Tequila Slammer Ch. 01

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I heard the unmistakable pop-up notification alert of Facebook Messenger. This was enough to pry me away briefly from the football I was watching on my TV. The initial excitement and over-riding thought of that notification was, at least back then, was the prospect of an attractive girl randomly popping up and messaging me. It wasn’t something that happened daily, but as I was now one of the older guys at my school, it inevitably led to slightly more female attention.

Just a few months ago, a girl a bit younger than me, Scarlett, had randomly added me. I recognized her from around the corridors and with her short brown hair, she reminded me slightly of Frankie from The Saturdays. I’d taken the plunge and started messaging her, despite slight reservations that she might be into girls, I thought at worst I’d gain a casual acquaintance who I’d have at least one thing in common with. And maybe she could set me up with one of her friends.

We’d had a short fling which sparked after her best friend had told me Scarlett thought I was pretty hot. I pretended that I knew nothing about it and when she first mentioned the subject of boys in one of our chats, I thought it would be funny to act surprised and pretend I thought she was a lesbian. I’m not sure why I did this looking back many years later as it obviously wouldn’t have done much for her self-esteem, but at the time I thought it was pretty funny and would be a good story if we got together. Alas, we didn’t, despite meeting up a few times and it getting a bit spicy at times, it had filtered out because she had a lot going on in her personal life and in my immaturity and impatience I’d blown it.

So when that notification first sounded, my thoughts gravitated towards Scarlett. Had she had a change of heart and wanted to give it another go?

Not quite.

“You coming to Nat’s thing tonight, mate?”

It was Mikey.

There was a lot of things you could say about Mikey back in those days, some bad, some good, but you could never question his relentless persistence in convincing his friends to go out and do stuff. Especially if the opportunity to get drunk had presented itself. This was indeed one of those occasions, although not one that particularly appealed to me.

Natalie Gonzalez was having some kind of gathering at her house. A year ago when we were still 17 this might have been a no-brainer, but we’d been 18 for months now. We’d swapped parks, beaches and house parties for the best clubs, pubs and bars that the East of England had to offer. Well, perhaps not, but we’d frequent the local student nights and Wetherspoons almost religiously each week. It was a huge step-up from the average night we’d have before, sure, once a month someone would have a decent house party, sometimes there would even be a proper mental one that was actually good, but for every night like that there was a night sitting around Mikey’s or Seb’s drinking cheap vodka and energy mix (a stalwart combination for British teens) until we threw up or passed out.

Natalie was a year older than us, but had failed her exams last year, so was re-doing her classes again with our year. She was a nice girl. I had nothing against her. But in the few conversations I’d had with her she’d never given the impression that she was a particularly exciting person. The girls she’d made friends with in my year, Maddie and Mary, although again, perfectly nice, were not what I’d call fun either. I don’t profess to be a party animal or the most exciting guy you’ll ever meet, but Maddie and Mary, although fine to talk to in class, were insufferable outside of it. I have nothing against people who don’t drink, but they were the sort of people who would come on a night out or to one of our small gatherings, barely drink, then gossip in class to anyone who would listen about all the embarrassing stuff that was said or happened.

No. A night with those 3 and a bunch of people I wouldn’t know and probably wouldn’t like did not appeal. It hadn’t appealed to anyone else either. Seb cited having work the next morning as an excuse to get out of it, which seemed a bit suspect considering he’d spent more of his supermarket shifts hungover than he had sober, but I didn’t blame him in the slightest. Two of our other close friends, Tony and Nick, hadn’t actually been invited having never spoken to Natalie, but unlike some of the house parties of yesteryear, this was not something you’d be begging your mates to get you a +1 for.

“Go on mate, don’t be boring! I’ve got a few beers you can ankara escort have.”

This sounded like a generous offer, but if Carlsberg did Friday nights, chugging back warm leftover cans of Export in Natalie Gonzalez’s front-room with Maddie and Mary would probably not be the best Friday night in the world.

“Nah I think I’m gonna give it a miss, sorry mate.”

I’m not sure why Mikey was so keen to get out of his house that night, but in hindsight I suppose it’s a bloody good thing that he was. It took him at least another five minutes of relentless nagging to finally convince me to meet him at her house a few hours later, but meet him I did.

~ ~ ~

We’d been at Natalie’s about an hour and I guess after a few beers it wasn’t so bad. We were hosted in a converted shed at the end of her garden, in fairness it was a damn-sight better than what you’d imagine. It was quite big, nicely furnished and easily fit 20-25 people in it. I’m not sure if there actually was 20-25 people there, maybe 20 at max, but it wasn’t so bad. I’d spent much of the evening with Mikey, Mary and Maddie – there were a few other people there that I vaguely recognized from around school, but no one that I was particularly interested in talking to.

We were just beginning to quiz Mary about her fledging friendship with Seb, which we suspected might be leading to something a bit more than that, when the door to the shed was flung open.


More or less everybody in the shed stopped what they were doing and looked to the door. Was her Mum putting a stop to the evening before it even began? It was only half 10. I’d had low expectations for the night, but getting kicked out that early would’ve been pretty abysmal, even by our standards.

