Summer in Amber Ch. 07

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The streets were colored in the familiar hues of an early morning summer, the surrounding houses frozen in an aura of orange and yellow. How appropriate, I thought, considering my destination. More than any other day, it felt like life was on my side, showing me signs, pointing me in the right direction. Assuring me that I had made the right choice. I drove along under the speed limit, wanting to savor the journey, to give myself the time to appreciate the positive head space I was presently occupying. It was a certainty that was so foreign to me, and I wanted to simmer in it.

You’re going to show her, I told myself again. You’re going to show her why this isn’t goodbye.

This was quite ironic, considering how soon I would be leaving. I was mere days away from beginning my freshman year at East Shores University, and my nerves were buzzing with excitement. I was finally ready, because I knew I now had the tools and wisdom to navigate the unknown, my fear tempered by the recognition of the many opportunities headed my way.

All thanks to her.

I had spent the past week getting everything in order with my dad, packing and picking up last minute supplies—including a new laptop he had surprised me with—and stuffing it into the back of his pick up truck. We were prepared, locked and loaded and ready to go, leaving the remaining few days open to relax and make the most of what little summer I had left.

This included my last day at the library, which hit me harder than I had anticipated, a feeling exacerbated by my boss’s insistence on throwing me a going away party. I wasn’t surprised in the slightest; Sandy’s kindness was expected by all those who knew her, but it was still overwhelming saying goodbye to the people I had worked with for two years. I’m really going to miss this place, I realized. The smell of old books, the metal rumblings of an empty card, hell, even the incessant noise of overexcited children, it had all become so routine for me. It was strange to think it was all over.

She was there of course, making sure to put up a show of friendly indifference you’d expect from a coworker. She shook my hand and wished me well, just like the others, but in her eyes I could see it, that hidden wall of hers holding everything back. It took all my effort not to throw aside all caution and give her a hug, for everyone to see. We had worked together during Summer Reading after all, literally side by side, so it’s not like a little extra affection would have been out of place. Instead though I merely lingered, our fingertips curling ever so slightly as we parted, reminding us both that it wasn’t quite over yet for us.

At one point that day, as I was finishing up my second helping of cake, it dawned on me just how significant my decision to apply at the library had been. If it wasn’t for me taking that job, I never would have met her, and who knows how my life would have turned out. I thought about it, about how the tiniest of decisions can have profound consequences, taking root and blossoming into something unexpected and extraordinary.

The sun hung higher in the sky when I finally arrived. I reached into my pocket and fished out the excuse I had for visiting her one last time. The flash drive was only an inch long, and weighed nothing, and yet it sat heavy in my hand. It was near impossible to believe that something so large, so momentous, could be contained in something so small, and yet it was, replicated and ready to be shared with the one who had made it possible.

The house announced my arrival as I approached, just as it had the first time months ago, wind chimes jingling and jangling to the light breeze traversing the humid atmosphere, and just as I did the first time, I stopped to take it in with a few long steady breaths, preparing myself for what was to come. You have your plan, I reminded myself one last time before turning the handle to her door. There was no turning back now. By the end of the day, I would know, one way or the other, and one way or the other, I was ready to accept my fate.

You put in the work. The rest is up to her.


“Miss Amber?”

“In here Jake,” I heard her say softly from the living room.

I strode in to find Miss Amber sprawled out on her couch, wearing a worn out looking Nirvana shirt matched with a pair of plain sweat pants, her hair a frizzy copper mess, watching television. It was the first time I’d seen her like that, I realized, so unprepared for my arrival, and for whatever reason I couldn’t help but smile.

“What?” she asked.

“Nothing,” I said. “It’s just, I’ve never seen you watching TV.”

Her eyes shifted quickly to the side. “Huh, I guess you’re right.”

Studio laughter burst through the television speakers. “What’re you watching?”

“Cheers,” she said. “It’s my favorite.”

“I’ve heard of that show but I’ve never seen it.”

“Well, we’re just gonna ankara escort have to correct that.”

Miss Amber sat up and scooted over, making room for me to take a seat next to her. It only took a few moments for our bodies to inch closer together, for her head to rest against my shoulder, and for a short while we never moved, our silence broken only by periodic bursts of laughter.

