The 30 Fucks of April – Day 07

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Hey Journal, April 7, 2022. Thursday. I woke up that morning and went to the bathroom. When I returned to bed to get a few more minutes of sleep, David eased closer to me kissing all over my shoulders.

He eased on top of me kissing my mouth, slowly going down my neck, then my nipples. His cock filled little by little pressing against my clit. He lifted his hips and I guided him in. He loved when I touched him. As soon as he filled me, he paused and pushed in deeper. I rolled my hips doing the work underneath while holding his ass.

The whole time Michael was sound asleep. I suppose he wanted me to himself for a time. He lifted my leg and began thrusting. His cadence was slow and steady. Kissing my mouth, holding me, looking down into my eyes.

I couldn’t help but moan. I was almost there. A few more strokes. I felt it coming. My body was warm. I felt the heat rising off of me. I felt the energy as it surged through, “Ahhhh fuck!” I belted out no longer able to keep my moans subtle.

He giggled. Michael woke up and watched the show. He knew David was near climax. He saw how he thrust faster. His forehead beaded. He tensed and pushed deep inside of me. Flowing like a river, “Uggghhh, shit,” he said collapsing into my arms. He rolled off and Michael was already stroking his cock ready to penetrate; he did.

“Ahhhh, ssssss, fuck,” I whispered in his ear as he took control. David’s cum spilled out of me with every thrust Michael administered. Since I had already climaxed. Michael was content with fucking me hard and fast. We had plans to go for breakfast afterward.

He placed both of my legs on his shoulders and plunged into my pussy. It squished from all the juices inside. He had me yelping and belting out his name, Michael, Michael, fuck!” My legs shook. He grinned and thrust even faster. He grunted loudly just before he pulled out and watched his cum drip all over my belly.


We were downtown at a nice café. They had egg whites with wheat toast and coffee. I had an omelet with wheat toast. I needed my protein to take on the twins that were coming over early. I wanted to shoot early in the day, so I could have the night to relax by myself. Friday Morning, I would have another early morning shoot to prepare for my date with Filipe.

“We wanna know how it goes with the twins. Call us soon as you finish,” said, David. He liked that I was their girl. He and Michael saw themselves as my official Bisexual lovers. In a way, they were. I spent a lot of time fucking them on and off-camera. After breakfast, they went home and I headed back to the location to get ready for Ted and Tim.

When I got back to set, Storm was there getting things prepared. I got camera-ready. Walked out of the bathroom with a pair of ripped jean shorts that showed a lot of my thick ass cheeks and a halter top, which accentuated my full breasts.

Storm walked over to me and rubbed my ass, “You look hot. Sure, you don’t want me to join in this one?” she asked hoping I’d say yes. I knew she preferred women over men, but didn’t mind a cock once in a while. She didn’t like seeing me getting doubled.

I touched her chin; I was thinking of going live a little later if they are up to it. You’re free to join me for that.”

She nodded as if she understood. I had planned to film the twins with me as planned. A challenge was set before me and I had to show those guys I was a real boss bitch.

When they arrived, I was even more pleased. They were seriously handsome. These model like smiles. Beards and mustaches trimmed, short black hair, these deep-set gray eyes, wonderfully tanned skin.

They introduced themselves and hugged me. I stared at them trying to make sure I could tell who was who. There was always something that gave it away. Yet at the moment, I struggled. Storm bahis siteleri got them undressed and oiled up for pictures. Their bodies were incredible. Pectoral muscles so defined, waists had to be twenty-eight inches and their cocks long with a narrow base and fat tips.

Storm took some hella artsy erotic photos of me with the guys. It was perfect for their catalog. I gave participants access to their footage with me and pictures to use. I also paid them for their time.

The more I talked with Ted and Todd, I noticed Ted was the festive lively one. He didn’t take himself too seriously. He liked to joke. Todd was quiet. His energy had me a little worried. “Are you okay?” I asked him sweetly.

He nodded, “I’m good. I’m just trying to get focused.”

I grinned, “So, you’re ready to get to business.”

“Been ready.”

I looked over at Storm. She smirked. I was going to use my special room for them. I had turned the closet into a pleasure and punishment room for guys that needed to be tamed. I didn’t see myself as a dominatrix, but I did like to play on occasion. “Well, let’s head to my favorite room and get started.”

I walked and they followed. They saw the room as I stood in the middle. I took Ted and handcuffed him to the wall.

I took Todd and pushed him into a chair that sat in front of his chained twin brother. I handcuffed him. I lifted my tit and held it close to his mouth. He stuck out his tongue and licked. I joined him. Our tongues touched briefly before I stepped away, and turned to put all of my juicy ass in his face.

