Step Mom / Step Daughter Pt. 02

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Promptly at 8 PM, Luanne entered the living room, there was her step-mom, and some guy she’d never seen before. Who was he, and what was he doing here?

Luanne said, “I thought you were going to talk to me about something, in private.”

Janet replied, “Yes, we are going to talk about it, right now. Seeing you going down on your girlfriend was disgusting. You need to have a real live cock, to show you the way. That’s why my friend Colt is here.”

Luanne gaped at him, he was muscular, his pants tented out with a sizable erection, and he was giving her a hungry look.

“Colt is going to show you the way. His cock is going to fix that horrible lezzie urge that’s lodged inside you.”

Luanne gasped, “You can’t…you can’t be serious.”

Janet growled, “I’m very serious. You either do as you’re told tonight, or Daddy will get the full story. You know how Daddy would view that. Lezzie action going on under his roof.”

Luanne felt herself surrendering, her Daddy would be very displeased. Keeping him happy, so she could keep her high-limit credit cards, her Porsche, and her generous allowance every month, she was trapped, and she looked at them mutely.

Janet gave her a stern-faced look, and growled, “Ok stepdaughter, get your ass naked, NOW.”

Colt stripped as she did the same, enjoying the sight of Luanne’s nudity. She was just as Janet had advertised, a hot-looking 19, with natural blonde hair and blue eyes, about 5’7″, 120 pounds, large orange-sized tits, a nice curvy waist, and a neatly trimmed blonde bush. Oh yeah, he was going to enjoy working on converting her.

Luanne stared at the hard 9 inches of cock rising. The biggest thing she’d ever had in her pussy were fingers and her girlfriend’s 6-inch dildo, which had been wielded by her girlfriend to break her hymen. She knew she was gonna get fucked, and how.

“Over here Luanne, get on your knees and suck that cock…wrap your lips around that cock and show me how gay you are.”

This was her first time at cock sucking, and she was fumbling, completely inexperienced as she timidly sucked at his cock. Janet could see her amateurish cock sucking, damn, she had to be taught everything.

Janet growled, “Oh please, can’t you do better than that? Move back, I’ll show you how to suck a cock.”

Luanne watched, wide eyes, as Janet quickly got naked, and took her place on her knees before Colt’s cock.

Janet said, “You will ALWAYS be naked for cock sucking. Always get on your knees, the proper subservient cocksucker position, unless told otherwise. Always make the first move to get it going, keep your mouth shut for anything other than cock sucking. When you get a big cock to suck, like Colt’s big dick, hold your breath and swallow him as deep as you can. Relax your throat muscles, let him in. Take a breath on the outstroke, and hold it on the instroke. Tighten up your lips as you suck, use your tongue to swirl around his cock on each in stroke. Feel the load get set to blow. Let your lips feel his cock swelling, so you can prepare to get your mouth flooded. No spitting out spunk, you swallow it all. Every drop that paints your mouth, goes down your throat. Once you have sucked out and swallowed every mersin escort drop, raise your head to look Colt in the eye, a big, beaming smile, and open wide, letting him see that you have eagerly gulped down every drop. Now, I shall demonstrate, watch closely.”

Janet started to give Colt’s cock a lollipop licking, swabbing at his cock head. His moan of pleasure urged her on, and she took the head of his cock into her mouth, working up a rush of saliva all over his cock head, and ran her tongue in circles all around his cock head. Colt’s loud grunt urged her on, and she opened wide, and slid her mouth down, taking him in right to the balls, his cock slid down her throat, she kept him there for a few seconds, then tightened her lips down, and pulled back with a strong milking pull, bringing more grunts from him.

Janet was feeling the throbs of her quickly warming pussy. Being watched so closely by Luanne while she sucked Colt’s dick gave her pussy delightful tingles.

