Swapping – A New Beginning

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We were married for 5 years now and we wanted to celebrate our 5th anniversary in a way that we would remember. My best friend since school days, Gayathri, was a part of the planning for me. She was good in suggesting things we probably can do for our anniversary.

Since she is my best friend, or I would say a soul sister to me, I asked if she and her hubby can also join us, to make the day more special for me. She agreed instantly and a one day plan became a week long holiday plan for the four of us.

Our husbands had left it on us to plan for the entire trip and what we wanted to do, etc. After discussing much, we both decided that we will re-live what we both had done during our college days, during one of the vacations. ‘All of us live in the same room in the resort!’

We had done it during our college days, with our then boyfriends, for economic reasons. We did not dare do anything then, except for a bit of hugs and kisses since we were shy, embarrassed and nervous to do anything in each other presence. And yes, we wanted to re-live that experience with our husbands this time, after nearly a decade.

We made arrangements in a remote resort to avoid much crowd and to get some privacy. We did book two rooms since the resort policy would not allow four people living in the same room and for our anniversary, husband and me would need that extra privacy too. We started waiting for the day our vacation would start, with loads of excitement. I was not sure if the excitement was because it was our 5th anniversary or was it because of me taking a vacation after almost 10 years with my bestie!

Finally the day arrives when we travel and reach the resort. It was a normal day, checking-in to our rooms, after a bit of resting we gathered in one of our rooms, spending the time together. We went for a stroll in the evening, played cards, had a few drinks, the guys discussing something serious among themselves when Gayathri and me were all excited and were discussing our past life and what we were planning to do the next day, etc. Two days went by where we spent one day in our room and the next in theirs.

The third day was our anniversary. The day started as usual with us just chilling out and as the evening set in, we had a few arrangements in our room. The plan was that they would stay till late evening, have a few drinks and retire to their room, leaving us alone, for my husband and me to spend our night together.

I was pretty excited by evening with a new lingerie that I had worn, which was covered by a simple top and a skirt. I did not want too many layers of clothing for the night. I had my hair left open and had my favorite perfume sprayed on me which was lingering in the air. I knew it because both Gayathri and her husband commented on my perfume as soon as they entered our room.

Settling down, we started drinking and I noticed that my husband kept looking at me from the corner of his eyes. I was happy I could keep his attention. Over a period of time it was pretty evident that he kept ogling at me and made me feel more proud.

Gayathri, might be wanted to embarrass my husband by saying “We know it’s your wife and she is looking beautiful today. Also, it’s your anniversary and we will leave you guys alone in a while. But you don’t have to keep staring and ogling at her so much already!”

She was laughing at her comment and winked at me making me blush a little and I realized her husband was also looking at me at this moment and decided to ignore it.

My husband responded to her “Yeah, she is looking beautiful and it would not make a difference if you guys are here or not for me to look at her. She is my wife and I will ogle at her!”

Saying that, he moved more close to me with his arms around me and bending forward to look at me sitting right next to him. This made me blush even more. I guess I went Red as an Apple on my face.

“Look who is getting embarrassed now!” she laughed loud. “The husband behaves as if he is daring and the wife is so embarrassed.”

That was enough to provoke me I think. I stopped blushing and looked at her. We were all drunk by now and did not have much of control.

“I am more daring that any of you in this room!” I announced. “This is my husband and why would I care?”

I noticed that the 3 of them looked at me in a bit of disbelief. The men were more eager now and decided to stay silent.

Gayathri challenged me this time “Kiss your husband in front of us and we would agree to what you are saying. We would leave the room too, leaving you both alone, else we are spending the night here with you guys.”

“Spending the night with us?” I laughed. “It’s our anniversary and you better leave, but yeah, after you guys see me kiss him” as I looked at my husband.

He had a look of total disbelief and shock. I knew Gayathri was pushing me to the edge and not that she has not seen me kiss a guy. But the difference, we were married and we were drunk this time!

