Stuck In An Elevator

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I had been on three dates with Lindsay. She was 5″11 and slim. She had legs that went to heaven, a small little body, and perfect C cup tits. Or so I imagined. You see, the problem was I had yet to see her naked. I had yet to get any action actually. Not a kiss, barely a hug.

I hoped that would change today. Lindsay had invited me to her apartment for lunch. I didn’t care what she was cooking. I hoped she’d be dessert. I knew Lindsay was out of my league. I stood 5″6 and weighed 120lbs. I had little to no muscle and my butt was plump and didn’t suit my body. I figured I had to close the deal before the 10 realized she was with a 5, at best.

Lindsay wasn’t the only hot thing in my life. I lived in a small town in Ohio and the sun was glistening above. Temps pushed into the mid 30s and there was zero wind. It was scorching.

I put on some nice shorts and a t-shirt and walked to Lindsay’s. I grabbed the flowers I had purchased and headed out. I was out of my house for a few seconds and could already feel the sweat pouring. Fuck it was hot.

After 15 minutes I arrived at Lindsay’s. I went to buzz but a guy was walking in at the same time. I figured I could surprise her so I slipped in with the guy. He gave me a look and I explained I was there to see someone and held up the flowers. He shrugged and we walked to the elevator.

As he pushed the up button I couldn’t help but look him over. He was 6’2, maybe 6’3, and looked like he was etched from stone. I guessed he was maybe 40 but he was in such great shape it was hard to tell. His brown hair was well cut and showed no signs of grey. He wore a shirt that was tight to his body and I could see his abs. His legs were thick and his calfs has muscles I didn’t know existed. I had never, NEVER, checked out a guy before and felt awkward when he noticed and smiled.

After a long minute, the elevator finally opened. He waved at me to go first and I smiled and walked on. I noticed him looking at my butt as I walked by but that wasn’t unusual as it really was a bubble butt. I got looks all the time.

I pushed 15 and asked what floor he needed.


The elevator started rising and I attempted to wipe the sweat from my face. I glaned over at the guy and again could not believe the size of his legs.

“Hot one isn’t it?” said the mystery man.

“Huh?” I replied. Oh fuck was I caught.

“The weather. Hot day today.”

“Oh, yeah, I can’t stop sweating.”

As the elevator approached the 8th floor it made a loud screech and came to a halt. The lights dimmed. Fuck.

The elevator was bahis şirketleri stuck.

I reached into the emergency phone and pulled out the receiver. It was dead.

The mystery man had taken out his cellphone and appeared to be dialling 911.

I eavesdropped on the conversation and learned the whole south side of the city had lost power. Rescue teams would be dispatched but it could be upwards of three hours.

What the fuck.

I took out my phone to text Lindsay but had no reception.

“Guess we might be here for awhile.” The male said as he took a seat.

“Hey, yeah, I guess, um, my name’s Leigh.”

The man smiled and held out his hand.

“Hey Leigh, I’m Gord.”

I reached over and shook his hand. My hand looked so tiny and feminine in his big strong paw. I felt my face blushing as I released from his grip.

I took a seat opposite of Gord. We talked about sports for a few minutes but he quickly realized I wasn’t much of a sports fan. It was so hot in the elevator. Gord then stood and removed his shirt and shorts, leaving just a pair of tight black boxers.

“Sorry fella, hope you don’t mind but I’m melting.”

I said nothing. I couldn’t speak. His body was glistening as beads of sweat dripped from muscle to muscle. His legs looked like tree trunks. His cock. His huge fucking cock. I could see the outline of it as it strained against his boxers. I couldn’t believe the size of it. I couldn’t take my eyes off it. Gord sat down and I broke my stare.

“Yeah ok um yeah” I said as I tried to look away. I checked out his abs and figured he must work out regularly. I noticed his dark pink nipples. I didn’t like guys but I wondered what they would feel like on my tongue. Fuck his body was hot. Steam seemed to be coming off his shoulders.

“You should take off your shirt and shorts. Don’t want to be sweaty for your date.”

I couldn’t figure it out but his words had a hold on me. I stood up and quickly removed my shirt and shorts. I felt exposed in my white briefs as they clung to my bubble butt.

“Just between us, you have a great ass. Maybe the best I’ve ever seen.”

His compliment made me blush and I appreciated his words.

“Seriously Leigh. 10 outta 10. It’s actually making my cock hard.”

Again, happiness filled my brain as his words made me feel fucking great. This man had a power over me and I wanted more. I couldn’t believe what I said next…

“Can I see it? I’m not gay but it looks so big.”

Fuck I was stupid. Now he knew I had been checking him out. This large man could beat me to a bahis firmaları pulp.

He stood and my heart raced as I didn’t know what his intentions were. He reached down and dropped his boxers to the floor, kicking them to the side.

