Tap Out Pt. 02

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Mike Doyle had not taken his defeat or deflowering at all well, for days he barely left his room. Work had been called the next day and his sickness excuse given, really not sure when I’ll be back. Wallowing in self-pity and demoralized by the memory he cried alone in his bed, too ashamed to show his face to the world.

His phone lit for the hundredth time, he’d long stopped checking the messages. One after the other all the ladies he’d used left messages, His hand shook as he read each mocking text, whoa nice show, loved the performance when’s the next one, ride that cock and inevitably fuck that bitch. The wow emoji face was now a permanent fixture on his screen.

Every time he closed his eyes he saw Cassie’s grinning face, the smell of the mat, and the repeating chant of ‘fuck the bitch.’ That chant was sewn into his memory and each time it was recalled he felt that cock hit him deep inside again.

It also brought to his immense embarrassment a rock-hard cock, he’d wanked almost as much as cried. He despaired over what was happening to him, he should be repulsed but the memory only brought him growing lust.

When he did return to work he found himself uncomfortable in the office. Even though he’d known all his co-workers for years he constantly scanned the room for any witnesses to his shame. His eyes darted upon any newcomer to perceive any danger, in the knowledge, this was the last bastion of his now lost manhood.

He had always tried to keep his sex life and work completely separate and save for one drunken one-night stand at the Christmas party he had. Here, he was still at least for now, a real man, the cock of the office. They slapped him on the back for fucking the temp girl and regaled his success stories. For a brief moment, he felt a growing sense of his old self till that chant slipped back in his mind, ‘fuck the bitch.’

And to his everlasting shame, it got the usual reaction, his cock got hard. Putting a folder across his lap he slipped from the office speedily to the toilets and securely locked himself inside. As he masturbated vigorously, he closed his eyes and he was back in the center of the gym again. His breathing increased as Cassie’s cock made a bitch of him and he ejaculated on the floor to ‘fuck the bitch.’

This had happened every day since his return, every time he returned to his seat flushed with embarrassment the chant still singing in his head. Trying not to catch the eye of any of his co-workers especially not Sarah the temp girl who has still stared angrily at him since Christmas. At the time he felt nothing, she should be grateful he fucked her but now he felt a growing sense of shame over how he treated her. Of course, he told his friends and colleagues with the detailed account but never spoke to her again. Just one more reason he had started to feel maybe he had deserved what Cassie had given him.

One task he must endure was retrieving his equipment from the gym, the last place on earth he wanted to go. Taking a late start at work he decided to sneak in early before any of his friends or more importantly any witnesses to his humiliation would be there.

The reception girl gave a knowing wink but that could just be his imagination playing games with him and he was relieved to find it almost empty. Cautiously he entered the changing rooms, the butterflies eased to find it clear.

“Hey man. we’ve you been,” William clamped his heavy hand on Mike’s shoulder.

“Jesus you gave me a heart attack,” Mike recoiled with a jump but attempted to produce his best charm-filled grin to cover his fright.

“We thought you might have left man, someone’s wrote their name on your locker,” William emphasized his point by banging his finger against the letters.

The name CB had been written in large pink letters on the front of his locker, causing him to deflate inside.”Cheeky Bastards,” he grimaced a laugh to show how unconcerned he was for William. But Mike knew instantly what the initials meant, Cassie’s Bitch.

As William left, he emptied the contents of his locker into his bag. The equipment useless to him now, no gym felt safe from ridicule to him. The good memories of his old sexist carefree days were gone.

Slamming the locker door, there she was. Her angelic smiling face lit up with a heart-bursting grin as she leaned against the locker wall. “Hey bitch, where’ve you been hiding, ” Cassie flicked her long blonde hair as she teased. “All the girls have been asking for you, we all want a repeat performance.”

Grimacing, Mike tried to ignore her. Picking up his bag he retreated towards the exit. His face flushing by the second, behind him she followed whistling a tune now burnt in his memory.

“Aw, the only good thing about you going is watching that arse wiggle away,’ Cassie loudly needled him. Some of the other ladies in the gym hearing her blew wolf whistles towards him. The reception girl blatantly mouthed fuck the bitch straight to his reddening face.

