The Alpha Tamer Pt. 03

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The Alpha Tamer, Part 3


Ashley entered the house, took off her coat and placed it on the rack to her right, then closed the door behind her. She began kicking her shoes off, after which she walked to the kitchen, putting her purse down on the counter.

“Tom?” she called out.

“Yes, dear?” came an unseen voice.

“Did you remember to pick up dinner?”

“Yeah, it’s in the freezer.”

She went to the refrigerator and opened the freezer door. There it was, as he had said. A slight smirk came over her face at the sight. Shutting the freezer, she paused for brief thought.

“And that chair in the dining room?”

“It should be fixed. I think the glue on the leg just wore out, so I re-glued it and clamped it while it had a chance to set.”

Ashley quietly strolled over to the dining room table and pulled out the chair. She pushed down gently on it. Tilting it on the side, she checked the leg. Solid. At last, she decided to sit on it and was pleased to find the wobble was gone. She pushed it back under the table with a grin.

“What about the wine?” she called to Tom again.

“Down in the basement. You want me to bring it up?”

He had offered voluntarily. It was all still somewhat hard to believe, even after they had agreed to move back in together. Part of her half-expected to wake up some day, as if the whole thing would turn out to be a dream. At first, sharing her ex-husband with another woman had taken some adjustment. But the more time passed, the more she began to recognize certain advantages beyond the thrill of fantasy.

Following the sound of his voice, she stepped into a room at the back of the house. There she found him, dressed in nothing but his boxers, calmly massaging Becca’s back as she laid down on a fold-out massage table. Ashley stood in the doorway for a second, watching the two of them. Not even a hint of jealousy came over her, thinking instead how Tom had done the same for her just yesterday. Becca opened her eyes and smiled at her friend.

“Alright, Tom,” Rebecca said, raising herself up off the table. “That’s good.”

Turning to greet his ex-wife, Tom asked, “How was your day?”

Ashley approached Becca and kissed her on the cheek. Then she put her arms around Tom and kissed him lovingly. “It just seems to keep getting better,” she answered.

“Tom, why don’t you go grab the wine and get dinner started?” Becca instructed him as she put her bra on and reached for her shirt next.

“Yes, Mistress.”

Without hesitating, he left the room. Shortly thereafter, they heard the sound of the basement door, followed by footsteps descending the stairs. Becca looked at Ashley while she finished getting dressed.

“How are you feeling?”

“Nervous,” Ashley replied. “Excited. Antsy. Crazy. Becs, what am I doing?”

“I think you’re doing what you said you wanted. If you’re not, then it’s worth slowing down to figure things out. But I know that Old Ashley probably felt guilt for some of what she wanted. She probably felt like asking for those things would be an imposition, didn’t she?”

“You’re right, you’re right,” Ashley interrupted. “I just…”

“I know, hon. If you decide not to go through with it, no one here is gonna think any differently of you. Try to remember we’ve discussed this, though. He knows. He’s not protesting, is he?”

“Oh, no, of course not. He’s been… well, amazing, frankly. It’s a little unbelievable.”

“Good,” Becca said. “Let’s go out there. I think watching him will help put your mind at ease.”

As the two of them entered the kitchen, Tom was hard at work filling a saucepan with olive oil and butter. Heat was beginning to radiate from the oven. Grabbing a cutting board, he laid down four chicken breasts and pounded them out until they were nice and flat. Next, he dipped them into a bowl containing an assortment of seasonings — salt, black pepper, oregano, and garlic. The saucepan he warmed over the stove so that the ingredients melted together before the chicken was placed in it to soak. After adding lemon juice, Tom slid the pan into the oven and set a timer.

“Is that–” Ashley started to ask.

“Lemon chicken,” Tom finished with a smile. “And we’ve got boiled asparagus coming, too, which I’m just about to put on.”

“And the wine?” Rebecca reminded him.

“Oh, right. I thought a nice Chardonnay would pair well with things.”

Tom picked up the bottle from the counter and displayed it to Ashley before handing it to her. She held it and looked at him in disbelief. Her eyebrows raised and she turned to Becca.

“Don’t thank me,” Becca said. “This was all him.”

“I-I’m just surprised… but thank you, Tom. This is so thoughtful.”

