The Beginning of Passion

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This is a very true story.

I was the tall white guy on campus known for playing the guitar and playing basketball. She was 5 feet tall, a Filipina/Latina and known primarily for her brains. She was definitely attractive, but coming from a large, catholic, low-income family, they didn’t have money to waste on anything but mostly practical hand sewn clothing. Most of the guys were afraid of her because she was smarter than they were and she seemed to have a pretty no-nonsense attitude. I seemed to always have the most beautiful girls in school as close friends. Not because they wanted to fuck me or even go out with me. I played pretty songs on the guitar and was very shy and very polite and I suppose I was a good listener. It seemed that the aggressive guys were the ones getting laid. I was so damn horny, and I had all these beautiful girls around me treating me like a Priest!

My J was different. She had several brothers that I lived and breathed basketball with. So, I had the opportunity to hang out at their house once in a while. The guys at school only had only ever seen My J in her conservative school clothes and the only pair of glasses her family could afford. She usually wore her hair in a ponytail or braids. The guys only noticed her when she was receiving some academic award. I began to look at her differently one day.

I went over to her house with her brother on the way to play some hoops at the local school. She was there in the front yard wearing a pair of very short cut off Levi’s. She held a garden hose and was playing in the water. As I got out of the car, she stopped what she was doing, looked me straight in the eye and warmly said, “hi!” Like she was happy and excited to see me. We exchanged some small talk, until I remembered that I was there to see her brother. I think it was then that the fire started. I had never seen such delicious skin or heard my name spoken by a lovelier, sexier voice. She was there in her incredible natural beauty. It was a Saturday morning; she wasn’t dressed to go anywhere. She didn’t wear any of the war paint the other girls wore. Her beautiful long, brown, satiny hair flowed naturally and freely. The image haunted me.

Over the next few months, we played the courting game and finally became a couple. We became inseparable, spending as much time together as possible. I was still horny as hell, but very much in love and would not do anything to lose her. Our necking was becoming more and more passionate.

One of the things that she always liked me to do was to scratch her back. To tell you the truth, I found this a bit of a chore until that evening she asked me to go up under her blouse to scratch her back. Her skin was absolutely perfect, The warmest, softest and smoothest thing I had ever experienced. My sexual excitement grew to a boiling point. After that first time, I took every opportunity to have my hands under her blouse. Feeling brave one night, I slipped a hand under her bra strap and around to her soft, perfectly shaped breast. She bolted from the sofa and proceeded to lecture me on what a good girl she was. Somehow, my brain was able to maintain my solemn, guilty, sorrowful expression, while celebrating the conquest all at the same time. I was thrilled. She was so angry with me that I was put in cold storage for several days. She hung out with me but barely talked to me. I promised to be good and to never do anything like that again. I did my very best to behave.

She must have sensed my growing frustration and my struggle to behave. One night my car was parked in her parent’s driveway and we were kissing and holding each other. She proceeded to throw a surprise at me. While I was scratching her back, she asked me to unhook her bra to get better access. I gladly did so. My heart started thumping, The swelling in my pants became very uncomfortable. I scratched her back for awhile, Afraid to let my hands wander to where they wanted to go. She then sat back in her seat. She looked at me and said, “you know the other night when you tried to touch me? Well, I’ve changed my mind.” She then unbuttoned her blouse. Wow!!! I kissed her passionately and placed my hand on her firm stomach. I explored that velvety skin and worked slowly up to her perfect breasts. As I gently fondled them and explored them she laid back in her seat. I couldn’t believe it. I was in heaven! Her nipples were firm before I even got there. I enjoyed myself so much. She made no effort to restrain me. I started kissing her hair and then slowly kissed down to her ear and then to her neck. She knew where I was headed, but made no effort to stop me. I proceeded downward from her neck exploring her naked shoulders and chest. My heart was beating rapidly. I then continued downward kissing my way down to the center of her breast and took one of her nipples into my mouth. I caressed it gently. I felt her hand on the back of my head gently stroking my hair and guiding me back and forth to each breast. I swirled around her nipples with my tongue and could hear her rapid breathing. For a moment, I placed my hand on her upper thigh less than an inch from the goal of my next conquest, but decided not to push my ankara escort luck that evening. I wanted to savor this precious moment. I returned my hand to her breasts.

