The AirBnB Ch. 08

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~~~~~Continued from Ch. 07~~~~~

I woke up to my phone going off at around 7:45 AM. I rolled over and spread my arm out reaching for Trish, just to be disappointed.

I didn’t expect her to be there, but it would have been a lot more satisfying if she was.

Kicking the sheets off, I went into my bathroom, turned on the shower, and used the restroom. While waiting for the shower to warm up, I headed into my kitchen and made a quick macchiato with my Keurig.

I turned and faced the front door and was happy to see that Trish left her duffle bag. I could care less what was in it, but how it meant she’d be back after work today. The smile that has refused to leave my face since Friday night, shows its pearly white self as I grabbed my fresh cup of coffee and headed back into my room.

I took a long and relaxing shower. I needed to look my best today when I met with Missy before our meeting. We were going to catch up at a cafe not far from the home, to go over what she would be signing, what they’d be signing, and what the next steps would be. Though we already did most of the hard part and made our impressions on the seller, a lot of buyers have, and could, back out if you don’t take the finalization process seriously.

This process is officially agreeing to us putting money in their hands, then having inspectors, appraisers, and in some cases, loan officers, come out and check to validate the actual value versus the posted value of the home.

I decided that today I’d wear something a bit more practical and modest. I was going to wear my black business suit with my cream-colored blouse that could button up to the neck, but I’d normally have 2 buttons undone so I could breathe. I usually would compliment this outfit with some black flats, but decided to throw in some black cone heels that had a cute strap that went around my ankle.

I spent the rest of my morning straightening up my room, making my bed, eating breakfast, oatmeal with a fruit salad, and getting my suitcase set up with my laptop and the necessary paperwork that we would need today in case Peter, the seller’s realtor, forgets it.

I was on my way to Coyote Cafe to meet Missy. I texted her to inform her I was on my way.

“Good afternoon Missy! I am on my way to Coyote Cafe, and should be there at 10:45. Did you want me to order you anything when I get there?”

“Hi, Lucy! Sounds good, I should be there around the same time. I think I’m good for now, but maybe water for the road just in case?” She replied.

“Will do! Don’t forget the important documents in case the seller requests them. Driver’s License, Social, and banking information.” I detailed.

“Perfect! I won’t forget, see you soon!” She ended the conversation.

I pulled up to the cafe 5 minutes earlier than anticipated as I managed to hit nothing but green lights the whole way. I ordered a Chai Latte and water for Missy.

Sitting at a table near the window, I watched as Missy’s Audi pulled in as she arrived at exactly 10:45.

Stepping out of her car, she, per usual, was dressed to not only impress but to stand out. Wearing a tight black business skirt and white pullover blouse that exposed her chest and had fluffed shoulders, she looked amazing.

Her hair was pulled back casually yet still looked professional.

She walked into the cafe and I waved her down. Heading to our table, she sat down with her purse and took her seat.

“Ooo I’m so excited,” she said with the cheesiest smile.

“Me too! I’m so excited for you and your husband. I know this has been quite the journey for you both.” I replied, taking a sip of my latte.

“So, when we get there, they will walk us around the house and point out things that the inspectors found yesterday. I wasn’t expecting that to be done yet, however, it’s not the worst thing. Once that’s completed, we may go for additional negotiations if necessary but after that, it’s signing paperwork, getting an appraisal, and loan approval.” I explained.

“How long before we can move in?” She asked, pulling her phone out of her purse.

“Typical time frame is a month. But seeing how they are not living in the house, it’ll probably be a week or two, as the funds’ transfer. Once those have been cleared and paperwork filed, you’ll be good to go!” I answered.

Missy has her phone on the table, mostly liking taking notes, but the way she was doing it gave me a clear shot down her shirt. She normally wore a bra with her outfits, at least from what I could tell, but today she was clearly not wearing one. Though I couldn’t see her nipples, I got a great view of her tanned breasts.

“I wonder if she’s had work done,” I thought to myself as I stared away at her chest. They were so perky and sagged so little for a woman with multiple children.

Missy cleared her throat, as my attention moved from her chest to her eyes which were now staring at me accompanied by a sly smile.

“Will we be able to stay after and take photos of the home for Paul?” She bursa escort asked.

My face bright red, I replied, ” I mean I don’t see a problem with it, and I doubt they would either, but it’s ultimately up to them.”