He took a deep intake of breath as he hit the street, feeling the cool air sıhhiye escort on his escape. Mike knew the deep embarrassment he felt was the chance he had to make, a small cost to be free of this place and its memories for good

As he threw his bag in the boot of his car, there was Cassie again. Demurely posed against his car door, her fight outfit catching admiring glances from passers-by. As much as he hated her she was beyond gorgeous and her mere existence caused his cock to grow.

“Phone bitch,” she extended her hand and beckoned her order. “Don’t make me fucking wait.”

Grudgingly Mike handed it over, “look I get it I was an arsehole but you punished me and I took it.” Even now he tried his best little boy lost charm on her, “Please let’s forget it all and let me go.”

As she tapped her phone number into his contacts her big blue eyes peered up at him, “You’re not the first lad I’ve had to teach a lesson to bitch but you defiantly are a pearl in the oyster.” Handing the phone back to him she leaned close enough to smell, “some boys cry, some grin and bear it and some boys love it.” Poking him in the chest, “and you, are certainly the latter.”

Mike stood dumbstruck, mouth drooped open, answers swam around his brain but none escaped. Even now in the middle of the street, this little girl was dominating him.

“I bet you’ve been wanking like a maniac since that night, haven’t you?” Her smirk confirmed she already knew the answer. “at some point you’re going to want more, you know you will.” She bounced past him towards the gym, “you’re going to crave my cock bitch, when you do, call me, and don’t make me fucking wait long.”

She had shouted the last sentence as she walked away, much to the amusement of some schoolgirls who passed. Mike fled into his car and hurtled away, furious at his inactivity against her and the growing shame of his rock-hard cock.

Daily he received a text containing an angry emoji face for making her wait, every time he threw the phone down but could never shake his growing arousal. It wasn’t subsiding, it was growing, he was regularly playing with his arse in the shower. It had become second nature to him, to finger his hole as he wanked. But it could not match the memory or intensity of that night, that feeling of total submission to a woman.

The following week he cracked, he admitted he longed to hear her voice and see that mocking face again. When the text arrived he replied immediately, ‘Hi Cassie.’ His heart pounded as he eagerly awaiting a reply, it didn’t.

Days went by and he received no more texts, he felt depressed fearing she had only been playing with him to punish him more. As he sat aimlessly in the office staring at his PC his phone finally lit up, “so you want my cock bitch.’ Snatching up his phone desperately to hide the message from prying eyes he sprinted to the toilet, and typed the words to seal his fate ‘Yes Cassie.’

‘It’s Miss Cassie to you bitch,’ his cock sprung to life. His hands shook as he typed,’ so sorry Miss Cassie.’ It was the nearest emotion since that night he had felt, his body tingled with excitement.

“So fucking tell me then,” barked the response. Stumbling with his shaking fingers over the keyboard he instantly replied, ‘I want your cock, Miss Cassie.’

There was no more reply and Mike sat stunned and horny in the grimy cubicle, he had given her what she wanted and he craved her text. The only way to survive the wait was his now customary wank to ease the tension, eyes closed with his theme tune playing.

When he got home, he immediately checked his phone and his heart leaped, one from Cassie. Slumping in his chair he scanned the message, over and over and burning every line in his brain. ‘I have a special night coming up and I think you would be perfect for it, I want you there. Now you must understand the rules of this, if you agree you must do as you are told, no arguments or backchat allowed. No backing out. You would be there as my bitch, so what you do reflects on me and I do not want to look bad. I will give you till eight to reply, if I don’t get it by then this will be our last involvement.’

Stunned Mike reread every line, trying to work out what possibly could be asked of him, and could he in all honesty agree to her demands on the night. Every correct argument against this was combatted away by his incessant titillation. The idea of not having her in his life was too much to consider, the once annoying irritant was now his reason for existing. Her face popped in his mind recurringly and brought excitement to his humdrum life. ‘Yes Miss Cassie, I want to do it for you,’

“Good bitch, I will send you the time and place later and I like my boys smooth so be fully shaved for me.’ Mike fled to the shower to shave automatically, he often did his chest but he’d never been smooth all over before. It was awkward to do but he rather enjoyed the clean feeling it produced. Picking up his phone he read Cassie’s text with the date and address and gulped Friday and back to the sincan escort scene of his deflowering.