I got up and sat on my istanbul travesti husband’s lap, feeling comfortable. My arms around his neck and I bent forward to kiss him. He did hesitate. I did not bother but placed my lips over his, sucking his lips, slowly, gently, taking one lip at a time in my mouth. I heard gasps and giggles behind. Not bothered I continued to devour my husband’s lips in the most passionate way possible with another couple watching.

I broke the kiss looking at them. “I guess time for you to leave us alone now!”

Gayathri winked at me “you kissed him but he did not. We saw, he did not kiss you”

I was not sure what was in her head. But she sure was provoking me more and I was getting provoked. The liquor was damn working fine inside me!

I looked at my husband and he nodded. He was not embarrassed this time and he pulled me by holding me by my face and we got into another lip lock this time, not just devouring the lips but letting our tongues play. I was still sitting on his lap and I felt his hands move down to my thighs. Then his hands rubbing up my thighs to hold my butt cheeks. I did not stop him. I liked what was happening and continued to kiss him.

Might have been a few minutes by the time we broke the kiss and I turned around to see Gayathri and her husband kissing each other. She was sitting right next to him, turned towards him and he was holding her and kissing her passionately.

I was a little confused as to what was happening when my husband again pulled me to him and held me tight, literally chewing my lips and tongue. His hands were squeezing my butt cheeks by now and he let one hand travel up my hip to my breast. I did try resisting but he patted my hands off and resumed what he was doing. I was turned on and let him continue since the other couple were busy kissing too.

Seeing no resistance from me, he let his hand squeezing my butt, pull my skirt up a little. He then inserted his hand inside my skirt to hold my butt and I could feel fresh air hitting my back. I was sure by now that my panties were visible from the back. But, I was so turned on that I could not stop him nor did I move. I was busy still kissing him and in the process letting him fondle me, so very openly.

From my lips, he moved to my cheeks and to my chin, kissing and licking me. He slowly moved down to my neck, nibbling at it as he went further down and finally landed between my breasts. My hands instead of pushing him by now, held him close to my bust. He started kissing and biting my bosom from over my top.

His other hand went down too, holding both my bare butt cheeks as his mouth was over my bosom. My hands involuntarily pulled my top off from my body, leaving me in my bra on top and his mouth to freely access my breasts and cleavage.

That’s when I heard the gasp from behind. I knew it was Gayathri and her husband who were watching us by now. I had started liking this by now. This was kinky, showing myself off and letting my husband play with me, in front of them. I smiled to myself and did not stop but decided to take it to the next level.

I pulled my skirt off my body too leaving me in the Pink and Black lingerie that I had worn for my husband. Only that, instead of just him, I had two more pairs of eyes looking at me in those. I thought I would cum right then for the kind of kink that had built inside me. My husband did not seem to bother about it anyways. It felt as if he was proud showing his wife off.

I broke the make out session that we were having and stood up. Proudly displaying my almost naked body to both Gayathri and her husband.

“So, do you call this daring now or not?” I asked, looking straight at her, ignoring her husband checking me out.

She must have swallowed a lump with that. I could see that she was in a state of shock. She was sweating and I could clearly make out the sweat beads on her forehead. I saw her husband whisper something in her ear and she nodded a no with another shock on her face.

He did not seem bothered about her no when he said “My wife is nothing less and she would also do it right here. I am sure you both would also be stunned” and looked at her.

She still did not seem ready for it and did not even move, instead was trying to convince her husband that they should leave. I felt very strange by now, but the kink, was shooting sky high! I decided to provoke her this time.

“It’s ok. You can leave, I know you are not daring enough!” I cooed.

She stared at me then at her husband. She got up in anger. When I thought she was just going to slam the door and leave, she dropped her salwar and pajamas down and stood in her black bra and panties. I saw her get back to her husband, bend over and kiss him again briefly before she came and stood next to me with that victorious look.

“Did I disappoint you sweetheart?” she was sarcastic.

I smiled and nodded a no at her. I felt my ‘bisexual’ side waking up by now seeing her slutty side opening up. istanbul travestileri This was the first time for me with Gayathri, to be like this in a sexually tense atmosphere.