As Janet got into the rhythm of a hot, wet blowjob, Luanne had a feeling that Colt and Janet were doing this on a very regular basis. Her Daddy had to travel a lot on business, and Janet was out almost every night, to get together with her girlfriends, or so that’s what she said. She was getting the feeling that Janet was between the sheets with Colt, so he could get his prick between both sets of lips.

Janet was well versed in the art of cock-sucking, and her hot wet lips, the rush of saliva that bathed Colt’s cock, the swallowing motions that her throat made around his cock head were always rewarded with a rich flood of cum. Janet reluctantly pulled back and ordered Luanne to take her place. As much as she would have loved to have her mouth filled, it was for converting Luanne.

“Now, get your mouth back here, and do what I showed you.”

Luanne took over and decided she’d better follow orders. She did what Janet had shown her, Colt’s moans sounded as she applied more spirit, and she took a deep breath and swallowed him whole. She felt his cock nestle in her throat, she swallowed around him as she pulled her head back, and got into a blowjob rhythm.

“How’s she doing now?”

Colt enthused, “Much better, oh yeah, keep sucking my cock baby!”

She saw Janet looking closely at her as she sucked her first cock, she heard her say, “You know, you look pretty much at home with that cock in your mouth, I’ve never heard of a dick-sucking lesbian.”

Luanne was feeling a building tingle of pleasure. She was sure she’d hate it, but the feel of his cock plundering her mouth had overcome her reluctance. She felt his cock jerk up as he nestled in her throat one last time, she made the swallowing motions, and his cock erupted. She felt two hot blasts fired straight down her throat, she pulled back and his cock wasn’t done yet, three hot strings peppered the roof of her mouth, and three more hot streams spewed all over her tongue, she had to swallow more than once. He was really pent up, and despite the situation, she enjoyed getting a mouth-filling rush, his cum tasted thick and creamy, she adored the rich texture, and she eagerly swallowed every drop.

She did as she was instructed, lifting her head to mersin escort bayan look Colt in the eye, a big, beaming smile, and opening wide, letting him that she had swallowed every drop.

Colt smiled back and said, “Good job baby. You see, you aren’t as gay as you thought you were.”

Janet joined in, “Just as I thought. You needed a real cock to show you the way. Ok, upstairs, you’ve shown what a cock sucker you can be, now, let’s get a real cock in that tight pussy of yours.”

Luanne wasn’t that enthusiastic about getting her cunt plundered, aside from fingers and tongues and the dildo used to break her hymen, those had been the only things inside her.

In the bedroom, Janet ordered, “On the bed, hands, and knees!”

Colt’s cock was quickly reviving, and Janet gave him a suck job, bringing him back up to a hard, ready state.

Luanne felt Colt’s mouth against her pussy, mmm, oh god, she adored getting licked, and Colt’s agile tongue really got her juices flowing.

Colt grunted, “Damn, baby, you are so wet, you are definitely ready for a hard fuck.”

Janet, her eyes glittering, growled, “Oh yeah, let her have it!”

Coly eagerly took the position, nudged against her. Luanne felt the bulbous head against her lips and willed herself to relax, she was going to get fucked, so try to make it as painless as possible. She felt his start to enter, the head slipped inside, and she let out a low grunt. His cock continued, her pussy parting around the hard male member pushing in. Colt grunted and bore down.

Luanne let out a yelp as she felt the stunning hugeness bury itself, bottoming out to the max in her stretched open pussy. The dildo that had broken her hymen had been 6 inches, now 9 inches of the rock-hard prick was stuffed deep inside her. She felt the cock pressing against her cervix, damn he was big. He pulled back and started to fuck her slowly, giving her a chance to warm up, and as her vaginal vault stretched and adjusted to let him in easier, she was letting out little whimpers, then soft coos of pleasure.

Janet cooed, “Just as I thought, get the cock, and lose the lezzie.”

Luanne looked up, and growled, “Not quite step-mommy dearest. Get your cunt over here, and let me lick you!”

Janet was thunderstruck, god damn, her stepdaughter wanted to lick her?