“So what do you think?” Miss Amber asked when the episode had ended.

“It’s not bad for an older show.”

She looked at me with exaggerated disbelief. “Way to make a woman feel her age Jake.”

“I’m sorry Miss Amber, I didn’t mean—”

“Relax, you’re fine.” She laughed and tapped me on the nose with her index finger. “Gosh, you’re so gullible sometimes. It’s cute.”

“Can you blame me?” I said. “I never know what to expect with you. Especially after last time. For all I know you’ve got another surprise waiting for me right now.”

Miss Amber shook her head and drifted her eyes downward, drawing attention to her disheveled appearance. “Afraid not hun. What you see is what you get this time.”

“Oh, I’m not complaining. Which reminds me.” I pulled the flash drive out of my pocket and held it out for her to see. “Here it is.”

She gingerly snatched it out of my fingers, inspecting it with a long, thoughtful pause. “Have you watched it?”

“I have.”


“A little amateur in some places, but it’s good. You and Kristina are the stars, of course.”

“I can’t wait to see for myself.” Miss Amber turned and looked at me directly, smiling sadly. “Did you find the…other thing I left you?”

“I did.” I squeezed her waist and leaned in closer, taking in her natural stench, so potent, provoking my arousal. “You made me cry, so thanks for that.”

“Really?” she asked, sounding not at all surprised.

“Yes, really. It was beautiful. You’re beautiful.” I rested my hand on her inner thigh. I could feel it. Her aching, so familiar, so painful, growing warm and wet to my touch. Good sign. “Let me show you.”

“Jake, I—”

I interrupted Miss Amber with a kiss, long and soft, using my lips to consume any doubts she may have been having. With each passing of our mouths I could feel her bending to my will, submitting to my desire just as I knew she would, and when I finally felt she was mine, I stood up and offered her my hand, and she accepted, silently and without question.

I led her to the bedroom, to the sanctum, where she had made all my dreams come true. Now it’s my turn. I guided Miss Amber onto the bed and resumed kissing her, using my weight to ease her down onto her back.

“What are you doing Jake?” she mindlessly moaned, running her fingers through my hair as I kissed my way down her neck.

“Shh, just be quiet and relax,” I commanded gently. “Let me make you feel good.”

Miss Amber nodded and smiled in wonderment, accepting her fate with an eager hope I recognized, and was determined to fulfill. I lifted her Nirvana shirt up, revealing her toned stomach, and the tiny jewel sitting in her belly button, winking at me, taunting me, and I answered with a quick kiss and a lick that sent her squirming and moaning underneath me. Her skin was caked in the grime of the previous day, salty but no less sweet, a flavor I couldn’t get enough of. I teased and probed her stomach for as long as it took, until she was writhing, begging me to satisfy her through groans of tortured joy.

“Jake.” She said my name, over and over, like a song, each note growing higher than the last. Without asking I tugged her shirt up, and without hesitation she lifted her arms in that graceful way that killed me, unleashing those unforgettable perfect breasts of hers I knew would haunt my dreams in the coming weeks.

“You’re so beautiful Miss Amber,” I told her. She smiled and moaned, tracing her hands down my back as I kissed my way down to her chest, to her nipples, so lovely and soft, ripe and erect for the taking once more. With tender force I eased her down, and proceeded to suckle her right tit to my heart’s content, twirling and teasing it with my tongue, all to the continued gasps and groans of her satisfaction. I stopped for a second and sat up, watching her, all closed eyes and heavy breaths, before taking both her breasts in hand and squeezing, as if I were milking her, causing her to moan so loud it startled the birds chirping outside. I love you, I thought as I turned my attention to her left nipple, soaking its sensitive nerves with the same affection I had shown the other.

“You know my nips so well,” Miss Amber giggled under her breath.

I do, I thought before biting down, sending her screeching. I tugged her nipple upward, stretching it to its limit, and she retaliated with a bit of pain of her own, digging her nails into my back, hard, forcing me to let go, returning her nipple to its natural position with a tiny fleshy pop.

“Enough,” ankara escort bayan I said, and with a sudden force I sensed no longer surprised her I pulled her sweat pants down. Just as I had expected, Miss Amber wasn’t wearing any underwear, and as soon as her pussy hit the air the room was filled with a pungent odor that drove me crazy with lust. I leaned down and inhaled, taking in the overwhelming musk oozing outward. Her clit was throbbing with untapped gratification, one that I was more than happy to satiate, in time.