At some point, I was afraid of overdoing it and decided to stop. I backed off to my seat. She didn’t move, but said, “that felt good, do it again?” So I again proceeded to taste and tease those beautiful breasts. She actually said thank you as she buttoned up her blouse.

Our make out sessions became hotter still. On several occasions, I attempted to get my fingers down to that magical place between her legs, but she always deflected my hand. She didn’t get angry. She would just gently divert my hands elsewhere. I think, that in an effort to direct my attention from her treasure that I was dying to explore, she agreed to touch my aching manhood. I loved the feel of her small soft warm hands and her wet lips on me, but beyond that she wasn’t comfortable doing hand jobs or blowjobs. I literally think she thought that part of me was made of steel. She would get too rough, and I’d have to stop her.

Things often happen when you least expect it. I was at her house along with almost her entire family. Her older brother was coming home from his first weeklong road trip with a Junior College Basketball team and we were all up waiting for him. He didn’t come and didn’t come. Her mom and dad were early risers, so J told them that we would wait up for him. They rounded up the four younger brothers and sister and they all went off to bed. You have to understand that this was no ordinary house. It was very clean and well taken care of, but it wasn’t up to anybody’s code. It didn’t have any interior doors. All the doorways had a thin curtain instead of a door. There were also no hallways– you had to pass through one room to get to another. Mom and Dad slept in the very next room. We could hear them breathe. We were finally all by ourselves on the sofa in the living room. We had to keep very quiet. After a fair amount of time we started making out. I had no great expectations of reaching any other goals since her folks were only a few feet away.

She was unusually amorous and very into it that evening. I was a bit nervous about who was in the next room. It was a strange temporary exchange of roles. I had been the sexual aggressor up to now. She was now the one getting lost in our lovemaking. Some how in our passionate positioning, I ended up on my back on the sofa and she was lying on top of me. She was kissing me more lustfully than she had ever before. I was very conscious of her precious mound grinding on my leg. My hands were up under the back of her blouse exploring her incredible warm soft skin.

As my hands ventured downward I noticed that the jeans she was wearing were very loose around her waist. I decided to explore as far as I could. My hand moved under the waistband of her panties, and to the top of her ass cheek. I was surprised that I hadn’t been stopped yet, so I pushed further. I now held that wonderful firm ass cheek in my hand for the first time. It was so firm yet soft at the same time. I squeezed it firmly and kneaded it. I think I was testing to see if she realized where my hand was. No reaction! She continued to kiss me passionately. Dare I go further? I decided to go for it. My long fingers crawled down that wonderful cheek and felt the upper part of her inner thigh. Her legs were parted somewhat, around my leg. I stretched my fingers where I thought that magical place that I desired so much was. She stopped kissing me and laid her head on my shoulder as to brace herself and settle in for what came next. My heart was pounding and sexual tool was throbbing. I thought, “My God, she’s going to let me touch her.”

I first touched down at the little space just above the object of my desire. I proceeded downward to her extreme wetness. I knew nothing about women’s anatomy, but knew that I wanted to explore it; I was totally going on instinct. I at least had learned enough from my relationship with her to go slow. My fingers found this incredible hot wetness. She was so wet. I gently explored and tried to determine the shape of everything. I was searching completely blind. I felt the lip on either side of her wetness. I placed a finger in the middle to feel her opening, but didn’t push inside. I explored further down until I found where the two lips joined again. I then touched the swollen spot just after. I felt her gently recoil and heard her gasp a little in my ear. I loved the response I got and decided to continue to touch that spot. It was wonderful. As I touched her, she reacted and made those wonderful little noises. Sometimes a little gasp and other times a little moan. I continued doing this for a very long time, I could feel her pleasure grow and grow. She was grinding her pelvis into my leg and seemed to be in another world. I was hard as steel and aching to be in her. Lucky for her I guess that her parents were in the next room. That forced me to take it very slow and quiet. I let my other fingers join in. While keeping up the attention to her clit with one finger, I used other fingers to pry apart her lips even further. I couldn’t lose; every ankara escort bayan new thing I tried sent her to a higher level.