Natalie got up and walked towards the door, with a confused look on her face, which quickly turned to one of utter delight when she saw who was at the door.

“Stacy! Gemma! I thought you weren’t coming!”

I’d never seen either of the two new arrivals before in my life. Natalie rushed to hug and greet them. The first girl, Stacy, was quite short, with bright red-hair fashioned in a bob-cut. She was wearing a black Rolling Stones tank-top with quite tight jean shorts. The second girl, Gemma, was considerably taller, with darker hair which flowed down to her shoulders and rested on the fairly casual blue dress she was wearing, which complimented her long legs quite nicely.

Stacy took a big glass bottle out of a blue plastic bag she was carrying. It looked like vodka but I couldn’t tell from the other side of the room.

“I knew you were hanging around with some of the kids in the year below you now Nat, but I didn’t realize they were all so fucking boring! This is the party shed, is it not?! I thought i’d gone to the wrong house and this was some old man’s shed. Come on guys, let’s get this party going… IT’S TEQUILA TIME!!!”

Mikey looked at me. A huge grin had engulfed his face. Gemma retrieved some shot glasses and her and Stacy began walking around the shed giving out a shot to anyone who wanted one.

I’d had tequila once before. We’d been at Seb’s house and his older sister and her boyfriend made us do some with the lime and the salt. I held the tequila down for all of 5 seconds before making a mad dash for the bathroom and having a chunder down the toilet that was anything but tactical. There was no way I was taking a shot from Stacy and Gemma when they got round to me. I’d look boring by saying no, but I’d look like an absolute dickhead if I instantly threw up from it. Not exactly a great first impression to two reasonably attractive girls – they both had to be at least a year or two older than me anyway, so I obviously had no real chance, but I still didn’t want to embarrass myself in-front of them.

They worked their way through the room and got after a few minutes close to Maddie and Mary, who were sitting just a few feet away from us. I was thanking my lucky stars, as whilst Mikey would obviously take one, if both Maddie and Mary had rejected one just before me, that would take the heat off for sure. Stacey poured two shots into the plastic glasses that Gemma was holding up and presented them to Maddie and Mary – I smirked a little knowing what was coming next… but… they only went and fucking drunk them! Mikey cheered next to me as they necked it like it was water. Just a few weeks ago I’d witnessed Maddie take 3 sips to finish a shot of Apple Sourz, now she was knocking back Tequila like it was nothing! ankara escort bayan

I sipped my beer as they approached us. Stacy poured two more shots out and Mikey reached out to take his before she’d even taken it in his direction. He gulped it down in one, as both Stacy and Gemma sarcastically cheered.

Stacy turned to look at me with the remaining shot in her hands, with a wry smile on her face and a hint of evil in her dark brown eyes.

“Come on then, your turn. We haven’t got all night!”

There was no way I was keeping that shot down if I drank it. My heart started beating a little faster at the thought of having to try and keep it down. The two girls looked more attractive close up, but in the moment it was only really Stacy that I was looking at.

“Nah, nah! Not for me. Tequila don’t agree with me,” I spluttered out. Stacy’s smile turned to a confused frown. She pulled a face that showed she very much didn’t approve, but I certainly approved of how she looked when she pulled it. It was almost flirty. Almost.

“Oh come on, it’s only tequila for fuck sake,” she replied. “Yeah come on mate,” Mikey quipped in. Gemma sniggered before pulling a face to show how boring she thought I was too.

“I’ll throw up it if I have that. I-”

“Fine. You can be a pussy if you want,” Stacy said, before she gave me a look that said she was about to get some revenge. She looked down at the shot glass and I thought at first she was going to throw it over me, but after Mikey had gestured that he’d take another one, she instead swallowed it herself instantly like it was nothing. There was something about it that I found quite hot. “Now since I’ve done your shot for you, you’ll have to do a forfeit” Mikey laughed. Gemma giggled.

“What kind of forfeit?” I asked, trying my best not to sound nervous.

“I want you to kiss me” she said, before giggling and giving me a slight wink. I looked at her wide-eyed, as my stomach became a bit flustered and a slight warm sensation overcame my crotch. She was joking, surely. I’d kissed plenty of girls before, but I couldn’t kiss her. Not now. Besides, she was surely just joking and trying to have a bit of fun.

“Come onnn, just a little one. I don’t bite.”

She raised her eyebrows and signalled for me to get up and kiss her. There was no way I was taking the bait. She was just having a bit of fun. If she’d been my age she wouldn’t have been completely out of my league, if she’d been a year or two younger she’d perhaps have been fairly attainable, but an older girl like that wouldn’t get with me.

I laughed at her slightly, which in my head was meant to come off as a vaguely sarcastic attempt at looking fairly disinterested and unphased. I’m not sure if it had the desired effect, but she rolled her eyes at me.

“I’m happy to kiss you if he won’t?” Mikey blurted out, he sounded pretty surprised that I hadn’t taken her up on the offer. She looked at him and at first I thought she might actually take him up on it, for a split second, a short burst of existential dread washed over me at the thought of missing out with getting off with her.