First I teased her, running my lips across her labia and planting soft, lingering kisses all around her pussy. Miss Amber moaned, and the longer I went the more she couldn’t take it anymore, until she decided to take matters into her own hands, wrapping her legs around my shoulders and entangling her fingers in my hair, together holding me in place, making me a willing prisoner to her urges.

I answered back with my tongue, flickering her pleasure bean up and down, just the way I knew she liked. She reared up and cried, shaking and bucking her hips into my mouth as her orgasm fast approached, faster than I had even anticipated. Excellent, I thought, feeling particularly proud of myself. She was ready, as she always had been, and with a little nudge of my mouth and the heat of my breath, I pushed her over the edge, sending her crashing into that brief moment we all crave, where nothing else matters.

But I wasn’t finished with Miss Amber; not even close. My hunger then was insatiable, and for the first time I truly wasn’t concerned with myself or my own pleasure. Only hers. I wanted her to feel good, to show her how much I loved her, and was determined to do so for as long as I could. I owed her that, and so much more.

I stood up off the bed and began slowly removing my clothes, and all the while Miss Amber watched, her eyes wide with wonder again, at the man preparing to unleash his full potential upon her. Our gazes met, and we smiled as I approached, my cock raging hard and pulsing with promise, her legs open and ready to take it all.

“This is it,” I said. I positioned myself over her and ran my hands down her legs, spreading her open even further. “Are you ready?”

“Always,” Miss Amber said. She leaned up and kissed me, dragging me back down to the bed with her. For a time our mouths were locked in what seemed like an eternal dance, during which my cock taunted her with inevitability, sneaking its head in for a peak with each begging thrust of her hips.

“God, you’re such a fuckin’ tease,” Miss Amber groaned. “I love it.”

“I learned from the best,” I said.

“I want you inside me,” she pleaded, her voice pitched high in anguish. “Now, please.”

I obliged, penetrating her, slowly, taking in every sweet microsecond, making sure to watch as her eyes squinted and rolled into the back of her skull. You’re mine now, I thought as we kissed, in sync, timing our lips with our hips. United once more. Only this time I was bigger, and she was smaller, granting me the permission I needed to fill her up and reach deep inside, to that heart of hers I yearned to keep.

Say it, I demanded with each thrust, each one hitting her harder and faster, reaching deeper and deeper along the warm aching want of her pussy.

“Yes,” she moaned, hugging me closer, pulling me in even deeper. “Oh god, yes, yes.”

Say it, I commanded with my eyes, cradling Miss Amber’s head with one hand, holding her gaze firmly in place as I played her sensitive clit with the other. Giving her no choice.

“Jake, I, I…” Her body was boiling again, reaching its breaking point.

Say it.

“I love you,” she cried out as she came a second time, her body erupting in ways I’d never seen before. “God, I love you so much.”

There it is.

Without saying a word, I pulled out and presented Miss Amber my pulsing, aching cock, and she leaned up and accepted me, still trembling as she stroked me lovingly with her delicate fingers, bringing me closer and closer to the edge, so fast that there was no warning before I came, unleashing thick streams of semen onto her body. It rained down in long, powerful bursts, charting an eager path of destruction across her breasts and stomach, and all the while our mouths never parted, never broke, not until I had gifted her everything I had.

But I still wasn’t finished, and before Miss Amber could realize what was happening my mouth was on her pussy yet again, ravaging it with powerful, focused movements. She reared up in ecstasy and screamed, and before she fell back I caught her by her wrists and pulled her back up, demanding she remain with me in this final crescendo.

“Shit, fuck, Jake, what’re you doing to me?” Miss Amber screamed. She gripped me by the hair and locked her legs tight around my head as I continued my all out assault, so hard and brutal that her cries of pleasure could be mistaken for cries escort ankara of agony. And in a way they were, because I was reminding her exactly what she would be missing when I was gone, and there was no denying the simple tragedy in that.