Almost by accident one of my fingers slipped in her part of the way. I could feel how wonderfully wet she was. The muscles that surrounded the tip of my finger seemed to try to suck me in deeper. She now started rotating her hips and seemed to chase my fingers wherever they went. Her hands were gripping my arms tightly. I was dying to be in her. Her breathing was hard and hot. I was afraid her whimpering was going to wake up the whole household. Her wonderfully wet sex was grinding against my fingers. My fingers were free to take any liberty they wanted. She was really humping my leg hard now, and I was trying to read what she wanted. She pressed hard onto me and took what sounded like a deep breath. I was surprised that she started quivering and shaking. I wasn’t sure what was going on exactly, but I knew that she didn’t want me to stop. She continued to quiver and shake. She was moaning pretty loudly and breathing hard. Her body tightened for several seconds. She then let out a sharp little sound like OHHHHH!!!, Ohh!!! Oh!!!!. She ground her mound into my leg a few more times and started whispering desperately, “no more, no more.” I quickly stopped moving my fingers as her whole body went limp. She had worked up a sweat and she was breathing hard with my fingers still pressed against that wonderful place. I thought to myself, “I gotta fuck her right now; I don’t care who walks in”. I removed my hand from her pants and we both sat up. Her face and her neck were red and she had a dazed look about her. (She told me later that she had her very first Orgasm that night). I told her that I wanted to fuck her. She shook her head no and said, “we can’t right now.” I wouldn’t have it. Her mind was struggling to be in control of her body, but I knew that her pussy was calling the shots.

I held her hand and walked her over to the other sofa across the room that wasn’t in direct view from her parent’s bedroom. We laid down on the sofa facing each other, and I started kissing her and pulling her pants and panties off. She lightly protested but continued to kiss me passionately. I had my pants down just about to my knees, and was rubbing my desperate tool against her pubic hair. I rolled over on top of her. She instinctively put one leg up on the back of the sofa and the other on the front edge. She was ready, and I was ready. I guided my aching hardness to where I was barely touching her sweet soft treasure for the first time, I was mad with lust and just about to plunge my hard throbbing cock into her soaking wet pussy when the room was suddenly filled with light from the driveway. We both gasped and started getting dressed, knowing that her brother had arrived. We barely got ourselves put together before the door opened.

I suffered through a long tedious hero’s welcome with Mom, Dad and big brother (the whole time I was smiling on the outside but in my mind I was saying “shut up and go to bed. I want to fuck your sister!!!!”).

Alas, It was eventually time for me to go home. J walked me to my car and got inside with me. With only a little coaxing we again attempted to finish what we started. We got to about the same spot where we had been interrupted before when we thought that we saw the silhouette of her dad in the night. We again hurriedly dressed. I kissed her good bye and went home.

By the time we were alone again, she had cooled down and her head was again in control. I was now allowed to touch her delicious treasure, but no fucking would take place. On the next couple of dates, I put my hand down her pants and fondled her and opened her until she thought that her pussy was starting to take control. She would then put a stop to it. It was in this stage that we started a new routine. We would go to a movie and leave a little early to come back to my house, where we would sneak quietly into my room. We’d take off all our clothes and get under the covers. It was there in the light that I was first actually able to see how beautiful she really was, Not an imperfection anywhere. I gloried in her perfect naked body. She really enjoyed being naked in bed with me. We would kiss and hold each other, fondle each other and roll around under the sheets. It was a lot of fun. She was willing to do this almost anytime. I guess that I had learned some patience; things were moving forward, even though they weren’t quite at my pace. One thing that was frustrating was that she wouldn’t let me look at her beautiful treasure there between her legs. I could touch it and rub my stiffness against it but could not look at it or kiss it. Eventually our little game under the sheets started to progress. She surprised me again one evening when she rolled me over on top of her. She spread her legs and guided the head of my anxious member to her hot opening. She moved her hips up and down driving me crazy. She then encouraged me to press into her opening, but stopped me abruptly when it hurt her. This became a regular part of the game. We had tried this 3 or 4 times, but it hurt her too much. I could tell that she felt bad for me escort ankara and always apologized. I kind of got the feeling that she was just going through this pain for me.