They hugged one another and kissed. Once the moment was over, he tended to the asparagus and set it out to the side on a plate. Then he began cleaning up the space around the counters, wiping up messes with a paper towel, and putting away the cutting board, pot, and other kitchenware that escort bursa was no longer in use. Again, Ashley glanced at her friend. She had noticed a difference in Tom before, but this was a difference on a whole other level.

“Well,” she spoke up, “I take it you two have had a productive afternoon?”

“We have,” Rebecca chimed in. “We’re finding out just how disciplined and obedient he is when he’s plugged.”


Becca walked over behind Tom as he was washing his hands. “Bend over, boy,” she ordered, putting one hand against his back and pushing gently until he was bent over the sink. Quickly, he turned the water off and placed his hands on the sides of the sink for stability.

Becca slipped her thumbs into the top of his boxers and pulled them down below his cheeks. Then she pushed those cheeks apart like she was proud to show off what she’d done. Ashley stepped forward for a better view, her mouth ajar with amusement. There in front of her was a neon pink shape protruding from her ex-husband’s anus.

“Can I touch it?”

The question made Tom’s heart skip a beat.

“Please do,” Becca responded. “His ass is yours, too.”

A soft chuckle behind him sent a chill down Tom’s spine. For a minute he lingered on the edge of anticipation. Then fingertips grazed the side of his bottom. They worked their way to the plug inside him. It was given a little push. The fingertips took the end of it and tested how securely it was in place by wiggling it back and forward slightly. Finally, as so many fingers touched his bare ass, the plug was pushed in deeper, forcing him to hold himself steady against the sink.

“It seems like he likes it.”

“He’s a little sensitive about it, but he definitely does. Isn’t that right?”

Becca pulled his boxers up to his waist and caressed the back of his head with her hand. “Yes, Mistress,” he answered, drying off his hands and returning his attention to the food.

Conversation carried on a while longer until the timer beeped to announce that things were ready. Diligently, Tom turned off the oven, put on his mitts, and removed the pan, setting it on top of the stove to cool. Ashley and Becca came over to inspect how his dish had turned out. The smell was appetizing, to say the least, and everything appeared to have cooked just right. Little encouraging words were soon laid on Tom as he went on with cleaning up.

“You’d better go get dressed,” Becca said to him with an eye on the clock. When Tom had left the kitchen, she turned to Ashley. “Is there anything else you’d like him to do before we leave?”

“This was really all him?” Ashley asked in a whisper.

“Yep. The most I did was help him stay focused. We’d talked about the idea, obviously, but he came up with dinner. You watched him cook it. So, please, enjoy yourself tonight. He’ll be fine and he’s happy for you. Honestly.”

Suddenly, Tom returned, dressed in a nice navy blue shirt and black slacks. Ashley went to him, hugged him, and thanked him with a sincere look of appreciation on her face. Becca gathered up her things as Tom stuck a spatula under the chicken and served it up on two plates, along with the asparagus. He set these on the dining room table, poured a glass of wine for each, and made sure napkins, forks, and knives were laid out, too. Then the remaining dishes and utensils were washed and put safely away in the dishwasher. In only a couple minutes, the kitchen was nearly as clean as it had been before dinner was made.

Becca embraced Ashley and kissed her on the cheek. “Have a wonderful time, sweetie.”

As she heard the front door close behind her, Ashley stared at the food sitting on the table before her. She wiped her eyes thinking of what a labor of love it was. Perhaps Becca was right. There was no need to feel shame. It was what she’d wanted and asked for, and it did seem like someone else also wanted to make it special.

A short time later, she would leave her seat to answer a knock at the door, smiling over the night she was about to have.

“I’m proud of you, Tom,” Rebecca said as they piled into her gold Prius. “I hope you know that.”

“Thank you, Mistress.”

“I know this hasn’t exactly been easy for you. And it’s required some changes you maybe weren’t expecting. But I’ve loved watching you grow. I know Ashley has, too. You made her very happy tonight.”

He sat quietly beside her, looking out at the road as it came toward them.

“You can be honest with me, you know,” Becca added. “Always.”

“I know. Thank you, Mistress. I just… it takes some getting used to.”

She placed her right hand on his leg. It stayed there, tenderly and unmoving, as if to still the sea of emotions she knew was brewing inside him. To her satisfaction, it gradually released a soft sigh from him.

“I’m okay,” he mumbled. “I think. I wanna be happy for her. I guess I am happy for her.”


“I dunno. I’m trying not to take it personally. It’s just weird.”

