Strange Family Intro

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Honestly, had enough of my stepdaughter’s shit. Sneaking out, fucking random guys, partying in her room and nearly getting kicked out of college–I was done. We never raised her that way. She was my best friend up until about a year ago. She turned 18 and thinks she’s knows EVERYTHING and doesn’t need to live by our rules anymore even though we were funding her lavish lifestyle.

The last time she acted up when we caught her with 2 guys in her room, we explained what would happen to her and made it clear the consequences were her choice. She seemed almost excited by it. Her mother suggested it was time for us to finally teach her that lesson and called a family meeting.

We all sat down, her mother and I, and her 2 older brothers. We attempted to reason with her, but she refused and repeatedly stated she was an adult and could do what she wanted. My wife said, “So you’re willing to go with the punishment we talked about then?”

She laughed and said, “I’d love to have my brains fucked out! Go for it!” Her mother looked at me and nodded. We had all been coached beforehand on what to do if it came to this.

My wife screamed at her to get undressed. She laughed and acted as if she was shocked and confused, taunting us with, “Oh no, please don’t fuck me everyone! I’d hate to be the center of attention!”

Our sons stood up and hovered over her. She reluctantly began pulling her panties off as her mother barked orders at her. Eventually, she was just in her short miniskirt and nothing else. “There? You like what you see everybody?”

My wife ordered me to unzip my pants as well, and my hard cock sprang out, much to my own surprise. She smiled and eagerly crawled over to me and wrapped her hand around me. I grew harder as she licked and slurped my cock and fondled my balls. “Is that what you want daddy?” she said as she looked me dead in the eye with a huge grin on her face.

Her older brothers gathered around and unzipped their dicks as well. To my surprise, yet again, she turned around and bent over, her beautiful tight ass in the air. She giggled as she lowered herself onto me and I instinctively started to rub the tip on her wetness, unable to control myself. I looked at my wife. She nodded to let me know it was ok.

“Boys, you asyabahis yeni giriş know what to do,” she stated coldly.

My oldest son picked her up like a doll and she instantly wrapped her legs around him without hesitation as he stuffed her pussy full with his huge cock. “That’s it big brother, fuck me like you did last weekend!” My younger son came around behind her and watched as his brother fucked her for a time. She laughed and squealed, eagerly bouncing on his stiff cock. Clearly, they had done this before.

The younger brother stepped closer, cock in hand. She seemed a little off by this and looked at her mother in confusion. “We warned you,” she glared. My stepdaughter glared back and said, “I dare you.”

My wife looked at my younger son and said, “Do it!”

I hadn’t realized until now that he’d spread Vaseline on himself. He began fingering her asshole with it while she locked eyes with her older brother, his hard cock deep inside her. He set the bottle down, then quietly began shoving his throbbing cock up her ass, unable to hide his eagerness as if he’d been waiting forever to finally be able to fuck her. He began thrusting deeper up into her with each stroke until he was completely in, watching her reaction the whole time.

She called him a barrage of filthy names at first and looked at her older brother as if for help. He grinned and said, “You asked for it bitch”. My wife and I exchanged glances, knowing we were finally getting through to her. She eventually encouraged them both to fuck her as deep as they could go, moaning as she looked at me, “Oh daddy it was for you…”

I realized in that moment she’d been saving her ass for me. All the times I’d sneaked into her room and eaten her ass out thinking her mother didn’t know she would moan about her ass belonged to me. Now I knew what she meant.

I watched in wonder as my sons held her in the air, thrusting opposite each other, one in and one out like a see-saw. She settled into it very quickly, breathing in rhythm with the thrusting and begging them to continue, squealing in delight. She ordered them to keep going, harder and deeper.

“Put her down!” my wife commanded, obviously irritated she was enjoying it so much, then looked at me. They asyabahis giriş instantly dropped her and she fell to the floor on all fours.

“Now it’s your dad’s turn you little ungrateful bitch! He’s gonna cum in your ass and teach you what happens to girls who want to act like brats!”