I stood in front of Ted. My tongue was on his right nipple. I licked, sucked, and bit down until he grunted. I looked into his pretty eyes and smiled. “Are you a good boy or a bad one?”

He chuckled, “I guess it depends–“

I grabbed his face, “That wasn’t the question. Good or bad?”

He acted as if he was afraid to answer. I reached for a paddle. I tooted over, my ass was right against Todd’s lips. I felt him kiss it. I turned and smiled before moving it away. “Good or bad?”

My lips almost touched his. I licked his mouth, and our tongues touched. “I’m good.” I smiled and took his cock into my hand. I let a glob of spit drip down onto it. Massaged it nice and slow. I heard as he moaned. I turned and looked at Todd as he fidgeted in the chair. He wanted to be inside of me in the worst way. I felt it. He would have to wait a little longer.

I went to my knees. I used my tongue to lick up and down Ted’s shaft. I yanked it up and sucked each of his balls. I saw his toes curl. I stopped wiped my mouth and stood. “well-behaved boys get treats.” I gave him a little peck before turning to his brother.

“And you?” I asked as I struck a pose. He looked like he had an attitude about me teasing him. He sucked his teeth. I reached over and grabbed his face, “You’re bad. I can tell.” I backed up until I was pressed against Ted. I rubbed my ass on his cock. I spread my legs and placed one on a stool so Todd could see my pussy as I played with it.

He tried to break free. I could see his jaws flinch. I played with my tits. I licked my nipples. My pussy was sopping wet as I fingered myself. I watched him grunt, “I thought we came here to fuck…not play games.”

“We can do both,” I replied. I lifted Ted’s cock, and let it slip in. I heard as Ted moaned. He was happy to finally feel the warmth of my sweet pink paradise. I placed my finger in my mouth and sucked it as I rocked back on Ted’s long cock. His fat tip delighted my pussy. I was cooing, moaning, and groaning.

I grinned as he watched me fuck his brother. “You wanna fuck me, Todd?”

He sat and watched as I continued to rock. My eyes rolled. I heard Ted having too much fun so I stepped away. I turned and held his cock. Saw all of my juices. I kissed it briefly canlı bahis siteleri before turning to Todd, “Good or bad?”

“Good.” He stated.

I smiled as I reached for his cock. I devoured it taking down half, then continued to take more, inch by inch I had him down. Saliva dripped down the sides of his shaft as I gagged/ I pulled up smiling, “Fuck,” he exclaimed.

I went in again, my head bobbed up and down vigorously. I looked up and watched him enjoy me sucking his cock. “Are you ready to fuck me?” I asked.

He nodded. I stood, turned, and sat on his cock. I rode him exactly how I wanted. I had Ted in front. I grabbed his cock and sucked it beautifully while bouncing on Todd’s cock. I had them both moaning.

“Fuck, fuck.”

“Shit, shit, ugh, fuck.

“Guk, plop, guk, plop,” my mouth and pussy pounded off as I handled them. I was going to make them cum right there. I moved my hips rapidly. My ass wobbled, I heard Todd breathing heavily. He was close to cumming. I knew he was trying to hold it. But I squeezed my pussy on his cock and fucked him faster until he grunted and filled my pussy.

“argh,” he said. I lifted off his cock and turned pushing my pussy back on Ted to finish him off.

I watched Todd’s cook that was still glazed with his cum and my honey. I smiled devilishly while throwing it back at Ted. It wasn’t long before he grunted and shot off like a cannon inside of me. I pressed my body against him enjoying the feeling of his cock throbbing inside of me. “Ummmmm,” I said and I stepped off.

His cock bobbed, a small bit of cum on the tip. I undid the handcuffs. “That was awesome.” I hugged him.

“Thanks. I never did anything like that before. It was cool.”

I undid Todd. He stood to his feet slowly.” Great work,” I said before I hugged him.

He shook his head, “I thought you were going to let us show you what we could do.”

“I’ve seen your videos. I wanted to try something different, did you like it?”

“I like being in control.”

I nodded, “I know. So do I.”

It was tense for a moment. I smiled, “Storm and I were going to do live cam a little later if you guys want to stay and help us entertain.”

Todd sucked his teeth, “Only if we get to do what we want.”

“I promise not to tie you up,” I smiled.

“We can stay. It’s cool.”

I looked at Storm and smiled. And that was the difference. It wasn’t so much physical. It was their demeanor.

We got dressed and went down by the pool for a while. Drank beers and had pizza. We talked and laughed. I got Todd to loosen up. Around 1:00 pm we headed back to the apartment. I was in the shower when Ted joined me. He kissed me all over me. I smiled, “Save it for out there on camera.”

