corner to our house I saw that Lisa was already home from grocery shopping. I pulled in the driveway and entered the house through the garage to the sound of Lisa talking to someone on the phone. I didn’t make any sounds so she wasn’t aware of my presence.

“Sure Aunt Deb I’m sure Joe would enjoy the camp.”

I wasn’t planning on a trip this weekend especially to some camp ground with relatives I had met only once, but the enthusiasm Lisa showed told me otherwise.

Just as Lisa started to hang up I made off as if I just entered and hadn’t heard a thing.

“Hi baby,” she cooed. “How come your home early?” I explained the situation and she said that Deb asked if we would like to join them at their camp in the mountains. I had that far away look and she stated it was a nice area with a small pond on their property and very quiet and secluded. I asked when we were leaving and she said after she took care of the packing and a couple of personal things. I looked at her rather inquisitively and she took my hand and led me upstairs.

“Remember when I asked you if I could remove all your body hair?” Well here we go.

I stripped and I was escorted into the bathroom where she threw me into the shower and joined me a few minutes latter holding a wet/dry electric razor. After10 minutes or so she everything gone but my balls and dick area.

“We have to be careful here” she laughed and ever so diligently removed everything that was left.

“Bend over I want to check out your ass.” Some manipulating went on and she was satisfied. I looked down and marveled at the superb job she had done and asked about her pussy area and she said she took care of that during the week.

Now that she was done and my balls had restored to where they weren’t afraid of getting clipped my dick started to swell at the sight of bald pussy and erect nipples. Lisa seeing my problem chucked and slyly asked if we could do a mutual masturbation thing. I smiled and stated that I would love to oblige her as long as it wasn’t here. We dried off and hurried off to the bedroom where she climbed on the bed on her back reached for some lube and said she wanted me to watch her.

Lisa started on her nipples by twisting lightly and rubbing them with her palms so that they stood very erect. She had two pillows behind her head so it made it easy for her to push her tits towards her lips to suck on those nipples. What a great site!! This went on for a few minutes before she ran her hands down across her belly to her new bald area. She ran two fingers through the folds of her lips and brought them to her mouth for a taste and initial lube. My dick was swelled to its erect state and I reached for it to start stroking but Lisa hissed “not yet.”

I was pretty horny right now but I was also enjoying the show. Lisa grabbed the lube and applied a good amount to her pussy and fingers and started to work on her pussy with one, then two fingers slowly going in and out stopping at the clit every now and then. This was building a sweat on me just standing here with a raging hard on that I’m not touching watching what’s transpiring in front of me.

Lisa smiled with a sexy look and managed to insert four of her fingers before she started to get that I’m going to cum hard look. I had never seen her masturbate before and this was a beautiful thing going on in front of me.

She managed to tell me to come over to the side of the bed where she was laying and start jerking off; she wanted me to come all over her tits. I was happy to oblige her!!

Lisa came in one big wave as I was starting to jerk off with my fist riding up and down my shaft. She commented on how big and purple the head had become and was amazed at the way it looked now that there was no hair in the background. I told her I was going to cum and she said “on the tits baby.’

I shot a big string of pearls on both and my knees got illegal bahis a little weak from the exercise. She pulled me on top of her kissed me and said how much she loved me. I told her I loved her too and remembered last weekend and what had happened so I pulled away, found my load lapped it up and gave it to her in a kiss. This flipped her out she got hot again and proceeded to bathe my dick and balls with her tongue until I shot another load down her throat.

We cleaned up checked what we needed and were on our way in less than an hour. The drive to the camp would take less than two hours so there would still be plenty of sunlight left to explore around.

We arrived at a gated road and Lisa went into the woods for a few steps found the fake rock and took the key to unlock the lock. Once inside she returned it and we drove down a dirt road for about a quarter of a mile when we came upon a clearing and a very nice log cabin with a sizeable pond a hundred feet in front.

Aunt Deb and Uncle Pete seemed to appear out of nowhere to great us. I thought it rather odd that they were wearing robes until I spied a sun deck to the side of the cabin and thought they were a little modest. Hugs, kisses,

and hand shakes followed by a quick welcome and we were shown to our room.

It took a few minutes for us to unpack our clothes and I headed for the car to gather the cooler with our food and beverages. I was in the kitchen unloading the cooler when I heard voices coming from our room and thought I would investigate.

“Did you tell Joe about about me?”

“I thought I’d wait until we were here first.”

“You think the nudity will be an issue?”

“Joe’s pretty liberal so that should be ok especially once he finds out we’re not related.”