I moved very close to her when she was wondering what I was up to. I looked at my husband who understood my intentions and just nodded with a smile. I turned back to look at her, held her face with both my hands and placed my lips over hers. I did not move neither did she! It was an absolute shocker for her and I could say it with the way she was trembling and the way her heart was beating, which I could hear.

I waited for her to respond. My lips placed on her and not moving. She did not push me back nor move. After may be a couple of minutes, I felt her lips part and give way to mine, when I took her lips to chew. And slowly, our tongues also started to play. We got into a very steamy and passionate smooch, with our husbands watching us in surprise and astonishment.

A few minutes of the passion, I moved my hands up unclasping her bra, expecting her to stop me. She did not. Instead, I felt her hands unclasping my bra. I let my bra straps fall from over my shoulders and so did she. We were still held close with our lips sealed in the kiss and our bras hanging lose and free covering our breasts. She broke the kiss, looking into my eyes, smiling.

“This indeed will be an anniversary for you to remember and cherish for a lifetime!” she said.

She stepped back a bit letting both our bras fall down and exposing our breasts to each other. She looked at my 36C-30-36 body, covered in just a pair of panties. Nothing new for us, we have changed clothes in the same room a few times earlier. But the sexual feel with each other was new for both of us. She looked really stunning. Same height as mine, standing 5’6″ from the ground, she was a little heavier than me at 68 Kgs. Her 36B-32-38 structure was a treat to look at.

Both of us turned our heads to look at our respective husbands who were gaping at us and seemed as if they had become statues on the chairs they were sitting in. We could not help but giggle at them before turning back and looking at each other. We did not need a go ahead any more, their expressions were good enough.

She did not ask or hesitate before she bent and took my breast in her mouth. She was so soft and gentle in suckling at my breast, alternating between the two. She went lower, kissing all the way down to my navel and almost kneeling down in front of me. She held my panties from the sides and pulled it down without saying or asking anything and I stepped out of it, getting naked.

She moved a bit so her husband would get a good view at my naked body. I had my husband to my back. Surprisingly I did not feel embarrassed or ashamed when her husband was checking out my naked body. I felt kinky and turned on. She stood up and without any hesitation, pulled her panties down. She got naked and stood facing my husband for him to look at her.

“We are even now!” she looked at me “Aren’t we?”

I could not help nod a yes before I gently and slowly pushed her towards the bed, making her fall on it. I got on top of her and began kissing her again. Our naked bodies rubbing, I let my hands roam over her body before reaching her wet pussy. I inserted 3 of my fingers inside, one after the other, fingering her and rubbing her clit.

She started moaning but I did not let her mouth free. I moved up a bit stuffing my breasts into her mouth as I continued fingering her. She sucked me hard and I knew I was doing it right with her.

I felt her body go stiff, her body arch under me and then I felt it… her juices wetting my hand and flowing. I knew she had cummed. She lie there for a minute or two, eyes closed, breathing hard and smiling. I kept looking at her, ignoring both the men in the room.

She opened her eyes, looking at me. I could see lust in her eyes. She moved her legs crossing it with mine, like scissors. She started grinding her pussy against mine, her wetness over mine and I liked it. She continued to rub and grind for a while before pushing me down and moving over me. She reached my pussy and kissed the lips before inserting her tongue into my pussy. I could feel her ‘sluttiness’ in the way she was licking my pussy inside out. Rubbing my clit at times but not letting me build an orgasm.

She stopped it and getting over me as if she was going to ride over me. She sat over my thighs and looked at me. Then she bent down rubbing and feeling my body from my head to my hips and again moving up. She liked feeling my naked body I guessed. Then she bent over and started kissing me again with both our hands fondling and playing with each other’s breasts.

We had totally forgotten about our husbands in the room when I felt a hand on my side, rubbing my body. I guess it was the same with her since both of us stopped what we were doing instantly and pulled back. We saw both the men were naked with us having no clue as to when they stripped. travesti istanbul My husband was next to me smiling and rubbing my naked body where as her husband was doing the same with her.