Storm had the camera set up. She was sitting on Todd’s lap, “Okay we are live, I’m Storm. And this handsome guy is–“

“I’m Todd.”

“And I’m Ari here with Ted. We had so much fun with these guys I invited them to go live with us. The footage from today’s shoot will be out a little later today, but for now, we are going to have some fun.”

I pulled Storm off his lap. My hands caressed her body as our tongues touched. I looked at the guys. They walked toward us; Ted grabbed me first. We kissed passionately, while Todd wasted no time bending Storm over and plunging deep inside of her.

I walked over to where she was bent over, tooted my ass in the air, and let Ted get in position. There we were side-by-side with the twins fucking us doggy style. Ted was like a nice stream of water. He fucked me slow and allowed me to savor each stroke while massaging my back.

I looked over at Storm that received a pounding from Todd. He was more like a raging sea. He slapped her ass and rammed quickly. She yelped and cried out. I wanted her to feel good so leaned canlı bahis over and kissed her mouth.

Todd pulled her up and held her arms fucking her faster. I heard when she let out a deep moan. She had not been fucked that hard before. I was proud of her for taking on such an ambitious challenge, yet afraid Todd’s wild performance would discourage her from taking on cock ever again.

He finally pulled out of her pussy. She lay on the bed. I pulled her legs over to me and began feasting. I had my hands on her breasts as my tongue licked her clit. She ran her fingers through my hair. Her moans sounded so sweet in my ears. I felt good with Ted stroking me sweetly.

I felt it when the rhythm changed. I knew Todd had tapped Ted out and pushed his cock in my pussy. He moved me away from Storm and Ted took over fucking her. I lost sight of what they were doing. Todd held my neck down on the bed and fucked me hard. I felt his hands come down on my ass repeatedly. But I wasn’t afraid of his cock. I started pushing back on it. I heard him laugh and his tempo increased.

I looked over my shoulder and saw the determination in his eyes. He had a point to prove This was payback for teasing him earlier. I laughed inside. He stood me up, holding my tits. His tempo slowed and he pushed his cock inside of me, “This is how I fuck. You like how I fuck?”


“Say yes, Todd.”

“Yes, Todd.”

“You like my dick?”


Yes, Todd.”

“Yes, Todd, I like your dick.’

He walked me over to the bed and lay on top of my back and dug me out. Those thrusts were insane. It was like he had a ripple in his back and with each wave I cussed. I could feel the veins in my temple throbbing.

“When I come over to fuck you, this is how I want to fuck you, understand?”

“Yes, Todd. Yes, I understand. Shit.”

As soon as I complied. He softened. He eased up. He pulled out and turned me by the legs pulling me to the edge of the bed pushing his cock back inside looking down at me pinching my nipples. He bit his lip. He knew he had succeeded in taming me. He leaned over and lifted me. I was bouncing on his beautiful cock. Our eyes locked. Our lips finally touched. He paused a moment before laying me back down.

He was on top. I wrapped my arms around him. He pushed his cock in so deep I grunted, “Ughhhh.”

He continued to stroke, sucking my nipples. He pulled his cock out and let it shoot all over my belly. He leaned and kissed my mouth, “Now that’s what I call having a good time.”

“Yeah, that was fucking insane.”

I watched his sexy ass walk into the bathroom. His brother was already getting dressed. I stood up and hugged him, “Thanks for coming”

After they left, Storm and I lay in bed talking about how good they were, “They’ll be back a few more times. That was fucking crazy.”

“I think Todd likes you.”

“He was cute, but you know…I prefer my guys.”

“David and Michael.”

I nodded, “Yeah, I like them too.”

She kissed my mouth, “I have to go. I have some stuff to do tonight and tomorrow, but I’ll be back Saturday, good luck on your date tomorrow.”

Storm had left. I was home alone staring at the walls. David had video called me, “Hey gorgeous. I watched the live stream. That was insane.”

I laughed, “It was.”

“They were better than Michael and I?”

“You know you’re my favorites. I have an early morning shoot then my date later. If you want to stop by in the morning to help out.”

“Who’s on the menu?”

“Jazzy. But she’s not into dick. So, behave.”

He laughed, “No worries. You know I have fun just with you.”

“I’ll see you in the morning.”

“Later doll.”

That was my Thursday. It turned out great. I was enjoying the series. I realized I didn’t need to do thirty different fucks with 30 different people. I just had to make each one something the people wanted to see and most importantly what I enjoyed. I’d invite back a few of the others and sprinkle a few in here and there.

Until next time…

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