“Straight” Cruising Local Park Pt. 01

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Alexa Tomas

Disclaimer: Although this is a true story, condoms were used, but that is the only thing that I changed from the actual event. Bareback sex should only be enjoyed in fantasy. Please be safe, I know I will.


I always knew, but was too chicken to even admit it to myself.

I am married with 3 kids, 2 grown and 1 teenager. I’m 41, but most people guess I’m about 35, but only because I have a little gray in my beard. I’m not in the best shape, only carrying about 10 (ok, maybe 20) extra pounds, I guess with my body hair, I would be called a “bear”.

I had heard about a certain part of this local park. My wife and I were having dinner with a co-worker of hers and her husband. At some point, her husband said he was at the park jogging (this Guy was always talking about working out, but was in worse shape than me). He said at this certain place in the park, there is always a few guys hanging around. He said he has gone jogging there quite a few times, and always gets propositioned by at least 1 different guy each time. Even though he wasn’t remotely attractive, I started asking myself, “if he know that is a cruising spot for gay guys, why does he keep going there?” I started to question if this is a guy that I could experiment with, and not worry about anyone finding out. Then I dismissed that thought, because, like I said, he wasn’t remotely attractive. I didn’t think anything of it for the rest of the night.

Then a couple weeks ago, I was driving by the park and it reminded me of what he had said. So curiously I pulled into the park and found the part he was telling me about. I parked my truck about 100 yards away, so that I could pretend I was there to see the fall foliage or what not, just in case anyone seen me and asked why I was there.

I see plenty of guys come and go. Always pulling right up next to the dense woods. Sitting there until someone else pulled in. Then one man would go into the woods, and about 30 seconds later, the other would walk in at the same place. About 10 or 15 minutes later one would walk out and walk straight to his car and drive off. Before the first car was out of sight, the next guy did the same. I thought to myself, “that’s pretty smart, no one could see you together “. I stayed another 30 minutes and seen this play out 2 more times. I left so turned on by this, that I went home and acted cool for about an hour before totally coming on to my wife and having the wildest sex we’ve had in years. All the while thinking about each of those guys at the park, and what their cocks might have looked like, and all the different things they might have been doing.

The next day I went to work and came home as usual. Actually I didn’t really give it much thought, due to the fact that I convinced myself I was too chicken shit to actually do anything. I didn’t go back to the park…at least not for a couple weeks. Then driving by the park, I got too curious again. I went to the store and picked up some cigarettes, even though I quit a few years ago. I figured they would help my nerves, and maybe I would change my mind about wanting to go back to the park. As soon as I lit the first one, I said “screw it, I’m just gonna check it out. I’m not going to do anything but look” and drove right back to the park.

I parked in about the same place, not close enough for anyone to think I was in “that” area, but close enough to see the cars and edge of the woods. It was a little different. I see multiple cars there. almanbahis yeni giriş Every so often a different guy would walk into the woods, and every so often a guy would walk out. Never two at a time coming or going, but I know that there were a few guys back there at any given point. Still to scared, I left without going any further. I went by the park everyday for a couple more weeks. I would even recognize some of the same cars or guys from seeing them there before.

Then a few days ago, right after I pulled into “my spot” I see a guy walk out of the woods and drive off, then another. There was no one there. I waited about 10 minutes, and nothing. No one else drove up. So I got curious, and pulled right up next to the woods. After about a 10 second pep talk to myself, I got out and walked into the woods at the same place all the other guys had come in and out of. To my surprise, there were some slightly cleared out trails that you couldn’t see from the parking lot. I explored, making sure to listen for any cars that might pull up. For about 10 minutes, I explored and found that the trails winded around and would intersect at different points. You could wander around in here for awhile, and never know if anyone else was around, but you also had a clear view to see if anyone was walking your way. Then I heard a car pull up, so I walked, hell, almost ran to get back to my truck. Right before I exited the woods, a guy, about 45 or so, walked into them. He looked at me and smiled and started rubbing his crotch. Scared shitless, I looked at the ground and walked by him, to my truck, and left fast. My heart was beating so fast. The next day, I couldn’t stop thinking about almost “getting caught” and was hoping I didn’t run into this guy anywhere and him out me as a “faggot” or “queer”.

Then today at work, it dawned on me. That guy didn’t look gay. I bet he didn’t want anyone to recognize him either. He was probably in the closet too. After a little more self convincing, I felt a lot better. So much so, that I stopped by the park again on the way home. This time I parked closer than usual. I was about 5 parking spots away from the entrance to the woods. I sat there for what felt like forever, watching different guys walking in and out of the woods. Then I see these two guys walk into the woods together. One was a red headed kid, maybe about 22 or 23. The other was a guy a couple inches shorter than me, but about the same age and build. I kept wondering, why did they walked in together? Maybe they were father and son? But they looked so different?

I sat there for another couple minutes, when this other guy pulled in right next to me, and got out of his car. He was a few years older, about the same height, but skinnier, but not too skinny. I thought to myself, “if those others weren’t in there, I would definitely like to see more of this guy.” Then “this guy” walked in front of my truck, and just stood there smoking a cigarette looking at me. It didn’t make me nervous, surprisingly, because I could tell he was interested. But those two guys were still back there, so I just sat there until he walked back to his car hoping he didn’t leave before those two guys left.

Then all of a sudden, the two guys walked out of the woods. I watched as they walked around the few cars that were there. Then I see the older one put his arm around the younger one, putting his hand on the small of the gingers back for a few seconds. Then he dropped his almanbahis giriş hand and grabbed his ass. And kept rubbing and fondling it while they walked a few more strides before taking his arm away. Then they farted back into the woods a little farther down. Apparently there is a trail that leads back that way that I never seen anyone use. The guy that was standing looking at me seen this too. He got out of his car a few seconds later and went in the same place. I sat there for a few more moments, looking around to make sure no one was around. Then shut my truck off, and convinced myself to check it out.