Holy. Fuck.

His cock stood erect and pointed straight at me. Although intimidating, it was beautiful.

It had to be 10 imches long and thicker than my arm. His balls were huge and hung down to his creamy thighs. A huge vein ran along the base and stopped just below the large purple head. It was fucking amazing.

“Fuck it looks so heavy. Beautiful but heavy.”

What the fuck was wrong with me. Did I just tell another man his cock was beautiful. And why was I saying heavy?

“You can lift it if you want. See how heavy it is.”

Without hesitation I quickly reached up and began bouncing his cock in my hand. Fuck it was heavy. It glistened with sweat as bop bop bop it bounced in my hand.

I looked up and Gord smiled. I didn’t ask permission. I didn’t say a word.

I leaned in and took the big mushroom head it my mouth. I started swirling my tongue around the head. The taste was electrifying. I felt my little 3 inch cock get harder than it had ever been.

I continued licking and sucking the giant cock. I looked up and kept eye contact with Gord as I sucked his cock. I needed to please this magnificent specimen.

“You love that cock don’t you sissy?”

I nodded as I kept sucking.

“I’ve turned a bunch of little sissies but none with an ass like yours.”

I kept sucking. I pushed more and more down my throat. I took Gord’s cock out of my mouth and a long string of saliva dangled. I lapped it up and began licking and sucking Gord’s balls. Fuck they tasted good. I was addicted.

Gord grabbed my head and pushed his cock back in my throat.

Glug glug glug glug glug.

He face fucked me while he moaned. Although I was choking on his cock I was elated to hear his moans.

Gord stood me up and I licked away at his nipples. I brushed my tongue over his abs. Gord stuck out his tongue and I sucked it while touching his abs. This was a fucking man.

Gord sat on the floor and turne me around before pulling me on top of him. Gord began licking my ear and neck while I grinded my ass on his cock. I had never been fucked before but I needed his cock in me.

“Oh baby you’re so fucking hot. Want to make daddy happy?”

Gord continued to suck on my neck, sending shivers through my body.

“Anything daddy, anything you fucking want.”

“Good baby,” said Gord as he pulled my kaçak bahis siteleri underwear aside. With my ass being sweaty and his cock being wet, Gord pushed his cock at my opening.

Fuuuuuuuuccccccckkkkkk… his big mushroom head pushed past and into my virgin asshole. Immediately it felt like ecstasy. Like no pleasure I’ve ever experienced. Gord reached down and lifted my legs, forcing my back to his strong abs.

Thwap, thwap,thwap, thwap, thwap.

“Are you my sissy bitch?” Gord shouted as he fucked me hard.

“Yes daddy, I’m your sissy, whenever you want this butt it’s yours.”

Gord began pumping my ass with his cock as his balls slapped my ass. It felt so fucking good that I jizzed in my undies. Even after cumming, my little dicky was rock hard.

Thwap thwap thwap

Gord filled my ass with his cock.

Suddenly, Gord pushed me on to my knees. I knew what was happening and I couldn’t wait.

I began shaking my ass and grinding on Gord’s abs.

“You like my bubble butt? You wanna fill my little plump ass with your cum?”

Gord grabbed my hips and shoved his cock in.

Slap slap slap

He fucked my ass so hard.

“I’m gonna breed this bubble butt.”

Oh fuck yeah. Gord’s cock exploded and he filled my ass with cum.

Splash splash splash

I felt his warm gooey seed cover my inside walls.

Gord pulled out and dangled his cock in front of my face. I slurped at it as he put his finger in my ass, scooping up the cum and feeding it to me.

I was a filthy whore. I was drunk with lust on his cock.

Gord put his clothes back on. As he pulled his underwear on, I gave it a little kiss, hoping I’d get more soon.

I shook the cum out of my undies and put my clothes. I was pulling up my shorts the elevator started moving.

“Thank goodness your ass is so fucking tight, finished just in time,” Gord said with a smirk. I picked up the flowers and saw that some cum had landed on them. Gord swiped it with his finger and put his finger in my mouth. I sucked on it and cleaned the cum off, giving Gord the best fuck me eyes I could muster.

“Soon sissy, you’ll get more soon.”

The elevator arrived at floor 15 and I said goodbye. Gord had given me his phone number and I knew I’d call him soon.

I walked down the hall and noticed Gord was going the same way,

I arrived at 1512 – Lindsay’s door – and noticed Gord had stopped beside me.

We both looked confused as Lindsay opened the door.

“Leigh, Gord, you’re both here. Gord this is Leigh, my friend, Leigh this is Gord, my step-father. You both look thirsty, come in come in.” She took the flowers from me and smiled.

Lindsay turned and walked in and I followed. Gord gave my bubble butt a little pat as he entered behind me. What had I gotten myself into?

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