Without hesitation I sank to my knees behind her, marveling at her stretched asshole. I took my aim, then stuffed my huge stiff dick in her ass, looking at my wife for approval the whole time as my stepdaughter lurched forward, thrusting her head back. I held on tight, gripping her hips, pushing deep. I was finally claiming what was rightfully mine. Even though my son had stretched her open for me, I’d still be the first to fill her ass with cum, and everyone would know it.

She looked up at her and smirked, “It’s about time dad finally fucked me in the ass!” So I did. I fucked her hard, gripping her hips and pulling her back against me with each thrust. I’d been looking for an excuse to do this for a long time. She took my huge stiff cock like a champ, letting me bury it deep inside her while her brothers watched, stroking themselves.

“Is this what you do with all those random guys you sneak in my house!?” She cried and screamed, “No daddy! That’s just for you!” I pulled her away from me for a second, sliding her ass down my shaft, then slammed my cock in her again.

“Is this what you want? Is this why you act like such an ungrateful bitch all the time? After all we do for you?” I rammed her hard, spreading my knees around hers, digging in deep.

She bucked and screamed some more and yelled out, “No daddy please! I love you! I’m so sorry! I won’t do it again! I was saving my ass for you daddy!”

Her brothers started to gather at their mother’s gesture, still slowly stroking themselves. “Because every time I catch you, this is what you’ll get! Everyone is watching you! You like getting fucked in your tight little ass like a whore?”

She continued pretending to fight me and cried, “Only by you daddy! I love you! I love your cock deep in my ass!”

Her mother said, “He’s not gonna stop! This is your punishment! I warned you! Daddy’s gonna cum in your ass and your brothers are gonna cum on you, and you have to wear it around asyabahis güvenilirmi the house all day. Remember!?” She put her head down, then looked over her shoulder at me, hiding a huge grin of satisfaction. I had licked and fingered her asshole so many times before, but never had the courage to fuck her. Having the whole family watch and encourage me was more than I could’ve ever imagined.

I continued holding her hips as she pretended to fight me, fucking her hard in her tight ass, pounding her so hard her ass cheeks rippled against my hips. I kept guiding her forward slowly off my 10″ cock, then pulling her back and slamming into her ass before going at her like a jackhammer. She loved it. “That’s it boys, I’m gonna cum…you ready?” They moved in, jerking harder as they nodded at me.

I went hard and fast, using her like a ragdoll with my hands gripped tightly on her hips and emptied my balls into her ass as her brothers drenched her face in cum. I thrust deep into her uncontrollably as I grabbed her hair and pulled her head back, then pulled her upright onto her knees as I continued cumming inside her tight asshole, forcing her to take the cum shooting on her face and tits.

“Did you like that Angel?” I wiped some cum off her face and used it to stroke her clit.

“Yes daddy… I love you” she said breathlessly.

“You gonna do what your daddy says from now on?”

“Yes daddy.”

Her mother stepped up and screamed, “Good. Now how about you clean his dick? Then your brothers’?”

She turned to me on her knees and began cleaning her ass juices off me with her tongue, licking and sucking my softening cock. “My balls too baby”. She moaned and mumbled, “Yes daddy” as she cleaned the cum from my sack. Then she turned to her brothers and cleaned them off too, the older one first who gripped her hair and guided her, then the younger one, just happy to have finally fucked his sister. I looked at my wife.

“I think she’s had enough boys. Now make us some popcorn little bitch…” My stepdaughter did as she was told. The rest of us watched a movie like nothing ever happened, knowing she was soaked in cum, still dripping me out of her ass.

When everyone had gone to sleep, she crept onto the couch next to me with the bottle of Vaseline. I didn’t say a word. She straddled me backward and said, “Daddy, you’re the only one I ever want to cum in my ass. I’m sorry about today… She bent forward, displaying her bare ass under her short skirt and then sighed, “I love you daddy.” I reached for the bottle…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32