When he arrived the gym was fully lit up and a queue of well-dressed ladies lined the front. A tall butch-shaven-haired woman in a tuxedo patrolled the door, she checked his name on the list. “Bitches go through the side door,” and pointed to an alley. As he slipped past the queue, some suggestive comments were thrown.

Timidly he tapped on the iron door, almost hoping it wouldn’t be answered. When it did creak open his eyes locked on the red-haired goddess again. Her ever-present mocking smile once again bringing his knees to a quiver.

“Well if it isn’t Cassie’s little bitch, come,” she beckoned him in once again with a long black leathered gloved finger. “I do hope you’re going to put on as good a show as last time, that I much enjoyed.”

“Well I hope I can,” Mike answered nervously feeling like a little schoolboy around her.

She brought her cool porcelain face close to his,” you’d better, Cassie has boasted about you so don’t let her down.” “do you know your role tonight?”

Mike shook his head, he really didn’t. Cassie had ordered him to appear and not be late. That was all he knew, he was starting to feel nervous about the glitz and glamour of tonight.

This brought a peal of laughter from her deep red lips, “Well I will leave you in Cassie’s good hands and she will explain tonight’s festivities.” She led him down a lighted corridor with various waiters passing them with trays before stopping at a dressing room. “Goodbye bitch,” and with a swish of her red ponytail she was gone

Pressing open the door there stood Cassie, once again she made his mouth drop open. Resplendent in a long tight red cocktail dress, hair pulled back loosely, she beamed back that million-dollar smile. “Well it’s about time bitch, were already two fights in,” and she pulled him into the room.

“What’s happening, I don’t understand, who are all these women.” his questions were stopped with a slap hard across his cheek, stunning him into silence.

“Bitches don’t speak, they do as they’re told understand.” She wrapped her fingers around his chin, “do you understand?”

His only response was a pathetic nodding of agreement and her sharp change of mood brought more arousal to him.

Cassie’s face regained its composure and she slumped back into a chair, “well this is ladies fight night, the audience pays good money to see some real fights, eat well, and enjoy a rousing climax to the evening.” That smile suddenly returned, “and that’s where you come in.” She reached into her bag and produced a raffle ticket, “the ladies can purchase a ticket and if they win they get to pick their prize at the end of the night.”

Mike gulped at the mischievous glint in her eye as she stood, “Several of the members have put forward a bitch as the prize.” She pointed her finger directly at him, “You are my choice.” Circling him, “at the end of the last fight, all of our choices enter the ring and the lucky winner gets to choose her prize.”

The realization finally struck him, once again he might be humbled in front of a baying audience.

She whispered softly into his ear, “if your lucky you might be fucked like the little bitch you know you are, center stage.” Stroking his already strained cock she giggled, “now get yourself showered and cleaned out ready for showtime.”

As she directed him into the shower cubicle she slapped his ass and threw him his douche kit, no secret to what the night was going to bring. “I’ll be back in a bit with your outfit,” and she blew him a kiss.

The cool shower did little to calm his nerves or dampen the growing stimulation, it did feel good soaping up his hairless body. While he was alone he removed the showerhead and angled it to tease his tingling hole with the increased water pressure. When he pulled back the curtain Cassie applauded his latest show.

“Here you go,” Cassie sprawled out some items on the dresser as he dried himself off. Picking up a pink butt plug, she twirled it towards him, “firstly we need to pop this in.” Dipping it in lube she clicked her fingers, “Spin around bitch, assume the position.”

Without hesitation he placed his hands on the tabletop and bent over for her, wincing as she slipped it straight in deep in his tight hole. Holding himself stock still as passed him his outfit, a bright pink g-string barely large enough to hold his package in place.

“All the boys will be wearing them but not as well as you,” patting his bare buttocks as she slipped it on. “mmm now smear this all over, it will make you glisten and sparkle so you can be seen all over the arena.” She passed him the pink body gel and lifted up a pink masquerade mask, “this goes on when I return and we leave for the stage.”

Standing alone in front of the mirror, Mike pondered how he had come to this. The once tough macho man now wet and glittery in tiny pink panties waiting on the arrival of his mistress to pimp out his arse. The answer was obvious, sınırsız escort with each muffled cheer of the female audience his heart beat faster, he wanted this.