Suddenly Miss Amber’s whole body shook, and she squeezed my head, holding on as her orgasm took control and struck me with the force of a lifetime’s worth of experiences. Somehow, some way, I could feel everything, all her joys and fears and sufferings, her past, it was all unleashed into me in an ear-splitting, hauntingly long climax, and I ate up every sacred second of it. It was Miss Amber, distilled down to her purest form, and it was delicious.

Miss Amber and I collapsed into the bed, full and satisfied. My face was a soaking wet mess, and slightly numb, but I didn’t mind. I placed my hand on her belly, still shaking with aftershocks, and sticky with cum. I held myself there, absorbing the unique sensation, until finally she turned and opened her eyes, facing me directly, mere inches away. It certainly wasn’t the first time we had been so close, but this time was different. This time her barriers were completely gone, leaving her exposed, just the way I had hoped. And just as I expected, she was more beautiful than ever.

“Thank you,” I said.

“For what?” Miss Amber asked.

“For everything. For teaching me to do that. I couldn’t have done it without you.”

“You have yourself to thank as much as me Jake. All I did was push.”

“You’re so modest,” I said. “You did more than that and you know it.

Miss Amber glanced to the side and blushed. “Well, I suppose you’re right.”

Just then I was reminded of the somber possibility sitting just outside of that bed, the one I hoped I’d been able to convince her wasn’t necessary. “So…what happens now?”

“You already know,” Miss Amber said.

Summer’s almost over. Kristina’s voice whispered through my mind. Treasure it, and move on.

No, I answered back. I refuse. “I don’t want to say goodbye. I want to keep seeing you.”

Miss Amber smiled with pity. “Jake, I don’t think that’s a good idea.”

My heart dropped. “Why?”

“Because the last thing you need is an old lady holding you down. You’re so young, you need fresh experiences with people your own age. It’s important.” Miss Amber brought her forehead to mine and rested her hand tenderly on the nape of my neck, sending familiar shivers down my spine. “I don’t say this lightly. When we first started fooling around, I never imagined that—”

She stopped, her eyes scanning for the right thing to say.

“Never imagined what?” I asked.

She swallowed hard, looking more nervous than I’d ever seen her. “I like you a lot Jake. A lot. I’ve grown…exceedingly attached to you. And it scares me.”

“Why?” I pressed further, desperate to know the truth.

“Because the more attached to you I get, the more I can’t stand to let you go.”

Startled by her answer, I ran my thumb over Miss Amber’s now trembling lip. “You know what scares me?”

“What?” she asked.

“Never seeing you again.”

She sighed. “I guess that leaves us in a bit of a conundrum then.”

For a short time we lay in silence, both of us facing the truth, contemplating what we wanted. But I already knew. I had rehearsed it in my mind over and over, a solution I’d hoped would solve the impasse in our exceedingly unorthodox relationship.

“What if we reach a compromise?”

Miss Amber looked at me in confusion. “What do you mean?”

“How about we make a deal? We go our separate ways, live our lives like normal, with no obligations to the other. But if and when our paths ever happen to cross, and if both of us are still single—”

“My dear sweet Jake,” she interrupted, “are you proposing we be fuck buddies?”

“Well, I wasn’t gonna say it quite like that…”

She laughed. “And how exactly is that any different than what we’ve been doing?”

“I guess it’s not,” I conceded, feeling rejected.

Miss Amber sighed softly under her breath before pulling me in closer, so close our noses were touching, hitting each other’s upper lips with hot breaths.

“You drive a hard bargain,” she said. “And after what you’ve just shown me, I’m tempted to take you up.”

“But?” I braced myself.

“But,” she continued, “if I agree, you have to promise me one thing.”

Adrenaline suddenly surged through my veins, filling me with a renewed sense of hope. “Anything.”

“Promise you won’t wait for me,” Miss Amber demanded, as serious as I’d ever seen her. “Promise that you’ll actually live your life. Take risks. Meet new people. Fall in love…”

I cupped her cheek, triggering a single tear to roll down her face. It splashed against my thumb, warm with that grief of hers that I couldn’t resist. “I promise Miss Amber.”

“Oh, and another thing.” She reached out and brushed her fingers through my hair. “From now on, just call me Amber.”

I acknowledged the significance of the moment with another smile as tears of relief began building behind my eyes. “You got it Amber.”

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