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She was sitting at the computer her back to the door when he came home. He opened the door and seen her back to him. She looked so beautiful to him. He could see she had on her red silk blouse. He loved that shirt but hated when she wore it to work. Her perky nipples always seemed to stay erect when she had it on. He hated that other men looked at her that way. He noticed that she also had on her long black skirt as well. He was becoming just a little upset that she would wear these two pieces together to work. The black skirt had slices up both sides, going up until about mid-thigh. She was so deep in work that she didn’t notice he was home yet. He decided to teach her a little lesson about wearing this outfit.

He quietly snuck through the door, carefully closing it behind him. He then slowly made his way down the hall to the toy room where they kept most of their sexual toys. She was wild when it came to sex and always complained he was so boring and old-fashioned. Well tonight, he thought he would teach her how boring he was. He cautiously opened the door to the room, trying not to disturb her. He snuck inside and began to gather up his choice of toys for the evening.

He moved to the dresser and opened the top drawer. Once inside the drawer, he pulled out the leather ankle cuffs and silver handcuffs. He also pulled out the duct tape and blindfold. His cock now throbbing at the thought of what was to come. He closed that drawer and opened the next. Inside he pulls out the ky-liquid just in case he decided he was taking her ass tonight. He also grabbed the new toy he had just gotten. He had bought this little voice changer for times just like this. He also grabbed her dagger. She loved this little knife. It was small but still very useful with its double blade. Once he gathered his tools he would use, he quietly closed the drawer and walked out of the room, pulling it closed behind him.

He quietly made his way back down the hallway Good, he thought as he seen her still sitting at the computer. Slowly, he begins to creep up behind her. Seeing her sitting there, knowing she could soon be helpless was driving him insane. Her hair all pulled back in a ponytail made him think of the possibilities. She was always complaining about how she hated it. He actually loved her hair but was thinking maybe he could cut it off. It would grow back eventually he thought. He quickly got back to the task at hand and turned on the little voice box. He quickly came up behind her and immediately covered bahis siteleri her eyes with the blindfold. She moaned softly and then tensed as he tightened the grip on her hair.

“Joe, baby, is that you?” She asked quickly.

He gave no reply as he felt her begin to tremble.

“Joe stop baby, you’re scaring me,” she said shakily.

With still no answer fear and panic hither as she feels her hands being cuffed to the arms of the chair. He quickly kneels down and begins to cuff her ankles. She tries to fight it and pull away but he’s much stronger than she is and her ankle gets cuffed to the leg of the chair. He quickly grabs the other ankle before she starts kicking at him. As she sits there now blindfolded and immobilized completely, he begins to push her skirt up. She begins to whimper and then scream in pure panic as she feels his hand on the inside of her thigh. With the little voice box, he begins to speak to her.

“Shut the fuck up you little bitch.” He orders. “If you scream again I will slice your fucking throat, do you understand me?” He barks at her.

She feels the knife on her throat, the blade pressed on her skin. He slides the knife from her neck down over her breasts. He begins using the knife and starts popping the buttons slowly off her shirt. Let her try to wear this shirt again, he thought coyly to himself. He grabs her by the hair and with the help of the little box, he devilishly tells her, “God I’m gonna love to fuck that little pussy of yours,” As he slides the knife back up to her throat so she can feel how serious he was. He slowly lets go of her hair but tells her not to scream again or he will fucking kill her. Her body in absolute terror now, as she feels the cold air on her stomach as her blouse falls open. He begins to pop open her bra, thankful she liked the front hooked ones. He skillfully pops it open with two fingers, as her voluptuous tits fall out of the cups. He moves his head down and begins sucking on her now hard nipples. She whimpers and sobs as she feels his mouth on her body. He bites them hard…hearing her scream in pain. She begs and pleads for him to stop with no end in sight. He stops biting and gets up. He leaves her sitting there and goes back down the hall, leaving her wondering what’s next.

He quickly goes to the toy room and gets out the vibrator. It’s length of maybe 6 inches and about an inch thick. He heads back to were she’s at laughing to himself at the fun he’s going to have. She hears him standing in the room. canlı bahis siteleri She can’t figure exactly were at yet. He begins to strip his clothes off. First his shirt and then undoing his jeans. He begins to rub his already hard cock through his underwear, feeling the moisture starting already. He slides off his underwear and begins stroking his manhood softly at first, watching her struggle to get free. He moves over to her and rubs his cock on her face. She tries to turn away but he grabs her hair and holds her there.

