The Addams Family Chronicles Ch. 01

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Night Sounds

High atop its hill, beyond the tombstones the ancient Addams mansion sat. Beneath a Dark, starless night sky it rested, though it did not rest easy. A thousand sounds disturbed the silence. Mice scurried beneath the floorboards and spiders worked busily on their webs. The house creaked and settled on itself. Deep in the bowels of the old house, the behemoth butler Lurch snored steadily in bed, loud enough to shudder the walls of his cramped quarters. The soft flick of old book pages came from the chambers beside the kitchens, where Grandma Addams sat up, pouring over a faded copy of Gray’s Anatomy by dancing candlelight. In the greenhouse, there was a crunching, gnawing, as the giant flytraps feasted on their squirming dinner.

On the upper floors, from Uncle Fester’s room, came a low whine and the occasional gasp as Fester thrashed across the bed in the grips of a fierce night terror. A few rooms over, in the nursery, the toddler Pubert cooed and gurgled in his sleep. Between the walls, in one of myriad hidden passages, there was the soft plod of footsteps, as the Addams middle child Pugsley crept silently along the walls, trying to stifle his laughter. Of late he had taken a liking to slipping into their passage ways late at night, while the izmir escort bayan house slept, and peering into the various rooms, to watch his family without them knowing. It was always a thrill, but tonight there promised to be a real show. For tonight, by far the loudest sounds were coming from his sister’s room, the 19 year old Wednesday.

Beyond her door, came a constant creak of her mattress, and the steady slam of her headboard as it hit the wall, mingling with voices raised in passion. “Uh…Ah!…Oh, Gods! Fuck yes!” Wednesday called, her normally stoic voice now raised in fervor as her partner grunted with effort. “Eh, harder!” she ordered. Pugsley heard this from the passage and suppressed his giggles once more. His hand shaking with excitement slightly, he very gently slid back the hidden panel in the wall and pressed his face to the two eye slots that looked into his sister’s room.

It was shadowy, lit by candles on the nightstand. He could see clothing scattered in disarray across the floor. Wednesday herself was bent over on the bed, naked, her dark pigtails swaying, her pale skin seeming to glow in the candlelight. Behind her was a tall, slender teen boy with long hair dyed black, thrusting back and forth. Pugsley didn’t recognize him but that escort izmir was no surprise. There had been three this week already, all different. He was panting and groaning as Wednesday’s face contorted with each of his movements. Smiling, Pugsley absently rubbed the bulge in his shorts.

“Mmm! Aw! Aw! Yeah! Yeah! Gods, aaaaugh! Fuck me!” She crooned louder. “Uh!, Uhh! Mm, Fuck you are tight!” the boy moaned, moving faster. The bed groaned and swayed and the headboard slammed. Wednesday writhed and howled. Grinning, Pugsley unzipped his fly.

Meanwhile the sound from Wednesday’s room carried across the house. It drifted down the hall, to the master bedroom. There, in the gloom, in the great king-sized bed, under green satin sheets, Morticia and Gomez lay, awake and listening. Gomez held his wife close to him and Morticia gently stroked his brow. “Aaaaaw! Aaaaw! Mmmmmn, I said harder!” Wednesday’s voice called from several doors down, muffled but clear.

At last, Gomez spoke into the darkness. “Listen to it Tish’.”

“Our little girl.” Morticia answered. The sound of the slamming headboard picked up speed, and the animalistic cries grew louder. “Imagine it darling. Our Daughter, bent on all fours like a bitch in heat. Howling and moaning like a whore izmir escort as a thick member violates her wet teen flesh. A slut. A common harlot. I’m so proud.”

“I know. What more could a parent want.”

“And she’s not the only one we have to be proud of my dearest.” Morticia said, gingerly her husband’s cheek. He turned to look at her ashen face, framed by the locks of her jet-black hair.


“Mmhmm. He’s become quite the little peeping tom. He skulks around the house in the passageways, leering into rooms through the peepholes. Twice know I’ve glimpsed him spying on me as I was bathing.”

Gomez’s eyes sparkled cheerfully. ” Haha! The little rascal! Fester and I used to do that when we were boys. Eighteen and already a chip off the old block.”

They were quiet for a moment, listening, as the cries of passion seemed to reach their zenith. “Aaaaw! uuuuuh! MMMH!”

“Huh! Huh! Huuuuaaah! Hmm, huh…” Then there was silence. For the several pregnant seconds all sound of the headboard, the mattress and the moaning ceased. Gomez and Morticia waited anxiously. After a moment, came a loud thud as a trap door was opened, followed by a great flushing sound and a protracted scream. “AAAAAAAaaaaaaaa…”

“Another conquest out or the night.” Morticia said softly.

“Oh Tish’, our children are perverts.”

“Their nymphos.”

“Their deviants.”

“Their tramps.”

Then, together, there voices swelled with pride they said, “Their Addams’.”

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