“Lisa we’ve talked so much about so many things I hope you weren’t offended or thought I was an evil person.”

“Deb, you’ve opened my eyes and mind to so much.” “I love you for that.”

“Thank you honey.”

“Hey Lisa do think Joe will enjoy this” as she opened her robe and let it fall to the floor.

Lisa’s eyes widened and a smile overtook her face as she feasted on Deb’s body. “Wow” Deb I’ve never seen you in the buff before, have you always looked this great? Deb smiled and said “not bad for a woman who’s forty four.” Lisa step forward and reached up to hold her face and give her a kiss on the lips. Their tongues found each other and a wave of passion started to roll through their bodies. The kiss lasted for about a minute before they broke apart and Deb stepped back with a big smile for Lisa.

“Honey, are you prepared to follow up on that kiss or was that a spontaneous reaction?” Lisa looked into her eyes and replied that it would be another fantasy to fulfill.

“And how many of those are there?”

Lisa had a sly look on her face when she stated “Who knows where they start and stop!”

Deb sat on the bed and asked Lisa to show her what a twenty five year old looks like. I heard the rustling of clothing and a low whistle from Deb when she was done.

“Lisa, what a beautiful body you have there girl!” “Your husband most be one appreciative guy with something like that for his sexual pleasure.” “Let’s see what kind of reaction he has.”

“Hey Joe you out there in the kitchen?” asked Deb.

I yelled back I was still unloading the cooler and would be there in a flash. When I came though the doorway my eyes feasted on the images of flesh now in front of me. I stopped dead in my tracks with my mouth open and my dick starting to swell.

“Holy fucking shit!” was all I could say at first as they both laughed and shook their heads.

“Joe baby, I need to tell you a few things” Lisa sexily spoke. Deb is not my true aunt only a very dear and close friend of the family. She has been having a lot of talks with me in the past months that have opened my eyes and mind to what sex should be. I hope you don’t feel like I’ve using you for anything lately? She and Pete like to stay nude for their visits here so that will be the dress code for our stay. If you don’t feel right about any of this let me know right now and we’ll go home as if none of this happened.

I illegal bahis siteleri produced the largest smile I ever had, along with a raging hard on, and told them I must be in heaven because I’m staring at two angels right now. In unionism I got “how nice.”

They told me to undress and come down to the sun deck for some refreshments and to catch some rays. I was naked in a flash and met everyone outside for plenty of wine, jokes, sensual feelings between the four of us.

I kept checking out Deb as she is quite striking for a woman her age with a shapely legs that lead to a great ass and very round tits that don’t have an inch of sag. Her areoles are at least four inches in diameter with nipples the size of the top of my thumb. She caught me checking her out and asked if I liked what I saw. I raised an eyebrow in response and she laughed.

Pete was an average looking guy with sandy blond hair, medium build and a cock that was about 6 inches long hanging in a flaccid state. I was wondering how big this thing got when he had to make use of it when Deb caught me again and softly said it only gets about an inch longer when erect in case you were guessing.

She looked around for Lisa and didn’t see her so Deb reached for my dick and gave it a couple of quick strokes to check out its size and smiled at Pete when he looked over. She commented how they looked quite similar and would like to do some comparison shopping at which Pete smiled and said “don’t spend too much time at the window or the merchandise might be gone when you come back.” Deb asked me if Lisa told me that they were bi and that if anything were to happen that I wasn’t game for they would not be offended. I said that what ever comes about comes about.

Lisa returned and we caught more rays and a mild buzz from all the wine we consumed. We had to go inside as the sun was setting and it started to cool down plus we all need some food. We had some more wine with our meal which made for looser inhabitations as the talk turned to sex and more sex which seemed to make for perky nipples and swelled dicks.

Pete was pretty up front and asked if I had ever sucked a guy’s cock to which I only laughed and said the thought had passed once but that it was only a thought. Lisa smiled at me and said that I had never mentioned that to her at anytime to which I just shrugged my shoulders. Deb said that there was a feeling for the same sex in everyone at one time or another and that it was a natural thing not to be ashamed of. He looked over at Lisa and asked her if watching guys do each other turned her on. “I’ve never seen it done live, only on videos” she replied.

“Would you like to see me suck off your husband?”

Lisa had a glazed look as if she were trying to visualize this and replied that it would be quite a turn on. I looked at Deb for assurance and she told me that everything was ok and that my cock would enjoy it. I was in a state of sexual excitement and query when Pete grabbed my hand and led me to the couch in the center of the living room and asked me to lie down and relax. The girls came over and got down on the floor next to me to offer words and hands of encouragement. I smiled at them and they both kissed me. Lisa whispered in my ear that she wanted me to suck off Pete as well.