“I am about to give them almost a million dollars for this home, they better give me some damn time with the house,” she joked, taking her first sip of water.

“Hey, I’m sorry for staring at your breasts just now. They are just incredibly perky for a woman who has kids.” I complimented trying to save face from my embarrassment.

“Oh, thanks! And don’t worry about it!” She laughed, putting down her glass. “My trick is I refused to breastfeed, so those little assholes didn’t fuck them up. They are my husband’s favorite features on me, and I hate plastic tits. So I did, and do, what I can to keep them up and tight.” She said, grabbing them and slightly bouncing them playfully.

“I try to work out often,” I replied, drinking my latte. “Do you do chest workouts or what’s your secret?”

“Yes, but I’m not like routine about it. I honestly try to wear a bra as much as I can. As you can tell, not today, but some outfits just look tacky with one. But keeping them secure prevents gravity from doing what it does best.” She explained.

“That makes so much sense, I just hate the bastards,” I laughed

“Who doesn’t!” She laughed back.

“Well the house isn’t far away but shall we get going, assuming you have all the paperwork we talked about earlier?” I suggested.

“I do! Let’s go, I’ll follow you there.” She answered, taking one more big gulp of her water leaving some lipstick on the glass.

“Sounds good,” I said, grabbing my cup and heading for the door, purse in hand.

Missy followed close behind and we were soon on our way.

We arrived at the house maybe 15 minutes or so later. We were there a little early, 11:45, but I’d expect the seller if not the realtor to be here already. But they weren’t, which was odd.

I emailed the realtor since I didn’t have his number, to confirm that they were still coming and he instantly replied that he had forgotten the paperwork needed at his office and that he was running 15 minutes behind. He said the seller would be there around 12:15 and that if we wanted we could use the code *4889# to get into the house.

Closing my phone, I walked over to the driver’s side door of Missy’s Audi. She opened her door instead of rolling down the window. “Shall we?” She asked, stepping out of the car, her long tan legs swiveling out from inside the car.

“Let’s!” I replied. “The realtor and buyer are both running about 15 minutes late, however, they said we could wait inside,” I informed Missy as I offered my hand out to aid her in getting out of the car.

“Well, aren’t they just a couple of gems?” She laughed, grabbing my hand and standing up and out of the car. She turned around and bent back into the vehicle to grab her purse.

“Her ass is just so amazing, I just want to grab it,” I said in my head. I quickly turned away as she pulled out of the car, however, as getting caught staring at her twice in one day was probably not the best situation to be in.

She closed her door, and we headed toward the house. I walked up to the door, input the code on the keypad lock, and we walked in.

“MMM…I’ll never get used to that,” she sighed, as the door opened to the grand entryway.

“It is something, isn’t it?” I replied, following her into the house.

“Think you’ll redo any of the floors or repaint anything?” I asked, walking through the entryway towards the kitchen, and placing my suitcase and purse on the Island of the kitchen.

“Maybe eventually, but for right now, everything looks amazing and I just want to be moved in already!” She exclaimed as she spun around the entryway.

“You’re cute,” I admired.

“I’m excited! Nothing like finally owning your dream house,” she said, coming to a stop as she headed my way. “You should give it a try!” She suggested.

“Do what?” I replied, in shock.

“You know, spin! It’s so freeing and the house looks so beautiful.” She explained.

“Oh…I couldn’t. Knowing my luck, I’d either break a heel and-or go flying into a wall or window.” I scoffed as she stood at the entrance of the kitchen.

“DON’T BE A BABY! I DEMAND IT!” She commanded jokingly, yet firmly.

“FINE! But I hold no responsibility if I break something.” I joked as I walked past her and into the middle of the entryway.

I took one deep breath and spun with my arms out. Closing my eyes, I’d have to admit – it was quite fun.

“There ya go! Keep going!” Missy called out to me.

I spun around maybe 3 times, before feeling myself getting extremely dizzy. I came to a stop, opened my eyes, and felt my feet start to give out from underneath me.

I slowly waddled toward Missy, laughing like a little child. “I’m so dizzy!” I yelled.

She walked over to me to help me catch my balance, but all of a sudden, I fell over reaching bursa escort bayan my arms out to her to brace myself from my falling. My hand caught her but I still managed to hit the ground.