“Suck it you slut”, he orders.

She begins to whimper and protest but he quickly runs the knife blade along her throat, giving her a reminder of its presence. She opens her mouth slowly and he starts to shove it in. He jams it in the back of her throat, gagging her. She begins sucking his cock slowly, not really wanting to but has no other choice.

“Is this how you suck your husband?” He asks. “I don’t think it is and you better make me think you love my cock or I will slice your fucking throat now.” He barks at her.

She begins sucking him harder and deeper, feeling him push his hips to slam it in deeper. She begins running her tongue up and down his shaft as she sucks him harder. His cock is now pounding the back of her throat as she flicks her tongue down to lick at his balls. She is getting so aroused by this and starts sucking faster and harder as he continues to pound her mouth. He sees she’s starting to enjoy this a little too much and starts to get upset just a little. How can she enjoy sucking a strangers cock, he thinks. He decides enough of this and pulls his hard throbbing cock out of her mouth. He kneels down in front of her and looks at her glistening pussy. He begins to slide one finger inside her tight little pussy. She moans as he pushes all the way in and wiggles it around just a bit. He can feel her muscles trying to grip him as he pulls back out of her.

“Suck it clean you little slut”, he orders.

She eagerly sucks her own juices off his finger, needing to feel more. He decides this is the time to go for that tight hot little virgin ass of hers. He quickly pulls his finger from her mouth and moves over to the toys. He grabs the vibrator and the lube. He begins lubing up the vibrator so that it will slide in a little easier. He quietly moves back in front of her and slams the vibe in her pussy. She lets out a scream as it goes in. She tries to move her hips to feel it fuck her better. But he quickly pulls it out and pushes canlı bahis it against her ass. She screams and begs for him to stop but he just keeps pushing. He feels it slide through her sphincter and her ass open up to him. She begins moaning as he pushes more in. He slides it all the way in and turns the vibe on high. She starts screaming and moaning as he pulls it back out. He quickly shoves it back in feeling his balls ache thinking how good it would feel to be in that tight ass. She grinds her hips trying to feel it deeper just as he begins to fuck her fast and hard with it. He feels his cock begin to swell as her pussy leaks juice out. He knows she’s so close to an orgasm and decides to make her suffer just a bit. He pulls the vibe out of her ass and grabs the lube. He lubes up his cock as she moans and begs for more.

“Oh you like that huh you little fucking slut?”

“You want more don’t you whore” he devilishly asks. “Well you’re gonna get more, you’re gonna get my fucking dick deep inside that ass” he laughs.

She whimpers and pleads with him not to but he quickly moves over her and begins to slide his hard shaft inside. He feels the head push past her muscles and watches as her hole opens up to take him. He continues to push his cock in deeper as she begins to moan and scream in pleasure. Now as he is all the way in he begins fucking her ass hard and fast. Feeling her muscles pull him back in with each thrust. He continues to pound her tight little ass when he feels her body begin to shake. Her muscles grip him as she explodes into a deep orgasm. Her pussy just pouring juice out of it onto his cock. He moans loudly at this sight and fucks her even harder. His balls bashing into her ass cheeks. His balls quickly tighten and he releases his cum deep inside her ass. Feeling him cum in her ass she begins to cum again. Squirting her sweet pussy juice all over his cock and down over his balls. He pants and struggles to get up. After he is standing she sits there quivering and trembling. He decides to reveal himself to her as he is now very exhausted and hungry from playing.

He reaches over and begins to untie her ankles. Knowing she doesn’t have the strength left to fight him. He uses the voice box once more and asks her, “do you want to see the cock that just fucked your tight ass?” She can only shake her head yes as he begins to pull the blindfold off. It takes her a second to adjust to the light but when she looks up and sees the man in front of her she gasps.

“JOE oh my god! I’m gonna kill you baby” she screams laughingly.

He moves over and kisses her lips, parting them with his tongue. As he pulls back he just smiles.

“Am I boring now baby?” He laughs. “By the way, what’s for dinner?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32