Colt, plowing Luanne’s tight pink hole was all for it, saying, “Hey it’s only fair Janet. Walk a mile in her shoes, come on, just close your eyes and pretend it’s me if you need to.”

Janet was feeling like she had no choice. If she refused, Colt might just cut her off from more fucking of his big cock. Luanne could run to her daddy, tell him all about how Janet had set Luanne up to be force fucked. She realized, too late, that what she had planned could go both ways. The blackmailed could become the blackmailer. She went over, laying down and maneuvering herself under Luanne’s face. She held her breath as she felt Luanne’s hand gently cupping her sex. Her eyes were wide, feeling the flutterings of desire as soft fingers gently teased along her pink trail.

“Come on step mommy, you are going to love it, give me your juices.”

Janet’s mind was fighting a losing battle escort mersin with her body. The horny surges of her body started to swamp her revulsion against same-sex relations. The fingers teasing so delightfully against her, all of a sudden, it didn’t seem so terrible. Her head lolled back, she let out a long shuddering breath, her juices bubbled up, coating her pussy lips as she surrendered totally, and she felt the fingers start to swirl in her juices.

“Oh yes, my step-mommy is getting so wet, so excited. So ready to get a good licking, just like this.”

Janet let out a long, drawn-out moan as she felt a soft, wet tongue swiping eagerly at her pussy lips, then carving a wet path between her seam. The tongue buried itself, then started to wriggle all around her tight walls, oh damn that felt so amazing. She opened her eyes, taking in the sight of Luanne’s mouth plastered to her pussy, her body jolting as Colt’s cock drove into her from behind, and the heated lust in Colt’s eyes as he watched the two women in action. Janet started to stroke Luanne’s head.

“Oh yeah baby, lick your step mommy, you’re making me feel so good.”

Luanne’s body was throbbing, she’d shown Janet that she wasn’t as straight as she thought she was. For that matter, Luanne was finding out she wasn’t as gay as she thought she was, rotating her hips back towards the hard-driving dick. Luanne could feel her pink pussy-flesh moistly clinging to his huge, swollen hardness when he pulled out of her, then spreading apart as he drove back in again, her hungry passage gripping at his length. The feeling of being stretched open and stuffed so deep, DAMN, her passage had become a cock hungry animal with each thrust, his heavy, cum-laden balls smacking against her bulging clit. Her lust was being whipped up to a fever pitch, she wanted that load of steaming spunk to flood her, and she went after her step mommy’s cunt with more vigor.

Janet was swamped with lust, the fact that it was another woman, and her stepdaughter no less that was licking her so nice was no longer of any importance. She had one hand on Luanne’s head, her other hand stroking at her stiffly erect nipples, pulling and tugging, gasping and grunting as the feelings shot through her body. She felt her clit being enclosed in Luanne’s hot mouth, her step-daughter licked and sucked hard at it, and Janet could feel the wellspring of orgasm roaring up.

“Fuck, you little cunt licking, oh god damn, yes, oh fuck I’m cumming, lick me, make me cum, LICK MEEE!”

Luanne could feel the tensing up, then a rush of juices poured out, Janet was rotating her hips around, squealing and moaning, mopping her face down. That did it, and Luanne’s pussy muffled shrieks sounded as she crested, feeling her tight almost virgin walls start pulsing all around Colt’s dick. That drove Colt over, she heard his grunt, “Oh yes, cumming oh FUCK!”

His cock swelled, she felt her cervix being wedged open, then a hot bloom deep inside as he exploded, she could feel the rush of hot spunk all over her womb as his cock hosed down her tight little fuck-hole.

They flopped down in a tangle of arms and legs. Janet was on her back, eyes closed, god, she’d just gotten the best cunt licking of her life. She drifted gently, eyes closed.

Colt had enjoyed the hell out of watching stepmom and stepdaughter getting it on. He looked at Luanne, then Janet, and grinned. It was time for step-mommy to walk another mile.

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