Sweet and Strong Ch. 03

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Liam had wasted no time following up with Kaeo. An exchange of texts over the next few days and they had agreed to see the new action film, starring Dwayne Johnson. Liam bought the tickets online easily, but he also had a gift for his date. His hands sweated nervously, was he being too forward?

It wasn’t expensive, but he’d seen some videogame character online wearing a singlet with a funny statement. It was the perfect gift for Kaeo. He immediately found an online store that had next day shipping. And it arrived just in time. It was a black ladies singlet with a yellow design on the front, a knife and fork either side of a kettlebell with a bite taken out of it. The text read, ‘I like exercise, because I love eating.’

Liam didn’t have time to worry about it much longer, Kaeo entered the foyer and waved at Liam. Liam continued to be amazed at how she maintained such a cute demeanour while simultaneously having battleship calibre guns. She was dressed in tight stretch denim pants that accentuated the shape of every muscle in her legs, and a white singlet that her breasts and abs filled out effortlessly. A perfect fusion of femininity and power, and just laying eyes on her made Liam’s crotch stir. She beamed an infectious smile which Liam couldn’t resist returning.

‘Hi Liam’ she said, extending her arms for a hug. She reached under his arms and grasped his traps, pulling her breasts tight against his chest. Liam wrapped his arms around her waist, marvelling at the feel of her powerful torso. He tried to angle his pelvis away, in a vain attempt the conceal the erection desperately trying to escape his briefs. No chance. ‘Oh!’ she gasped, ‘I see you’re glad to see me!’ Before Liam had a chance to respond, Kaeo followed up with ‘Have you been working out your shoulders for me? Your traps feel so big.’

Liam had been working out with renewed gusto since their initial meeting, but there couldn’t have been a noticeable difference over a few days, could there? Surely she was teasing. It didn’t matter, Kaeo had pushed herself hard up against his cock, made a passing joke about it and then complimented his body, he could feel his heart start to race.

‘You give the best hugs.’ Liam joked. ‘I have a gift for you.’

‘Aww, your too kind!’ Kaeo unwrapped the singlet and inspected the design. Her green eyes lit up. ‘Oh my God!’ She squealed, ‘I love this! I’m putting this on right now, hold my bag!’ She thrust her purse çankaya escort into Liam’s grasp and jogged to the bathroom.

Liam was thrilled. The knot in his stomach surrounding whether a gift like this on the second date was appropriate, was washed away with his date’s enthusiastic acceptance.

Kaeo returned a moment later wearing the singlet, arms splayed out and shimmying her shoulders in time with her step as she approached. Her body still filled out the singlet as much as the original; ‘You even got my size right.’ Kaeo spread her arms out for a hug, which Liam gladly accepted. ‘Your such as sweetie.’ She planted a kiss on his cheek. Liam basked in the shower of affection.

‘I love how it looks on you.’ Said Liam, ‘We should head into the cinema, I have the tickets.’

The movie wasn’t a new release, so the theatre wasn’t particularly crowded. Liam led his date to the back row, hoping they would be alone there. The seats had armrests that could be raised to allow patrons to sit closer together, and the interaction in the foyer had emboldened Liam. He raised the armrest and immediately extended his arm to pull Kaeo in close. She eagerly snuggled in. Perfect! Liam started gently stroking Kaeo’s arm, tracing his fingers through the valleys between her thick muscles. She played into his game, she slowly extended her arm and tensed to show off her tricep, which Liam was eager to grasp and squeeze, marvelling at her size and hardness. No sooner had he had his fill, his hand would explore her bicep, which Kaeo promptly curled into a flex. ‘I love how you’re touching my arm. Please don’t stop.’ she whispered. She returned the favour by stroking Liam’s thigh, ‘You have great condition in your legs.’

Liam let his hand caress Kaeo’s abdominals, he could easily identify each of the muscles beneath the fabric of her new singlet. He worked his hand up from her belly button, to just below her breasts and back down again. He reached the hem of her singlet and gently lifted the fabric so he could track a finger directly across her flesh. Kaeo shuddered slightly at the touch of Liam’s fingers, but didn’t resist. He took the plunge and slid his whole hand under her singlet, running his palm across her glorious abs. Kaeo tensed, forcing the contours of her thick abdominal muscles into sharp contrast, and released a little moan of pleasure. Her right hand reached behind Liam’s neck, anchoring her cebeci escort body against his, presenting her massive bicep across his chest. She grabbed Liam’s left hand with her own and guided his it across her taut stomach. Liam took his free hand and stroked Kaeo’s right arm, while Kaeo rubbed herself down with Liam’s other hand.