They pulled up to Becca’s house görükle escort and left the car, heading for the door. She put her arm around his back, rubbing and loving on him as they walked together. Internally, Tom couldn’t help remembering who he was standing next to and how they had ended up in this situation to begin with. He felt lucky, and he knew he was lucky, even if some part of him was conflicted.

“Weird how?” Becca asked. “Do you think you might be jealous?”

“No… yes. Maybe? I’m not sure.”

She unlocked the door and they stepped inside. Tom continued.

“We just got back together and there’s this. I think she’s right that it’s fair. I told her I’m okay with it, and I am. But him?”

“Ah,” Becca remarked. “Come with me.”

He followed her down the hall to the bedroom. There, she instructed him to undress. Off went his clothes, until he was standing naked before her.

“You dislike Mark?” she inquired.

“I mean… no. He’s a nice guy.”


“He’s just kind of…”


“A wimp,” he blurted out with a chuckle.

“And the thought of him fucking your wife?”


“Right, sorry. The thought of him fucking Ashley?”

Tom’s face began to turn red. Becca watched attentively. To the untrained observer, the flush in his cheeks might have looked like anger. To her, it told a different story. He was embarrassed by something. As he avoided eye contact momentarily, she stole a glance between his legs.

“Are you worried he’ll be a better lover to her?”

“No,” Tom laughed, his gaze quickly meeting hers as the red in his cheeks grew darker.

“So what if he is? Don’t you want her happy?”


“You mean that?”

“Yeah. I do.”

“Bend over,” Rebecca commanded.

He did as he’d been told, resting his head and arms comfortably against the bed cover. Behind him, she pulled carefully on the plug. His heart started beating faster as he took little breaths. Eventually, it came out to the sound of a gasp.

“You know what I think?” she invited.

“What, Mistress?”

There was an uncomfortable pause in the room while she cleaned the plug and put it away. Obediently, Tom remained over the bed. He could always trust her to be honest, he thought. Even when she played her games, pushed him, challenged him, and whooped his ass, it was never misleading or deceitful. The longer it had gone on for, the more he noticed how often she would be right.

“I think,” she teased, “that Mark is everything you wish you were. He’s considerate, kind, a great listener, intelligent, more cooperative than competitive… he’s not a muscly jock, but he gets plenty of attention from women. He’s sort of like the antithesis of alpha Tom. Yet he caught Ashley’s eye.”

The revelation fell on him like a great weight. He wanted to deny it, to pretend he had no thoughts about Mark, but there was no use. With half of it concealed against the covers, Becca could still see his face was red again.

“I don’t think you need to feel threatened by him. But maybe it would help to think more on why he caught Ashley’s attention.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

Behind him was the noise of movement, objects clattering, shuffling, and settling. Silently and curiously, he waited for further instruction. Or perhaps, as she liked from time to time, there would just be a sudden hands-on approach.

“I think this is a prime opportunity to introduce you to something we’ve been preparing for,” Rebecca announced. “You’ve been such a good boy lately that I’d say you’ve earned it. I want you to relax and remember your safewords. If anything is too much, tell me.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“I mean it, boy. Relax and be honest with me. The second something hits a limit, speak up. You trust me, don’t you?”

This kind of talk was usually a surefire indication that she meant to give it to him good. It was thrilling to ponder, although it also made him anxious. Whenever he heard it, he would take a deep breath, as he did now, and do his very best to let go. Once he felt he was ready, he answered her: “Yes, I trust you, Mistress Rebecca.”

Something hard pressed against his asshole. He squirmed and inhaled sharply. The plug had done its work opening him up and stretching him out for her, but this was a tighter fit. Even so, it pushed in slowly almost before he was ready. Then two lovely, wandering hands found their way over his cheeks and around his waist. She pulled him to her and the dildo sank in.

“You know,” Becca interrupted, “you’re lucky I let you fuck me. You’re lucky Ashley lets you fuck her. For a while there, I thought about locking up that little dick and throwing away the key. Turning your asshole into the only pussy that gets penetrated around here.”

“Fuck,” Tom exclaimed in surprise. She thrust into him again.

“Well, except for your wife. Mark’s probably fucking your wife right now.”

A deep moan came from him as she watched his shoulders tense.

“But maybe he’s giving it to her bursa escort bayan up the ass like I’m giving it to you.”

Becca saw him dig his fingers into the covers. Her left hand glided around his hip, tickling him a little, before she felt his penis. It was thick and erect. At her touch, he lifted up on his elbows. Another hard thrust sent him back down to her delight.