I walked to the same entrance they had used and walked through. After a few steps in I could see them. About 100 feet away, and up a small incline, all three of them. The redhead was sitting in his “daddy’s” lap getting fucked while sucking on the older guys cock. I couldn’t see too well from where I was, so I started making my way closer to them, but the trails weren’t nearly as clear as the other entrance. They definitely could hear and see me coming. There was a big rock/boulder that they were leaning up against, so I came right up next to them and leaned up against it too.

After a few minutes I was so turned on and getting hard. The guy my age was hot, and his cock was about the same size as mine, about 6 inches. The ginger and a skinnier cock than mine, but was longer about 8 inches. The older guy had a huge cock. It had to be at least 10 inches, and as thick as hell.

I quickly unbuckled my belt and pulled my pants down, just like they had done. Then the fucking stopped. The older guy leaned against the rock right next to me, while the ginger got on his knees doing the best he could to suck that monster. The other guy was stroking his cock that he just pulled out of the ginger, and was standing on the other side of the ginger, rubbing his neck and head, even pushing his head further into that monster cock. All the while talking about what a good cock sucker he is, and that if we ever see the ginger out here by himself, to make sure we “take care of him”. Then the older guy notices that I pulled my shirt up a little and could see my stomach hair. He ran his hand across my stomach and up to my chest. This shot waves ecstasy through me. He noticed and began playing with my nipples. All this was so new to me, and had made me lose any nervousness that I might have felt. As well as any inhibitions. He then grabbed my cock out of my hands and started stroking me.

The other guy walked around the ginger and dropped to his knees and engulfed my cock. God, it felt so good. Better than any woman I’ve ever been with. After a few minutes he stood back up, so I took the plunge and leaned over and took him into my mouth. I think I did ok, he didn’t complain. Then I felt the hands of the older guy starting to rub my ass. It felt so good. I then leaned up and leaned against the rock. The old guy looked at me and asked if I wanted to suck him. I said yes, so he climbed on top of the rock and put that monster right into my face and I just started sucking it as if it was no big deal and I had been doing it my whole life. The ginger then scooted over to take me into his mouth. The other guy started rubbing all over my body. Eventually dropping his hands to my ass and groping my ass checks. Then his fingers started moving to the inside of my ass cheeks, and it was making me so horny. Here I thought that maybe I would get my cock sucked, or maybe almanbahis güvenilirmi suck my first cock, and somehow ended up in a full blown orgy in the woods. I turned slightly so he had a better angle and so that he knew that I liked what he was doing. He then started rubbing my ass whole. Ohhhhh. That felt so good.

He then spit on his hand and wiped it onto my asshole while he spread my cheeks apart. He then started inserting a finger into me. God it felt so good. I stopped sucking the monster cock because I started quietly moaning. The older guy got off the rock and stood next to me and started playing with my nipples and even leaning over to suck on them. The ginger then switched over to him again. The guy fingering me moved in so close to me, like he was trying to get a better position to finger fuck me. I leaned forward and grabbed a small tree in front of us, and he pulled his finger out and started rubbing my asshole with the tip of his cock. After a few seconds, I guess he figured everything was ok, because I never complained. Hell, I think all I did was moan over and over again.

I could feel his precum on my hole, and then he started spitting directly onto the tip of his cock and my asshole. He started to slide the tip in and out of me. After two or three times he would spit on it more, then put it back into me a little more than before. After this went on a couple minutes, his cock, and my hole were both sufficiently lubricated, that he slowly pushed all the way into me. I had always thought that it would hurt, but it didn’t, or not enough that it bothered me at least. After about a minute he started going faster and faster. In no time he was slamming in and out of me. I almost lost my balance, so I started to turn back towards the rock. He moved with me, never pulling out. As I laid my chest into the rock, he really started to slam into me hard. The smacking of his thighs on my thighs, and his balls on my balls seemed so loud. I remember thinking that I was so surprised that it felt so good and the longer he fucked me, the better it felt. Then after about 10 minutes I felt him swell a little, then he grunted. He just shot his load in me. After a few seconds he pulled out and the ginger sucked on the tip of his cock to get whatever he didn’t leave in me. Then the ginger sucked the older guys monster and swallowed his load. He then over to me and was sucking on me when the older guy gave me a nod and headed back to his car.

I felt so empty without a cock in me, and couldn’t concentrate on the excellent head I was getting. I guess the ginger knew this, because he fondled my balls for a moment before sliding 1, then 2 fingers up into me while throat fucking my cock. I shivered and shook in ecstasy, and looked over to see the other guy looking at us with what I can only say was pride in his eyes, and seemed so happy with how all this had played out. I then shot my load into the gingers mouth. He slowed down and sucked slightly to get every drop. Then he stood up and thanked me. I pulled up my pants and tucked my shirt back in and told them “no, thank you…both of you”, and headed back to my truck. I could feel the cum from my hole between my cheeks now, and the whole way home I thought about how I needed to clean up before my wife somehow seen it. But when I got home, I liked feeling it still there, so I didn’t clean it up right away. I waited a couple hours later before I took a shower.

In the showers I began fingering myself and beat off to the memories of what just happened earlier. I slipped one, then two, then three fingers into me. Wow, all I can do now is hope I see them again. And next time I want to see if I can take that monster cock inside me. So…I can’t wait to see what shows up tomorrow on my way home.

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