“Oh my god! Are you okay?” Missy asked me reaching down to pick me up.

“I’m fine. I’m fine.” I said, getting my feet under me and standing back up.

It wasn’t until I stood up and opened my eyes, that I realized that my hand that caught Missy as I fell, had caught her blouse and ripped it right where her chest was, completely revealing her naked, and quite amazing, breasts.

“Oh shit! Missy, I’m so sorry!” I apologized urgently.

“What do you mean?” She asked, staring at me confused.

I pointed at her shirt and she followed my finger before instantly wrapping her arms around her chest. “OH SHIT!” She yelled.

“What am I supposed to do? I don’t have another shirt in the car, do you?” She asked in a panic.

“I don’t. Here take this,” I said as I took off my blazer and handed it to her. She grabbed it from me and quickly put it on.

I sat there motionless, staring at her tits. They were insane. They were way perkier than mine, bigger than mine, and had a triangle tan line right around her dark red nipples and nowhere else. They were amazing and I was sad to see them covered by my blazer a mere seconds later.

“I’m so sorry Missy, I didn’t mean to do that! Please let me replace your shirt.” I whined.

Missy began laughing. “Honestly, it’s pretty funny. Don’t worry about the shirt, besides today I can’t remember the last time I wore it.”

“Plus, I told you to spin non-stop, in heels nonetheless,” she said, slipping on my blazer. It was a bit big for her as I am taller, but her breasts are a bit bigger so she filled it out well. Knowing she was wearing a torn shirt that revealed her breasts, made the blazer look amazing on her. She buttoned it up to the top button and it didn’t expose any cleavage when all was said and done.

“Look, I’m sorry again, I’m so embarrassed,” I said one more time turning and walking to the kitchen.

“Ahh…don’t be. If anything, be excited that you got to see the breasts of women men would die to see. It’s been almost 14 years since another person other than my husband and my best friend have seen them…And no, not like that, we just topless tan together from time to time.” She explained winking at me.

“Well, I’ll try to not let it get to me, but I feel bad for ruining your blouse. I’ll get ya a new one or make it up to you soon.” I reassured her.

“If you must, but again, I’m not worried about it,” Missy explained, walking behind me and sitting on a barstool at the island.

It was maybe a few minutes later that the realtor walked in followed by the client. Peter, the realtor, walked over to us both and shook our hand before introducing his client. “Hello, I’m Peter and this is Steven. He owns the house with his wife Nancy, who couldn’t make it today.”

We all shook hands and made our introductions before Peter began to tour the house with us going over everything the Inspector’s report identified, and giving me a copy of it as we walked around.

All in all, the house was in wonderful shape, the water heater and furnace both were at that 10-year mark and may need to be replaced soon, there were slight knicks/leaks in the gutters outside that with a nice rosen solution were easily repaired, and other than the house needing its next termite treatment, that was it.

“The barstools and cabinet racks in the garage come with the house, as we have no use for them in our new home,” Steven explained as we all made our way back to the kitchen.

“Have you ever gotten an estimate on what it would cost to put in a pool in the backyard?” Missy asked.

“We did, about 10 years ago. It was around 15k for a 12 x 18 and 12 ft deep.” Steven explained.

“Sounds great!” She replied.

“Any other questions or concerns?” Peter asked, looking at both Missy and myself.

I looked at her and she looked back, both shaking heads, “Nope, I think we are good to go!” I answered.

“Perfect!” Peter said, pulling out the paperwork.

We all took turns for the next 10 to 15 minutes signing the tedious amount of paperwork that goes into buying and selling a home. As Missy crossed the Ts and dotted the Is of her final signature, everything was completed.

“According to my creditor, you should have the money in the account by the end of this week or into the beginning of next week,” Missy said with a huge smile on her face.

“Perfect!” Steven said, reaching his hand out to Missy, Peter reaching out to me.

We all shook hands, Peter grabbing all the wet copies of the finished paperwork and confirming with me that he’d do all of the filings and would fax me copies for our records.

“Feel free to hang out as long as you want, it’s yours!” Steven laughed as he waved goodbye and headed out the door. Peter following.

“Well, WE DID IT!” I exclaimed, looking toward escort bursa Missy. She had stood up with her hands on her hips and was looking around the kitchen and then into the backyard.

“How does it feel?” I asked.