“Mmm, that’s right,” she teased. “Feels good, doesn’t it? Can’t you imagine? How he feels inside her? Why wouldn’t she love it?”

She ran her nails down one butt cheek as he grunted in response, leaving a trail of thin red streaks.

“You like my cock in your ass, don’t you, bitch?”

He sighed in a mix of pleasure and frustration before saying, “Yes, Mistress.”

“Whose bitch are you?”

“I’m yours, Mistress.”


There was a long pause. She dropped the pace to slow and steady.

“And?” she asked again.


The words fell out of him almost dispassionately, though they were anything but. It was a reminder of his fears. A reminder of the things he had come to regret. Yet it was also a reminder of what had happened since: the dinner he’d just prepared, the look of gratitude and affection he’d seen on Ashley’s face, and the approval Rebecca had shown for him. They outweighed his petty fears about manipulative women, not measuring up, and… being left out.

“You know what comes at the end of this,” Rebecca said, as if she’d read his mind. “You’ve always known and you’ve kept saying yes every step of the way. Haven’t you?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Good boy. Don’t let your fear control you. Don’t let it stop you from finding what you need.”

“Fuck,” he muttered. A quiet sniffle followed a moment later.

“There’s no shame in being on your knees when it’s where you want to be.”

In a brief, uncontrolled second of sheer emotional honesty, Tom spoke: “God, I love you.”

“Then show it. And show you love Ashley. Show us you’re where you belong. We love you, too, you know, and we know you’re capable of so much more.”

“T-t-thank you,” Tom said, stumbling over the words. “Thank you, Mistress Rebecca.”

Now the pace picked up considerably. She grabbed his hips and made him take it, determined to illustrate for him just what a privilege it was to be on the receiving end. A stream of moans, gasps, and grunts trickled from his lips to her ears.

“Be honest with me, boy,” she told him. “What would you feel right now if Ashley and Mark were here next to us, watching you get your gorgeous ass pounded, us watching them fuck?”

“Please, Mistress, may I cum? I don’t think I can…”

The abruptness of the question startled her and ignited a fire below. Wasting no time, she took him by the hair, smacked his ass, and growled at him:

“You do NOT cum. Answer me, bitch.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Go on or you don’t get to cum.”

“I’d love it. I’d be turned on. I’d… please can I cum, Mistress??”

“You would? So I should invite them next time?”

Tom began to shake on the bed. His breathing grew loud as she held him steady, filling his ass repeatedly. On a sadistic whim, she put her hand against the right side of his face and turned him toward her to see his left cheek. It was burning a bright shade of red. Sheepishly, his eyes met hers, and saw that she smiled devilishly. A familiar thought popped into his mind.

Mistress always wins.

Once he begged properly and desperately, she gave him permission. She shoved deep inside him as he came, running her nails down his body. Her fist clenched around his hair and she pushed him forward.

“Lick it up,” she said.

Yes, he thought as he bent down to taste his own cum, Mistress always wins.

As he watched the two of them lock lips affectionately, Tom thought over what Rebecca had said before. Did Mark make her happy? He could scarcely pretend the answer was anything other than yes. Why did he make her happy? Was he kind to her, did he appreciate her, did he please her? Again, he knew it would do him little good to deny the truth that was in front of his own eyes.

What was his problem with Mark, then? It hadn’t seemed to bother Mark at all that Ashley was seeing her ex-husband again. He didn’t argue, he didn’t act upset, and he didn’t even so much as look at Tom funny. It was simply accepted, which was confusing.

If it had been me, Tom would think to himself, I would definitely not have been okay with this. I would’ve probably tried to beat his ass. I would’ve felt like he was crowding in on my territory. I would’ve threatened him. I would’ve yelled at him. And at Ashley.

She looked at Tom and smiled, leaning in to give him a peck on the cheek. Mark’s face stayed set in the same expression of general calm and pleasantness. Seated to his left and to Tom’s right was Rebecca, looking on with interest and sipping her drink as she observed the three of them.

“Mark,” Ashley broke in, “have you told Tom about dinner the other night?”

“Oh, no,” Mark said apologetically, “I hadn’t had the chance yet. Thank you, though, Tom, it was delicious! We were both scraping the bottom of the pan, kinda wishing there were leftovers. You’ll have to teach me to cook like that someday!”

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