‘I love how your body feels, Kaeo’ Liam whispered into her ear.

‘You’re so good with your hands.’ she replied.

Liam rolled Kaeo’s body around in his arms, cradling her head in his arms. He looked deep into her eyes, her lips parted, and he drew her if for a kiss. She eagerly accepted and they kissed deeply. Kaeo’s lips were full and warm. For a moment, her whole body relaxed, content with being supported by Liam’s embrace, only reach up and cradle Liam’s head in her hands.

The neckline of her singlet gave a window to her impressive cleavage, crowned by thick pecs which caught the light from the movie screen, casting shadows that highlighted the muscles in her chest. Liam had one arm behind Kaeo’s head, and brought his hand over her shoulder to feel her pecs.

Liam was marvelling at the look and feel of his date’s chest, when something unexpected happened. The pec under his finger flexed momentarily, forming tight striations and bouncing the attached breast. Liam snapped his gaze back to Kaeo’s face, who was grinning like the Cheshire Cat.

‘Do that again!’ He whispered.

Kaeo flexed he left pec, and then her right one. She had perfect muscle control over her pectoral muscles and could flex them at will. For the next few minutes, she treated Liam to a show of her flexing pecs, causing her breast to bounce at her command. Liam watched her chest in awe. His cock stiffened in his pants.

Liam’s fingers extended and explored Kaeo’s breasts through her singlet. Despite her muscular build, they were full, round and bounced beautifully when she flexed her chest. Kaeo’s nipples hardened immediately in response to Liam’s touch, and created sharp features through her bra and singlet. He ran his fingertips over each of them, marvelling at their form. Liam’s hand gently edged its way down her neckline and her cleavage, delving below the neckline of her singlet. Kaeo’s hand gently restrained his hand.

‘Sorry, you don’t like being touched like that?’ Liam asked.

‘No, I love it…’ She murmured ‘… but its only our second date. Please don’t go çubuk escort there yet.’

Having confirmed a boundary, Liam relaxed. Liam’s hand retreated back to Kaeo’s bust, gently squeezing her breasts though the fabric of her singlet and feeling her hardened nipples. ‘Is this OK? He asked.

Kaeo’s arm tightened around Liam’s neck and arched her back ‘Oooh. You’re so naughty.’

They both continued petting one another throughout the movie, exploring and flexing each others arms, legs, shoulders, backs, abs, to their delight and enjoyment. By the time the credits rolled, Liam was squeezing Kaeo’s ass and Keao was running her hands across Liam’s abs and pecs, and pulling gently at his chest hair.

They left the cinema and shared a long kiss out on the street. Kaeo’s breast’s pressed hard against Liam’s chest. Liams cock pressed hungrily into Kaeo’s crotch, they both basked in the heat radiating from their bodies.

Keao eventually pulled her lips away. ‘I had such a great time tonight, but I really have to leave.’ She squeezed Liam’s ass. ‘Don’t make me wait too long, I want to hear from you soon.’

Liam offered to walk her home, but Kaeo insisted she would be fine. Both parties knew they had business to attend to. They parted ways, but still watched each other over their shoulder, grinning giddily until they broke line of sight.

Liam was honestly happy with ending the date there. The nights experience left him with a near constant erection. He was eager to get home and shoot off a load. Upon arriving home, he crashed onto his bed, undid his fly and released his turgid cock. Just picturing Kaeo’s muscular body in his head gave him one of the hardest, most persistent erections he’d had in months. He set to work pleasuring himself, before too long, he finished with and audible groan and collapsed, absolutely spent. He drifted off to sleep shortly after.

Around the same time, Kaeo arrived at her own home and closed the door. She immediately reached down to her crotch, feeling her own juice-drenched panties. She started touching herself. Her powerful muscles failed her and she slouched against the door, breathing heavily. She paused, then stood up. She cleaned her teeth and slipped into her pyjamas, and retired to bed. She reminisced over the evening with and how she and Liam played with their respective bodies, indulging in her sexuality. She quietly called out Liam’s name and as her fingers worked her pussy. As she drove the intensity of the sensations higher and higher, her body shook and convulsed with pleasure, ending with a pleasant wave of relief that permeated to her core.

She hugged her spare pillow, imagining Liam’s strong body against hers, and slipped into deep sleep.

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