Pete wasted no time as he started kissing my thighs and worked his way to my ball sack which he very softly took into his mouth and suck on ever so nicely. I was liking the feeling now so he took one ball and lovingly worked it around before going on to the next one which he made love to. God, I was starting to sweat a little at the anticipation when he licked the shaft up and down and all around my head with a swirling tongue and gentle kisses. He worked just the head with soft suction and swirling tongue before he ventured to my asshole which he reamed for a couple of minutes before returning for some serious deep throat. Man, my head was swirling as Deb laid a deep French kiss on me and nibbled on my ear and said that Pete loved swallowing big loads so hang on as long as possible. After an other minute I screamed I was coming so Pete increased the suction as all hell broke canlı bahis siteleri loose as wave after wave of cum exploded from what seemed my inner ass and he just kept sucking and sucking.

Pete milked me down and Deb leaned over for the final licks and they both commented on my sweet tasting cum.

Pete stood up from the couch sporting a very erect joint and the girls were in what looked like a likely position so they both grabbed his ass and started to kiss his balls and dick. Lisa said they would prep him so I wouldn’t have to work so hard. There were tongues everywhere on his cock area and I could tell by his movements that it would be soon as I gathered myself and knelt before him. The ladies moved to either side of me where they could watch and coach my actions. I started on his balls as he did for me and then ran my tongue up and down the shaft and found out what a turn on it was because it felt like velvet. I took hold of his shaft and guided his head into my open mouth. What a feeling in there!

I slowly went up and down remembering by breathing and was able to take the whole thing while establishing a good rhythm. I cupped his balls and started playing with them as I could hear him start to moan so I used more suction power to keep him going. I felt his balls tighten and I knew it was time as he shot a load down my throat followed by another that took me off guard which I had in my mouth. Lisa saw my predicament and turned my head to her and kissed me sucking the load out off my mouth and swallowed it. Deb saw an open dick and finished up the rest of the blow job for me.

Once everything slowed down everyone was comparing notes on sucking cock; now there was an interesting discussion!

Lisa gave me a big kiss and said that she loved me for what I had done for her and that now I could watch as she was going to do her first woman on woman with Deb. She asked Deb if she was ready for some sweet tasting pussy and a great tongue bath. “I’ve waited quite a few years for this moment” she replied. Lisa drew her close for a lingering kiss with tongues shooting in and out of each others mouth. This went on for a couple of minutes which worked them up to a state of excited ness which could be seen by four very erect nipples. They tilted their heads in opposite directions so they could suck nipples at the same time. Deb laid back and Lisa was all over her with her tongue working her tits and nipples while her fingers came to Deb’s mouth for lubrication. Deb took her hand and wet all her fingers said something as Lisa was working her way down to Deb’s bald pussy which had some seriously swollen lips. She stuck her tongue in the folds of the lips and ran it up and down driving Deb crazy with desire and causing her to raise her hips off the floor. Lisa took two moistened fingers and slowly started working them into Deb’s pussy causing a hiss from her lips. Deb told her to put another one in followed by a plea to please put the fourth one in and fuck her good and hard. Lisa didn’t want to hurt her so she worked up a nice rhythm which was making Deb go crazy with desire. She told Lisa she was going to get on all fours and wanted me to fuck her, fuck her good. My dick sprang to attention as I got behind her as Lisa slid down underneath her so she could watch my cock and Deb could eat some fine young pussy.

I figured Deb would like to eat Lisa out so I teased her while she gave Lisa a good tongue job, which what was going on as Lisa was squirming all over. She was whimpering and calling Deb some interesting names and I knew it was time so I put a wad of spit on my cock and slid on in. Mother, her pussy was on fire! I started working in and out and she started backing into my thrusts. That’s all that I needed as I started to pound the shit out of her thrust for thrust as the orgasm started to build and my desire was going over the top. Pretty soon all three of us were screaming we were going to cum; and cum we did.

I could feel a tongue on my shaft and balls as Lisa was licking away all the over fill from Deb’s pussy so I remained still with my cock half out of her pussy so Lisa could enjoy herself. I slowly pulled out and she took my cock into her mouth to clean me and then went back to Deb’s pussy and sucked the mixture out. Deb let out a mild scream as she tongued her tender clit and continued the tongue bath.

The rest of the weekend was a blur of sex everywhere between everyone…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32