As Cassie gently opened the door she took a camera picture of her bitch, six feet of prime shimmering manhood, now solely for the enjoyment of women. She couldn’t help but smile with a little pride at how eager he had actually become, “Pop out your plug and put on the mask.” Attaching a pink collar around his neck, Cassie pulled on her lead.”It’s Showtime.”

His bare feet were cold on the hard wooden floor as they waited for their introduction, the other three men stood alongside their owners. They all did their utmost to look confident, standing straight, looking forward but none could help to peek at the competition. Wondering if they knew any of the men under the masks, hoping they would escape more humiliation.

The final fight was over and both women left the ring to rapturous applause, their gleaming muscular bodies brushing past the sissified pretty boys. The winner roughly barged past Mike, “See you later bitch.” Cassie patted his bottom to comfort him,

Mike could hear the compere chatting to the audience and knew it was close. His heart was thumping in his chest but Cassie’s confident aura consoled him. With a yank on his lead, she strolled forward. One by one the owners paraded the men down the aisle towards the ring, only now did he see the full size of the occasion.

The hall was packed with women-only dining tables and their attention was now fully on the boys. Wolf whistles and catcalls followed them towards the cage, mysterious stray hands tried to grope and slap them as they passed. His previous visit had been in darkness, now it was fully illuminated and full to the rafters with women whose faces he could see clearly.

They entered the ring alone, their owners stood proudly at the edge. “And here are the bitches for tonight,” the compere gleefully exclaimed. The roar went up from the crowd, the fights had given them a blood lust and they were eager for more. The boys lined up side by side, nervously shifting under the spotlight.

It was here, as she strode around them that he realized the compere was the red-haired goddess. Dressed in a skin-tight leather catsuit and top hat, red hair cascading down her back, she cajoled the women to a frenzy. Gleefully mocking the primped-up representatives of the male race.

“Well ladies, it’s the time we’ve all been waiting for, raffle time.” She playfully goosed each man as she passed. “Which lucky lady gets to Fuck This Bitch.” The last few words were joined in by the entire crowd, making the room shake. “My assistant please,” she beckoned on Cassie carrying a top hat containing the numbers.

Pulling out a number she teasingly smiled at the boys, “It’s number 106”. A mix of groans, cries, and shouts was broken by a loud ‘Yes’ from the crowd. As the figure approached the ring waving her arms in delight the audience rallied to applaud her.

As she left in the ring, Mikes’s jaw dropped and he spun to see Cassie laughing uproariously. It was Sarah, the temp from work, the one-night stand he’d treated so badly. Once again he’d been suckered in, it was a setup, his arse was next for the entertainment.

Sarah cuddled up to the compare, “boys, remove those masks.” Mike wanted the world to open up and take him down but he had no fight left to resist. He dropped his mask to the floor and cast his face down, hoping it would be enough. The gasp next to him made him jolt and he spun to see the face of one of his friends from the gym, both stunned to see the other. As he cast a glance at the others, he remembered them too, the girls had been busy.

The flame-haired compare brought Sarah along the line of now red-faced boys, “now which of these boys will be your bitch.” Each boy got a verbal dressing down from the goddess as they passed till they stopped before him. “Now this slut here, a lot of the girls can confirm what a talented bitch he is,” the audience cheered their agreement.

Sarah looked like she’d been promised a present but couldn’t believe it had turned up, her smile turned to a cold leer as she stared him down. She walked straight up to Mike, leaned her face close, and looked him dead in the eyes, “This one.” The crowd went wild from her choice, stamping their feet in approval. The months of degradation and humiliation were about to be repaid in spades and the look on her face showed no pity.

The lucky losers were led away by their owners casting backward glances back towards their once-revered friend, in the knowledge of what he was about to receive. As they left a table was carried into the ring featuring an army of strap-on dildos of varying sizes and color. The compare led Sarah to pick her weapon of choice, giving some tips along the way.

As Sarah readied herself, the tall statuesque compare strode towards him, switching off her microphone. “My name is Miss Danvers and I am the owner of this establishment, this is one of my most anticipated events and you are the star.” She gripped his face, “You will do everything and anything this dear girl wants and beg for more, understand.” Her cool exterior cracked slightly with a smirk, “give these women something to applaud, be the whore you know you want to be.”

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