Stacy laughed a little, acknowledging him, before rolling her eyes once again. I thought she looked hotter each time she did it and I got more familiar with her facial expressions.

“You won’t get a kiss out of her now you’ve said that! She only wants what she can’t have,” said Gemma, smiling, as her friend turned to look at her and shot her an exasperated drunk face through a smile. “I fucking hate this bitch” Stacy said, before she motioned a punch at Gemma before drunkenly hugging her, almost dropping the Tequila in the process. They collected their balance and then walked off back to the other side of the shed, without so much as a goodbye. I noticed and watched Stacy’s bum as she walked away – the tight jean shorts didn’t give too much away, but there was enough there to keep my eyes glued to it as it jiggled slightly when she moved. Suddenly I snapped out of it as I felt something, or more, someone, hit me in the arm. It was Mikey.

“Mate. Mateeeee. Are you fucking maaaaad?!”

~ ~ ~

A few hours went by and it was getting close to midnight. Some of the less interesting characters had begun to filter out already, with the age-old excuses of work or something else to do in the morning being thrown around. The shed was a bit more sparsely populated now and some of the other guests were milling around in the kitchen or the front room. I hadn’t seen Stacy for a little escort ankara while, she’d made a few more attempts to get me to take a tequila shot and had made a few other flirty comments, but I still hadn’t taken it all that seriously.

I finished another beer and excused myself from my conversation with Maddie, who I’d been chatting to for a little while, so that I could go upstairs and use the toilet. As I was passing through the garden I spotted Mikey and Mary, who had been missing for a bit. I’d joked with Maddie that they might be cracking on, but they were just chatting in the garden whilst Mikey smoked. Well, I say they were chatting, it was more Mikey talking at her. He can chat shit for days when he’s hammered. I nodded at them as I walked past and into the house.

In the kitchen I found Natalie, Gemma and a few other girls who seemed to have moved onto red wine.

“Where are you going?! You’re not going home too are you?!” pleaded a pretty tipsy Natalie, perhaps annoyed, embarrassed or both at how many people seemed to have left already.

“Nah I’m just going for a piss” I replied nonchalantly.

“Oh. Lovely…”

Well, she asked.

I walked through to the hallway and made my way up the stairs. Natalie didn’t live in the nicest of areas, so I was surprised by how reasonably furnished and big her house actually was. As I got to the top of the stairs I noticed that the main bathroom was already occupied, so I turned round and walked to the other end of the corridor where they had another bathroom. Well, it wasn’t really a bathroom – that would probably be quite generous. It was a tiny room which had just a toilet and a sink in it, nothing to write home about, but it was good enough for me in my fairly desperate disposition.

It was one of those toilet trips where as you’re standing there, doing your business, you realise just how drunk you actually are. I wasn’t hammered, but I was certainly a bit tipsy. I finished my pee, zipped up my flies, washed my hands and walked back out. I was making my way back down the corridor the stairs, when the main bathroom door, which was directly opposite me, opened to reveal who had been hogging it. It was Stacy. She gave me a tipsy smile.

What happened next must have taken place in less than 3 seconds. I continued walking towards her, breathing a little heavier at the thought of what I was about to do. There was nobody else around. It was just us. This was my chance to give her the kiss she wanted. The thought of kissing her caused some blood to rush to my groin. I felt the slight beer buzz and any self-doubt was put to the back of my mind. Before she even had a chance to say hi or ask me how I was doing, I bent my head down a little, closed my eyes and then pressed my lips against hers.

I felt my cock twitch a little when instead of pushing me away, she put her arms around me and kissed me back. I reached around and rested my hands against her bum, squeezing it tightly when I suddenly felt her tongue interlocking with mine. I’d kissed a fair few girls in my time, but she was definitely up there with the more talented ones. She pulled back after a few seconds and I opened my eyes to find her looking at me with a face that said she was both shocked and confused. I was just glad she wasn’t looking at the raging bulge in my jeans.

“I thought you didn’t want to kiss me?” she said.

I shrugged my shoulders and smiled awkwardly.

“And the shots? I’ve been trying to feed you tequila all night so you would-

I cut her off.

“You definitely wouldn’t have wanted to kiss me if I’d done one. I wasn’t joking when I said I’d throw-

It was her turn to cut me off, as she reached out and kissed me. Our tongues met once more as we tightly pressed against each other. She bit my lip. Not wanting to be outdone, I pulled out of the kiss and moved my mouth towards her neck. I sucked on it gently before pressing harder to give her a love-bite. She pushed me back instantly.

“No marks” Stacy said sternly, as she pointed her finger at me. “I think I’d struggle to explain those to my boyfriend.”

Before I had the chance to process what she’d just said, she kissed me again. She pulled back as we both heard female voices from downstairs. It sounded like the wine and tequila had mixed badly in someone’s stomach, as it sounded like one of the girls told another girl that she “just needed to sit by the toilet for a minute”. Stacy looked at me and I thought we would just pretend nothing happened or go back downstairs fairly inconspicuously, but instead, she gestured towards the slightly open door next to the bathroom. I felt her hand touch mine as she quickly led me into the dark room, then quickly slammed the door shut behind us.

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