“Wonderful. There is nothing quite as stressed as buying a new home,” she replied looking back at me over her shoulder. “Thanks for all of your hard work Lucy, I know we were quite picky. But thank you for being so patient with us.”

“Oh please, that’s the name of the game. I’m not trying to push you into any home that you are not absolutely in love with. I’m just glad that we were able to get you into your dream home and not have to go through the hassle of outbidding anyone else.” I explained as I stepped up next to Missy. She was slightly leaning against the kitchen table and looking out into the backyard.

“Oh! Before I forget, let me give you your jacket back.” Missy said as she started to unbutton it.

“I mean, okay? But you can wait until we are outside and closer to your car?” I said feeling embarrassed yet excited to see her chest again.

“Ah…the next house is down the street, I doubt anyone will see anything they shouldn’t. And if by chance they do, happy birthday to them.” She laughed as she undid the last button and freed her breasts once more.

My eyes were instantly drawn to them and my mouth slightly opened.

“Do you want a picture?” She joked.

Snapping back to her face, now completely embarrassed. I just smiled and said, “if only…”

She smiled back at me and then looked back to the backyard. “I hope I never get used to this view. It’s gorgeous.”

Looking at her still, I replied, “…it is.”

She stood up, still facing the window, and then turned to walk away. I don’t think she realized, however, how close I was as her face was all of a sudden inches away from mine, and her breasts now lightly touching my chest.

I waited for a half-second for her to move before I kissed her. I pushed my lips against her soft and delicate lips. I felt her slightly sigh and whimper before pulling back.

“What are yo..we…what are you doing?” She asked with a confused look on her face.

“I’m paying you back…” I smiled devilishly as I felt my dominant side coming to life.

“I..said don’t worry about that…I’m..I’m not that way..” Missy said convincingly, though she still hadn’t moved and her nipples had rapidly hardened.

“OK..ok…I understand, and I do apologize. Then…I’m just doing this to celebrate” I said, quickly wrapping arms around her waist and pulling her into me for another kiss.

Her body went limp as she fell into my kiss, closing her eyes, and breathing heavier. My tongue slowly made its way through her lips as she resisted at first, but ultimately gave in and opened her mouth.

Her tongue tasted sweet like strawberries, her lips soft, and her body trembling. I slowly pushed her back as she began to lean against the table once more.

She pulled away, ” Lucy, we should stop..I’m not into women like this and I’m married..” she said, trying to avoid eye contact with me.

Pulling my hand from behind her waist, I slid it down her leg and up and under her skirt. Leaning her head back and closing her eyes, she let my hand trail up her skirt to her panties.

“If you’re not into it, why are your panties so wet?” I asked seductively, as my other hand moved its way to her naked chest. “Why are your nipples aching for my touch?” I continued as my hand traced from her shoulder toward her cleavage.

As my fingers began to trace down between her perfect breasts and my other fingers slowly started to rub her through her panties, her head lifted back up, her eyes full of lust. She glared at me, biting her bottom lip.

I leaned over her, bringing my lips within a kiss’s distance. “If you’re not into it, why did your tongue just dance with mine? Why is your body warmed to my touch?… And most importantly Missy…why have you stopped resisting?”

Shivering at my touch, she closed her eyes and pushed her lips back against mine, darting her tongue into my mouth. Our tongues sloshed together, lips pressed tightly, and her breaths turned to moans.

Her pussy had become ravenous as it was now hot and soaking wet. My hand had found her left nipple and tweaked at it slightly causing her chest to heave and her moan to become louder.

Pulling my hand back from her desiring pussy, I used my right hand to spread her legs as wide as her skirt would allow, pushing her skirt up her legs.

“Do you want me to…help you with your situation?” I asked, pulling away from her kiss.

Biting her lip once more, her eyes locked into mine, she simply nodded her head.

“You know, you are the hottest client I’ve ever had. I’ve been fantasizing about you since a few weeks ago. You have such perfect tits,” I said, squeezing her left breast in my hand. “Your ass is tight and deserves a good licking…” I continued.

“Oh god…” she stammered, not breaking eye contact with me, her right hand now massaging her right breast and nipple.

“And I bet, you have a tight and delicious, yet underappreciated pussy…don’t you?” I asked as my right hand moved its way back down her thigh and to her drenched panties.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32