One night we couldn’t go out because her parents were to be gone and she had to watch her younger siblings. She invited me over. We had great fun playing card games and board games with the kids. I was always a great hit with her brothers and sister. At one point they all disappeared and returned wearing their pajamas. J did too; She wore those long soft cotton flannels. I felt very relaxed and right at home. J got the kids playing a board game and then came over to me, took my hand, pulled me off the sofa and led me to one of the back bedrooms. We could hear the kids arguing over the game two rooms away. She got up on the bed, pulled her nightgown up past her waist exposing her perfect pantieless treasure. I was startled. She said, “come on.” I wasted no time pulling my pants down and crawling between her legs. She got hold of my hardness and guided me to where she wanted me to be. She said to me, “try it.” I tried to push into her but again she stopped me. She rested and then had me try it again. This time I actually felt some progress. I felt that I had gotten about an inch into her. The pain was too great and she pushed me off. Big tears welled up in her eyes and ran down her cheeks. She was so frustrated and angry with herself. I’d never seen her in this state before. These tears weren’t for my benefit. She wanted this and was very disappointed with herself. I think she was feeling abnormal in someway. It isn’t every day that a beautiful woman cries over not being able to fuck you, or give herself to you. I was very sad and very touched all at the same time. I figured that I was going to have to do something about this.

The next time we were in my room playing our games under the sheets. We once again got to the point where she was trying to get me into her. We tried and tried but got the same results. I started to get up and get dressed when I saw that sad depressed look on her face again. I couldn’t bare it. I lay back down on top of her and she said, “no, we better not, it still hurts to much.” I said, “come on, one more time.” She finally said, “ok.”

I got into position and started to press. My heart was beating fast, because I felt I was taking a great risk. I decided that I was going to ignore her protests and make this happen. I started pressing hard, then harder. She said, “no, no it hurts”. I paid no heed. I pressed harder than I ever had before. I continued pressing until like walking into the sunshine from a dark room, I felt myself slip in. With every thrust, I inched deeper and deeper until I felt I was all the way in. I gave no pause and began to push and pull in and out of her. She no longer protested. Her facial expression turned from pain to pleasure. I fucked her hard. I slipped in and out easier and easier. I was a sex starved crazy young man. It wasn’t long before I couldn’t hold it any longer. I buried my cock in her as deep as it would go and exploded, filling her young sweet beautiful virgin pussy with my cum. I lay there for a moment and feared what came next. I felt guilt for hurting her, and relief for having finally fucked her. I thought she might hate me now.

Quite the opposite, She held me tight. And kissed me hard. I carefully pulled out of her and we laid there holding each other and talking about it. We were both happy that we’d gotten past that hurtle that made her feel substandard. She was happy that she had given me what I wanted. That was a great day; we were both very happy and very proud of ourselves. It wasn’t that the sex was the greatest, I got no joy out of hurting her. We were lovers now. We were in this for the long run. It was only going to get better from now on.

The next few days were great, we didn’t get the chance to have any privacy, but we had a naughty little secret. We had both passed the test. That whole week the school was preoccupied with homecoming plans. For reasons I can’t remember, I drove her to a neighboring town that was about 10 miles away to pick up something. On our way back, she said that we should stop somewhere, because she really needed to talk to me. I pulled off the at a local recreation area. We walked over to a picnic table and I sat down on the table portion. She moved in between my legs, I held her and kissed her. I was concerned; I could tell she had something serious on her mind and was trying to find the right words to share her thoughts with me. Her basic message was that she loved me very much and that she wanted to spend the rest of her life with me, but what we did the other day we can never do again. I of course was once again confused, but had to take her seriously. I loved her so much. I didn’t know what I was going to do. All I could do was to take one day at a time and see what happens. Her head was definitely in control at this moment. I couldn’t imagine being without her, but I couldn’t imagine being around her and not making love to her. I was in such a confused shock. I must admit that I privately tried to get mad at her, but knew that she had already gone way beyond what her good judgment had told her was ok. I couldn’t stay mad very long. The rest of the week was very somber. We weren’t able to see much of each other. Which was probably best. We both had a lot to think about.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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