I left her and turned to my husband hugging him and getting into a kiss with him, as he moved next to me on the bed. I felt Gayathri move a little with her back rubbing against mine and I guess her husband had joined her too, on the same bed.

My husband by now did not have the patience for rubbing, kissing or any foreplay. He climbed over me on to a missionary, positioning himself between my legs and inserted his hard dick into my wet and wanting pussy. I locked my legs around him as he started to pound me. I was wanting to be fucked so badly by then.

As I had my legs spread with my hubby inside me, I saw that Gayathri’s husband had moved between her and me and was watching me get fucked. He was lying right next to me, with his arms under his head for support, looking and smiling at me. I saw Gayathri resting her chin over his other arm and looking at me, giggling too.

I did not understand what was happening for that minute since my attention was more on having sex. Her husband slowly brought his fingers towards my face, adjusting my hair and rubbing my lips. My husband could see what was happening but did not say anything, instead increased his pace of pounding me. I looked at her and she was smiling as if she approves of it and that’s when her husband bent down and kissed me on my lips.

Even before I could realize what was happening, we both had our lips and tongue entangled and his hand had reached my breasts to play with them. He tweaked and fondled both my nipples as we were kissing each other. That was enough for me to cum, really intense. All I felt was my husband pulling out and letting me relax for a few minutes.

I calmed down a bit and when I opened my eyes, I saw my husband standing next to Gayathri and she was sitting on the bed, blowing him. Her husband was lying down next to me, grinning, with his hard cock poking my thigh. She did not seem to bother about me being there watching her suck my husband.

“What the fuck!” is what I managed to say not believing what was happening.

“Just a fuck.” came a calm response from her husband.

I looked at him and then at his hard cock. I took it in my hand and started rubbing and stroking him.

“Do you mind?” he asked, as he looked at what his wife was doing.

“Never for a good cock!” I exclaimed. “But, so will you” I said.

He looked at me a bit confused, when I moved down the bed towards his cock and put my legs across his face. I looked at him and he was smiling with his eyes gleaming.

“I love a 69, do you mind?” I asked when I saw him nod a no instantly.

I gulped his cock into my mouth as I felt his tongue lick my inner thighs and go towards my drenched pussy. He kept licking and sucking on the lips and my clit for a while before entering his tongue into my pussy. I was sucking his cock like a vacuum cleaner, holding the base of his cock with one hand and stroking the shaft along with it with the other hand. Once in a while paying attention to his sack, with both my hands and tongue. He especially liked my tongue flipping over the head of his cock when I was sucking him.

Not sure if it was looking at us, but, in a while I saw Gayathri lying down spread on the bed, with her legs spread and my husband’s head was over her pussy with her hands holding him tight to her. She was moaning and I could say what she was feeling. Something that I get to feel everyday with my husband. I felt a little bit of jealousy at that very moment, but what the heck! I had her husband with me and I was getting pleasured too.

Her husband patted my thighs asking me to get off him which I did.

“I hear you are a good rider!” he winked at me, looking at my husband’s face buried in his wife’s pussy.

I realized the men have had a small discussion about their respective wife’s before getting on to the bed.

“Let me show it to you, if that’s what you want” I said as I pushed him back on the bed.

He fell right next to where his wife was lying down and looked at her. She had her eyes closed and was taking as much as pleasure possible. He looked at me and smiled. The same jealous feel again that my husband is pleasuring another woman where I was supposed to have been. But that also added to the kink inside me when I sat down over her husband, looking at him all the while.

I sat across his thighs, holding his cock and guiding it to my pussy. I sat over it as his cock disappeared into my pussy. I started grinding over him with his cock inside me. He looked at me and smiled which said he liked what was happening. I increased the pace before I started jumping over him as well as grinding him. I liked the way his cock was rubbing inside my pussy. I looked at my husband getting off her pussy by then, his face gleaming with her juices.

Though I had a good cock to ride I still wanted to go and lick his face clean and take him inside me. The jealousy and the insecurity kept coming back though the pleasure that was building inside was pushing it away again. I wanted her husband to cum soon so I can take my hubby back inside me.

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